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AH Fantasies Ch. 15


Okay, this is my first AH Chapter and I'm a little nervous about what you all might think, and I may not do this right, but this story was so great to me and I found the perfect people to use in it. I'm using Joe Wordsworth, Trombonus and Rachlou, but I'm just calling them by shorter versions for sake of reality. I hope you enjoy it.

P.S- I rushed the last half due to CPU crappage and a school schedule that told me to go kill myself again and again, but I got it finished finally, even though it definitely isn't as good as the first.


The kind of relationship Rach and Joe had was beyond happiness and comfort, they could do anything together, talk about anything, or be anything with each other. In fact, they were the kind of people more likely to act like two childhood friends than a married couple, but that was the greatest thing about them. They had met in highschool, and lead a very energetic and promiscuous lifestyle. Since the two were so keen on eachother, even the sexual fantasies they talked about were made true, sometimes even within their group of friends.

The group included Joe's best friend Trom, he was kind, funny, smart, and the cutest cat-lover anyone could ever meet. During grad year Joe had become aware of Rach's attraction to Trom, even though he and Joe were in many ways alike, and were quite the riot together during social events with the group of friends. Further into grade twelve, after Trom had broken off with his long-time girlfriend, Joe proposed the idea that the three should, 'spend a night together.' He agreed, and since then Rach had always been attracted to Trom, despite the fact that he was happily married as well, though she couldn't help but wonder why he hardly brought her around with him the numerous times he came to visit Joe in their apartment.


As Rach cleared the final lap of her kitchen and living room, she set down her silky burmese cat-pal on the sofa, hearing the ding of the oven go off. She hummed to herself a little bit as she slid across the tile floor in her socks, opening up the oven and bending down to check on the lasagna. She poked a fork into it before shutting the oven door -- another hour would do. She stood up and let out a long sigh, crossing her arms and tilting her head back, her ponytail sliding between her shoulder blades slightly. It was unusual having nothing to do, on a day like this she would most likely be up in the office waist deep in paperwork, bouncing off one thing or another. Time off is what she always wanted, but now that she had it, with Joe's absence it was less than exciting.

Rach turned and scratched her forehead with the heel of her hand hidden beneath the loose sleeve of her light blue dress shirt that she wore that day mindless of the yellow pajama pants she wore beneath it. It was five pm, and she still wore her nocturnal dress, just as unusual as having time off. Rolling up her sleeves she made her way to the pile of dishes on the counter. She ran the tap and gazed out the window in front of her. It was still light out with children playing in the quiet street in front of the suburban apartment building. She noticed cars driving by a block away, her neighbor spraying down his SUV, and momentarily afterward, she heard the loud sound of the front door opening and closing in quick succession. Rach payed no attention, it wasn't Joe, he wasn't due home until about 9pm.

"Rach!" She heard a voice call, the visitor sounding like a child demanding attention.

"Trom!" Rach replied in the same enthusiasm while maintaining her focus and facial expression, wiping down the dish in her hands. Sliding across the floor sideways, a tall man with a five o'clock shadow, and scruffy chestnut brown hair entered the room, flipping a random picture upside down on the fridge and sliding it next to the icemaker, introducing his presence in the familiar way, energetic and entertaining.

"Hey, where's Joe?" He asked breathing short and rapidly.

"It's monday evening Trom." Rach said with a discrete smile on her face, imagining the perplexed look on Trom's face when he replied;

"Oh...well then, I ran for nothing."

"Why did you run here? It's a five minute drive, don't you have a car?" Rach teased.

"Well," Trom started as he took a seat on the counter and Rach continued to pile the dishes on the rack to her right. "The Mrs. has it tonight, she's over on the east side visiting one of her woman friends."

"You mean Trina, the one with the fetus." Rach said back matter-of-factly.

Trom paused for a moment and then continued to look confused at Rach's back.

"She's pregnant?"

Snickering Rach turned to look Trom in the eye as if to say, "Woah, what?" before shaking her head and laughing as Trom donned an embellished expression of mock bewilderment.

"What... Did you think she was on bedrest because it's her hobby to carry a large number of basketballs under her huge dress? Wait... that would make her tummy rather lumpy looking."

