tagNovels and NovellasAgent Provocateur Ch. 09

Agent Provocateur Ch. 09


Danielle slept well on the flight between Singapore and Sydney and was able to freshen up in the Qantas Lounge prior to boarding the connection to Melbourne. When she emerged from the Melbourne terminal at ten thirty on Friday night, she felt reasonable, but was looking forward to going home for some sleep in her own bed.

With her own husband?

'Will the real Jeff please stand up?' she whispered under her breath in the back of the cab as she was driven down the arterial to the accompaniment of loud Greek music on the radio. She barely noticed the familiar sights that flashed past, Essendon airport, Jeff's pillars as she thought of them, the bright lights of the MCG, she supposed that the football was over for the evening. How would she feel, and more importantly react, when Jeff greeted her? She hadn't called to tell him she was coming home, in fact she was hoping that he had gone out with some of the work people who often socialised on Friday nights. The image of April's neat hairstyle bobbed into view and she almost hoped that Jeff would succumb to her undeniable charms and make everything that much easier.

Stu hadn't called Naomi either, undecided as to what to tell her about everything. Finally, as they waited for the flight to board from Sydney he had turned to her and said that if Naomi asked specifically about Danielle, he would tell her.

'Then if she asks me, I'll have to tell her too,' Danielle pointed out.

'Yeah, I guess so,' Stu admitted.

They weren't seated together on the connecting flight and she neither saw Stu nor sought him out at the baggage carousel.

But Jeff's car was parked in the driveway when the cab stopped at the kerb. With a sigh at the confrontation she knew to be inevitable, Danielle opened the front door and pulled her wheeled case into the house. Downstairs was shrouded in darkness, but there was some light from the top of the stairs. It surprised her because Jeff rarely retired early on Friday evenings.

She walked up the stairs and saw that the light came from their bedroom. Just the place for a relationship ending confrontation, she reflected. She froze in the doorway, staring at the clothes strewn on the floor. Unless Jeff had taken to cross-dressing, there was a woman in the bedroom. And a naked one at that, she thought, spying very nice panties and bra.

'April?' she muttered. Danielle stopped herself charging in, wanting to think through the implications of what she was about to confront. There was no sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach, if anything there was relief. It wasn't relief that Jeff was fucking around; it was relief that she would hold the moral high ground when the confrontation started. And for as long as it took for him to discover that she had been fucking Stu.

Steeling herself, she took a step inside the bedroom, hearing a soft moan from the en suite. Then she stopped, this time feeling a jolt of shock. She bent over and scooped up the designer blouse, recognising it at once. It was Naomi's. Naomi. Danielle couldn't help but giggle. So she did play while Stu was away but this was going to be impossible for her to hide from him. Danielle kicked her shoes off and crossed silently to the en suite door, which was ajar. The thought of the statuesque blonde naked in her bathroom sent a thrill through her.

'Slower, slower,' Naomi's whisper drifted to her. 'Don't come too soon,' she added. Jeff grunted his reply. Danielle had planned to listen for a short while, to ensure that what she expected was happening, was in fact happening, then burst in.

But the spark in her belly was now turning into a flame and the sexual awakening she had experienced in India overrode her planning. Instead she unbuttoned her blouse, folded it neatly on the bed, and followed by her skirt. She was now dressed in the fresh bra and panties she had donned in Sydney and decided to leave them on, in case the sight of her husband fucking another woman, even Naomi, didn't turn her current lust into a sense of wanton abandonment.

She pushed the door open and realised she should have stripped naked. Naomi was sitting on edge of the basin, one foot up on the towel rail the other on the bench top, exposing her completely bald pussy for Jeff's pink cock that was slowly sliding in and out. Pink round nipples with small points topped Naomi's large firm breasts, her lips were partly open, cheeks flushed and eyes glazed. Then she became aware that the door had opened, and her eyes snapped open when she caught sight of Danielle standing there.

'Oh fuck!' she cried, trying to push Jeff away, who on turning to see his wife, pulled free of the blonde and staggered back against the wall as if shot.

'Fuck indeed,' Danielle said with a faint smile on her lips. She walked towards the pair. Jeff's mouth hung open and small squeaks issued forth as he tried to speak. But what do you say to your wife when you are naked, with a hard on covered in another woman's juices?

'Oh Dani...' Naomi began before Danielle waved her into silence.

