Alex Ch. 01


I was asked by a Literotica member some years ago to write this story. It has been ready for sometime but I no longer have her email address so publish it without her reading it. If she see's it I hope it gets her approval. I have kept as much as possible to the details she gave me.


It was approaching midnight, Alex looked around at the revellers and was pleased that all the effort she had put in to make the end of term dance such a success was worth it, everyone seemed to be having a great time.

"Can I have this dance miss?"

It was Ryan again. Alex had spent a lot of time during this final term helping Ryan catch up with his college work. After his father had left home Ryan had gone a little bit wild. It was obvious that he had a crush on Alex, even more so after she had danced with him a couple of times and he had pulled her close, his arousal was too obvious so she had made sure she stayed away from him for the last hour or so.

"Maybe later Ryan, I'm bushed, I just want to chill out for a while ok?"

"Ok Miss, but I will keep asking till you say yes." he laughed.

As he walked away Alex looked around for Mike. The minute her husband had walked in, four hours ago, he had been accosted by the head teacher and some of the other college governors and though she had managed to drag him away a couple of times they always seemed to latch onto him again. She smiled as she saw him again having what seemed a heated conversation with the same group of people.

Alex walked to the bar and got herself another vodka. As the night was warm she drifted outside and made her way to the small hedged garden, breathing in the night air, feeling a little elated at the success of the evening. The breeze cooling her body through the thin material of her summer dress. She leaned against a tree and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath of the night air.

"All alone miss?"

The voice made Alex jump. Her eyes opened and she saw Ryan and another boy she didn't recognise watching her, "Hi Ryan what are you doing out here?"

"Saw you come out and just wanted to make sure you were ok miss?" Ryan leaned against the tree next to her while his friend stood in front but some feet away.

"I'm fine Ryan, just needed some fresh air that's all, it's a lovely evening."

"Yes it is." Ryan said. "I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help you have given me this term, if it wasn't for you I would never have got into uni."

Alex, her eyes closed again said, "You did all the work Ryan not me, I'm just glad you got back on track."

The next moment Alex felt warm breath on her cheek as Ryan's lips brushed them. Startled she opened her eyes and stepped sideways, "What are you doing?"

Ryan had followed her movement, his face only an inch from hers. "Just wanted to thank you properly, just a little kiss."

"No Ryan, I don't think that would be a good idea." She could smell the drink on his breath. She took another step away and bumped into the other boy. Dropping her glass she put her hands up and stepped forward to get away from them, she felt a tug at her hip and realised that Ryan was holding the tie belt to her dress, as she moved away the dress opened up revealing her thin thong and half cup bra, Ryan's eyes were glued to her semi naked body.

Alex tried to pull the dress closed and run at the same time. She felt hands on her shoulders spinning her around, "Just a quick kiss miss." Ryan said laughing.

The other boy had her by the arm and between the two boys they pulled her to the ground, there hands touching her breasts and darting between her legs. She kicked up with her knee and felt it hit something solid, but Ryan sprawled on top of her, his lips kissing her face and her breasts, his breathing was erratic and heavy. She could feel his erection through his jeans amazed at the hardness of it. Alex scrambled around urgently for something to hit him with.

A sharp stab in her hand and she grabbed whatever it was, she was about to hit him around the head with the object when she realised it was her drink glass. Panting heavily and very aware of his hardness, she held the glass to his throat and said, "Get off me. Now!"

Ryan froze and then rolled off her. Alex stood up and slowly walked backwards away from the two boys. Ryan lay on the floor smiling while his friend was rolled up in a ball with his hands at his crotch, 'Lucky strike' she thought. Once at a safe distance she turned and ran pulling her dress together she headed back into the building. She desperately searched for Mike. She had to tell him what had happened. But when she found him he was still in conversation with the group he had spent most of the night with. Alex headed for the ladies and locked herself in a cubicle, she took deep breaths and calmed herself down. Checking her clothing she saw no damage so she straightened herself up and decided to tell Mike at the first opportunity.

Half an hour later the band played there last tune and everyone started to drift away. Alex hadn't seen Ryan or his friend since the incident and assumed they had run off.

