tagChain StoriesAH Fantasies Ch. 10

AH Fantasies Ch. 10


Renovating a house usually brings with it tons of people, and mass chaos. Renovating a house for a TV show makes it twice as chaotic and triples the number of people involved. Yet somehow the blonde home owner moved about the crews, offering sandwiches, lemonade, iced tea, all in all redefining "gracious" on a whole new level. Then putting the tray down, she sat with the host of the show.

"So Vella, you call your house the Love Shack? I assume not just because you and Lucky are huge B-52 fans." Stephanie Woods sat on the back of a pick up truck, with Vella on the other side. As host of "Home Work" she had talked to many people, all over the spectrum of America's society. This time though, something was different. Lucky and Vella were not the typical home owners. The women had a passion for each other, for their family, for life itself that seemed to resonate off the walls. They had been nominated for the renovation by several people from the Author's Hangout, and Stephanie found out about them from the board. Even as Vella explained the reason behind the name, Stephanie felt it.

"Basically, if you are invited here, you are loved. As a friend, as family, coming here is not just an experience in acceptance. And its a little ole place where we can get together!" The spontaneous shimmy to accompany the line from the song made the host laugh, which spread to the camera crew, which caught the eye of the workers, and finally Lucky up on the roof. Over the years, outbursts like that were expected, so she blew a kiss to her wife and went back to repairing shingles. Vella winked and blew back, a gesture that was pure video gold.

Three days later, the house was finished, better than ever, and the crew was packing up. Stephanie noticed there was hesitancy. Usually everyone is anxious to pack up and go but this time people milled, chatted, packed a little here and there but mostly no one wanted to leave. She felt it herself, and as Vella and Lucky gathered everyone together for a group photo in front of the house, she wiped a tear from her eye. The myriad of hugs followed and then they all drove off, waving and beeping until they were out of sight.

For the ride to the airport, and all the way home, Stephanie kept thinking about how she felt at the Love Shack. She wanted to recount it all to Brad, snuggle up in his arms and relive every moment with him. Her shoes in one hand, she opened the door to their condo and called out to him. No answer greeted her. "BRAD? BRAD? Where are you?" She rounded the corner to the kitchen, and found the note on the fridge. He left while she was gone; using lines like he loved her but was not in love with her, wishing her well, but very much leaving for good. They had had problems, but she thought they were working them out. Her tears caused the ink to smear on the page, as she sat on the floor and cried. The break up would be hard, but because he was her producer, she feared for her job as well. It was time for a change, change of scenery, change everything.

Her bags were still packed, there was nothing holding her here, she only had to figure out where to go. She saw the photo of her and Vella and Lucky. She would go back to the Love Shack. At least it would be a good place to start over again. A few days there would give her a break to get her head together.

"Lucky, this is Stephanie, Stephanie Woods." Her voice broke a little as she spoke.

"Hey Short Shorts! How's it going?" She had been christened Short Shorts the first day. Vella had pointed out that her legs were made to be shown off, and when she changed into work clothes for the prep work, she put on a pair of cut offs that were cut a bit too high. The name made it around the crew in under an hour.

"You said that once someone comes there, they're always invited back right?"

"Sure, always. Why?"

"Brad left me. The bastard left while I was there. I just need to get my head straight for a few days and well, I know we just met but you all were so sweet and wonderful I just ..." She broke down again.

"Come on down sweety, I'll pick you up at the airport." Even over the phone that tenderness, that acceptance was so evident. Stephanie grabbed her bag and headed right back to the airport.

True to her word, Vella and Lucky were waiting at baggage claim. Both of them wrapped her in tight hugs, and once again the tears ran down her cheeks. This time they were tears of joy and relief. "Ok girl, the first step towards getting over a man, is to overload your system on death by chocolate ice cream, and knock you on your ass margaritas. It's a proven medical and psychological fact." Lucky nodded as Vella explained. "And we'll watch obscene amounts of The L Word and curse men up and down and if by Monday morning you're not laughing and dancing then we have to admit you into the intensive care unit; which is mostly chocolate chip cookie dough and straight tequila."

Lucky drove while Vella held Stephanie in the back seat. The host cried, ranted, yelled and vented all her emotions. The betrayal, the hurt, the frustration, everything streamed out as they made their way back to the Love Shack. Parking the car, Lucky climbed in on the other side and once again, the two surrounded Stephanie with deep warm affection. The tears and sobs soon ended and all three headed inside.

Not long after, they were settled in the living room, watching television, eating ice cream and drinking frozen green concoctions. Periodically, Stephanie would pipe up with "Oh I met her once at the studio" which lead to tales of how one actress was so sweet, the other was such a bitch, yet another being completely wild. Night fell without notice, and the margarita pitcher had to be refilled for the fourth time.

