tagNovels and NovellasAgent Provocateur Ch. 04

Agent Provocateur Ch. 04


He was inside her now, not just pressed between their bodies. Each time he thrust into her the top of his shaft dragged along her clitoris and sent a thousand needles of pleasure through her body. She couldn't see his face but could hear his ragged breathing in the darkened room, could feel his hands touching her body, caressing her breasts as his lips ran across her shoulder and neck.

Stu pulled out of her and rolled her onto her stomach, pulling her hips up to raise her buttocks before plunging back into her. The pleasure rippling through her body was building and she knew that the release would be intense and she fought to hold it back, knowing that the longer she held her climax off, the more intense it would be. Stu's breathing was becoming louder and more ragged but now she was finding it difficult to breathe with her face pushed into the pillow. Danielle tried to raise her face but found she couldn't and began to panic, struggling to tell Stu that she was suffocating.

Danielle woke, startled in a sweat with her face pressed into the pillow. Stu lay next to her snoring in a deep sleep. The bedside clock told her it was just after seven. She looked at his peaceful sleeping face and suddenly wanted to be out of the bed that they were sharing, taking care not to disturb him as she did so. Despite being conscious of the cameras, or perhaps because of them, she made no move to cover up and padded into the bathroom in only her panties.

Danielle closed the bathroom door before flicking on the lights, squinting against their harshness. Her body was still buzzing with the side effects of the dream, which, she told herself, had been brought on by the side effects of the play-acting the previous night. Stu may have gained release, but she hadn't. One all perhaps.

She sat on the toilet and relieved the pressure on her bladder, also the product of the previous night's festivities. She questioned her motives for being so forward with Stu, brazenly stripping, the unnecessary simulated fellatio, the very unnecessary rubbing of Stu's erection on her stomach. Danielle felt flustered at her own actions, remembering the look of shame on Stu's face after he had come and the lack of contrition on her own part.

She felt angry with Jeff, who ultimately was responsible for her being in this situation. She felt the guilt at her own lust and at the certain knowledge that had Stu attempted to enter her, she wouldn't have stopped him.

The thought made her feel sick and she was forced to slide from the toilet and hang her head over the porcelain and throw up. Her retching was made worse by the smell of her own urine and she reached up to flush the toilet with one hand, her other trying to hold her hair clear of the spray of vomit. Her head was beginning to throb with the promise of a hangover, and once she was sure that there would be no more vomiting, she washed her face, cleaned her teeth gingerly and then crept back into bed.


By the time she woke from a dreamless sleep at half past ten Stu had showered and left a note telling her he'd be in the café downstairs. Danielle showered and dressed and wandered down to the café wanting to address the rumblings in her stomach and not too perturbed as to whether Stu would be waiting. It so happened that he was and he smiled broadly as she walked to his table.

'Hello,' she offered.

'Hi, did you sleep well? You looked very peaceful this morning so I decided not to wake you.' His eyes darted to the right and a glance across the room told her that the two men at the next table were today's "shadows", as Stu had called them.

'Yes thanks, I slept quite well after last night,' she lowered her tone as she sat down, but not too low for their shadows to hear.

'Indeed,' Stu's smile faltered.

'It was a wonderful night, thank you.' Danielle beamed her best smile at him and met his gaze full on as she said the words. Stu blushed then offered her a menu as a waitress appeared.

Just as Danielle had finished breakfast and they were discussing what to do for the rest of the day, Chief Inspector Gupti appeared, his smile as wide as ever.

'Oh, I am so glad to catch you in,' he said.

'As always it is nice to see you Chief Inspector,' Danielle smiled warmly at him. Despite their situation she found herself warming more and more to the man whose job it was to catch her and Stu out.

'Would you like to come up to our room?' Stu offered.

'Certainly, certainly - order us some Chai,' he ordered his subordinate who scuttled off as they walked towards the elevator.

They had barely sat down when a trolley laden with tea and scones arrived. Pleasantries were exchanged as the waiter poured the tea and the Chief Inspector piled a scone high with jam and cream.

