tagNovels and NovellasAlex and Penelope Ch. 10

Alex and Penelope Ch. 10


Author's note: My continual thanks for those who are following the adventures of Alex and Penelope. Your feedback is always fun to read, and I respond personally to every message, though again I must tell you that the novel is complete. The only reason there is space between the chapters is that I'm editing as I go and literotica has quite the backlog. Suggestions are fine, but don't be disappointed that they're not implemented, as I have no plans to change the plot I decided on. :)

Thank you again and enjoy!


Tuesday, Penelope took another long bath to soak her aching body until she felt normal, though as she went through her day, she still felt the constant reminder that she'd had Alex inside of her. Even as she lay out at the pool, she'd purposefully move her legs just to feel the sensation that lingered inside her depths. She even found her fingers trailing across her stomach as she thought about Alex, and had to stop them at times from heading south.

Alex had a problem to deal with; a problem that should take him out of town. The CEO of a company he was invested in had been indicted for embezzlement and the investors wanted to meet. He spent the day on conference calls, and insisted that he couldn't get there until Monday. He knew it was a bad idea, but he wasn't about to leave Penelope when he had only half a week left until Claire got home.

Half of the afternoon was spent arguing with Jessica. She kept urging him to leave now. He argued that they could wait on him and told her to book a flight for them first thing Monday morning. When Jessica left to set things up, he wrestled with himself. He should leave now, but he'd made up his mind there. But he could bring Penelope with him. He'd have no time for her, but she could shop and see the sights. Then at night, he could still have her. He'd be able to sleep with her a few more nights this way, at the very least.

He called Jessica back in and told her to add a seat for Penelope. He made it clear that he'd want a suite in the hotel with two bedrooms, one for Penelope, that way they could share a room without anyone knowing they were also sharing a bed. He was relieved when Jessica smiled and said that was a good idea; told him it would probably be fun for her to get away for a few days.

When Jessica returned to his office an hour later, she had a detailed itinerary, and a schedule of his appointments, meetings, dinners, all that would keep him busy from seven in the morning to very late at night. She'd also taken the time to print off different things Penelope could do while he was busy. Alex looked them over.

"Book tickets to this musical and take her to it Monday night," Alex said, handing her one of the sheets. He'd be at a dinner until late anyway. He knew over the three days they'd probably never have a chance to fuck, but he again reminded himself that it was three more days they could share a bed.

Alex continued to study, looking back and forth between the appointments and various activities. "I think I'll only need you in the morning on Tuesday, so that afternoon you can take her wherever. Maybe this museum?"

Jessica smiled, barely able to contain her excitement. Penelope was the best thing that had ever happened around here. Alex was in a better mood lately, and Jessica got to have fun on the business trip on his dime. After they'd shopped last week, Jessica had found she really liked Penelope. Penelope was someone she could see herself being friends with someday.

Alex sighed heavily, shaking his head. "And just so she's not totally abandoned, move this dinner on Wednesday to a second lunch or whatever so I can take her out before we leave Thursday morning." He smiled weakly up at Jessica.

"Anything you'd like me to book?" Jessica asked. "Reservations maybe?"

Alex shrugged, scanned the sheets. "See if you can get tickets to this concert," he said, turning the paper around and pointing. "If not, we'll just play it by ear."

Alex watched Jessica leave, knowing full well there was no way he'd be going to some concert with Penelope Wednesday night. It was a little dangerous what he was doing, but he knew Claire didn't want her here in the first place, so she'd view it as a favor. Jessica was excited she wouldn't be working as hard, and since Jessica was always booked in a normal room instead of a suite, she'd be a number of floors below him. There was no reason to question Penelope sharing his suite since there were two rooms. In fact it would be weird if he flat out booked a separate room for Penelope.

So really, there was no danger.

Once he came to terms with that, he smiled. And so what if there was a danger? The worst that would happen is they'd be caught, and by whom? Jessica? She'd never say a thing. And if she did? Then he was out. Big deal. Claire was the only wife he hadn't cheated on, and the only reason he hadn't was his busy schedule and apathy. He'd given up, only having sex with her when he was desperate for a release. But it wasn't like he had some sort of reputation to uphold. Everyone he knew had known him long enough to see him as a single man, many of them actually seeing him in the act or partaking.