'Can I join you?'

'What?' Naomi looked shocked.

'Ahh?' was all Jeff could manage. His hard on didn't wilt like the rest of him seemed to, so Danielle walked over and knelt in front of him, placing one hand around the base of his shaft, the other on Naomi's hip to stop her leaving. She slipped Jeff into her mouth, enjoying the familiar sensation of his length and girth, and marvelling at the taste of Naomi. The muskiness of Nayana was not present; instead there was a taste almost of lavender. Naomi obviously used a douche. As she slid Jeff into her throat she worked her other hand between Naomi's thighs, running her forefinger across the blonde's clit and feeling a stab of power as the other woman shuddered at the contact and parted her legs to provide easier access.

Jeff needed no second invitation and reached down to release her bra, which she shrugged off. She could taste the pre-cum leaking from his cock and thought about simply making him come, but she wanted more. She had experienced a one on one with a woman, and two men at once. Now she wanted one man, two women and that would mean keeping Jeff going for a bit longer. Naomi had backed against the basin again and parted her legs, allowing Danielle freedom to manipulate her swollen clitoris.

'Fuck her for me,' she instructed Jeff, releasing him from her mouth. In what appeared to be a synchronised move, Naomi lifted herself onto the basin again, spreading her legs widely as she had before, and Jeff slid into her. Danielle stood and stripped off her panties, noting that Naomi's eyes were on her rather than Jeff. She stood close to the blonde and they kissed, once again Danielle finding her excitement becoming more heightened at the soft contact with another woman.

Jeff obviously found it exciting too, as he came with a grunt into Naomi. The woman all but ignored him as he gasped and groaned, emptying himself into his best friend's wife, all the while unable to drag his stare from the lips and tongues that were probing at each other before his eyes.

'Well that was a bit fuckin' quick darling,' Danielle said as the kiss broke apart.

'Sorry, but if you girls want to put on a show, I'm sure I can get it up again.'

'Good,' Danielle said, stepping back and taking Naomi by the hand, 'because I want you to fuck me very soon.' She led Naomi from the bathroom to the bed, with Jeff following close behind. He sat at the foot of the bed and watched as his wife pushed the other woman on to her back. Danielle lost sight of him as she lay on top of Naomi and they began to kiss again. Naomi's response was fierce and for a minute or two the two women engaged in a tongue wrestle that left them both gasping for air.

When they broke apart, Danielle wasted no time sliding down Naomi's body, affording the other woman's full breasts a squeeze, but eager to get to the completely hairless pussy below. Naomi parted her legs obligingly, giving Danielle a clear view of her reddened puffy labia, her swollen clit that poked well clear of its hood and the clear moisture that seeped from within. Naomi let out a gasp when Dani used her thumbs to part the labia, exposing the pink inner folds. When she dipped her tongue into those folds the gasps became a squeal and Naomi wriggled her bottom on the bed.

'Oh Dani...' she began, then squealed again as Danielle clamped her mouth down, with her top lip pressing down on Naomi's clit, and rammed her tongue in as far as it could go. Danielle wondered if being completely bald heightened the sensation for Naomi. From her own limited experience there was a sense of increased control in not having to forage through pubic hair for the most sensitive parts. Danielle found enjoyment in alternating between nipping at Naomi's clit, licking the inner and outer labia in small darting movements, sucking on her clit then plunging her tongue in as far as possible. Naomi climaxed with a long squeal, her hands entwined in Danielle's black hair pulling hard enough that it seemed like she wanted Danielle's head inside her. Danielle watched as Naomi's breasts jiggled, her stomach clenched and her eyes rolled back into her head and felt the power that oral sex always gave one over their partner.

The air escaped Naomi like a punctured tyre and she flopped back on the mattress. Danielle sat up and glanced at Jeff who was rubbing his erection with slow movements of his hand. His eyes were wide and burned with lust. Danielle suddenly wanted him gone; she had decided that she wanted a talk with Naomi about what had happened in India.

'That was unbelievable,' Naomi whispered. Danielle smiled at the blonde, then slid up the bed and lay on the pillow next to her, spread her legs and beckoned to her husband.

'C'mon Jeff, fuck me.'