Trom nodded sarcastically. "Actually I thought she was smuggling narcotics... Hence is why my wife's always at her place."

"Oh snap!"

Entertaining Rach was a pass-time of Trom's and the two had become companions ever since Joe had landed a promotion and reaped extra hours in the office. Since Rach was on vacation Trom always swung by to keep her company. Though most conversations where punctuated with sarcasm and teasing, they were a sidesplitting duo. Every time Rach heard Trom enter the house, no matter how convincing her apparent indifference seemed, she recognized his footsteps and felt butterflies upon his every arrival. However, she reminded herself that Trom was friends with everyone, especially Joe, and Trom had no interest in her whatsoever anyhow. She figured he had always thought, since she was fifteen that she was too young for him, and his present monogamy seemed firmly established to her.

Trom's marriage seemed to sacrifice excitement for security. Though it was a happy arrangement, it certainly wasn't perfect. It wasn't necessarily that he intended to pursue a relationship with Rach, just that he regretted his failure to seize the opportunity before he was married. He was aware that Joe would willingly facilitate that liaison as long as he was in the room, but Trom stubbornly rejected that opportunity as well out of his desire to stay loyal so that despite his impatience, he could continue to sleep at night.

"You're a gem, you know that?" Rach teased again as she attended to the dishes once more. Trom hopped down from the counter moving mischieviously. He rolled up his sleeves and shrugged his shoulders moving his head from side to side as if cracking his neck before entering a boxing ring. Suddenly his hands dove into the sink, splashing water all over the place. Rach squealed, scrunching up her face as she recoiled to the left, raising her right shoulder as a shield.

"Oh... my, god!... Trom!" she laughingly protested, the water spraying her on the face and the chest of her shirt.

"Don't be screaming my name just yet. We haven't even gotten past first base." He finished his sentence off with a strange look that involved his tongue sticking out slightly, Rach just glared at him and laughed, feeling those insistent butterflies again. It seemed as though she was being teased, as if this was Trom's attempt at egging her on. Knowing, however, that these were just his 'amusing' ways, she attempted to subdue the feeling of excitement and fight back.

"Ever since highschool Trom. You're a real player aren't you?" She attempted sarcasm, trying to mimic the way Trom did it first. However, now he had the same tickling sensation happening in the pit of his stomach.

"Oh, so you aren't interested?"

"Ew! You've got wife cooties!" She replied, wearing the same look that conveyed that she was jesting. Just then Trom ran his soapy hands through his hair, arching his back, closing his eyes and sticking his tongue out till it touched his chin. He continued to satirically reenact a shampoo commercial as Rach began to laugh.

"What the hell are you doing!" She said mid-laughter

"You mean..." He started as his hands circled around his chest before scratching at his stomach. "You don't wanna get...with...this?" He stopped and then looked over to Rach with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, and a 'seductive' look about his eyes.

"You are so bloody odd!" Rach sputtered between laughter.

"You're my inspiration." He said as his hands dipped once more into the water retrieving a fistful of cutlery before throwing it unceremoniously into the rack, in a sudden surprisingly awkward motion that was humorous in itself. "In fact, it's the same inspiration that pushes me...ahem." He paused to put on a 'serious' face that seemed to gaze through a hole in the wall and with an artificially nervous sounding voice he began again. "Over the edge... when... well you see... when a man and his hand love each other very very much", he finished with his eyes shifting side to side.

The battle of secrets was had taken up momentum of its own, neither of them comprehending what had been set it motion.

Rach rolled her eyes, and couldn't help but beam as the conversation became progressively amusing. She donned a valley girl accent and flipped her hair back, resting her weight on her hip as she scrubbed another glass from the sink.

"Do you like, think of what you like, want to like, do to me?"

Trom paused momentarily, feeling his stomach backflip as he appeared outwardly unphased.

"Like totally." Said Trom imitating Rach's accent.

Rach pushed him farther.

"like...what?" Her voice drifted off as she noticed him planting his gaze on her for more than a second. He was admiring the subtle arch of her body which made itself readily apparent even through the loose dress shirt covered it up. Just the sight of this made Trom want to reconsider hours of thoughtful deliberation on a subject that had recently plagued his mind, and ruin a perfectly good dress shirt.