He thought of Chelsea then. If anything he had more regret over that benign little hand-job than he'd ever felt fucking around, and only because of how much he cared about Penelope. It still stunned him how much he cared about her. In all his life he'd never felt like this for a woman.

But thinking about Chelsea also made him hard. He had her wrapped around his finger now after his threat and promise. Maybe her sister, too. They'd played a part in his fantasies before, those hot little twins, but now they played a new part. Now he could see himself dominating not only them, but Penelope too. While he'd never let go of imagining himself with the two sisters, he'd never act on it unless Penelope was there. He'd never act on anything again without her presence. But he knew without a doubt that he would act, and she'd be participating.

That night he worked late, doing all that he could to make sense of things from home since he couldn't be there himself. Well, wouldn't be there. By the time he finally made it upstairs, Penelope was in her bed asleep.


Wednesday night, Penelope met her new friends at the bar. As she'd been promised, they weren't carded, so she had two drinks before they hit the club.

There was a line down the block, but with Kathleen in the lead, the crew was in the front doors without so much as a word. They were taken to an enclave in the back that was roped off and immediately showered with the attention of the staff. A few drinks later, they hit the dance floor.

Clinton and Penelope danced close, which at first felt a little strange, but they were packed tightly in the large crowd so it wasn't as though room allowed arm's length. Besides, Penelope was having a great time with everyone and Clinton was one of the hotter guys in the club. She could see the envious glances she was getting, even though Clinton hardly compared to Alex.

Penelope noticed how the twins would grind against each other, obviously using what they had to attract as much attention as they could. They seemed more like girlfriends than sisters the way they would touch; Chelsea grabbing Madison's ass, Madison running her fingers down between Chelsea's huge breasts. Penelope watched in awe, unable to understand how they could do that, but they were certainly getting the attention they wanted as guy after guy would come over and grind against them.

While dancing with one guy, he smiled and grabbed both their heads and pushed them together. Penelope almost fell to the floor when the twins kissed. The guy took a step back and grabbed the attention of his five friends, pointed. Every one of them had eyes wide and were laughing and grinning, pushing each other. The first guy moved back in and put his head between the girls, entering in a three-way kiss that Penelope had never imagined possible. When he started squeezing Chelsea's breast, she had to look away.

"How can they do that?" she asked Clinton, blushing wildly.

Clinton looked over, then laughed. He pulled Penelope a little closer, grinding into her with the fast beat. "They know how to get what they want," he said easily.

Penelope shook her head, still moving to the beat. She glanced back over to find the action was still continuing, and couldn't help but agree. Every guy that surrounded them was watching, one even mindlessly stroking his pants. "But they're sisters!"

"So?" Clinton asked. "That's every guy's fantasy!"

"Obviously!" Penelope agreed, this time laughing as she swept the crowd that had been drawn. Her gaze returned to the scene, and this time the guy was groping Madison's breast with his hand between Chelsea's legs. And he was rubbing. "Holy shit . . ." Penelope breathed, then turned her attention back on Clinton and didn't look their way again.

They left the club at a little after one. Ben was one of the only driver's that had stuck around, so Clinton and Kathleen rode with her, while the twins, Dillon and Britney climbed into another car. Penelope sat in the front with Ben as they dropped off Clinton and Kathleen at their respective houses. Mansions, rather, as they were far too large to ever be considered houses. After Kathleen had left the car with the promise to go shopping with Penelope on Friday, Penelope slumped against the door, worn out and drunk.

While Ben drove to Alex's estate, he kept glancing down at Penelope's legs. Her skirt had ridden up almost to the top of her thigh. He ached to reach over and touch it, then fantasized about doing just that in a few months when she was riding with him daily. Maybe fingering her. Maybe getting head from that sweet mouth on the way home from class.

Penelope was dropped off and wished Ben good night, thanking him profusely for being out so late, then stumbled up to the door.

It was dark inside, so she made her way to her room, hoping Alex would be there.

She smiled when she found he was, and still awake, which made her even happier. He was reading a newspaper, and though he had the comforter up, his tanned chest was bare. She hoped he was naked. After drinking and dancing with Clinton all night, she'd become horny. She wanted him, badly.