"Taxi's here babe." Mike said. Alex didn't even know he had ordered a taxi but followed him outside, her eyes jumping from here to there looking for any sign of her assailants. All the way home Mike was chattering about his discussion with the others, not that Alex would have said anything in the taxi but it would have been nice to chat about her evening as well as his.

As they entered the house Mike said, "I'm bushed. I've got an early start tomorrow so I'm going up. Do you want me to wake you in the morning."

"Mike!" Alex said.

"You ok babe?" Mike said, "You did well. It was a great night, a great success." and he pecked her on the cheek, turned and made his way upstairs.

Alex looked at him as he disappeared, 'I'll have to tell him in the morning' she thought.

Still seriously unsettled over the incident Alex poured herself a drink and sat on the patio, taking in the cool night air. Pictures kept jumping into her head. Ryan kissing her, the struggle and his mouth on her nipples. His hardness pressing between her legs. The way they both held her down and how they each had a nipple in between their...."No!" She said out loud, "That's not what happened." Suddenly she realised that she was wet. Her pussy was getting wet at the last thought. But she knew it wasn't true. That's not what happened.

"But it would have been if I hadn't been lucky" Again she said it out loud, but more of a mumble this time. She was pacing now, going over all the details as she remembered them and found that she kept adding things that didn't belong. It was these things that were making her pussy throb. All the time Ryan's hardness pressing against her

"Oh fuck me no." She said finally, "Never. Think of something else, better still go to bed and forget it."

She spun round, closed the door and almost ran to her bed, laying next to Mike for support and comfort. It didn't help. The attack kept running through her head. Little additions would appear with each vision and before long she was tossing and turning in bed, her hand slowly moving between her legs. Originally to stave off the feelings but inevitably, slowly her fingers slid into her throbbing pussy. First one then two fingers slowly working there magic. Ryan and his friend crashing through her mind touching her at first and then ripping her clothes off, Ryan's throbbing erection, till they eventually fucked her one after the other like she was a rag doll and all the time she crashed through her orgasm and begged for more, tears of shame running down her face. Finally, exhausted, she fell into a restless sleep.

"I'm off babe." She heard through the fog of sleep. Mike had kissed her on the head to wake her.

"Ohh yes ok." She stammered only half hearing him.

"Coffee's made. I shouldn't be late, love you." Mike said as he made his way to the door.

By the time all this registered properly with Alex the car was pulling out of the drive. Then it hit her, the attack the night before. "What the fuck am I going to do?" She asked herself as she poured a cup of coffee. She sat down and thought about what had happened. By the time the cup was empty she had convinced herself that it was the drink that had made Ryan act in that manner and that he probably wouldn't even remember it. As to her late reaction to it all, she put that down to being tired after a long day.

As it was the last day of term she had a late start so went up for a shower. She stripped off in the bedroom laying out her clothes and went naked to the bathroom. She had been under the water for a few minutes when the door bell rang. She decided to ignore it but when it rang again, more persistently this time she thought that it must have been important to be calling this early and grabbed a towel, wrapping it round herself as she went down stairs. The bell was ringing almost non stop now and she was in somewhat of a panic thinking that maybe something had happened to Mike.

Alex threw the door open and was surprised to see Ryan standing there with his friend of the previous night. "I had to come round and apologise for last night miss, really, we are so sorry." Ryan gushed out, "Aren't we Eddie?" he added nudging his friend.

"Err yes Ms Harold. Sorry, really." Eddie said

Relieved that Mike was safe she said, "You better come in." It wasn't unusual for Ryan to come into the house as he had spent a lot of time here with his extra teaching so Alex didn't think twice about inviting him in.

"I was expecting Mike to be knocking my door down last night." Ryan said.

"Well your lucky. I didn't get to tell him last night and he was up early this morning." Alex said, walking into the kitchen. "What possessed you to act like that Ryan after all that I have done for you.?"

"I'm so sorry Alex. I suppose I was infatuated with you and then the drink and well....your just...." he trailed off not wanting to get into anymore trouble than he was already.

The relief that Mike was ok had now turned to anger at what happened last night, "I'm just what Ryan? Come tell me." She said, her anger tipping over into her voice, "I want to know."

