tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAimee's Wedding Ch. 6

Aimee's Wedding Ch. 6


Katie was grabbed by Mark and Larry and released from her chair. She struggled as they dragged her out onto the floor, fearing what they had planned for her. Her heart sank when the shoved her in front of her son, Chance. She had already seen her 18-year old son fuck his sister and now she knew that these perverts wanted to see her fuck her son as well. Chance lay on the floor, his 8-inch cock fully erect, as he looked up at his mother. Katie knew that it wasn’t from desire for her that he was hard, but rather that it was probably from everything going on around him. The boy had been a virgin before today, now he was being introduced to sex in ways that he never would have imagined.

Katie fought at first, but knew that she couldn’t keep it up. And reluctantly allowed herself to be pushed down atop her son. She took his thick cock and held it in place as she slid down on it. Katie gasped as it filled her deeper than her husband’s had ever done. She immediately regretted what was happening, not only because of how wrong it was, but because as soon as she slid on him she felt his cock rubbing firmly against her G-spot. Katie regretted that not only was she fucking her own son. But that in a matter of minutes she would be orgasming on his cock. She planted her hands on each of his shoulders and began riding her son while the four men cheered her on.

As Katie was fucking her son, LaDonna was grabbed and forced to stand before her father.

“Looks like we’ve neglected your dad, haven’t we.” John told her.

LaDonna wanted to cry. She could hear her mother panting as she fucked Chance. Now she was standing before her father, looking at his cock standing erect, and being told to fuck him. She knew that resistance was futile and spread her legs over his lap and sat on his shaft. LaDonna began fucking her dad. Her pussy was so used to the action it was getting now her body responded in seconds. LaDonna climaxed on her father’s cock and began riding him harder and faster.

Jim could see his wife fucking their son. He felt shame for both of them, but as LaDonna climaxed on him he began losing control. His daughter’s pussy felt simply wonderful on his cock. He wanted this to be any other woman in the room instead of his daughter. But he could not hold back his pleasure. Jim began bucking his ass to meet LaDonna’s thrusts. Then he groaned in delight as his cock exploded into her pussy.

As LaDonna continued fucking her father Katie rode Chance’s cock to a loud orgasm of her own. She felt relief as Chance blew his load into her, but continued to ride him until she had one final climax.

As one family climaxed John and his gang were getting the next one back into it. Laurie was grabbed and taken over to where her father and Tom were. Then her brother, Frank was untied and taken over to them. As Laurie struggled, she was forced to straddle Tom and sit on his cock. The same cock that had just been inside her father’s mouth. Then she was forced to lean over and take her father’s cock into her own mouth. Once in this position Frank was told to fuck her in the ass. Laurie froze when she heard the words. But Frank only responded by kneeling behind her and pressing his stiff cock against her asshole. Laurie pulled away from her dad’s crotch to cry out as Frank began shoving his pecker into her ass. But once he was in she was forced to resume sucking her dad’s cock.

Laurie was being fucked by both of her brothers while sucking her dad. Her body was wracked with pain. But she was beginning to enjoy everything that was happening to her. She could feel both of her brother’s cocks rubbing together inside her as they fucked her. And her father’s cock was welcomed into her mouth.

Harold hated that his daughter was sucking him. But it was much better than being sucked by his son. He had enjoyed that orgasm, but knew that he would really enjoy cuming in Laurie’s mouth. He sat still watching his daughter’s pretty face as she sucked on him, feeling his pleasure grow more and more as she continued.

Laurie climaxed as the three rods filled her holes. She increased the pace herself, causing her brothers to fuck her even harder. Frank could hold back no longer and blasted his semen into her ass. But Laurie refused to allow him to pull out as she continued riding Tom to climax after climax. Then her father came in her mouth and she eagerly swallowed every drop. Finally Tom came in her pussy and Laurie fell off of him totally exhausted.

As Katie got off of Chance she was grabbed by John and forced to lie on her back. John jumped on her and began fucking her. He had already taken Aimee and her sister. Now he wanted to fuck the hole that produced both of them. Katie screamed with another climax as she was brutally fucked by John. But as savage as he was she was enjoying every minute of it. John banged her twat while watching Laurie getting drilled by her brothers. Then pulled out and shoved his cock into Katie’s mouth, making her suck him until he show his load into her throat.

Jake grabbed LaDonna after she had gotten off her dad and dropped her to her knees so he could fuck her doggie-style. She climaxed twice as her attacker took her, remaining motionless as he continued pounding her until he spilled his seed inside her.