Alex looked up and smiled. In the future, he'd bend her over the bed and spank her ass for being out this late, but they hadn't experimented with that sort of play yet. Fucking her in punishment the way he had Monday was only the beginning. Eventually she'd know that the second she got home it was expected for her to make it up to him.

"Have a good night?" he asked, raising an eyebrow. She was obviously tipsy, and he laughed as she nearly fell to the floor while removing her shoes.

"It was amazing!" she cried, then began to disrobe.

Alex hadn't spoken to her since Monday, and he told her as she undressed that he had to leave first thing Monday on a business trip.

Penelope's face fell. "No," she breathed. In her bra and panties now, she climbed into the bed.

"But . . . I decided you should come with me." He saw her face light up. "It won't be too much fun for you," he warned, folding up his newspaper. "I'll be working a lot. More than I already do here. But I lined up a musical that Jessica will take you to, then Tuesday you guys can shop and check out the city . . ." He paused, laughing. Penelope was sitting with her legs crossed, and bouncing. He glanced down at her tits, watched them jiggle in her bra. "And Wednesday I've reserved the night for you."

She threw her arms around him and kissed him. "Where are we staying?" Penelope asked once she drew back.

"Well," he said, tracing the line of her bra. "You and I will be sharing a suite, so no matter how busy I am during the day, we'll still be sleeping together at night."

Penelope could feel her lip quiver. She'd resigned herself to never sleeping with him again after Saturday, knowing they'd still have sex, but it would be different. Claire would be home late Sunday night. Which reminded her. "What about Claire?"

"What about Claire?" he asked, dipping his finger into the cup and brushing her nipple. "Claire will be glad we're both out of the house for a few days."

"But won't she think something's up?" Penelope asked with worry.

Alex laughed. "What she'll think is that I'm taking you on the trip so she won't have to deal with you alone. She'll think it's a favor. And I already told you, there's no guarantee here that we won't be found out, and I'm willing to take that risk. I want out. I want her gone, and if that's next week, then it's one less thing we have to worry about."

Alex again questioned whether he should just bite the bullet and serve her with divorce papers, but he was too sure that over the next few months he could drive her to leave on her own accord. It wasn't the money, or maybe it was, but only because he didn't want to give her a dime. He'd easily drop that number on a charity just as easily as he'd toss it at Penelope and say, have at it. But Claire didn't deserve the money she could make. So he had to wait.

He returned his focus on the body leaning across his chest and pulled a strap down. "Tell me about your night," he said, then let his finger trace the line back to the cup and pull it down, exposing her perfect little round tit.

"Well, we met for drinks," Penelope said, trying not to lose herself in his fondling. The fact that she was drunk didn't help her at all. "They didn't even card me!"

Alex laughed, running circles around her areola. "A centurion card will do that," he said. He'd had Jessica give Penelope a duplicate of his black AmEx after they'd shopped last week.

"Then we went to Echo," Penelope said.

Alex had been to Echo a handful of times. They catered to the wealthy, with only top shelf liquor and expensive champagnes. He knew Penelope had never been anywhere like it. She'd probably never even been to a club in her life, seeing as she was eighteen and from their tiny hometown.

"It was . . . decadent," she finally decided on. "Everything about it was amazing. There were so many people, and we had a little roped off room all to ourselves." She narrowed her eyes. "I drank," she said, then laughed. "A lot."

"I can tell," Alex exclaimed. "And your new friends? You like them?"

"I do," Penelope gushed. "I can really see myself being friends with Kathleen and Britney. We danced for a long time."

"Who did you dance with?" Alex prodded, though did so teasingly. He expected her to dance with men, actually liked it. As long as she came home to him, he didn't mind.

"Well," she began, then looked down. She could feel her cheeks fill with warmth. "I danced with Clinton. But it's not like that."

Alex pinched her nipple. "I know it's not that like that," he said softly, assuring her she didn't need to feel bad about it. Again he thought of the times he'd spank her later for this sort of admission, and felt himself grow. "Who else were you out with?"

