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I’m an Air Force Wife. Life has been good since I married my husband. Presently, we occupy one side of a duplex on the Air Force base. The couple living next door are our very best friends. I might add that our friendship became so close that we share sex with them. The only problem now is that our husbands recently went overseas leaving us by ourselves.

Janet, my friend next door, and I both work as secretaries on the Air Force Base. Then we spend time together in the evenings to keep from being bored. We talk about sex, mostly about the absence of sex while our husbands are gone. We’ve even discussed about having an affair. We’re not looking for love, but a night out and the opportunity for a sexy evening would be most welcome.

We decided if we did go out, we should go together. That way we couldn’t get into too much trouble. We assumed our husbands were consorting with girls since there were many opportunities in the European area. We convinced ourselves it would be alright to discretely date.

I work in the Air Force Base Operations where all pilots are required to file flight plans. Many transient planes land on this base to stay overnight, refuel and leave the next day. Quite often the pilots stop at my desk to flirt with me. Even though they see my wedding ring, they suggest that I could show them the sights in town. I jokingly tell them my husband is gone, but I already have a date.

Janet and I discussed the opportunity that was available to us. We decided to take a chance on the next handsome pilot who asked me out. I could ask if his copilot or navigator would be interested in my girlfriend.

We discussed the possibility of getting a disease if we had sex on a date. Air Force men have frequent physicals, but that would not completely eliminate the chance of a disease. It would be better to date married men because they probably would not be sexually active with many girls.

The next day at work, a pilot stopped at my desk to flirt with me. I noticed he had a wedding ring. He was handsome and had a nice personality. After talking for a few minutes he left. I was disappointed. In a little while, he came back to ask if I would have lunch with him. I accepted.

At the luncheon table, I was introduced to the copilot and navigator both handsome looking men. During the conversation, the pilot asked if I would have dinner with them and take them to the hot spots in town.

I said, “I would, but I have a pretty girl friend who would like to go too.”

Both the copilot and navigator looked at me with surprise. The copilot said he couldn’t go with us because he had already made other plans with a friend.

The navigator said, “Bring her along, by all means”.

I told them I would drive my car to pick them up about 7 PM. They said they were staying in the transient officers quarters and would be ready. After they left, I quickly called Janet at her office to tell her the news.

When I arrived home from work, I started preparing myself for the evening. I took a shower, powdered myself, and put cologne between my breasts and between my legs. If my date was interested in moving his head between my legs, I wanted a nice smell in that area. I put on lacy panties and decided to skip the bra. My breasts are not large, but just the right size to fill out my blouse without sagging or bouncing too much. I put on a dressy skirt that was well above my knees.
One thing about me, I do have very shapely legs I like to show. I combed my long blond hair until it shined. Janet came over when she was ready. She was dressed rather sexy and looked as if she was ready for a hot time. We left to pick up our dates.

We picked up the guys and headed to town. I told them since we were all married, we should drive out of this town. I knew of a secluded dinner place in the country where we could go.

Our conversations were pleasant during dinner and I was very impressed with the pilot. We danced for a short time and decided to leave. Everyone had to get up and go to work in the morning.

When we arrived back on the Air Force Base at the place the guys were staying, they suggested we come in for a drink. They said they had an apartment with a lounge and built in kitchen. There were several apartments like that in the building for transient officers.

We all went in. Janet’s date fixed drinks for us. The light was low, the radio was on, and my date asked me to dance. He was mostly holding me as we weren’t dancing very much in this small place.

Our first kiss was rather mild, but our second kiss was very sexy. I knew then I wanted his cock. As we continued with several more open mouth kisses, he unbuttoned my blouse to feel my bare breasts.

I looked around for Janet, but didn’t see her or her date. Our kisses became more invigorating as if we were trying to eat each other. We both were breathing hard and I wanted his cock I then realized he had his hand up my skirt rubbing my clit through my panties. I broke the kiss to suggest he take off my panties. I sat down on the couch and raised my butt allowing him to pull them down my legs.