"Your just so fuckin horny miss." Eddie said bluntly with a smile on his face.

Shocked at this blatantly crude response Alex suddenly remembered that she was only covered in a towel. "I think I better get dressed. Help yourself to coffee I wont be long." She turned to leave the kitchen brushing past Eddie as she did. She felt a tug on the towel and made a grab for it but not before it had become unravelled. Now only her hands held it across her breasts, her back naked and on full view to these two boys.

"How dare you!" Alex cried, glaring at Eddie as she spun round to cover her rear.

"Oh I dare Alex because you see if you hadn't enjoyed last night I am certain you would have told your husband ,but you didn't. Did you?" Eddie said using her name for the first time, "What do you reckon Ryan? Do you reckon she got a bit wet last night?

"Well it does seem a bit strange that you didn't tell Mike and then you just let us in this morning Alex." Ryan agreed stepping forward.

"I told you I didn't have the chance. Now get out or I will call the police and then you will be in serious trouble." Alex put on her best teachers voice, commanding and authoritative. Her mind on the other hand was so full of fear she could have screamed. The memories of last night flooding back into her mind. All the memories right up till she fell asleep. Her pussy started to throb. She could feel the moisture

Ryan casually walked over to the phone and picked it up. He dialled in the emergency number and handed it to Alex. ""There you are Alex all you have to do is push the call button. Then all you have to do is tell them how two young boys attacked you last night. Then explain how you let them into your house this morning as soon as your husband had left home, and how you were only dressed in a towel. I am sure they will believe you."

"Yes of course they will." Eddie said moving closer, "But of course, then we would have to tell them how you and Ryan have been fucking for months now, and how last night you asked him to bring a friend along, and how we were disturbed so you invited us here first thing this morning to fuck your brains out."

"That's a bloody lie and you know it." Alex whimpered, realising that she had trapped herself. The police would want to know why she hadn't reported the attack to them let alone not telling Mike. All the time Alex had been backing off. Now she was against the wall.

"You kicked me in the balls last night Alex. I think you ought to kiss it better don't you?" Eddie said, standing to one side of her.

Ryan moved the other side and whispered in her ear, "Did you get wet last night Alex. Did your pussy throb at the thought of young cock sliding into it."

Alex pushed herself away from the wall, but they grabbed her arms, "No! I was disgusted by you both. Now get out" Slowly she felt her arms being pulled up. "No. Please don't. Leave now and I wont tell anybody about this. Please." Her pleas fell on deaf ears. Her pussy was pleased that she was being ignored and throbbed even harder in anticipation of something new penetrating it.

As her arms were lifted, with little or no resistance, above her head and pinned to the wall the towel fell to the floor. Her knees shaking till she almost fell, tears welling up in her eyes. Her pussy throbbing against her will. She felt hands running up her legs pulling them slightly apart. She whimpered as the hands ran across her pussy then slowly spread her lips apart and a finger slid through the wetness to her private place. She moaned through her tears. "All wet and ready Alex." Ryan said softly. She felt another finger slide in and she involuntarily opened herself to receive it.

"Oh nice one Alex. You may not be up for a fuck but your cunt is babe. Don't worry we will give it what it needs." Eddie said leering into her face.

"Please don't. Stop now before this goes' too far." Alex again pleaded. Suddenly she felt a tongue fly across her nipple, and then her other breast was sucked into a mouth. Just as she had pictured it last night. Each of the boys was sucking on a nipple sending wild sensations down her body, culminating in her pussy which was now screaming for more attention than the two fingers that were still working on it. Be it by accident or through knowledge one of those fingers had found her clitoris and was playing it with apparent experience. Her arms had stopped fighting now and her legs could barely hold her up.

Eddie stepped back and said, "Now I think it's time for you to kiss me better."

"No I won't'" Alex said as Eddie first removed his shirt and then his shorts, revealing his erection in all it's glory.

Alex gasped as she looked at that huge cock. She was no prude and while she had been married to Mike for ten years she had been faithful and enjoyed a full and varied sex life, before him she had several other lovers. Non of them seemed to compare with Eddie in the cock department. Her knees finally gave way and Ryan let her drop to her knees.