Vella was blending the drinks when Lucky said "You know Stephanie, your crew put in a great new hot tub for us. You never even got to try it out before you all had to leave."

"Ummm I didn't pack a swim suit though."

"And that's a problem how?" Lucky's t-shirt came off even as she stood up. The trail of clothes leading out back to the hot tub told Stephanie that modesty was not a concern here. Vella was already approaching the tub with more margaritas, and naked herself, as if some clock chimed time to be naked and Stephanie was the only one who didn't hear it.

"Come on Short Shorts, if you've got something we've never seen, then by god we want to see it now!" Vella poured three more drinks before climbing in next to Lucky.

She was hesitant, but either because of the drinks or because of the way these two took her in so openly, Stephanie soon peeled off her clothes, and made the last 20 feet to the tub under the stars completely natural. Both women cheered and whistled, making her blush as she sank into the rolling water.

"Ohhhhhh god this feels good!" The tension visibly escaped from Stephanie's shoulders and neck, and she relaxed more than she had in years.

"You think that's good, wait til I turn on the jets" With a flick of the switch Lucky unleashed small torrents under the surface, massaging and kneading the muscles in the lower backs and thighs.

"Now lean back, close your eyes, put your arms up on the sides" Vella cooed the words, her own voice touched by the effects of the powerful water.

Stephanie shifted and moved as directed then felt the spray move up her body, right behind her shoulder blades and she melted. "Whoever designed this tub needs to be made into a saint."

The couple laughed gently, a secret passing between them. "Just wait, there's more."

"More?" Stephanie sat up a bit. "Don't tell me this is one of those sex tubs, and the jets can hit your... down there." Even with Brad she couldn't bring herself to say "pussy".

"Yes baby, it does magical things 'down there'. But you need to have some one to help hold you to really get it lined up right. Want to see?" Lucky was playing with Vella's hair, running fingers through as Stephanie pondered the offer.

"Yes." The blush spread over her face and even to her shoulders.

Vella stood up in the middle of the tub, and motioned for Stephanie to move to the side a bit. Lucky then turned, her back to her wife, and lifted her feet out of the water, knees up to the edge. She leaned back, Vella holding her shoulders and back to keep her head above water and the jet hit squarely on the flesh, evidenced by the way she bit her lip then smiled and gasped.

"With the right technology, who needs a man?" Vella reached under Lucky's arm, her hands massaging her breasts as she leaned over to kiss her deeply. Watching them, so openly free to love each other, Stephanie just took it in. Lucky began to shiver as she grew closer to climax. But that love was purely evident in the way Vella kissed her, held her, pressed her lips tight as Lucky came, as if drawing the very breath of desire from one body to another. She longed for that love that kind of connection and intimacy. Not just sex but a connection to a person that to her very core.

"Ok, now its your turn Shorty". Lucky was glassy eyed but stood up to beckon Stephanie into position.

"What? Me? Oh no.... no I couldn't!"

"Sure you can, we'll both hold you, but you have to try this. It is a really intense orgasm, trust me."

There was a moment, time standing still where she pondered, wondered, searched deep inside then stood and moved. She put herself in their arms, gave herself to them, for once, giving herself permission to be selfish, to experience something just because she wanted it. Even as she opened her legs, and leaned back onto the waiting couple, she knew she had changed. She began, this night, living for herself.

The water was incredible. Not just pressure but the warmth, the bubbles acting like a thousand tiny fingers to rub her, reaching deep inside. Stephanie arched, lifting her breasts out of the water to let the angle change and the water flow over her clit. Then she felt the hands. One hand was on each breast, cupping, massaging, and teasing the nipples in concert. One set of lips on her neck, the other kissing her cheek. She couldn't remember who was where, she didn't care. Turning to kiss whomever she could, she drew lips in and reached back to fondle her partners. Her breathing grew sharp and ragged, body writhing in the grasp of her two guides and against the penetrating power of the hot tub's magical jets.

Then it happened. Every nerve fired at once, her mind ignited with a brilliant flame, and she screamed. Lungfuls of air expelled in a voice of ecstasy, a cry not of words but pent up emotions finally released in an explosion of delight and wonder. Then slowly, so slowly she floated back into reality.

"Oh god. Oh dear god... what was that?"

Vella and Lucky simply helped her back to the seat. Letting her ease back into consciousness, all the while they caressed and stroked her sides and legs.

"Come to bed, Stephanie." Lucky whispered softly.

"Come sleep with us." Vella's lips brushed the corner of her ear lobe.

