tagLoving WivesAimee's Amorous Adventures

Aimee's Amorous Adventures


This is the story of Aimee, a mid-thirties woman from Mid-western USA. She wants to discover herself, sexually and spiritually. Her clock is ticking and it seems to be for something other than a boring husband and selfish, self-centered family. She is about to set out on a series of adventures in life. Some are right in her neighborhood, some are in exotic ports. Her mission is to find the elusive lust her core craves so badly. The Adventures are called:


Chapter One - Aimee Goes On Vacation....

It had been a shitty week and it was only Wednesday. Saul, my husband of twelve years, was diagnosed impotent (I could've told you that), my kid was flunking out of school and I was PMSing like crazy. The best part of the PMS was that I was insatiably horny. The bad part, I was out of batteries! Maybe I'd buy myself a big black cock today. I love to fantasize about having a huge "Mandingo Man" ravage me, violating every orifice of my body, many times. Now that Saul was ready for Camp Viagra, I decided it was time to look after my own needs, for once in my life.

I picked myself up out of bed and threw on my bathrobe and slippers. I peeked out the front door to see my snow-soaked newspaper halfway down the sidewalk and ugly, black snow-laden clouds looming on the horizon.

What a pissy day! I need a vacation, "Gotta get away! As I bent over to pickup the closest of two newspapers, a gust of wind blew my bathrobe clear over my head, exposing my bare ass to the Fed Ex driver coming down Mrs. Swartz's driveway.

I erected myself and smiled weakly at Mr. Fed Ex, when it hit me like a ton of bricks.... I was soaking wet, not from the snow, my pussy was dripping, like a leaky tap, with excitement from being exposed from stem to stern to man I didn't know. I hadn't been this turned on since I bought a vibrator at Gladys' toy party two years ago. Now even those batteries were as dead as Saul's dick. He wouldn't try Viagra or oral sex, let alone romance me once in a while. All I want for Chanukah is a man-made orgasm!

"Aimee, is dinner ready? Aimee is my laundry back from the cleaners? Aimee suck my cock, be my little girl and come kneel between my legs and help me get a load off my mind." Saul never quit asking, demanding or needing his "little woman's" touch, touch my ass he is a lazy, fat middle-aged man who only cares about himself.

I hadn't had an orgasm from Saul in almost five years. I was just another accessory in his life not his wife. I needed to get out on my own and find out if it was he or I.

According to the look on Fed Ex's face, my oozing pussy and the bulge in his uniform, it was Saul that needed an overhaul. I just needed some all-natural male attention to my body and ego. It was about to be delivered by courier!

I took a step out into the weather, adjusting my gaping bathrobe so that in six more steps it would blow wide open. As I pretended to slip and slide on the icy driveway, Fed EX was racing to my rescue. Just as he reached me, I slid out my right leg, let go of my belt and fell right into his arms bare breasts and slippery pussy first. As he caught me under my arms and lifted me up, I accidentally brushed my bare thigh over his bulging zipper as I reached for his shoulder. I buried my face into his neck and started moaning that my ankle was twisted. God he smelled good, good enough to eat!

"Let me help you into your house, Maam". Fed Ex said in a voice of velvet sexuality. I was hoping he'd carry me right out the back door and off into the sunset on his steed. God, do I need a new life.

Fed Ex carried me into the living room and gently set me down on the couch. I was so turned on and enjoyed the feel of his muscular frame under that all business uniform. I had to get a special delivery, right fucking now! My bathrobe was now wide open as was my hungry pussy. He stammered and stuttered as he tried to assist me with closing my robe. No luck there, oh well.

I reached up and slipped my finger through a belt loop and yanked him down on top of me. I rolled him off onto the floor and kissed him deeply. I pulled back and looked into his eyes and kissed him again, he responded and kissed me back. His tongue danced with mine as he slipped my robe off my shoulders and I was naked to his hungry hands. He continued to kiss me as he loosened his pants and pushed them down past his knees. His hard cock sprang out and was moist at the tip and ready for my hungry mouth and pussy. I rolled Fed Ex over on his back and sucked his long hard cock greedily into my anxious mouth. It tasted fabulous. I sucked deeply and slid my hand up and down the long thick shaft as I tongued the red head. He was now moaning and groaning with each pump of my hand. I sat up and wet my other hand and started pumping harder and faster. His muscular thighs and cheeks wet taught as he started to come. His cock spurted come all over his shirt and my face as his orgasm shook his body. I licked the warm come off his cock and shirt and from around my mouth.

As he opened his eyes I straddled his face and settled my hungry pussy onto his mouth. He eagerly licked the honey from my wet lips and grabbed my ass with his big hands and pulled my eager lips onto his. He sucked and slurped at my wetness and thrust his long tongue into my twitching vagina. That tongue had a mind of it's own, and it was now circling my clit and flicking it rhythmically as his hands caressed my taut nipples. An orgasm was building in my tummy. I swung my ass around and slammed my pussy down onto his long hard cock and buried it to the hilt in my heat. I sat up and rode him hard, my breasts bouncing wildly as I rubbed my clit with slippery, come covered fingers.

I was coming, oh, God was I coming!

For the first time in years I was having a man, not machine induced orgasm. And I kept coming; the orgasms were building as I rode his cock. Thank god he was young and in shape. His cock stayed hard for an hour. He fucked me from behind; he fucked as he lifted me up and down on his long rod like I was a rag doll or sex doll, his big hands under my ass gripping my cheeks tightly. My ass felt small in his big, strong hands. He fucked me every way I asked him to, until I was spent. Then as suddenly as it happened, he was gone. He was late, really late but promised to call. Yeah sure! I didn't really care if he called or not. Anytime I wanted to get laid, I'd just call Fed Ex, when it absolutely has to get there. Every "toy" I order from now on will be shipped "Rush – Fed Ex".

As I soaked in the tub, resting my aching, out of shape pussy, I realized I had no life! I had to find one. Thank god Saul was always encouraging me to take a holiday with the girls. I would, simple as that. What girls I didn't care, I'd book a holiday with shared accommodations and be forced to meet some new people.

I opened the wet newspaper to the travel section; Windjammer Cruises, Tortola, BVI. I knew it was the answer to my ache. And was I ever aching now. I grabbed the phone off the floor and called my travel agent, it was done. Tortola, British Virgin Islands, and here I come, no pun intended. My aching pussy was getting wet again, thinking of the big black men with their big black cocks in the BVI's. I had one week to get ready.

My errand list was short, like the skirts I planned to wear: bikini waxing, tanning sessions, Wicked Weasel bathing suits and knickers (shipped Fed Ex overnight, of course), a few new short skirts and dresses, a few sexy tops, a box of condoms, lubricant, a few new sex toys and some wickedly sexy shoes for night time fun (I love my high heels). I don't care if I'm on a Wind Jammer cruise; I love my legs in high heels! A few over night deliveries via Fed Ex and my pussy would be ready for the trip too. I love those morning deliveries now.

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