Seeing that the others were taking their final turns, Larry grabbed the pretty blond, Kim and climbed on top of her and sank his meat pole into her pussy. Mark stood behind Larry, waiting until he had filled her with his cum, then he took his turn on the young blond.

John stood proudly, surveying the room. He looked at Aimee, the object of his lust and desire. The reason for this entire night. And decided that he had to take her one more time. John grabbed Aimee and made her sit on his cock. He was surprised to see the change that had come over her since this night began. Where she had struggled so much in the beginning, Aimee now sat on his shaft and rode him with pleasure in her eyes. This was the first cock to ever enter her pussy and she wanted it as much as he did. The others wound up their sexcapades. But Aimee continued riding John’s cock, having orgasm after orgasm as she continued banging him. John emptied himself one last time then made Aimee get off of him.

The four men tied everyone up loosely, knowing that one of them should be able to work themselves free in less than a half-hour. Then they dressed. Grabbing the videotapes and the film roles from the camera John walked around the room saying, “Just remember. If anyone calls the cops these tapes and pictures will be all over the internet immediately.” Then they ran out of the room leaving their captives behind.


The days following the wedding were confusing for everyone involved. Aimee and Tom never consummated their wedding. And ended up getting an annulment less than a month later.

Tom moved west and found new interest: Working in the porn industry making both straight and BI-films.

Frank and Laurie both recovered from their ordeal pretty well. At least until Frank was caught having sex with Erin, his stepmother. It seems that Harold was not the man his son was, so Erin began a long running affair with her stepson. When Harold caught them he divorced Erin. In the process Frank found someone else and got married. Erin moved away and was never heard from again.

Laurie became very sexually active for a few years. Then finally settled down and got married.

Ann maintained good relations with her kids and put the ordeal out of her mind.

Ron retired from his church without giving any reason. Kim had gotten pregnant that night but never allowed a test to determine who the father of her daughter was out of fear that her own dad could have been the father of her child. She stayed close to Aimee and eventually married someone from her father’s church.

Larry was never considered as a willing participant in the attack. But Cindy felt that something had definitely been wrong. She knew full well that he had enjoyed his part too much and always suspected something. A year later they divorced. Cindy started her own wedding photography business and did very well. She ran into another female photographer and the two fell in love and became life partners. Unfortunately for Cindy, Jake saw her two years later and, remembering that night, he attacked her and raped her. But this time Jake was caught and is now serving 6 - 12 years in state prison.

Mark ended up in prison too. But not for rape. He had always been a criminal and ended up getting caught following an armed robbery. He was raped his first night in prison.

Katie and Jim took a cruise to Club Med for their next wedding anniversary. The two of them enjoyed sex with multiple partners for several days before returning home. After that they felt that they had gotten everything out of their system and spent the rest of their lives happily together.

LaDonna divorced Kevin. She too had gotten pregnant. She had a son who everyone assumed was Kevin’s. It was possible since they had been having sex regularly the week before the wedding. But LaDonna always felt that it had happened at the reception with either her father or one of the other four who had cum in her pussy. Even though Kevin had accepted responsibility for their son, she was never able to get over how much he obviously enjoyed fucking both Aimee and her mother. So they ended up breaking up. LaDonna eventually married a guy from her office while Kevin also remarried and continued paying child support for a son who he never would know if he really fathered or not.

Larry lived a quiet life and never strayed into anything remotely illegal after that night. He was the best man at John’s wedding the following year.

Aimee took some time to herself after having her marriage annulled. She was surprised to find her ex-boyfriend, John, readily available to lean on when she realized that she could no longer stay with Tom. Eventually she fell in love with John again. And the first time they made love she recognized that he had been the man behind the mask who took her virginity and orchestrated the entire rape of her wedding party. She was angry at first, but didn’t say anything. Then she realized that she loved him anyway. After all, that final fuck she had with him that night was no rape at all. She had wanted it badly. She waited a while before telling John that she knew the truth. He was afraid of how she would react when he admitted it but was surprised to learn that she was not upset with him. The two of them had a private wedding with only Larry and LaDonna present. They kept the truth to themselves so as to protect John from any possible repercussions from anyone else in the family. After all, they didn’t want to risk the reaction that either LaDonna or their mother would have if they found out that they had all been fucked by John. The two of them often watched the videotapes of that night taking great pleasure in reliving the event that brought them back together.

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