Walking between them, held in their arms, Stephanie went to bed. Her legs were just a little weak as both women laid her on the bed. Vella crawled in beside her, caressing and exploring her body. Vella helped Stephanie to relax with soft slow kisses, starting at her ears while at the same time, arousing her yet again, though more tenderly than the jet had. One hand at her breast, lightly playing with the flesh as she kissed more and more, always gently, tenderly. Her finger tips walked down her body, along her torso to her hip. Purring in her ear, Vella began playing with Stephanie's fur, the small thin line so carefully trimmed. All Stephanie could do was lay there and allow her self to be adored.

The kisses followed the same line, down from the ear, along her neck, over her breast and slowly making the way to her hip, turning inward to kiss intimately on her mound. Stephanie's legs drew up, bending at the knees then opened at the hips, giving herself up to be pleasured. Kisses were mingled with licks, and yet still Vella kept it soft, slow and gentle. No rushing or hungry growling like Brad had done. This was not foreplay, but rather a new kind of intercourse, this was the intimacy not its prelude.

Each press of her lips, every slide of her tongue made Stephanie breath heavier, ache a bit more. Her heart was racing as she gripped the sheets as her hips began to arch upwards towards Vella's talented tongue.

"I'm glad to see you two didn't wait for me. I'd hate to start from square one again." Lucky stood in the doorway, watching her wife and their friend. Backlit from the hallway, all Stephanie could see was her form, until she was closer, and the tip jutted out as she turned. The light from the bed stands showed the black leather harness, cut high like bikini briefs, and the plastic shaft attached to it. Lucky began kissing Stephanie, sitting on the bed next to her. Vella crawled up from between her legs, lying once more beside her.

"Lucky... Vella... I .. I don't know how to... I mean I..." her stammering was quieted with Lucky's finger tip on her lips.

"Just do what feels good to you. What you liked when she did it, simply do it back to her. The old golden rule, do unto others. Except this time, the karmic reward for good is instantaneous."

Stephanie eyed the toy, judging it to be slightly smaller than Brad's cock. She thought about her fantasies, the long held secrets of more than one partner at a time, she just never thought it would be two women. But tonight was too amazing, everything so far had been beyond what she thought possible. This was her new beginning, her rebirth, and this was her chance to live her wildest dreams. She kissed Lucky, deep and hard before rolling over on top of Vella and doing the same to her before sliding down her body, peppering each inch with small kisses. Vella opened her legs, beckoning Stephanies attention. Her legs were nearly on the edge of the bed as Lucky moved behind her.

The first few licks were quick, stutters more than actions, the last remnants of resistance melting away. As she inched forward, tasting Vella's inner folds, she felt her own pussy opened and touched. The more attention she lavished on the flesh before her, the more she received from behind. With abandon she began licking and kissing, greedily, hungrily. As she let go of her restraint, her body thrilled as Lucky's dildo filled her fully.

The world began to spin. She could feel the two on either end locking onto each other through her. They were making love with her, through her. Whatever this was, this soul spinning emotional spiritual experience, this is what was missing from her life for so long. Lucky quickened her pace, thrusting faster and with more effort, each thrust driving Stephanie's face more solidly into Vella. Stephanie began to gasp and cry, torn between needing to let everything out in loud screams and wanting to coax the same response from Vella. She opened wide then clamped her lips onto her clitoris, groaning as she shuddered and shook. This lust was enough to launch Vella into her own bliss.

Moments later, laying on the bed and looking up at the ceiling fan, Stephanie listened to her heart beating. More than just the physical exertion, there was a new sound in the pulse. Her heart was stronger, she could hear it. She turned on her side, seeing Lucky and Vella spooning next to her and she reached out to cuddle in as well.

Morning broke over the horizon, pink and orange streaks over the pale blue sky greeting the three bodies asleep in the bed. Vella slid out one side, and Lucky followed shortly. Breakfast was to be made, and the day had to be started. They let Stephanie sleep in, both of them remembering days after break ups, and knowing that sleeping was a needful thing.

Just as Vella put the eggs and toast on the table, Stephanie emerged and smiled wearing only a t-shirt. "I hope you don't mind, but I didn't want to get dressed just yet. And I didn't pack a robe or anything."

"Nonsense, be as comfortable as you like." Lucky poured a glass of orange juice and handed it over. She looked up to kiss Vella who was bringing their plates.

"So... I am a lesbian now?" Stephanie kind of blushed and toyed with the eggs on her plate.

Lucky and Vella laughed. "Shorty, if one night made you a lesbian, then half the women who ever went to summer camp or college would be at the pride parades."

"You are Stephanie, start there. Don't wear a label, or try to fit a mold, just be yourself. Have sex with women, with men, do whatever you like, but more importantly, do it for you. Find that person you can love more than anything in the world, man woman or tentacle monster, just love with all your heart." They looked at each other and kissed again.

"And where ever you are in the world, whatever you are going through, you are always welcomed at the Love Shack."

Stephanie popped up and shimmied "A little ole place where we can get together!"

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