Agent of S.T.A.L.K. in Prague


Jitka twirled a strand of hair around a forefinger. "It is warm in here," she said.

She rose out of the chair and pushed her shorts down to her knees. Mercer couldn't help but stare at her shaved pussy. With nothing covering it to obscure the view Mercer found it more beautiful than he imagined. Her lips flowered below the precious mound, the fullness of them the cause of the vivid prominence when hidden by the crotch band of her shorts. Bare now and allowed to unfold without the blue fabric to contain them, they took on the true shape nature intended. The girl turned her back on him to slide the pants to her ankles and lift each of her feet gingerly out of them. A handprint from when Jakub struck her glowed redder than the sunburn on her fabulous bottom that matched the one on her breasts. With her slanted forward in that position, her buttocks parted and Mercer saw more than her vaginal lips unfolding. The swollen wrinkled ring of her anus hovered centimeters from his nose. His erection prodded his slacks. Jitka smiled provocatively over her shoulder, hands reaching up to spread the cheeks of her behind apart. Her hairless asshole pooched out obscenely and the flaps of her pussy separated to expose moist folds of pink flesh.

Now Mercer could smell her. He rolled his eyes. Although he sustained a hopeless erection he'd had enough tomfoolery out of her for the night. "Stop posing, Jitka. Leave off right now!"

She straightened up, took the sucker out of her mouth and straddled his thighs, licking at his neck. "I know you do not really mean that." The cheeky bitch squeezed his cock with impudence and breathed in his ear, "Mmmm, you're a big boy and I have a nice hot place waiting just for you. I know your dick wants to say hello to my pussy."

Mercer pushed her away. "You bloody minx, fetch me one of those shot glasses off the tray."

Jitka undulated over to the desk, exaggerating the roll of her hips. She returned with the glass saying: "Why don't you take off your clothes and those silly sunglasses so you can make me a very happy girl?"

He snatched the glass from her hand and poured a measure of his beer into it. "Turn around, young lady, and stick your arse out again."

She whispered, "I knew you would not resist me long," and obeyed Mercer's instructions. Her ass shimmied in his face and he saw how surprised she was when he splashed her bottom with the beer in the shot glass. "I think you are a very strange man, Mr. Mercer, but do whatever you want to my body that pleases you."

The wetness caused by the beer shined on her bottom cheeks and dripped down her thighs. Jitka began to wag her ass again when she found herself jerked suddenly facedown over Mercer's lap. He pinned both her wrists in his left hand and slapped both of her fat asscheeks three times apiece, harder than Jakub had. The girl gasped out in pleasure instead of pain.

Mercer said gruffly, "I can see you've recently spent some time sunning yourself on the embankment of the Vltava." The beach located along the river in the fifth Prague district was a favorite.

"I enjoy showing my body and watching people stare. You should join me there some afternoon for a picnic on the sand."

"You'd make love to me in broad daylight, wouldn't you?"

"Mr. Mercer, I would fuck you before you even opened the picnic basket."

"To tell the truth, I'd find you more attractive if you worked in a shop or a café rather than in a sex club."

"You want me to quit? Who would pay my bills? You?"

"Why not find a boyfriend and lead a normal life? Do you enjoy being a slut so much, renting your body for the satisfaction of strangers, like the man with bad breath you told us about?"

"I love to fuck and my body craves attention."

"A young woman as gorgeous as you can attract all the attention she wants. Why do you have to work here?"

"And why do you have to ask so many questions? I just want to fuck."

Mercer rolled his eyes again. "If you won't listen to reason I'm going to warm that young bottom of yours to point out the error of your ways."

Jitka smirked and shook her asscheeks like a wanton. "What are you waiting for then, Mr. Mercer?"

He started to tan her posterior with the flat of his right hand, but she neither fought him nor cried out. The more he spanked her, the wetter she got. The flesh of her buttocks leaped and jiggled under the fierce smacking, growing redder and redder. With her wet sunburned behind it shouldn't take long before he got his message across. When he began punishing her, the lips of her pussy had been closed, however now she was wide open, the heady aroma of female arousal cloying the air around him. This would not do.

So he paused to inform her: "It defeats the purpose to spank a girl who is too sexually excited."

