Agent Geanie


It was a warm night as she snuck around the complex and towards the window. She saw a guard and crept up behind him as he smoked. She pulled out her knife and stabbed him in the back of the neck. She pulled his body into the bushes and looked around. She snagged his gun and headset radio. She had ears on the guard and complex. She also had the keys to the building. She ran around to the garage and went inside to the cars.

She crawled under them and planted the bombs. She heard footsteps and slid all the way under a SUV. She waited as the feet stopped by the truck. She waited as he walked away. She slid out the other side as she ran to the back of the garage. He heard her footsteps and turned as a knife hit his forehead. She ran over and hid him as the door opened. She found a window and got out. She ran through the garden as she heard yelling, they discovered the body. She looked as they turned on the flood lights. She jumped into the pond as the area lit up.

She got out and ran as they spotted her. They didn't open fire; all they did was radio the one inside.

"Geanie is here." One said as she jumped over a bush and took out a guard with her high heel boot to his neck. "She is headed to you."

She stopped as a red laser light hit her dead center of her nice tit. She looked up as she saw the guard in the window. Her black cat suit clung to her skinny body nicely as her hard nipples were showing. He had it right on the right one and liked it. She stayed still and watched as he went for the shot. She dove as the bullet grazed her arm. She landed on the grass as he kept firing at her. She crawled into the bushes as he tried to kill her.

She pulled out the pistol and aimed at the sniper. She had the shot and took it. He fell to the floor dead. Geanie jumped up and ran as a guard came around the corner and hit her in the face. She fell to her ass as he kicked her. Geanie was losing for the first time in her career as an agent. He pulled her pink hair and whispered into her ear.

"I'm gonna fuck your sexy ass before I turn you in bitch!" He said rubbing between her legs hard. "The famous Geanie is mine!" He laughed as he prodded her pussy with his finger.

She looked up as he rubbed harder. She grabbed a handful of dirt and threw it into his eyes. He went to punch her but was blinded by the dirt. She flipped to her back and wrapped her long legs around his neck and snapped it. She jumped up and ran off as the other spotted her and opened fire. She crashed through a window and into the office. He stood up and fired at her.

She locked on and killed him as she landed. She looked around and found it. She ran to it and began to work her magic on the safe. She heard the guards at the door but it had been locked. She opened it and pulled the memory stick and smiled. She closed the door and turned as he stood there with the gun aimed at her. She stopped and her eyes widened.

"Nice to see you did my job for me. Nice cat suit Geanie shows that sexy ass body." He smiled checking her out. "Watch this." He said pushing a button.

The door exploded as the guards were blown back. She turned to run as he fired at her nice ass. She felt the dart hit and looked wide eyed as the other hit the other firm ass cheek. She turned as he fired one into each of her nice tits. She pulled them out as she tried to keep running. He used the other gun to finish off the guards. She was getting dizzy as the darts began to work.

He watched her and laughed as she tripped and fell to all fours. She was a strong agent, but he had beaten her. He walked up and kicked her ass to the floor. Geanie was almost out when he flipped her to her back and found the memory stick between her tits. He took it and ripped her suit and let her nice tits out as she starred at him blankly. He felt her tits up and smiled as he teased her hard nipples. He wanted her for a long time and had her now. She was out cold as he smiled.

He had killed all the guards and had the best agent in his grasp. He had the complex locked down with his people now. He took her to the basement and tied her to the pipes. He waited for her to wake up as he drank his coffee. His partner walked in with Geanie's keys and files. He was hunting her partner now. She was aware of it and was going to save Geanie. He smiled as she moaned and began to wake up.

He walked over to the pink haired agent and felt her tit up as she looked at him. He smiled and tore the suit completely off showing her nude body. She looked down wide eyed as her pride was revealed to the world. He smiled and ran a finger down to it and tickled the clit as she fought it. He smiled as he teased her nice vagina. He watched her eyes as he found the entrance and fingered it! Her eyes were wide as he violated her and then slipped another finger into her and kept going till she was moaning. He laughed as she soaked his fingers with her juices.

"Now that is a good little bitch." He said kissing her neck. "Now I own you Geanie, every inch of you!" He said fingering her again.

"NO!" She cried as she got off again.