"Like..." His accent broke down like a station wagon and he cleared his throat and before he knew it, the boundaries he'd set in place began to buckle at the persuasion of the current situation. His right hand emerged from the water and came to rest on her right thigh, so that his arms were crossed a bit awkwardly in front of him. Rach's senses perked up, and she let him touch her, indulging herself with in his touch.

"And then what..." She whispered quickly, her hands trembling with excitement as she felt the approach of his breathe, and his deep voice answering her this time without all of the affectation. Her eyes closed as she struggled to contain her arousal, she began to dampen in the anticipation brought on by even the slightest touch.

"And then..." He trailed off as he bent down slowly, but keeping his lips slightly parted near her ear as his fingers skimmed her inner thigh. Rach exhaled sharply, and tilted her head back subconciously, but corrected herself as she realized this. Trom felt pressure beneath his jeans as the tip of his tongue ran across his lips and he swallowed having kept his mouth open too long.

"And... th-" Rach spoke but Trom cut her off as he stowed his words and moved behind her, letting three fingers probe the location between her thighs where he suspected her clit to be before pressing down hard. Though the exact spot was elusive due to her loose fitting pants she responded in a way that encouraged him with a sudden gasp and by grasping the wrist of the hand he used.

Rach lurched forward and steadied herself with her left hand as Trom pressed his erection against her through his trousers, pressing on an opening that he would soon discover had already become enticingly wet.

As Trom's breath escaped Rach could feel it's heat against the nape of her neck as his left hand ran up her left side into her ponytail, catching a piece of the hairtie and pulling it out so that her soft, flowing hair grazed her shoulders. He burried his face in the crook of her neck as she replaced the hand on his wrist to the back of his head, becoming less composed with each firm clench of his fingers.

Rach could feel Trom's buldge in his jeans pressing against her lower back as she leaned forward. Trom then began to run his fingers through her hair softly, starting from her forhead and drawing towards the back, she seemed mesmerized, and he felt needed.

Suddenly Rach turned around and pulled him into a lustful kiss be planting both of her hands on the back of his neck. Trom fell into it, and immediatly began to drown in passion as Rach's tongue fought for his. Her hands were so gentle, and so forbidden, and yet they felt like they absolutley had to have him. Rach ravaged his lips, and he immediatly embraced her withhis arms and his torso, as he began to unbotton her dress shirt. Rach didn't hold back, she tilted her head back and bit her bottom lip slightly as Trom hungrily went for her neck. As the loose dress shirt began to fall down her shoulders Rach moved her hands to begin tearing open his jeans. As soon as the dress shirt had bunched up around her elbows, Trom's zipper was down and button undone just enough for her to reach in and pull out his cock. But just as she did so, Trom yanked down her pajama pants and scooped her up, planting her on the edge of the sink, then hooked his right middle finger around the smooth fabric of her panties and pulled it to the side, for a moment admiring the wet silk he felt on the back of his fingers. He then positioned his tip as best as he could before steadily pushing himself into her, Rach clutched Trom's shoulders as he once again connected his body with hers, only this time internally as well as externally.

Rach gave a soft whimper as she let one of her arms slip from his shoulders and swipe accross the counter, sending dirty glasses crashing to the floor, simulatneously feeling Trom's pelvis jerk forward at a slow but strong pace. She couldn't hear the dishes crash as she arched her back, leaning on the hand that she let drop from him. Her other however, was clutched onto his shirt, and her hair swirled on the top of the counter as she let her head fall backwards. Troma dmired the wonderful curves of her body as he brought his right hand to her lower back and ran it up her spine softly, his other hand on her hip. Rach let out a more throaty whimper that sent chills down Trom's spine, giving him that feeling in his stomach whenever she moved a certain way.

Rach's body swelled with excitement as Trom began a faster steady pace. She sat up straight with her eyes closed and wrapped her arms around his shoulders once again, as he slid his fingers up and down her back gently. He so badly wanted to ravage her and her forbidden body, but he wanted to be gentle to her, because this was more than just a quickie affair. Trom stopped to think only for a second of what Joe might think if he were to find out, but then he remembered their open relationship...but Trom hadn't asked Joe beforehand. His thoughts were drowned out by Rach's high-pitched moan, he took that as his cue and sped up still keeping intertwined with her. Trom ran his fingers up her neck and into her hair, grasping it gently and basking in the shudder that resulted.