Jeff needed no further encouragement and slid between her legs, entering her in one smooth movement. His cock felt both familiar and strange to her, but the one thing that she realised after enjoying Stu's expertise at sex was that Jeff had never taken the time to find out what it was that she liked, wanted and turned her on. Or perhaps he could never have been bothered to find out. Danielle wondered whether the tryst between Naomi and him had been a one off, or an ongoing thing, and if so, what did Jeff have over Stu from Naomi's point of view? She felt callous thinking the thoughts, but Stu had a better body and was a far more considerate lover. She pushed her pelvis downwards to stimulate herself as they fucked, but try as she might she knew that Jeff wasn't going to make her come. There was now far too much emotional baggage for her to be able to obtain that release.

Naomi had propped herself on one elbow and started to play with Danielle's nipples, gently pinching and squeezing them, then cupping and kneading the soft skin of her breasts. She leaned forward, her head between Jeff and Danielle's bodies and began to kiss and suck on the nipples and Danielle felt her excitement grow. Immediately she wanted Jeff gone, not just off the bed but out of the house.

Danielle knew what would take him over the edge and reached down, pulling Naomi's face upward so that they both lay on the pillow, and began to kiss. The side profile gave Jeff a perfect view of their glistening tongues as they probed and darted, their lips melding and breaking apart.

'Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh yeah,' he began to chant and Danielle teased Naomi's tongue out of her mouth and sucked it like it was a small penis, and at once she was rewarded with Jeff's warm seed being pumped inside her.

'Ohhhhhhhhhh,' was all Jeff could manage as he came, his second climax in half an hour over almost as soon as it had begun. The effort had clearly taken a toll on his strength as he quickly pulled out and collapsed on the end of the bed.

'Are you ready for more?' Naomi whispered the question.

'If you are,' Danielle smiled back. They kissed again and Danielle realised that she had captivated the blonde. 'But there are a couple of things I have to take care of first.'

'Naomi,' Danielle sat up, 'would you mind maybe slipping on my robe and waiting in the spare room, there's a couple of things about the Indian trip I need to discuss with Jeff that can't wait.'

'Oh, sure,' Naomi was startled and looked a little alarmed at Danielle's change of tone. She stood and hooked Danielle's warm robe from the back of the door.

'Christ, I haven't even asked about Stu...' Naomi looked embarrassed at the oversight.

'Stu will be fine, and one of the reasons I want you to stay is that I need to talk to you next.'

'Is he...will he...?'

'You'll see him soon, he's fine.' Danielle smiled her reassurance. Naomi thoughtfully closed the door behind her leaving her with Jeff.

'So how often do you get up to this when I'm away?' She spoke softly but there could be no mistaking the sharpness in her tone. Jeff looked scared as he sat up.

'It hasn't happened before...'

'It doesn't matter much does it?'

'Dani...I love you, I didn't want...'

'Ha!' Her harsh laugh cut him off. 'Your cock didn't soften at all when I caught you and you were ready to fuck in a second, no questions, no thought.' She put up her hand to stop him interrupting. 'But it doesn't matter, really. If it had, I would hardly have joined in. I realised while I was away that you betrayed the trust between us and it made me angry and made me sad, and finally it made me betray the trust between us too.'

'What, how?'

'Well Stu wasn't in prison when I got there; he was under a form of house arrest in a hotel where the police kindly took me on my arrival. We had to play husband and wife...' she looked for a reaction and saw it. Jeff's mouth opened and there was pain in his eyes.

'The police stated openly that they doubted the sincerity in our relationship, Stu told me the room was under video surveillance, so we had to put on a show.'

'No,' the protest came out in a whisper, but Danielle had decided to tell him everything.

'You need to know Jeff,' she said in a firm voice. 'At first it was a show, but then something snapped inside me at the position your carelessness had put me. And then I found I enjoyed fucking Stu.'

'Are you leaving me for him?'

'No, I'm leaving you for me. I want you to pack a bag and leave now.'

'What?' Jeff's expression changed to one of anger.

'Now,' she repeated. 'Leave now and we can talk over terms tomorrow. If you refuse to do this, I will sack you from the company and sue you for damages related to the deception all part of a messy divorce proceeding. If you go now, I will give you a more than fair package, and probably promote you to GM Australia...'

'That's your job.' Jeff said. The fact that he focussed in on that fact, rather than the threats she had issued, told her that he would do as she wanted.

'I'm planning on moving to India and taking control of the Asian operations personally.'