"Well, Dillon came," she said, then laughed. "Kathleen was right at the party. Britney wanted nothing to do with him!" She paused, sinking into him when she felt his hand cover her breast and massage. "Oh, and Chelsea and Madison were there."

"Oh yeah?" he asked, brightening. He squeezed, then slid his hand into the cup to her right. "What do you think of them?"

"Ahhh," Penelope moaned as his hand covered her. "I like them a lot. They're absolutely crazy." She thought about what she'd seen and her eyes popped open to look at Alex. "You know they actually made out with each other on the dance floor?" she cried, his hand nearly forgotten.

Alex felt his cock jerk and he squeezed the tit he held. "Oh yeah?" he said casually. God damn, he always knew those girls had it in them!

"Yeah!" Penelope said, ringing with disbelief. She still couldn't believe it. "They were dancing together and like, touching each other."

"Where?" Alex asked, wanting every detail.

"Well," Penelope began, then bit her lip. "Chelsea was touching Madison's butt, and then Madison was touching Chelsea's, uh . . . chest."

Alex tried to suppress his laugh. Penelope still couldn't even say the words. Just one more thing he'd have to teach her.

"Then they were dancing with this guy who pretty much pushed them together and they made out," Penelope finished, then remembered the rest. "Only then the guy joined them, and then he was grabbing them . . ."

Alex was rock hard now. "Grabbing them . . . here?" he asked, squeezing the breast he held.

Penelope nodded, losing the thought of arousal to the conversation. "Yep!"

Alex slid his hand down her side and cupped her ass. "What about here?"

Penelope again nodded. "Uh huh," she affirmed.

Smiling, Alex slid his hand around and sent it between her legs. Penelope moaned, her head falling back. Her hair brushing on his chest tickled him. "What about here?"

"Yesss," Penelope said, losing herself to his touch. "That too?"

Alex grinned. "The guy was really doing this?" he asked, wanting confirmation. He wasn't sure if she was telling the truth or saying it more in response to his touching.

"Yeah," Penelope said with a quick nod, looking into his eyes. "That's when I stopped watching."

Well, those dirty little sluts, Alex thought, silently chuckling. He'd certainly expected it of them, but now he knew without a doubt he could get them in his bed with Penelope someday, if they were that brazen on a dance floor.

Alex grabbed Penelope's panties and worked them off her legs, which was easy with her leaning across him on her side, her knees up near his chest. He lightly slapped her ass, then swung her around so he was on top of her.

Within minutes he was inside of her, imagining what it would—or rather—will be like fucking her and the twins together.


Unfortunately the rest of the week was more of the same. Alex had a crisis to deal with that kept him working late, and by the time he finally made it to her bed, they only had time for more of the same, and in short bursts at that.

Friday, Penelope went shopping with Kathleen. She didn't spend much money at all. She just didn't feel right about it since it wasn't hers. She only came home with a pair of shoes, which had surprised and pleased Alex. He wanted her to have everything, but the fact that she'd only bought one pair reminded him that she was unlike every other woman in his life. Had he given his card to anyone else, an endless supply of shopping bags would have left the car, like clowns in a cartoon. That night he assured her that she'd been given the card to use at will. Penelope still knew she couldn't, but it was nice to hear.

Saturday was their last day alone together, and it was killing Alex. He barely slept at all Friday night after he'd fucked Penelope, knowing that it was the last night he'd be able to actually sleep with her. Sure, they had the business trip, and of course Claire would rarely be home. But after tonight, Claire would be in his bed with him nightly, and it made him want to throw up.

He awoke the next morning to his cell phone ringing, and picked it up in annoyance. "Yes?" he said gruffly, exhausted.

"I'm boarding my flight," Claire's voice said without so much as a hello, not that Alex cared in the slightest. "You'll see that Ben is an hour early in case we land ahead of time?"

"Of course," he said, rolling onto his back. He closed his eyes, thinking he should just write her a fucking check and spend today changing the locks. "Katie Spaulding is having a party tomorrow afternoon. Jessica confirmed our attendance."

He heard Claire laugh. "That skanky bitch," she said, and Alex could hear the holier-than-thou sneer. "Pool party, I assume, so everyone can drool over her like a Barbie doll."

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