tagErotic CouplingsAlex and Penelope Ch. 09

Alex and Penelope Ch. 09


Author's note: Thank you to those who are still enjoying the journey of Alex and Penelope. I'm sorry for the delay in the following chapters. I'm submitting as I edit, even though the story is complete, and was away for memorial day weekend, then had the birth of my new nephew!

Thanks again for your continued support!


Alex woke up early, too difficult to break schedule and ever really sleep in. He didn't often remember his dreams, but he was ripped from sleep because of his raging hard-on, a product of the wild fantasies that had played out in his dreams. What he remembered was that it involved Penelope and the twins, but the details were fuzzy.

What he did know was that he needed to take Penelope right away.

He looked over at her, fast asleep on her back, one arm over head with her blond hair strewn across the pillow. The blankets didn't cover her lovely nipples, only rising to just below those perky little tits. His cock jerked at the sight of her.

He gently let his hand cover her breast and roll it around, finding she didn't make a sound. He loved the noises she made, but this was just as much fun. Propping himself up, he smiled down at her, watching for a sign of life as he took her nipple between his fingers and softly rolled it.

Inch by inch he pulled the blankets down until her belly button was exposed, then slid his hand down under and cupped her, still as gently as he could. He didn't want to wake her just yet. If he did, so be it, but he was enjoying the sight of her naked and asleep, all his. His every motion light and slow, he let his fingers dance through her folds, watching her face for a reaction. He'd really worn her out last night if she was this asleep still.

Removing his hand, he licked his middle finger for some lubrication, then cupped her once more, slowly inching it inside of her. He stayed put, just feeling the silk that surrounded him. He stroked her inside with great care, no real pressure. Just letting his fingertip feel the slick sides. It still blew his mind that he'd managed to make her his.

He thought back on how far they'd come, and chuckled. His offer to have her come live with him was given so he'd make up for the times he wasn't there for her in her life. He'd been excited for someone else to be in his house other than his miserable excuse for a wife. He'd known he wouldn't be able to give her much time with how much he worked, but he'd figured just her presence would lighten the atmosphere he lived in.

Her presence hadn't only lightened the atmosphere, it had lightened him. The very first day she'd arrived, he felt happy again. Her smile reminded him what happiness felt like. When he'd began to lust for her, he'd never expected it to lead him here. If her parents only knew what they'd sent their daughter into, they'd probably shoot him. And if their relationship continued to where he ultimately wanted it to go—divorced from Claire and public with Penelope—he had no idea how they'd react.

But for now, right now, in this moment, he had his finger inside of the woman he wanted more than he'd ever wanted anyone. Her beauty was a large part of it, but he'd had beautiful women. Her purity and innocence was another part, though he planned to teach her to be his whore. That was certainly a major element of the excitement he felt with her; that he was doing things no man had ever done to her, and he had plenty of games for them to play. But all that aside, he genuinely cared for her. He'd always gotten everything he wanted, but it had all been in shitty ways. Penelope was a breath of fresh air he hadn't even known he needed, and that was what made him so sure that he'd never grow tired of her.

His finger had been working as he thought about things, and now back in the moment, he realized she was getting wet. He wondered if his finger was altering her dreams, and if he was in her head. She still hadn't moved; well, her fingers had twitched above her head, but that was about it.

He looked over at the clock. They'd gone to sleep around four, but it was near ten, so she'd be rested enough. Later maybe they'd nap, but he intended to keep her naked all day. Tomorrow he'd order sets of lingerie to dress her in.

But right now, it was time to wake her up.

As slowly as he could, he climbed so he could hover over her, his knees between her legs. He kept his hands on either side of her. Penelope's head fell to the side and he froze as her arm stretched out across the bed. But she still didn't wake.

But she would.

Once in position, he slowly pushed himself inside of her. He heard a moan, her head tossing to the other side. He was halfway in when her eyes fluttered, then gave a quick blink and looked up at him.

"Oh," she said quietly in surprise.

"Yes," he responded lightly, then bent down to kiss her lips. He was able to place his weight on her now as he slid deeper.