'I'm sorry Jeff,' her tone softened. 'But I've had way too much thinking time including four days in a cell,' his eyebrows shot up at that. 'I'll tell you more tomorrow, why don't you come back after lunch say around two?'


'Please, now?' She could see he was torn between wanting to please her, and wanting to fight against what he saw as her belittlement of him.

'If you stay, we will end up in a big ugly fight that won't change the outcome. So please, for me?'

He looked at her, nodded and in ten minutes had dressed and disappeared with an overnight bag. As soon as he had left, Danielle walked down the corridor to the spare room Naomi and Stu usually used, hoping that the other woman hadn't lost her nerve and gone home.


'Dani...' Naomi startled her by flying into her arms, tears rolling down her cheeks. 'I'm so sorry about this, really...'

'Shhhh, it's really complicated. C'mon let's go talk.' She led Naomi back to the bedroom where they sat on the bed.

'I can't believe I didn't ask about Stu...'

'You weren't expecting me home,' Danielle pointed out.

'No, but when I saw you, I, I...felt guilt and shame, and then realised you were all but naked and I was confused as to whether this was a set up between you and Jeff, but he looked scared then you touched me and, and I wanted you so badly...' The words tumbled from her mouth and finally Danielle placed her hand over her mouth.

'I take it this is the first time with Jeff?'

'What, oh yes.' Naomi dropped her head. 'We've had dinner a few times, trying to figure out what was happening, keeping each other's spirits up. Jeff asked me over after dinner, we had a drink and I was about to go when he kissed me...and I wanted more...I'm so sorry.'

'Don't be. I knew I wanted to leave Jeff long before I walked in the door and found you...well, as I did. When I saw you like that, I suddenly wanted...well you.'


'Yes you, you're beautiful and Stu told me how wonderful you are and well, like I said, seeing you naked and turned on, I basically couldn't control myself.'

'Where's Jeff?' Naomi asked

'He's gone for the night. We'll talk tomorrow but he knows its over. And its nothing to do with you.'


'Look, Naomi, you need to know that Stu and I had sex in India,' Naomi's head jerked up at that, eyes wide, and suddenly Danielle wasn't sure that Stu was telling the truth about their arrangement.

'He told me that you have an arrangement...'

'Yes, but I never thought...'

'No, obviously nor did he,' Danielle grimaced. 'But we did, not once but several times and I'm sorry about it, but I wanted you to know...'

'Why are you telling me this?'

'Because I needed to, I couldn't go on seeing you and Stu with this hidden secret between me and your husband, that's not right.'

'Where is Stu?'

'He'll probably be home by now, wondering where you are.'

'I should call him.'

'Yes, but you need to decide what to tell him.'

'Oh, I suppose you will tell him if I don't.'

'No, but I wouldn't bet on Jeff saying nothing.' They looked at each other for a moment. 'Can I ask you something Naomi?'


'Have you had sex with other people while Stu was away?'

'Did he ask you to ask me?' Naomi asked with a wry smile.

'No, he'd never thought about it until I asked him.'



'Well that's my secret then,' the blonde smiled broadly and Danielle laughed with her.


Danielle moved to India six months later. Jeff accepted her settlement terms for the divorce, then quit the company just before she left for India to take up a better offer with another firm in the US. Stu and Naomi struggled through a rocky patch but seemed to be on the up, accompanying her to the airport when she left. They promised to visit real soon. She didn't discuss what had happened in India with Stu, but Naomi dropped several hints that she had a good idea what had occurred.

In Delhi she was able to buy what was virtually a compound to live in. She hired Nayana as her driver and personal security officer; donated one of her compound's bungalows to the women's collective and provided them with a small monthly stipend from the company's profits. She rekindled her affair with Nayana, introducing the Indian woman to the mutual benefits of waxing, but it lasted only two months before Nayana announced that she was getting married. The announcement took Danielle by surprise, but she was happy for Nayana.

Four months after settling in Delhi, Danielle received a proposal from April that involved reorganising the company's financial arrangement and promised increased profitability. It won April a promotion to JetAAI's new corporate HQ in Delhi. The pint sized blonde turned out to have more talents that just in the financial world, seducing Danielle within three weeks of her arrival.

Naomi and Stu flew out for a holiday in India that became something of a sex romp between them, April and Danielle.

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