Rach could feel herself even now beginning to reach her peak as the pleasure grew stronger, tighter, and more intense. Her moans became obvious now, right next to Trom's ear, which aroused hime ven moreso that he held back the urge to jackhammer into her, until she gave him the order to.

"Harder.." she managed to push out, which sounded more like a desperate cry for help. Immediatly Trom's doubts in the back of his mind that she may have been putting on a show disappeared. She looked so good to him and he had to consider it. But he obeyed. A low grunt came out of his throat as he took one of the legs that was wrapped around his waist and lifted it daringly over his shoulder. He squeezed onto her calf and exposed his facial expressions to her, which she caught, and noted his concentration on making her feel good. He didn't go much faster, but he pumped her harder. With every stroke he pushed his pelvis so hard that a slapping sound was heard loud and clear between the two of them, and Rach's heart jumped.

He didn't want to tell her he was about to cum in fear that she wasn't ready yet, but as soon as her little squeals became a bit more shrill, he felt a twitch on the inside of her underneath his shaft. He let all of his breathe go out of him in a sound of extreme pleasure, and said the words that set Rach off.

"I'm going to cum.." He whispered. He said it quickly, and Rach could feel his body trembling, and the beads of sweat on his forehead dropping onto her. Rach helped him along as she felt clench after clench inside of her, and thrusted her hips back. Again and again she tensed until she felt it, the wave of pleasure shooting through her thighs and up into her chest. Rach let out a tensed screech as she drove her fingernails into Trom's upper back and clung to him, pressing her face into his chest. Her electrifyed response set him off, as he burried his own face in the crook of her neck and released a shakey breathe and low-pitch grunt. He exploded inside of her as his entire lower body twitched, and the two collapsed within eachother, intertwined until Rach had finally gathered herself.


Rach lay awake in her bed until her bedside clock-radio had turned 9:30pm. She finally began to drift into sleep when she woke with a start, sitting up and looking next to her, finding no one. She heard footsteps outside, and she then felt relaxed, and peeled off her comforter, making her way towards her expected husband in the living room.

"Joe?" She called, as he turned around in full view from behind the fridge door. He finished the bite of his apple and set it on the counter, still in his blazer it seemed he had just entered the house.

"I thought you had already gone to sleep." Joe mentioned as he opened his arms. Rach immediatley walked towards him with a warm smile on her face and wrapped her arms around his middle, for a second forgetting about the 4 hours before.

"Why so quiet?" Joe said curiously as he looked down at his bride, and for a moment Rach found it hard to look at him, but she looked up and smiled after a few seconds, shaking her head confidently.

"Nothing, just tired." She replied.

He leaned down and kissed her forehead, taking another massive bite of the apple and taking off his blazer, and setting it neatly on the table before swallowing the rest of the fruit. Joe began to undoe his shirt, revealing the white wife beater underneath as he tilted his head to the side a bit at the sleepy Rach.

"Why don't you head to sleep, love? I'll be there in a little bit."

Rach looked up from the ground, and sort of shook herself into looking at her husband in the eye, not wanting to move in fear that it would give something away.

"I will in a few minutes." She answered as she turned her back. Joe suddenly found himself staring at the ground as well, and noticed a sharp of glass underneath the cabinet, he cocked his left eyebrow and then looked to the fridge, seeing the overturned magnet by the icemaker.

"Did Trom stop by today?" Joe called before Rach went out of sight, her heart almost stopped.

She turned around stiffly, "Yes, " she replied with a little bit of a stutter, "Like he does everyday."

"Rach, are you okay? You seem...distraught" Joe said as he stepped a bit closer, as Rach's eyes went to the floor.

"No no, I'm okay, just tired." RAch smiled again, attempting to cover herself as she turned her back. She looped around the middle section between the study and the kitchen, staring at the floor, hoping to make it to their bed, when she was stopped suddenly by Joe's figure right in front of her.

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