While he was already down lower on my body to take my panties off, he used his tongue and mouth to kiss the inside of my thighs while moving on up to my pussy. When his tongue touched my clit, a thrill when though my body. Both my hands went down to hold his head close to my pussy. He took the hint as I felt his tongue move up and down my pussy lips and suck on my clit.

As yet, I had not seen or felt his cock. I wanted it. I suggested we go to one of the bedrooms. He quickly undressed in the dim light. As his shorts dropped down over his hips, I saw a very hard and big cock pop up. I wanted it bad, but waited until he got in bed with me.

My husband had been gone about four weeks and I was cock hungry. I wanted it in my mouth, but I didn’t know what he wanted as yet. Once we were on the bed locked in each others arms and sharing a tongue searching kiss, I reached down to feel his hard one. As I took it in my hand, I felt it throb. I knew he was really turned on.

I broke the kiss and moved down in bed. I could feel him cooperating to allow me to move down to take his cock in my mouth. Evidently, he was eager for me to do that. I took the head in my mouth, swirled my tongue around, then took as much of his cock as I could take. My hand moved down to cup his balls which were tightening up. His cock started throbbing and I was afraid he would cum too soon.

Evidently, that was too much for him as he started shooting cum in my mouth and throat. As long as he was going to cum, I wanted to make it good for him. I then vigorously moved up and down on his cock. He was shuddering and moaning as I held his cock to keep it in my mouth.

I continued to keep his cock in my mouth until it became rather small. He apologized for cumming so quick. He said I was the sexiest girl he had ever been with. His wife won’t give him a blow job and this was so new and sexy for him. After he told me that, I decided the quickest way to get his cock hard again was to take it in my mouth.

While he was still lying on his back, I took his cock in my mouth again. I was in a position for him to watch me suck it. I licked around his balls, up the bottom of his cock and then tried to swallow his cock. I felt it grow very hard in my mouth. I assume he would like another blow job, but I decided I wanted his cock in me.

I moved up on him and slowly sat on his cock as it stretched my pussy. I was now in control. I slowly started fucking him so I could build up to an orgasm. He was humping up to meet my movements. I wanted to feel his cock in me for a long time and was in no big rush to finish. I told him to slow down and let me do most of the movements. I continued to slowly ride him for awhile to enjoy the mutual feeling.

He started moaning and pushing up to me. I could feel I was approaching an orgasm. I was now riding his cock faster until I had a fantastic orgasm as he was shooting cum in me at the same time. I fell forward on his chest as I came down from my orgasm and just laid still as I could hardly move.

Our breathing finally became normal again as we relaxed. His cock was getting small. I could hardly feel it as it was swimming in my cum filled pussy. I knew if I got up, his cum would soil the sheets where he had to sleep tonight. We discussed what to do. He took off the pillow slip for me to catch the cum as I raised up. Fast thinking on his part.

Janet was already occupying the one and only bathroom. I asked if I could come in to join her. As we both were cleaning up, she said her date was a real stud who had the stamina to fuck all night if we had time to stay. It was getting late and eight o’clock would come soon enough in the morning for us to be at work. We decided we had to go.

We went back to our bedrooms to dress. We told the guys we enjoyed the evening, but we were leaving. They wanted us to stay for another drink and more sex. They pleaded with us to stay. I wanted to stay, but it was late and we had to get up early. The guys kissed us good night, then we left.

While driving home, we agreed the evening had been a success. Maybe we can have a repeat performance with another flight crew stopping at our base overnight sometime in the future.

The next day about nine o’clock, my date of last night came to operations to file a flight plan to leave. He stopped by my desk to say hello. He said he would make a point to land here again when he could. Maybe he could fake an engine malfunction sometime when flying near here so he could land for the night. I blushed a little and hoped the other office personnel would not notice. As he went out the door, he turned and blew a kiss to me. I smiled back at him. I thought, it would be nice to see him again. But, there are other transient air crews stopping here often.

