Against My Will


"Let's go," Toni said to me as she stared rudely at Jessica. She grabbed me by the arm and led me briskly thru the crowd, out on to the street.

Once we were in the car she drove like a maniac. I was so drunk I didn't care. I wasn't to drunk however, not to be curious. I had to ask.

"What happened back there?" I asked. That's when I noticed...I was slurring my words.

"Was she a friend of yours? And why...why did she ask me to dance. I was sort of embarrassed...why would she ask me to dance?"

"Don't worry about it," Miss Gabriel ordered. "Just forget it. We'll go back to my place and have a night cap, get a good nights sleep and be on the road by noon. How does that sound?"

"Great," I muttered. I turned my attention to the street lights whizzing by...mesmerized by their brilliance.

When we arrived back at the Condo I tried to act sober, carefully walking thru the parking garage without reeling from side to side. Once inside the apartment, I plopped myself down on a barstool at the wet bar. Miss Gabriel, drink in hand, moved over to the long, plush couch.

Kathy," she said in a low, sultry voice," "Come over here and massage my feet. These shoes are killing me."

Without any hesitation, I slid off the stool and staggered around to the front of the couch. As ladylike as possible, I knelt on my knee's in front of her. After removing her right shoe, I thought it curious that I would think the smell from the leather had an appeasing odor. Surely nothing about her could be imperfect...I thought it an honor massaging her feet.

"God, that feels so good," she moaned. "Keep it up. You have incredible fingers girl."

As I moved to her left foot she lifted her leg ever so slightly. "Why don't you take my stockings off Kathy. I think the massage would feel better on my bare skin."

She continued raising her leg, her short dress hiking further up her thighs. I felt a sudden rush of blood to my face...and...and I'm sure I turned beet red. It was such a precarious position to be in, but...but when I glanced up at her, she appeared unconcerned about exposing herself to me.

I very cautiously reached under the hem of her dress, fully expecting her to be wearing pantyhose. She wasn't. She had on thigh high nylons, so black in contrast to her milky odd I would make that distinction...milky...

As I slipped my fingers under the elastic she emitted a moan. Her legs, parting further, revealing to my riveted eyes, her large mound. So large, in fact, her panties barely covered it!

Her panties, slightly creased, appeared to be glued to her slit. I could smell her...not her perfume...her...her sex! It looked so juicy, like a ripe, peeled peach. I had this nasty urge, touch her there. How depraved...I vowed to never drink again.

I quickly slipped her stockings from her legs, re-focusing on massaging her feet. I was acutely aware of my pounding heart, and the room becoming uncomfortably warm I could hardly breath!

With my head lowered and my eyes tightly closed, I concentrated on my massage her feet until she asked me to stop. In my trance like state I felt her foot withdraw from my hand. I didn't move, my eyes remaining closed, my head down.

The weight of her legs startled me, one on each of my shoulders, resting on me like a footstool. I opened my eyes, there, again, barely visible under her dress, the...the peach, covered in silk.

Her feet moved forward, the calves of her legs sliding over my shoulders and down my back...the weight of her legs pulling me forward.

I hardly noticed her fingers entangled in my hair...pulling me to her, her body slipping forward as her legs fell open...wide...wider...I heard her speak.

"See what you've done've turned me into a gooey mess. Now you're going to have to take care of me."

Instinctively, I tried pulling away...the thought of what she was suggesting was repugnant.. Did I do something to make her think I was like that!

"Nooooo, please...please Miss could you ask me do that?"

I couldn't breath...and I was going to be sick! I staggered to my feet and ran to the bathroom. With my head buried in the commode I vomited, my stomach knotting in pain. I sat there on the floor for ten minutes...the sickness and pain easing a bit.

"How do you feel...are you alright now?" She stood so close I could feel her thighs pressing the back of my head. "Are you going to be alright?" her voice demanding acknowledgement.

"Yes, I'm fine...just too much to drink I think. Maybe I better get some sleep...I'm really tired."

I wanted to forget the last fifteen minutes. I wanted to forget her advances...her expectations of me. I wanted it to be like it was before...

"Sure...sleep, I'm sure that's what you need. And...and you're going to sleep soon. Just as soon as we know."

"Please...please Miss, I'm sorry, I'm not like, you that."