Penelope lifted her head an inch to check her surroundings, then looked back up at Alex. She could feel him inside of her, and wondered how the hell that had even happened. One minute she'd been dreaming about him; dreaming of him making love to her in her bed. The next minute, he was.

"Uhm," she said, still trying to get her bearings, then looked down between them. She chuckled. "Has this been happening?"

Alex chuckled. "Just started," he said. "Woke up and had to have you."

Penelope smiled, letting her arms stretch. She yawned sleepily as she felt him pull back, then gently reenter. She couldn't imagine a better way to wake up, though she was surprised she hadn't woken up sooner. She sighed in absolute pleasure, and realized that it didn't hurt at all. Maybe it was that she was fresh out of sleep, so she was relaxed enough to take it. It could also have been that she'd been stretched for hours last night without reprieve, so maybe she was getting used to him. Either way, it was wonderful.

Last night had been hard to get through, yet still even greater than the night before. It amazed her that as things escalated between them, they got worse and better at the same time. Worse because he'd exhausted her and still fucked her. Worse because it had hurt at times how hard he'd pounded her. Worse because it went on for four hours, each of the four times longer than the last. Better because it had been something new to try. Better because she was actually able to take what he was giving her. Better because it not only pleased him, but it had also felt pretty pleasing, despite the moments of pain. Better because they had gone so long, pushed through her exhaustion because he wanted to be inside and she wanted him there.

Better because he still wanted her another day, when she still felt scared that at any moment it could all end.

And here they were, making love once more in the morning, a sure sign that she had today as well. So she pushed her fear aside and decided she'd deal with tomorrow, tomorrow, and let herself sink into her pleasure.

Alex took his time with her; she'd earned it after last night. No matter what he put her through, he would always make it up to her so she knew how much he cared about her. He would put her thought a lot, so he'd have to be careful in reminding her that all of it was just games. He wondered how she'd take it, but no matter what, he'd have to assure her that it was all just sex play.

He just hoped she'd be into it, because he needed the play for a healthy sex life, and he wanted it to be with her.

He whispered into her ear how beautiful she was, how much he cared for her. How amazing she'd been sexually. How she'd pleased him. How no one had ever meant as much to him as she did, and no one ever would.

He meant every word of it.

And he needed to say it before things got rough again later. With how slow he was moving, he had to think about dirtier things to cum, but when he was ready, he reached between them and worked her. They came together, which was wonderful to share.

When Alex wrapped her in his arms, Penelope snuggled in close, unable to believe how happy she was. She'd never been as happy in her life as she'd been these past two weeks. She hadn't even known what happiness was until now. She thought about how she wanted this for the rest of her life. Living with Alex, getting her degree and finding a job, spending her nights doing anything he asked and waking the following morning with him inside of her.

She nuzzled his chest. "So what are we doing today?" she asked.

"Oh, lots of things," Alex chuckled. "And every one of them involves you naked."

Penelope's heart raced, nervous and excited. "All day?" she cried in wonder.

"And into the night," he assured her. "Are you ready for that?"

"I suppose," Penelope said, trying to hide the hesitation. All day? She'd been unable to move after two hours last night and it had still kept going. She just didn't have the stamina!

Alex kissed her forehead. "Don't worry," he said. "We'll take breaks. Like now. What can I bring you for breakfast?"

Penelope considered. She wasn't actually all that hungry, but that was pretty usual; she'd never really been a person for breakfast. "I guess whatever you want to make."

Alex unhooked her arms and sat up. "Whatever I want to make, coming right up," he said, then left the room.

After breakfast, they took a bath together, then Alex laid down on the bed with his hands cradling his head. He'd decided not to introduce anything new today, just practice what they'd already done.

And practice they did. While he relaxed, Penelope sucked him for a good half hour until he put a stop to it so he could fuck her. He took her missionary to his completion, then licked her until she came. They took a short nap, then he took her from behind, working her for a long time. He gave her another break and played with her tits until he was ready again, then bent her over the side of the bed for another good hard fucking. She was pretty well worn out by then, so they took another nap, this one longer. They broke for dinner, both going downstairs to dig for leftovers, still naked of course. Alex led her into the living room and draped a leg over the back of the couch to fuck her some more.