Then Mercer reached across and plucked the sucker from Jitka's mouth. It was sour apple green with a gum or chewy candy center mounted on a stick, and sucked on long enough to be the size of a marble and just as smooth. Mercer ordered her to spread her thighs and Jitka eagerly followed his instructions. Elevating her ass, he touched the slick green globe at the end of the stick to her charming anus and applied pressure until it breached the inadequate defense of her clenched sphincter muscle. The sucker disappeared into her bottom. Groaning, Jitka waved her bum around with the stick jutting like a small white antenna from her asshole. Continuing to hold her arms powerless with his left hand, Mercer sunk first one finger, then a second, into her splayed fragrant pussy and massaged the rough patch of flesh behind her pelvic bone. He started off slow with a gradual acceleration of speed and friction to the girl's sensitive G-spot. Jitka came twice in the first ninety seconds, crying out in delight. Before another minute elapsed she cried out as a body-quaking squirting orgasm sprayed vaginal fluids across Kryštof's office to spatter the wall. Three squirts later her quivering form went limp as a dish towel and Mercer thought she'd passed out from the intensity of the pleasure she received from his ministrations. She gave a little squeak however when he popped the sucker like a cork out of her anus, resulting in an illicit but exciting involuntary contraction and expansion of her poor sphincter muscle for several seconds thereafter. Suddenly a fart escaped the enlarged grommet of wrinkled skin before it closed tight again. She laughed at the indiscretion.

"Open your mouth, you rude trollop, here's your candy back," scolded Mercer.

Jitka accepted the sucker in her mouth without complaint when Mercer held it up to her lips. Afterward he began paddling her bare ass in earnest with his bare hand. Juice dripped out of the girl's pussy until the lengthy session ended and Mercer knew he'd failed to get his point across.

Kryštof and Jakub reentered the office during the last two or three minutes of her thrashing. They watched with approval and commended the Englishman on his skill. Kryštof said, "I must say, you British really know how to discipline women."

Mercer said, "Some women are just incorrigible, but Jitka is beyond redemption. At least she's proven without a doubt she's no succubus."

"What do you mean I cannot suck?" Jitka asked, indignant, her hair plastered to her face.

She crawled out of Mercer's lap, knelt on the floor between his knees and had his cock out of his trousers and in her mouth before he could stop her. He pulled her hair to lift up her head and his erection slipped from between her lips. She wrenched away from him and, not to be denied, swiveled around to lower herself quickly onto his upstanding member. With a celerity that surprised Mercer, she unerringly guided the head of his dick to the tight socket between her buttocks and swiftly sank down to embed him to the balls. He and she groaned at the same time.

Bouncing up and down on his length, she uttered, "Ohh, I love that. Kryštof, I want you and Jakub to fuck me too. All three of you fuck me at the same time."

Kryštof and Jakub cackled in delight to each other, the threat of a succubus at large in the 'Fun Palace' far from their minds. Jakub needed no more encouragement than the girl's invitation and unzipped his fly in a trice. From his vantage point, Mercer's eyes saw below her tummy where her pussy gaped wide open, available for immediate occupancy. Jakub filled it. Through the thin layer of membrane separating her rectum and vagina Mercer felt the presence of Jakub when he entered the girl's other cavity between her legs. Buried to the hilt in Jitka's bunghole, Mercer became aware of a heightened tightening on his own cock as Jakub plunged himself deep into the girl, as well as every subsequent fevered lunge inside her crowded loins. He tried to refrain from moving at all, but Jitka jounced on the two dicks inside her with great abandon and the notion of remaining motionless proved impossible for Mercer. The delirious pleasure spiraling through his body clouded his judgment. He wanted no part in pleasuring this girl regardless of the fact she'd been so anxious to initiate the proceedings and her extreme willingness to follow them through to the end.

"See what you've started, Mercer," laughed Kryštof as Jitka swallowed the man's cock whole in one gulp.

Repeatedly Jakub and Kryštof thrust into the girl's pussy and mouth as Mercer tried to withdraw himself from the humid depths of her ass. The combined weight of Jitka and Jakub prevented him from doing so. Kryštof tugged at her hair to facilitate fucking her face. Drool dripped off Jitka's chin onto her heaving breasts and the repetitive motion of Kryštof's relentless probing produced a steady "glug-glug-glugging" from her; it only stopped when she took him out of her mouth to articulate an impending orgasm. They occurred with greater frequency as the minutes passed. Jitka's little squeaks and breathy moans graduated to strident cries and finally mindless screams. Her back arched, breasts quivering and a shudder wracked her body that almost shook Mercer's spine loose.