With a cat like quickness she grabbed my head firmly, twisting it till my face was direct between her legs.

"Oh god...please don't...don't do this...I want to go home Miss Gabriel...please...why, why are you doing this to me?" I'm a good girl...please...please leave me alone."

Her scent filled my nostril's, the familiar odor of a lips forced to touch the wet silk, the tears welling up in my eyes.

Just inches away, a finger pulling the wet silk aside...there, a bulging mound, shaved smoothly...looking so clean...a moist, reddish slit, beckoning. I squirmed, trying to resist as she held my lips to her...oh god, please...this can't be happening to me!

"Smell me slut...sniff my cunt...taste me you fucking little bitch...c'mon...a little taste.. I know you're going to like it..."

She held my mouth firmly against her...a warm, oily substance seeping from her onto my lips...her thighs so warm...touching my cheeks...just a taste...

Never, in my wildest imagination, would I ever do this...even think of it. It must have been instinct guiding my tongue...just one lick...just one...just to see...licking...licking her moist crack.

"Yes, that's it you sweet little bitch. Lick it. God, that's so good, so good. You do like it don't you baby? You do like it...What a sweet little slut you're going to be..."

I was consumed with self-loathing...but...but I couldn't...couldn't stop, I...I suddenly wanted to please her...God, the heady aroma...the smelly...smelly...

Her hips began to undulate, humping my tongue...this woman standing over me like I was...was ...was there for her pleasure...using my tongue, my mouth to satisfy her lust. What kind of person would do this to me?

Her hands weren't holding me to her any more...I was free...but...but it was too late. My lips were glued to her large, swollen mound. It felt comfortable, so safe, on my knee's, serving her. Oh god, please let me make her happy...please.

And then she came...driving that luscious gash around my aching tongue...fucking me, my face...her scream...her scream becoming my pleasure...

"I'm cummmmmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinggggggggggg,' she screamed out...her body, unrestrained, slammed my lips uncontrollably, her body eventually reduced to a quivering, gushing fountain of exquisite...filling my soft, virgin mouth.

I consciously stopped licking her...her body fell limp...I thought it was over. My own body...God, I was on fire. I didn't know what to do...the cold bathroom floor did nothing to cool off the heat between my legs.

I looked up from the floor into her face. She had a look of triumph...and disdain. A feeling of shame and humiliation pierced my heart like a knife. The reality of what I had just with another woman, and in the bathroom! What could be more degrading!

She stepped over me and sat down on the commode. Spreading her legs suggestively, she let me know she wasn't done with me..

"I think you're going to work out rather well Kathy. I seem to have an eye for pussy lovers. You definitely fit that category. Look at you...soft, full lips. You would have made a good cocksucker too. Your mouth is just like a sweet pussy."

Her words were so bittersweet. I hated myself even as I was feeling a sense of pride. She had so twisted my mental state, I thought being told I had the makings of a good cocksucker was a compliment. That my mouth was like a sweet pussy was icing on the cake.

She sighed, as if I were boring her. "Well, what are you going to do bitch. Sit on the floor all night?"

I didn't know what she wanted of me. "I'm sorry Mrs Gabriel...I don't know what I should do."

"Bring that pretty little mouth over here and clean my pussy. Why the fuck you think I'm sitting here with my legs spread. Come on...I'm tired. I want to go to bed.

I hesitated for a moment before crawling to her. I wanted to be obedient, I wanted her to like me. Burying my face between her thighs again, I crudely lapped at the excessive discharge dripping from her slit. She raised one leg, leaving no doubt as to what she wanted me to do. I held my breath...dipping my tongue into the crevice of her ass...the bitter taste creating more lust in me than I could ever imagine.

"You liked licking my cunt didn't you Kathy. I want to hear you say it."

It was an uncomfortable moment. I didn't know what to say...didn't she realize I had just committed an act I considered so depraved I felt dirty...defiled...even abused. Why did I crave to gratify myself?"

"Forget don't have to admit it. What's performed like you liked it. I knew you were going to be my slut the first day I laid eyes on you."

She pushed me away..."I'm tired and we have a two hour trip tomorrow. I'm going to bed."

She stepped over me, leaving me sitting on the bathroom floor.