A week had gone by since Janet and I had gone out with the two guys. In the meantime, we had received letters from our husbands. They had been in and out of Germany flying to other areas. They were not saying much about their off duty time, but we could “read between the lines” to know they were getting off base into the cities at night. Oh well, let them have a good time with one night stands, we can do the same here.

Pilots continuously kept coming to operations to file flight plans. I knew many of them since they were assigned to this base. Often, I saw transient pilots come through my office. Some would not appeal to me, others looked nice. Some said hello to me, others just took care of business and left.
I kept looking for wedding rings because Janet and I decided married men would be less likely to have a disease.

One day I saw a black pilot about my age walk by. He was handsome and I did notice a wedding ring. I thought, I’ve always heard about the size of a black man’s cock but never had the experience of dating one before I was married. I wondered what it would be like. I noticed he was taking care of business at the operations counter. Then he walked by my desk.

He introduced himself as John. He needed help locating a friend on the base. After making a couple phone calls, I found out his friend was not assigned to this base anymore. We talked a little about the base and town. He told me he had just flown an F-16 in and was staying overnight. When he said that, I knew he did not have a copilot or navigator for Janet.

Now that his friend was no longer assigned to this base, he commented it would be nice if he could have dinner with someone.

Before I knew what I was saying, I blurted out, “I don’t have anything planned for this evening, I’m available.”

He looked rather surprised but pleased. I told him I have a car and would pick him up at the transient officer’s quarters about 7 PM. After he left, I quickly called Janet to tell her. She was disappointed to know he did not have a friend for her, but would like to meet him before the evening was over. We discussed what we should do. We decided she could have dinner with us. Then during dinner when I became more acquainted with the pilot, I would decide if I was or was not interested in sex with him. If the answer in my mind was yes, then I could drop Janet at the house and take the pilot back to his quarters. If the answer was no, we would drop him off at his place and we would drive on home together.

That evening at home I showered. Again, I sprayed cologne on the appropriate places. I put on a dress that accentuated by body. I avoided the bra. When I looked in the mirror, I could see my nipples pushing against the thin dress material. I wondered if that would turn him on. As long as I planned to seduce him, no need to wear panties. When Janet came over to my house, she looked pretty and sexy.

We arrived at the transient officer’s quarters. He was standing outside waiting because there were several apartments in the building and we would not know where to find him.

He was surprised to see I had brought Janet but smiled and said, “It will be nice to have two pretty girls with me for dinner this evening.”

I drove to the restaurant where we went last week. The same waitress welcomed us and gave us a nice table. I was wondering what she thought. We all had wedding rings and this guy was different than the two guys she saw us with last week. Maybe next time we should find a different restaurant.

I noticed John was looking at Janet and seemed to be paying more attention to her than to me. She acted as if she was enjoying all the attention he was giving her. John danced with me first, then danced a couple dances with Janet. I could see he held her tight and had his hand down near her butt.

I asked Janet to accompany me to the ladies room. Once there, I ask her if she was interested in having an affair with John since he was paying attention to her. It would be alright with me. She suggested we might have a threesome with John. I hadn’t thought about that, but agreed I would go along with whatever happened.

When we returned to the table, we said we had to get up to go to work in the morning and should leave. I got into the driver’s seat while John and Janet sat in the back.

I commented, “You two look cozy sitting back there.”

By the time I drove back on the Air Force Base, he had his arm around her and she was snuggling up to him. We stopped at his place and he invited us in for another drink.

This apartment was a little different than the one we were in last week, but it had the small lounge, kitchenette, one bath room, and a couple of small bedrooms. John noticed another piece of luggage and said we probably have another transient officer staying here.

He and Janet sat on the couch while I sat across from them. I allowed my legs to part which gave John a view. John kissed Janet a couple of times and I was beginning to feel like an outsider. Then the door opened and in came a man dressed in his uniform.