'It is a fine British tradition,' he joked. 'But of course, I must remember why I am here.' They waited expectantly as he munched down his first mouthful. 'Our investigation is more or less complete and your passport, and your laptop Mister Price, will be returned first thing in the morning. Feel free to book a flight home for tomorrow after nine if you wish. You are of course most welcome to stay in India for business, or pleasure.' Danielle wasn't sure but she sensed the Chief Inspector directed this last comment towards Stuart.

'Thank you Chief Inspector.' The note of gratitude in her tone came naturally.

'Your visas will have been extended for another twelve months courtesy of the Indian Government, as a way of apologising for the inconvenience as a result of this matter.' He beamed as he told them this news.

'That is wonderfully generous,' Stu offered and Danielle nodded her agreement.

'Your business dealings are appreciated here in India, so we do hope that this small matter can be put behind us.' They sat in silence broken only by the sound of the china teacups on the saucers.

'So do you think my country will be able to overcome India in the coming cricket tour Chief Inspector?' Danielle secretly applauded Stu's choice of conversation; completely safe yet one that always connected Indian and Australian. For the next half-hour the two exchanged their views on the upcoming tour of India by Australia's cricket team. Danielle tuned out, her thoughts turning to the flight home and seeing Jeff again. Nothing had gone to plan since she had landed in the country, yet everything had turned out all right. She would need to discuss with Stu what he would tell Naomi. Permission to play around with strangers while overseas was one thing, but Danielle doubted that it would extend to her. She wanted to be able to tell Jeff everything because not too would make her outburst at him at keeping secrets exceptionally hypocritical.

'It has been a pleasure Mrs Price,' the Chief Inspector's words cut into her thoughts. She smiled and stood as the men did, accepting in outstretched hand as she had at the airport.

'You have been a gentleman,' she replied with a smile, meaning what she said. He bowed, then was gone leaving them alone in the room.

'Thank God,' she breathed.


'I'll call home and get our flights booked. You can go tomorrow if you want, I'm going to organise a meeting with the JetAAI Manager here and fly out the following day.'

'No, that's okay, I'd rather spend the time with you,' Stu smiled. Danielle felt a small stab of lust at the thought of spending two more nights with Stu. Then her guilt kicked in and she regretted not wanting to leave as soon as possible. If she were lucky, perhaps the Manager wouldn't be available.


She wasn't lucky. Stu went for a walk while she called JetAAI only to have the Manager agree to meet her for lunch the next day and discuss the capital transfer. She called Jeff and told him her plan.

'How's it all going?'

'Fine,' she replied, unable to say much more.

'How's Jeff, it must be a relief that you will come home together?' Danielle thought she could detect a trace of sarcasm in his tone and felt a stab of anger. Later she thought that it was probably only her own guilt feeding a sense of paranoia.

'He's fine, as always. Its been great seeing him again.' Danielle wished she hadn't said the words as soon as she finished uttering them.

'Good, that's good. Well, let me know if there is anything I can do to help with preparations for the JetAAI meeting.'

'Will do and thanks.' She hung up abruptly and looked around the room. She turned on the television but couldn't concentrate while her emotions churned through a mix of relief, guilt, worry and anticipation of going home. Deciding that she needed to vent some her tension she changed into her gym clothes and was pulling her running shoes on when Stu walked back in.

'Nice walk?'

'Yes, but it's so bloody humid out there I think I might lay in the bath for a while.'

'Sounds very relaxing, if you're there when I get back I'll join you.' For the second time that day she regretted saying something as soon as she uttered it.

'I'll be a waiting shrivelled prune,' Stu replied with a smile that indicated he was joking. He closed the bathroom door and she heard the water running as she finished lacing up her shoes.

As she completed her warm up routine, her attention was caught by the television. It was a program about the Karma Sutra, that most famous of Indian texts often used as an excuse for gratuitous nudity in the West. This was no exception, except that it appeared that it was locally produced. Male and female actors, dressed, semi-nude and nude adopted the poses made famous in the book while a female voice over seductively explained the purpose of each position and how it increased pleasure.

Danielle sat transfixed, the lust that she had felt bubbling below the surface now building. About half an hour had passed when she heard the bathroom door open. At that moment a stunning woman and well-muscled man were wrapped around each other with their faces at each other's genitals. She heard Stu's sharp intake of breath but said nothing.