"Seems she is eager to have a taste of that cock of yours Eddie." Ryan said pulling his own shirt off

"Always happy to please." Eddie said moving forward and taking hold of Alex's hair. He guided his cock till it was rubbing her lips.

"No please don't" Alex said as the cock slid into her mouth stifling any further protest. Alex did nothing to help in this face fuck, though her instinct was to grab that huge cock and take it as deep as she could, she would not help in this forced act.

"I know what she needs." Ryan said, "Put her on the settee."

Eddie dragged her to the settee and sat her down with her bum just on the edge of the cushion. He stood up on the seat and pushed his cock towards Alex mouth, she refused to open up and let him in till she suddenly felt a tongue dive into her swollen pussy. "Ohh no." She gasped and the cock slid all the way into her mouth. The tongue worked her pussy well, finding her bud and sucking on it she could feel an orgasm rising up but fought it off. She didn't even realise that she was now sucking on that cock like it was an old friend. Taking it deep into her throat till she felt the choke reaction and then sliding it out again..

"This cunt is so fucking flooded I tell you we could both get our cocks in it." Ryan gasped then returned to his work.

There was no way that Alex could hold off that inevitable orgasm for long. She started to make little jerking motions and letting out gasps, slowly rising with moans escaping around the cock in her mouth.

Ryan was very good at licking pussy. He had done it many times with different girls and had a bit of a reputation. He played that clit for all it was worth using all his skill to get Alex on the verge of orgasm, holding her there till he heard Eddie shoot his juice into Alex's mouth. Even than he didn't tip Alex over the edge. He waited till Eddie stepped off the settee, "She drank the fuckin lot, didn't lose a drop." Eddie said.

Now Alex was bucking wildly to get her orgasm completed. "You wanna come Alex?" Ryan asked smiling at Eddie. "You want me to lick your pussy till you come all over my face."

"You fuckin bastards Do it, don't stop now please." Alex cried.

"Oh you got to ask nicely Alex. Ask me nicely and say please Alex." Ryan said, and again flicked at that hot throbbing clit.

"Ohh yes yes. Please Ryan make me come Ryan I want you to lick me off Ryan please suck my cunt Ryan, do it oooohhhhh oh yes oh fuck me yes ooohhhhh goooooooood yeeeeeessssssss." Alex went into the most powerful orgasm she had ever experienced she thrashed around so much she almost knocked Ryan's teeth out but still he didn't stop.

Finally Alex fell to the floor on her hands and knees still thrashing about and pulsing her pussy in time with the throbbing orgasm that just would not stop. Ryan didn't care about Alex's problems all he wanted was to fuck that pussy as hard as he could. He had dreamt of this moment for so long and never thought it would happen now, she was his to do with as he pleased. He rammed his erection as hard as he could into that throbbing eager pussy. "This is what you want isn't it Alex, you just want to fuck don't you."

"Oh fuck me yes. Just fuck me hard do me hard fuck me." She cried. She was lost now in a continual orgasm that made her blind to anything but the pleasure. When Ryan pulled out of her she screamed at him, "Don't stop you bastard fuck me, do it don't go away, fuck me hard you useless shit fuck me."

Eddie soon took Ryan's place and used that eager pussy as hard as he could while Ryan rammed his cock into Alex's mouth for a clean up. They both once again shot their juices into that eager wanton body and then as they stepped aside, watched as Alex fell to the floor with her hands between her legs finger fucking herself till she could fuck no more.

When Alex came to her senses she saw both boys sitting on the settee looking at a mobile phone. As she stirred Ryan said, "You make one fuckin great movie Alex those tits of yours are rock fucking solid even when your on your knees."

"Wha....what do you mean." Alex stammered as she curled her knees up under her chin.

"Here have a look." Eddie said holding the phone towards her. Alex turned her head and looked at the image, stunned. Somehow, without her realising it they had filmed what had happened on a mobile phone.

Laying her head on her knees she said, "Get out. Get out of my house. I don't ever want to see you again."

"Oh your going to see us again Alex. Your going to see a lot of us. If I had known you were that good a fuck I would have done it ages ago. You just can't get enough of it and I'm just the guy to help you out with that problem." Ryan said.

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