"Oh, I almost forgot," she said. "I don't want you masturbating. I want you to go straight to bed. No playing with yourself. Is that understood?"

"Yes Miss Gabriel," I whispered meekly.

I felt like a child. A twenty five year old woman being sent to bed...and in my heart I knew I would abide by what she said.

I arose from the floor, my legs ached from kneeling on the floor so long, My body was craving for sexual release but obeying her turned me on even more. ----------------------------------------------

We both slept until noon. We packed quietly, making small talk...not mentioning our activities the night before.

An hour into our trip back to Vicksburg she broke the silence. Speaking in that low, sultry voice. "Go ahead Kathy, Go ahead and relieve deserve it."

I didn't understand. "Do what...I don't know..."

"Finger yourself. You're dying to cum, I know you are."

I was stunned. "I can't do that Miss Gabriel...I don't need to...I just want to get home."

"I wasn't giving you a choice Kathy...I want to see you do yourself. Don't piss me what I tell you to do."

"That's a private thing Miss Gabriel...I just couldn't, you would be too embarrassing. Please, I don't want to talk about it."

I could feel the tension...and I didn't know why she was dead set on shaming me.

"Didn't I just tell you to do something. Are you defying me? OR YOU DEFYING ME?"

My face was burning...I didn't understand...why was she being so cruel.

I closed my eyes, slowly slipping my hand under my skirt. I tried to muffle the moan...touching myself suddenly excited me. My fingers touched the crease of my panties. I knew she was watching. Somehow that now excited me. The very thought of her eying god, I felt like such a filthy slut.

I spread my legs slightly, my fingers pulling my panties aside. I found my clit, and suddenly the moans weren't muffled any more. My pussy wept copiously, my panties becoming fingers giving me so much pleasure.

"Do you like fingering yourself in front of me Kathy?" Well, do you?"

"Yessssss,' I hissed. "God, yessss."

"Are you about to cum Kathy?" she asked. "Soon...yessss...gonna cum...gonna..."

Suddenly the car veered from the freeway, taking an exit into the parking lot of a roadside restaurant.

"Stop fingering yourself Kathy," she ordered. I don't want you cumming yet. Stop."

God, I was so close..on the verge. "Please Miss Gabriel...I have to... can't stop...please, can't stop now!"

"I said stop!"

Why was she torturing me. My face was covered with perspiration, my breathing coming in short gasps.

Miss Gabriel got out of the car. "Come on...let's get something to eat."

I glanced at her, catching the twisted smile she was displaying.

As we stood in the waiting area for a table, the confining atmosphere, the closeness, the body heat of the others waiting, suddenly seemed to compound the odor coming from between my legs. I was certain everyone standing close to me could smell it. I wanted to die.

I lowered my head submissively as we were led to a booth at the rear of the dining room. As I sat down Miss Gabriel slid in next to me. She placed her hand on my body stiffened...I didn't care we were in a public place. My legs widened in eyes begging her to do me.

Her fingers, so adept, slipped under the edge of my panties...flicking my clit. In seconds. other fingers sweetly hurting me... sliding into my squishy, wet pussy.

It seemed only an instant, so quickly, and I was cumming. My orgasm was as intense as any I had ever fact, like nothing I had ever experienced before! I thought I was going to pass out. I grasped the edge of the table as my cunt exploded, my entire body trembling violently. It was all I could do to choke back the scream.

A strange voice broke the silence...the waitress of all people. "Is she alright? Is she having a seizure or something?"

Her presence only intensified my eruption. My hips, thrusting involuntarily, the warm juices running down my leg.

"Oh, wow," I heard her say. That is so hot. Is she cumming?"

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, my orgasm finally began to subside. My body shuddered one last time as Miss Gabriel removed her fingers. A wave of exhaustion swept over me...I slumped forward, catching myself on the edge of the table.

Miss Gabriel's fingers were covered in a white, milky substance. The waitress quickly offered her a small handkerchief. Miss Gabriel, after wiping her hands dry, returned it to the degenerate teen. With hanky in hand, she sniffed at it shamelessly, then quickly disappeared down the hall towards the ladies room.

"Did you see that Kathy...I think we may have another recruit. Maybe I should have you follow her to the ladies know, give the little slut a treat. You'd like to lick her cunt wouldn't you? I think she'd like it. How about it Kathy...want to eat a little teenage pussy?"

