tagInterracial LoveAlan Loses Virginity

Alan Loses Virginity


Alan walked into the auditorium on his first day at his new school. It was easily the best private school in the state. Alan had no problem getting in he was a mathematical genius and a nerd. He was Arabic, about 5'6", 150 pounds of muscle, black hair, pale skin, and a nasally voice. He worked out everyday and had a "six pack," he also was well endowed with an 8" dick, but it had never been used for more than jacking off. Alan wasn't good with girls, at his old school he had been socially rejected and teased for his intelligence. He hoped things would be different here.

He sat down at a seat in the middle of the large auditorium. It was a beautiful building decorated with crosses and pictures of the Virgin Mary, all of which he ignored. Even though he was in a Catholic school he was Islamic, but he didn't practice no matter how angry his devout parents got. He wasn't big on religion; he didn't see the point.

He sat down at the aisle seat of an almost empty row. He checked his watch; the assembly for freshman should start any minute.

"Is this seat taken?" asked a voice from behind him. He turned around to see one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen. She looked Russian; she was about 5'7", 130 pounds, and thick curly black hair, tanned skin, probably C size tits and, incredible ghetto booty.

"N-no." Alan stammered. She just smiled a beautiful, sexy smile. Alan started to get up to move over right as she turned to step over him. His semi-hard dick bumped right into her luscious ghetto ass. Alan was frozen with fear, but she just giggled. Alan sat down very embarrassed and she sat down next to him.

"Hi! I'm Nadia." She said with a seductive smile.

"I'm Alan." Alan whined nervously. For the rest of the assembly they talked and after a while Alan was comfortable talking with her. He joked and she laughed she'd flirt with him and he'd blush. Soon they were friends. A lot of the guys at the school liked her, and she would flirt with them, but she'd always find time for Alan. Alan made some friends and he wasn't a total loser like he was before and he was doing well. He even got Nadia a box of chocolates for Valentine's day.

During spring break Alan got a call from Nadia inviting him to a party at her house. Alan assumed most of his class would be there and her parents would supervise. Alan put on his best clothes before the party and he was so nervous he couldn't even come while jacking off before the party. When he got to her house he rung the doorbell and noted the unusual absence of cars. She greeted him at the door with a friendly hello and a big hug. Every time she hugged him he got excited and especially now when she was only wearing a tank top and tight jeans that hugged her perfect ass. When he got inside there was no music and the only guests in sight were Justin and his girlfriend Natalie making-out on the couch.

"Am I early?" Alan asked?

"No, this is it." Nadia responded with a nervous smile. It was the first time Alan had seen her nervous.

"Hey! Alan, what's up, shorty." Justin said, once he stopped kissing Natalie's neck. Even though Justin was a popular jock-type he was always nice to Alan, except that he insisted on calling Alan shorty.

"Hi, Alan." Natalie said, seeming a little annoyed Justin had stopped kissing her. Alan had always thought Natalie was very sexy. She was his height, at most 100 pounds, long brown hair, fair skin, B size tits and, a tight ass.

"Hey." Alan responded weakly. He was very nervous. It was only 8:00; he was here until 1:00, with only Justin, Natalie, Nadia, and himself.

"What do you guys want to do?" Inquired Nadia.

"Let's play a game!" Natalie suggested enthusiastically.

"Truth or dare." Said Justin with a sly grin.

"No, how about… Strip poker!" Nadia said as she pulled a deck of cards off the coffee table as if the whole thing were planned. Everyone agreed upon the idea but Alan, who went into I slight, shock and found him self-sitting in-between the two girls at the kitchen table.

"Where are your parents?" Alan asked Nadia.

"They're out all night." Nadia said smiling, once again with a great deal of confidence. The first hand was dealt and Alan found himself staring at a pair of threes. Justin ended up winning the hand and three pairs of shoes came off. The next hand Natalie won and Alan took off his socks. Now the pressure was on, shirts were coming off. Alan was dealt a pair of jacks and he drew two aces. Nobody else came close. Alan sighed with relief that he wouldn't have to take off his shirt yet. Nadia, however, did. She pulled off her shirt to reveal her lacy black bra. Alan couldn't help but stare. She giggled at him. She won the next hand and Alan, Justin and Nadia took their shirts off. Alan pulled his shirt off and showed his muscular body to everyone. Nadia and Natalie liked what they saw and Alan liked what he saw of Natalie. Soon Alan relaxed and everyone was in his or her underwear. Alan 8" dick was rock hard and he tried desperately to hide it under the table. It was 9:00 and the poker game was done, Justin and Natalie got up and ran to the Nadia's parent's bedroom and left Alan and Nadia alone.

"Would you like to see my bedroom?" Nadia asked. Alan had to say yes he was so horny that he didn't care about being embarrassed. Nadia got up and walked upstairs while Alan hid behind her so she wouldn't see his monster boner which had grown to 8 ½" watching Nadia's ass bounce from under her black silk panties. They got to her room and she kissed him. She darted her tongue in and out of his mouth and Alan could only tremble as she removed her bra. She laid him down on the bed and put her tits in his face. He licked her nipples as best he could.

"Oh!" She moaned softly. He grabbed her delicious ass and she pressed her body on top of him. Nadia pulled away from him and yanked down his boxers and his now 9" dick stood straight up.

"Holy shit! It's huge." Nadia gasped. Alan took a deep breath as she began to slowly jack him off. In a few minutes she rapped her lips around his head and began to suck him off. For a half-hour she swirled her tongue around his head and jacked him off, until he came in her mouth with a loud moan. Alan had never felt anything better, he filled her mouth with his cum, and enjoyed watching as it dripped from the corners of her mouth.

"Eat me." She asserted as she sat on his face. It didn't taste good but it felt incredible. He loved her clitoris being in his mouth, the way she wiggled on his face, and her loud screams. Her pussy was soaked and her pussy juice was all over his face. After 15 minutes he was rock hard again and she got off his face.

"Are you ready?" She asked as she lowered her pussy to hid dick.

"God yes!" He said impatiently. She sat on his dick and began bucking her hips. Alan was confused until he realized she had cum just from having his dick enter her. He sat up and rapped her legs around him. He grabbed her ass and began to bounce her. It was unbelievable. He pussy was os warm, smooth, and wet. The screamed together, until Alan kissed her smearing her own pussy juice all over her face. Alan felt an orgasm building in his balls, so he stopped, turned her around, and got on top of her in missionary position. He began humping her as hard as he could, making her scream at the top of her lungs. When Alan felt another orgasm coming he stopped to put her legs on his shoulders. He started to fuck her slowly while he worked her clitoris with his hand and she began to moan loudly.

"I'm coming!" Nadia moaned. So was Alan, this time he didn't stop himself. He let loose the most powerful orgasm of his life just as she bucked her hips in an intense orgasm. After they were done they just laid together breathing hard, holding each other.

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