Jakub grunted as he came but kept pounding away. Kryštof gasped next and clutched Jitka's face to his stomach with both arms wrapped around the back of her head. The muscles in the girl's throat worked fervently as she swallowed time after time. At last Mercer could hold back no longer and spasms originated in his member that emanated throughout his entire body as sperm jetted out of him in six or seven strong spurts. The dizzying sensation weakened him and he fell back against the couch cushions on the brink of being insensate. When his chest stopped laboring like a frenzied bellows he saw Jakub standing on shaky legs. Mercer managed to pull out of Jitka's overworked anus. She collapsed on the floor before him with semen oozing from both heated orifices between her thighs.

Mercer staggered to his feet wanting to zip up his pants, but was still too rigid to accomplish that with any degree of comfort. He made the best of things by retrieving his trenchcoat from the armrest to hold at waist level until he could make the necessary adjustments. Kryštof and Jakub rained compliments on Jitka and she beamed back at them while reclining on the floor, supporting herself now on one elbow. She turned her head to give Mercer a satisfied smile but he looked away from her.

"Can we get on with the business of the succubus now?" he asked Kryštof, who had stepped behind his desk to rummage through a drawer for some unknown reason.

Mercer would soon learn why.

"Jakub, why don't you and Mercer use the downstairs office to interview Štěpánka and Barbora?"

Mercer frowned and busied himself with his zipper. Jakub knew better than to question his boss. As they made to leave Kryštof came back around his desk with something bright red partially hidden in his hand. He extended his other hand to Jitka to assist her getting to her feet.

Without looking at them he explained, "I have a few things to finish here. I'll rejoin the two of you as soon as I can."

In the hallway Mercer folded his coat over his left forearm and realized he'd forgotten the silver dagger hidden among the couch cushions. He reentered the office to get it; Kryštof had his back to him. Jitka couldn't see Mercer either, not bending forward in the middle of the room over the back of the desk chair. Down on one knee, Kryštof was preoccupied with telling the girl what a pretty pussy she had as he went about inserting a large butt plug between the cheeks of her ass. She squawked as the widest end of red conical device vanished into her anus. Unlike Jakub and himself, Kryštof had yet to zip up his pants.

So much for the chap's manners, thought Mercer. Recalling his own behavior only minutes ago he felt like a hypocrite.

He coughed to indicate his presence. "Excuse me, I forgot something."

Kryštof's head whipped around, embarrassment on his face. He quickly stood and shuffled to one side in a guilty effort to shield his activities with the girl bent over the chair. Mercer fetched his dagger and spotted his glass of beer still setting alongside the edge of the couch. He picked it up too before stepping back into the corridor. When the door closed behind him he heard it being locked with a decisive click.

Jakub grinned, "What were they doing?"

Attempting to keep the contempt out of his voice, Mercer said, "Kryštof is having a talk with her."

"I'll bet he is. I do not doubt he will pay you a bonus."


"In the short while Jitka has worked here she has become one of his top earning girls. He has wanted to have relations with her since she first walked through our doors. He's not the only one, I must include myself. My thanks, my friend."

To wet his dry throat Mercer sipped at his beer, warm and gone flat. "I'd think both of you could have any one of the girls working here anytime you chose."

"We would have to pay, like the customers. And exchanging money for love is something I am, fortunately, still too young to have to do."

May you live so long, thought Mercer bitterly.

Jakub added, "You did not seem to enjoy your encounter with Jitka. I wonder why."

Mercer sidestepped his inquisitiveness. He now regretted disclosing facts about himself to Kryštof and wouldn't reveal a thing to Jakub. He answered curtly, "It's past midnight already and there's much work to be done. Shall we get on with it?"

The ponytailed security chief appeared nettled by Mercer's brush-off, but he only shrugged. He punched a number into his mobile phone and his irritation manifested itself during the conversation. "Victor? This is Jakub. Is Barbora still occupied? If they're only dancing then intervene and bring her to the downstairs office. No, I could give a fuck what you have to tell her, just get her ass down there." He closed his phone with a snap, marched down the noisy corridor without another word and took the stairs to the first floor.

