tagErotic Poetryain't that some shit

ain't that some shit


you've pounded my pussy
made my asshole tear
brought tears to my eyes
and you still don't care

my pussy is burning
my asshole is achin'
my legs are wobbly
from this pounding i'm takin'

you've yanked my hair
dick slapped my face
put your ass to my mouth
and made me give it a taste

i'm tied to the bed
spread eagle by you
you open the door
and in comes your crew

one asian, one black,
and one puerto rican
they each give you money
and me they start freakin'

two dicks in my mouth
one in my ass
you in the corner
countin' the cash

all the money's there
so you sit back and watch
as i get fucked by three men
whether i like it or not

the two dicks in my mouth
are long and thick
i feel like a hooker
turnin' a trick

i'm being d p'ed
and it hurts like hell
still one cock in my mouth
so i can't even yell

in each of my holes
all three men get a turn
and you don't give me a dime
of the money i helped earn

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