I shook my head in disgust, too upset to speak. I was so riddled with guilt... shame. Her suggestion was repulsive. I was at a new low.

I never touched my sandwich, drinking only a little coffee.The waitress returned to our table to bring our check. I managed to look up at her, really seeing her for the first time. She was young and pretty, and when she walked away my eyes riveted on her tight little ass...I began to regret Miss Gabriel not making me follow her to the bathroom when she had the chance..

I finally managed to extinguish the carnal thoughts plaguing my mind...I so desperately wanted to get home and bathe...too wash away the contempt I felt for myself.

When we arrived in town Miss Gabriel drove me directly home. Not a word was spoken between us.

I ran into the house, quickly stripping off my clothes. The hot water cleansed my body but did nothing to alleviate the shame I felt inside. I was so tired...eventually crying myself to sleep.

I didn't go into work the following day. I could hardly face myself...I certainly didn't want to have to face Miss Gabriel.

Marcia, my friend at the bank, called about 10am to see if I was alright. I told her I wasn't feeling well...I also asked if Miss Gabriel had asked about me. She informed me Miss Gabriel hadn't shown up for work either!

At noon I drove across town to visit my mother. I needed some normalcy. She would never understand the awful things I had experienced over the weekend, but just being with her would be comforting.

Seeing Miss Gabriel's Mercedes Benz sitting in my mother's driveway was like a hard blow to my stomach. What reason could that bitch have for interfering with my personal life like this! Surely she wouldn't tell my mother about our weekend. She couldn't be that cruel. And, she had never met my mother...why would she show up here!

I didn't stop, continuing to drive around the block. I parked some distance away and walked back to the house. Sneaking thru the back yard of the house next door, I slipped thru a side door un-detected. As I tiptoed down the hall. I could hear voices coming from the kitchen.

Slipping into a storage area under the stairwell put me next to the east wall of the kitchen. I knew I'd be able to hear their conversation clearly... this was one of my favorite hiding places when I was a little girl.

"Here's your coffee Miss Gabriel. Black, right?"

"Thank you Mrs Conrad. Black is fine. Why don't you call me Toni."

"Now what exactly was your purpose in visiting me today Toni? Is there something wrong with Kathy? Is she alright?"

"She's fine Mrs Conrad. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to worry you by dropping by unexpectedly. I just happened to be in the neighborhood be truthful, I take some pride in getting to know the families of my key employees. You were aware Kathy was promoted to an Administrative Assistant."

I knew my mother well. I knew she would be very skeptical of this slick, city girl.

"Yes, I was aware of Kathy's promotion...and I know how appreciative she felt that someone had the confidence in her to give her added responsibility."

That was my mom...eloquent, and coy.

There was a long silence. Miss Gabriel finally spoke; "You know Betty, you don't mind if I call you Betty do you...I just noticed how much Kathy looks like you. Same eyes, cheek bones...even your smile. She certainly takes her beauty from you."

I felt like vomiting. My mother would never fall for this phony crap.

"More coffee Toni?...And thank you. I also think Kathy's beautiful...but then mother's are always a little bias when it comes to their daughters. And you're right, she does look a lot like me."

That was when Miss Gabriel dropped the bomb. "I had the good fortune of seeing Kathy naked this last weekend, Betty. Believe me, she has a terrific body."

I stopped breathing...I could not believe what I was hearing...this woman was evil! I knew my mother would be absolutely livid hearing this kind of talk.

In a trembling voice I heard my mother say; "Under what circumstance would you see my daughter naked, Toni? What was going on? Were know...having some kind of sex party in Chicago?"

I was straining to hear some kind of inflection in my mothers voice. Was she upset...worried? I couldn't tell. I was, however, flabbergasted she would have this conversation with a virtual stranger.

"Oh no, god no, Betty. Nothing like that I happen to see her coming out of the shower. We were getting ready to go shopping. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to mislead you. It is interesting though...the questions you just asked. If I had seen her having sex with someone, would you really want me to tell you about it? Would you want full details?

"She's an adult. She can do what she wants. But...(I heard my own mother giggle) details can sometimes be exciting, I guess. How did we ever get on this subject anyway? know, I can't remember the last time I saw Kathy in the buff."

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