He walked to the table and showed her a picture of her partner. He smiled as the guard tossed her into the room. She was pulled to her feet as he tore her top off. Cassie had found the complex but was still green when it came to stealth. They found her in the trees and in her tee shirt and jean shorts. Her young tits were getting sucked as her shorts fell and her black thong was ripped off. He smiled as he began to fuck the rookie agent in front of her trainer. Geanie couldn't do anything to help the young blonde as he stole her pride. The agent Cassie was getting subdued by him as he made her orgasm over and over.

Cassie was pinned to her back as he pounded her tight twenty three year old pussy. He was enjoying it as her cum flowed around his cock. He pounded her deep and hard as she moaned and squealed. He was raping the agent away and back into a regular woman. He was showing how he breaks sexy women to the next one. Cassie cried as her body tightened with the next wave of cum. He flipped her to all fours and fucked her doggy style, Cassie was broken! He fucked the hot blonde until she fainted. He had her naked body taken to the bathroom and locked in as he wiped off his cock and wiped it on Geanie's face.

"Too bad for little Cassie, her trainer didn't teach her how not to be broke by a cock." He said then he bit her neck and sucked a nice hickey. "I will break you Geanie." He said walking away.

He shot a dart into her tit and she fainted fast. He had her moved to the master bedroom. He walked out into the hallway and found one of his female guards in a skirt. He smiled and pinned her to the wall and smiled at her open legs. He pulled her legs up and fucked her as she squealed and moaned. He filled her up and dropped her to the floor and wiped off with her hair. He made sure he had sexy females just for sex, some never knew until he was up in them then they were his.

Geanie woke up and sat up. She was in a little skirt and white tank top. She looked around the room as he watched the TV in the next room; he had her room full of cameras. He had another female guard sucking his dick as he eyed Geanie's little ass and nice tits. He wanted to fuck her but was going to wait till the time was right. He knew her agency would send others and he wanted them. He done turned Cassie into one of his crew girls as all his male guards had a piece of Cassie's tight pussy. She wore his colors now and was his guard's slut.

Geanie looked out the window and saw all the guards. She saw Cassie and looked down, she had lost her rookie. She turned and he was there. He grabbed her throat and lifted her up and slammed her against the window. He smiled as he fingered her again. He had the time now and was going to fuck the agent.

He tossed her to the bed and lifted her skirt showing her pink haired pussy. He smiled and rammed his cock into it! She screamed as he penetrated her tight pussy! He smacked her ass cheek and pulled her pink hair as she screamed louder. He was fucking the tight agent hard and deep. Geanie never was good at keeping quiet as she got fucked. He was her first in a long time and she was showing it as her cum dripped to the floor.

She was flipped to her back and he dug deeper as her legs went up into the air and he pounded her harder. Geanie had her eyes closed as he sucked her tits and fucked her pussy. She moaned and squealed now; she was ready and had been broke! He owned the famous agent's pussy as the camera caught it all on tape. He smiled as her cum made it easy for him to get in even deeper.

Three hours of rough sex finally took its toll on her. He had gotten off over and over into her body. Geanie fell limp as he filled her one more time. He pulled out and smiled at the well fucked agent. He heard gunshots and looked as her fellow agents stormed the complex. He smiled and zipped up. He left her on the bed and ran out as another agent put a gun to his head and backed him into the room. He smiled as she kicked him in the shin.

"I fucked her and broke her already! Geanie is mine!" He said laughing at the agent.

Geanie sat up and turned as she saw his back to her. She grabbed her torn tank top and looked at him. She put it around his neck and stood on the bed as he choked. Geanie watched him struggle as her fellow agent watched her naked body kill him. He fell over to the side dead. She dropped the tank top and fell to her knees. Her fellow agent handed her another cat suit. She looked at her and put it on. They ran out, guns blazing and tits bouncing. Geanie never broke, just got fucked for a long time.

They grabbed the memory stick and ran out as the buildings began to explode. The agents that survived jumped on the helicopter and they flew away. They watched as the complex went up in flames. Geanie stood looking at the agents as they went back to their office. She was back and no one ever talked about her encounter. This was the first time someone had gotten her and may not be the last. Agent Geanie is still fighting the bad guys all over the world.

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