Penelope couldn't believe they were still going. By the time they moved back to her room, she was actually grateful he'd be working tomorrow. She needed a break, however much she wanted him. She did know he was testing her, so she kept at it without protest, though her pussy couldn't decide if it ached or if it was numb. After he took her one last time in her bed, he told her again how amazing she was and they fell asleep.


It was business as usual for a Monday, though Alex spent a good hour or so online ordering Penelope sets of lingerie from the boutique to have delivered today, then another half hour ordering sex toys to use on her later. He had a million, but using them on her seemed unclean; he wanted everything to be fresh for her, because she was fresh. He chose two-day shipping, though wouldn't introduce them for a little while longer.

Penelope spent the day recovering. She soaked in a bubble bath for a long time, then laid down in her bed to read. When there was a knock on her door, she wondered if Alex was coming to see her for more, but it was just Reuben.

"Master Alex has made an appointment for you at the spa. Ben is waiting out front."

"Oh, alright," she said. "I'll be right down."

"He asked if you'd please swing by his office before you leave," Reuben continued.

"Sure thing," Penelope said. Reuben left and she quickly changed into something more appropriate than the tank and gym shorts she'd been wearing.

When she entered his office, Alex was sitting at his desk studying papers. He looked up and smiled. "Close the door," he said.

Penelope shut the door behind her, then Alex beckoned her over. She came around the desk and he pulled her down for a kiss. She smiled when he let go.

"I thought you might need some pampering," he said.

"You pamper me enough," Penelope responded with a laugh.

"Maybe, though that's not entirely true," Alex said, grinning wickedly. "I use you pretty hard, so you deserve a bit more. You'll get a massage and a facial, along with some time in the sauna. I've also set up a waxing first thing."

Penelope raised a brow. "A waxing?" she asked dully. She'd had her eyebrows waxed, which was easy, but they were in fine shape.

Alex reached between her legs and rubbed. He could feel her melt into him. "Not that you need it," he said. "But I thought it might be fun to be bare. I love the hair, but I'd also like to see it off."

And that'll hurt like hell, Penelope thought. "If you want it all gone, I can shave . . ."

Alex shook his head. "Shaving gets prickly," he said. He actually did like her hair, but he hated prickles and did want to see what she looked like without it. "You don't have to if you don't want to."

And he did mean that.

Penelope shook her head, willing strength. She'd try anything, and if this is what he wanted, she'd do it without question. "Nope," she finally said. "I'll do it."

Alex beamed. While still massaging between her legs, he used his other hand to take hers and pull her down for another kiss. "It won't be as bad as it sounds, and you'll have a long massage once it's over," he said. "Trust me, you'll want it regularly once you've had it. I'll see you tonight."

Penelope left his office for the car.

The wax was pretty painful, but not unbearable. In the past week she'd had more main having sex than the ripping of hot wax, and the results stunned her. Once powdered, the woman held the mirror between her legs. Penelope was stunned; she'd never seen what she looked like down there. Though red and angry, she was fascinated by the folds and wondered why she'd never thought to check it out herself.

She spent some time in the sauna, but it didn't really do much for her. Mostly she felt hot and like she couldn't breathe, so she left and showered.

The massage was ninety minutes of pure pleasure. Every muscle was worked to full relaxation. The facial was wonderful, and she also got a paraffin wax for her hands, leaving them silky smooth. Her entire body felt silky after the oils, and she actually felt refreshed after the hard work from the day before.

While Penelope was gone, Reuben entered to tell him some packages had arrived. Alex quickly left his office to retrieve the boxes and get them out of view before anyone knew what they were. Reuben wouldn't have a clue, but Jessica might recognize them, and he wanted them to be a surprise for Penelope.

Once he'd taken them to a guest room, he went through them to decide which he'd leave for Penelope to find. He'd ordered such a variation of styles it was hard to choose. There were some extremely dirty sets that he'd pull out later, and some complex ones with multiple straps that wound around a body that he wasn't sure she'd figure out how to put on. He wasn't sure he'd figure out how to take them off.