Maybe he wasn't too keen on taking the lift either.

Mercer noted more customers crowding the 'Fun Palace' than earlier. He questioned the wisdom of allowing greater numbers of people in with a murderess on the loose and mentioned it to Jakub.

"It's Dušičky, man! You cannot expect us to close our doors to the public, especially during a holiday. We have a business to run. You know the suspects are being watched. The situation is contained and under control."

"Is it? What if the killer isn't one of the three girls?"

Jakub opened the padded door of another soundproof office, a duplicate of the one upstairs right down to the stains on the couch. He said with one of his smirks, "I would say that's more your problem than mine."

The sum of Mercer's weariness, disgust and anger at his own hypocrisy surfaced. It transferred to Jakub's general disregard for the gravity of their present situation, the safety of others, particularly his cavalier attitude and perception of women, the lack of respect and dignity he afforded them.

Mercer set the flat beer on the desk and grabbed Jakub's lapel to drag him close. "Whether you think so or not, I'd say this is your problem too."

Jakub smacked Mercer's hand away and threw a punch at his face. He dodged the blow with ease, got a firm hold on Jakub's left wrist and twisted it up between his shoulder blades. The man was big as an ox and as strong as one. He stomped at Mercer's instep and wound up on the floor, his feet kicked out from under him.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, Mercer?" Jakub shouted. "You work for me."

"Fire me then."

Jakub scoffed, "I contracted you to do a job. I'll be damned if you think you can quit! What's your problem anyway?"

The man was right; Mercer's behavior was unprofessional and childish. He offered a hand to help the security chief up. "I apologize. Let me do my job so I can get out of here. I'm quite tired." Sick and tired!

The apology didn't make Jakub any more amiable. "If these surroundings are not to your liking, Mercer, keep your feelings to yourself. You roughed up one of my men already and now you attack me. One more outbreak of violence out of you and I will register a complaint with your boss at S.T.A.L.K."

Mercer gave Jakub one of his business cards. "Like I said to Alexandr when I first got here, look me up if you want to indulge yourself with a second round. I don't advise it."

"You son of a bitch!" the security chief jeered. "I have a very powerful organization behind me."

"Good! You'll need the manpower if you want to tangle with me, Jake."

Jakub started to say something else when a rap on the door interrupted him. "Come in," he grumbled.

An unhappy girl with a mass of curly blonde hair and long legs strutted into the office, followed by another bouncer in a tux. This wasn't Jakub's night; she tore into him straightaway with a stream of verbal abuse.

"What do mean having Victor take me off the floor? You cost me three thousand Korunas! I had a drunk customer and Zdeňka is probably sucking his dick right now, thanks to you!"

"Put a sock in it, Barbora. We're just going to ask you some questions and then you can return to the floor. There will be plenty of other dicks for you to suck tonight. You will get your fair share. If I know you."

"Questions about what?" she demanded.

"This gentleman here will tell you. Mercer, do you want to interview Barbora in private? If not, Victor can stay here. There are some phone calls I have to make." He abruptly exited the office reading Mercer's business card.

After the door slammed behind him, Mercer said, "We'll be fine by ourselves, Victor."

Jakub hadn't given him the opportunity to get prepared like he had for Jitka. He'd work around it. Mercer readjusted his sunglasses with the tip of a finger, they'd slipped down his nose during the tussle. He faced away from the girl to pull the cross back out of his shirt pocket so it dangled by its chain on his chest.

Victor nodded himself out of the room as Mercer got the desk chair and situated it in the center of the office. He sat and eyed the blonde standing before him. As he expected, another pretty girl, but succubi are never unattractive, this one aged twenty one or two. The nipples of her large natural breasts peeked at him like a second pair of eyes under an orange see-through mini-dress, a thong no bigger than an eye patch matched her fingernail polish and high-heels: black. Halloween colors, Mercer reflected. A tattoo of a cobra coiled around her right thigh, its fanged mouth poised wide open, juxtaposed to her clean shaven pubes. Would a succubus be so blatant as to advertise a serpent about to strike the area where a man entered a woman?

The girl looked Mercer up and down like she might fancy him and said without a trace of venom in her voice, "Are you from the police?"

"No, I'm a private citizen."

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