He said hello and introduced himself as George. He said he had been to the officer’s club, but there were no unaccompanied girls there, so he came back to the apartment. I gave him my best smile. He was younger than I am, but he looked very handsome in his uniform. I invited him to the kitchen bar to make drinks for us. We made conversation while ignoring John and Janet.

It wasn’t very long before John and Janet disappeared. George grinned at me and suggested I sit with him on the now empty couch. I let my dress ride up very high to show my shapely legs. I knew he couldn’t see up my dress, but he kept glancing at my legs. I laid my head over on his shoulder which gave him the hint to put his arm around me.

Shortly after that, we were kissing and he was feeling my breasts through my dress. Since I was not objecting to his groping, our kisses became more sexy as he moved his hand up my leg to feel my pussy. I opened my legs to accommodate him. He got up, took my hand and led me to his bedroom.

We were continuing to kiss as we undressed. He tried to lift my dress up over my head, but it got hung up around my waist. I assisted him in lifting it over my head. Now that my breasts were exposed, he cupped my breasts in his hands and took each nipple in his mouth. Once his shorts dropped down his legs, I reached down to take his hard cock in my hand. It had been a week since I had a cock in my hand, now this one felt so very good. I moved my hand back and forth on it which made him want to shove his cock between my legs even though we were still standing. He reached around my butt to lift me up. I put my arms around his neck to hold myself up as I wrapped my legs around his body. His cock was rubbing my pussy but we didn’t have a free hand to aim his cock in me.

He carried me to the bed in this position. We fell on the bed with him on top. I reached down, put my hand on his eager cock, and aimed it at my pussy. With my juices and his precum, the head was entering me. I could feel him stretching my pussy. He pulled back a little and then plunged all the way in. He groaned as I moaned. It sure felt good. It felt so good that I knew it wouldn’t take long for me to have an orgasm.

He started pounding his cock in me as I hunched up to meet his movements. I heard him panting and groaning, then he became more vocal as his body sexually shuddered. I could feel his cock jumping and jerking. I knew he was filling me with cum. My orgasm was reaching a peak as I moaned and could hardly get my breath.

We soon relaxed and I began to feel his body weight on me. I suggested we roll over on our sides as he was too heavy. His cock nearly slipped out of me as we turned over. He grabbed his undershirt which was on the bed to catch the cum as he pulled out. He put his fingers in my pussy. He seemed to enjoy playing with my wet pussy which was soaked with cum. I think he was trying to get his whole fist in me, but I was either too small or his hand was too large. Evidently, that turned him on because he soon had a hard cock.

He laid on his back and pulled me up on top of him in a six nine position. My pussy was still a mess with his cum, but that didn’t bother him. He licked up and down my pussy lips and sucked on my clit. I responded by taking his hard cock in my mouth.

My thoughts went to the bedroom next door. I was wondering if John’s cock was much bigger than this one in my mouth. Janet was enjoying the black cock that I thought I was going to have. My thoughts then returned to George’s cock as he was doing wonders on my clit and I felt as if I could have another orgasm. I took my mouth from his cock to tell him to suck my clit more. He then really went to work on it and I had a fantastic orgasm.

I started vigorously sucking his cock, but he said to turn over, he wanted to fuck me doggie style. He got up behind me while I was on my knees with my head resting on the bed. He entered my pussy and started pounding me. He was fucking me hard and fast.

He asked if he could fuck me in the ass. I said I didn’t have any KY jelly with me. He said he had some in his shaving kit. He got the KY jelly, put a good amount on his finger and proceeded to lubricate me. I told him to take it easy. I felt the head go in, then he started small back and forth movements going deeper each time. I felt stretched but it really didn’t hurt much. He was slowly fucking my ass, then started faster movements. He became very vocal as he was shooting cum in me.

He grabbed his undershirt again to catch the cum running out of my ass as he pulled out. We both went to the bathroom to clean up. I helped him wash his cock and balls. I made sure he was scrubbed clean because he had fucked my ass. I told him I had enough sex for one night, now let’s get dressed and go to the lounge. Maybe Janet was ready to go.

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