'This position is comfortable for both participants, while allowing fingers and tongues complete access to the deepest recesses,' the presenter stated. At that point Stu emerged into Danielle's line of vision, obviously giving himself a better view of the screen. She saw his penis hardening, the bulbous head swelling and lifting. Stu reached down and gave himself a squeeze and Danielle felt her heart race. She must have moved because he suddenly turned to look at her, a look of shock on his face.

'Oh, sorry, I thought...' he mumbled.

'No, I was about to go, but this came on...' she had to fight to lift her eyes to his face. 'Come here,' she said, patting the bed beside her. Their eyes locked on each other, as though imploring the other to stop what was about to happen, then he crawled onto the bed and placed his back on the bed head beside her.

On the screen the couple were now in a version of the doggy position, with his leg locked around hers 'to ensure deeper penetration and heightened pleasure, while increasing his stamina.' Without a word Danielle rolled onto her stomach and slipped Stu into her mouth.

'Oh fuck!' Stu's hips jumped. Danielle worked his shaft furiously with her mouth, her tongue slavishly running his full length and her throat occasionally encompassing the bulbous head. He smelt sweet and clean being fresh from the bath, the faint smell of soap delightful to her nostrils. This was only the second cock she had sucked in her life and the thought turned her on immensely.

'Oh fuck, oh Christ,' Stu exclaimed barely two minutes after she had started. 'I'm coming!' he cried, his hips bucking. Danielle lifted her head, but kept her mouth wrapped around the tip then squeezed the base of his shaft with her hand. His come was warm and thick and by his third contraction had filled her mouth. Danielle lifted her mouth from him and let his come dribble onto his shaft, using it as lubrication to pump him to his completion with her hand.

'Fuck that was good,' he whispered as his breathing began to normalise. Danielle was buzzing with the sense of power that she always felt when she went down on Jeff. The thought of her husband forced her to release Stu and slide of the bed, fleeing into the bathroom. She rinsed her mouth and washed her hand clean, studiously avoiding her reflection, before heading to the gym without saying a word to Stu.

Her workout was hard and furious, her anger turned into energy and directed at herself, Stu and Jeff. Why couldn't a man just say no, she wondered? She knew that if Jeff and Naomi found out what had happened, that they would both blame her more than Stu. Stu would be cast as the weak male, unable to stop himself in the presence of the seductress. It was the time-honoured way of laying blame for infidelities. But for her it came back to Jeff's culpability for placing his best friend, his wife and her company in harm's way.

Fuck him.


When she returned to the room and hour and a half later, Stu was gone. Danielle had been feeling anxious about confronting him so soon after what had happened, so she was thankful to find him gone. She showered and dressed and then headed down to the café for a late lunch while she caught up on some world news courtesy of The Times of India. She finished off a bottle of white wine through the afternoon and was feeling light headed in a very pleasant way when Stu suddenly appeared and sat down at her table.

'I was wondering where you were,' he said.

'Just enjoying lunch, a drink and the newspaper,' she smiled back. The events in their room had been eating away at her, and she had been dreading facing Stu again. But now, having consumed a full bottle of wine, his appearance didn't seem reason for concern.

'Look,' Stu began, 'I had a feeling you might be feeling bad about what happened, but I understand that you want to ensure that we keep up appearances, just in case...'

His voice trailed away and Danielle knew it was in response to the bemused smile she had been unable to suppress. She was unable to fathom whether Stu was being polite and giving her a way out; proposing an arrangement by which they could fly home and face their respective spouses, or whether he actually believed what he was saying.

'Are you okay?'

'Sure,' she nodded, 'just a little tipsy from the wine.'

'Oh, did you drink it all?' Stu looked surprised. She smiled that she had.

'Let's go get a meal in the bazaar, then come back here for a few more drinks.' Danielle stood as she spoke. 'If I have anything else to drink now I'll be passed out by six.'

They spent the next two hours enjoying a meal at one of the many basic, friendly restaurants in the bazaar, surrounded by backpackers. Afterwards they returned to the hotel and Stu commented that he could see no sign of the police officers that had been tailing them to now. Danielle could sense his relief and it made her feel even more relaxed.