But considered she'd be bare, he settled on a sheer white bra and panty set, with an opaque white waspie that buttoned up the front, which would be nice later. He closed the lid and retied the bow, then swung by her room to deposit it on the bed.

Penelope returned from the spa and, after a late afternoon sandwich, she decided to take a nap, just in case she was due for another late night. She felt so fresh and relaxed and ready. Now she just needed to be wide awake.

When she saw the familiar lilac box on her bed, she squealed in glee. Once opened, she immediately put everything on, though the waspie had initially confused her. She then crawled into bed and fell asleep.

Alex had to forgo dinner once more. He dismissed Reuben and Beverly for the night, then picked at the plate she'd delivered as he finished up his work. He then sent Jessica home and searched for Penelope.

As he'd hoped, she was in her room with the bedside lamp on, reading a book. He was even happier when he noticed that he could see her nipples through the sheer white bra she was wearing. "How was the spa?" he asked.

Penelope looked up from her book and smiled, setting it aside. "Wonderful. Thanks for doing that for me," she said, then added, "You were right. The waxing wasn't so bad."

"Stand up and let me see you," Alex said.

Penelope dutifully climbed from the bed and stood, leaning against the mattress. She watched Alex take her in, holding her breath, but she was getting more confident. She'd seen how she looked in the mirror and liked it.

Alex walked over and cupped her pussy through the sheer fabric. "Does that hurt?" he asked.

"I still sting a little," she said with nonchalance. "Nothing that can't be worked around."

"You're amazing," he said with approval.

He pushed her down on the bed and climbed on top of her, kissing her all over. He pulled the cups of the bra down to bite her nipples while she squealed in delight. She helped him unbutton his shirt and he removed it, tossing it aside. Her hands were at his pants, and he was glad she was getting a little more bold. The next minute he was in his underwear.

He had to see what had been done. It was easy to see she was bald through the sheer, but he wanted a better look, so he yanked her panties down and discarded them, then stared. The effect was mouthwatering; so much so that he immediately brought his mouth down and licked her. She was still red, but that would be gone in a day or so. But he could see everything without that stripe, and it was intoxicating.

He unhooked her waspie and then removed his underwear. He then laid down on the bed on his back while Penelope propped herself up. He was erect already and began to rub himself.

"Can I help?" Penelope asked, placing her hand on his.

"Actually, there is something you can do," Alex said, holding his cock at the base so it stuck straight up in the air. "Sit down on me."

Penelope froze for a second, letting her mind catch up as it usually needed to. She then lifted her leg over and straddled his thighs, then reached out to stroke him.

"No," Alex said. "I mean sit down on me." He stroked his shaft and looked at it to get his point across. A flicker of recognition appeared on her face as she hesitantly lifted up onto her knees and climbed forward. With how long he was, she had to lift her leg and tilt to the side just to get hovering over it, and Alex sure wasn't about to help her by bringing it down. He kept it straight at the ceiling, and now, straight at Penelope's pussy.

Penelope felt the tip at her hole. With Alex's hand, it drew little circles, tickling her enough that she swayed and nearly toppled to the side. But it was when she felt a finger run down her bare slit that she was really afraid she'd lose her balance, so she leaned forward and placed her hands on his chest to keep herself up.

Alex looked her in the eyes, lightly rubbing her slit. "I'm not exactly sure what you're waiting for," he said, toneless. "Slide down on me."

Penelope didn't know if she could. It was one thing to stay still while he pushed his way in. It was another thing entirely for her to take that width on her own volition. Even though she'd get accustomed to him inside, it always took a few minutes, and that initial shock always hurt her.

Alex waited patiently and stopped rubbing. He was actually glad she was hesitating. She'd been compliant so far, though at times he knew she wanted to protest, so he needed this to use against her later. Thursday would mark a week since he'd started training her be fucked. Next week he wanted to teach her to comply. He wanted to teach her to be punished.

He felt a pressure on his tip, but she had paused again. He grinned to himself. He certainly wasn't going to help her. "What's the problem?"

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