After a couple of cocktails they ventured into the hotel's nightclub which again was crowded with patrons. The relief that their ordeal was almost over gave her a sense of freedom and she found herself teasing and flirting heavily with Stu. At first he seemed to hold back, but after he had consumed a few drinks he relaxed and danced closely with her.

Around eleven she found herself alone at a small table while Stu went to the toilet and then to buy some more drinks. For the first time in many years she found herself examining her life. Despite the problems she had faced over the past few days, Danielle found herself loving being in India and wondered if she could move here and take over the running of JetAAI herself and concentrate on the continued expansion into Asia, leaving the Australian operation to a manager. As Stu arrived with more drinks she realised that she hadn't thought about what Jeff would think about this idea, and was startled to find that she didn't particularly care. His carelessness had wounded her more deeply than she realised and he would have to accept her decision or...or what? Danielle dismissed the thought and enjoyed her drink.

'Last dance, then I'm off to bed,' Stu announced, offering her his hand, which she took. The bouncy number finished and a slow number started up. As Stu started to leave she grabbed him and wrapped her arms around his neck.

'Make this the last dance,' she breathed into his ear. Their bodies moved together and she imagined that she could feel the heat in his loins.

'You know, I wanted to suck your cock today, it wasn't a show for the cameras,' she murmured into his ear. She felt his body tense and a small thrill passed through her as his arms tightened around her waist.

'Do you think that the cameras will still be in the room?'

'Yes,' he replied.

'Then we should head up there now and ensure that they have no last minute reasons to doubt that we are anybody other than who we claim to be.' She leaned back and looked him in the eyes after she spoke those words, pressing her thighs against his.

'Are you sure?' Danielle thought Stu looked a little scared.

'Yes,' she mouthed.

The shuffled off the dance floor hand in hand and headed to the elevators. As the doors closed Danielle pushed Stu against the back wall and kissed him, her tongue invading his mouth. Stu grunted into her mouth and kissed her back savagely. His hands grasped at her breasts through her clothes and they broke apart with reluctance as the elevator doors opened.

Seeing that they were alone in the corridor, Danielle grabbed at Stu's crutch as he fumbled to swipe the key card that would give them access to their room. She could feel her own arousal grow at the knowledge that he wanted her so badly, then they all but tumbled into the room. Almost at once they were locked together again made their way to the bed, landing in a splay of arms and legs with Danielle on top.

'How horny are you?' she asked.

'Very,' he replied.

'Undress for me while I watch,' she said, sliding from him. Danielle couldn't believe how turned on she was feeling. It was a level of arousal she hadn't felt since she was a teenager. Danielle backed away from the bed and sat on the chair at the desk.

Stu unbuttoned his shirt and removed it, his shoes, socks and pants following. He sat on the bed, his excitement stretching the material of his boxers.

'Everything, please,' she whispered. He stood and lowered his boxers, his erection standing upright.

'Lie on the bed,' she directed and he complied, sliding over to make room for her when she crossed the room to sit next to him.

'Touch yourself.' She watched as he ran his fingers across the taut skin and the bulbous head.

'The way you like it,' she added. His fingers wrapped around his girth and began to stroke up and down. Danielle squeezed her legs together and fought to remain sitting and watching. A small drop of fluid appeared at the eye and Stu's hand smeared it across the head before continuing.

'Are you close?'

'Uh huh,' he grunted.

'Can you come twice?' She dragged her eyes away from his self-pleasuring activity to his face.

'If you help,' he grinned.

'I will, if you make yourself come for me.' She turned her attention back to his middle and the actions of his hand and wrist. She glanced at him once more, noticing that his eyes were closed, as his breathing became more rapid and louder. With a small groan he came, his come jumping from his body before splashing thickly onto his abdomen. She watched as his hand continued to milk his seed until his fingers and shaft were slick. She saw the tension leave his body and quickly moved to the bathroom, returning with a wet flannel. She wiped him down with small gentle movements, then before either of them had a chance to speak she bent down and took his flaccid member into her mouth.

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