tagGroup SexAlexandra the Great Ch. 03

Alexandra the Great Ch. 03


Hello my pretties! Glad you're back for more. This is where things started getting a little bit out of control, I think. It didn't necessarily seem that way at the time, but it was sort of like pushing off at the top of a sledding hill. It seems tame enough at first, but you can't stop yourself, and before you know it you're hurtling downhill at breakneck speed. I guess that's why they call it "the slippery slope."

I should warn you before we go any further – you really ought to go read the other chapters first, if you haven't already. You'll just end up confused as hell if you don't, since I'm not going to explain myself all over again. Hey, it's not like I'm asking you to fill out tax forms. Just go read some dirty stories for me, ok?

Now, after our intense masturbation ritual, you might be expecting something along the lines of, "Shanna and I slurped each other's dripping wet snatches every night and took turns banging each other with a 20-inch strap-on dildo between classes." Sorry, no luck, ya sick freak. The truth is, our physical relationship didn't really progress at all. We still made out once in a while, and groped each other a bit if we were bored, but what really happened was, we seemed to have forged a bond between us. I'd say we were like sisters, but then sisters don't generally tug on each other's nipples while playing tonsil hockey, which Shanna and I did do from time to time. If you know any sisters that do, send them my way. Especially if they're twins.

But I digress. Shanna and I became very close. It's hard to explain. We didn't, like, take long walks on the beach or have candle-lit dinners. But we both seemed more open, more willing to share with each other. We held hands sometimes, like if we were sitting around watching a movie. And we slept together more often. Not sexually, just...together.

This was all kind of weird to me, because it was never my intention for the ritual to lead to this emotional connection. I was just a horny girl who wanted to get her hot roommate to do something kinky and fun.

And I still was! My wicked mind never stopped turning. I decided it would be really hot if Shanna and I gave a guy a blowjob together. Plus, it felt like something that would be part of our bond, something most girls don't experience with their best friend. So I concocted another of my rituals, but this one revolved around the mingling of masculine and feminine energies. Basically, the masculine "energy" was semen, and the "mingling" involved a girl swallowing some of it. I knew that Shanna hadn't ever had come in her mouth – she was sure it would taste horrible, so she'd never tried it. My frequent and abundant praise for come had at least made her ambivalent about it. She had told me she would try it someday and see if it was as bad as she thought. I decided someday would be very soon.

I was somewhat trepidatious when I informed her of the new ritual. "This one requires a guy."

She gave me the raised eyebrow look. "For what? Is he going to jerk off with us?" She was unsurprisingly skeptical, but I knew she'd do the ritual with me if I asked her sweetly enough.

"No, he's not going to jerk off. This ritual is about, um...mingling masculine and feminine energies. Everyone has some elements of both inside them, but masculine energy is ultimately symbolized by semen. There are different rituals that represent different ways to mix and recombine these energies, but in this one, we're going to represent our willingness to accept masculine energy into us."

"Uh huh. And how do we do that?"

I gave her a sheepish look. "Well, we suck his dick and swallow his come."

Her mouth twisted into a smirk. "You're such a whore! You're just trying to get me to taste come!"

"Duh. Yeah. Don't worry, I'll swallow some too."

Shanna rolled her eyes. "You're nuts. So who's the lucky dick?"

"I don't really have anyone picked yet. Hm, let's see. He has to be able to provide a lot of...'energy.' The more the better."

"Oh, I know a guy who shoots a huge load. You wouldn't believe it."

I grinned. "Like Peter North?"



"Oh, is he that guy in your statistical methods class? I didn't know you'd been with him."

"No, I haven't. He's not...oh, forget it. Who's this guy? How do you know he's so, er, virile?"

Shanna blushed and looked mortified. "Let's just say I had an experience with him once. Or twice." She promised to call him right away, and when she did, it was classic Shanna. No bullshit. No preamble. I only heard her half of the phone conversation, and it went something like this:

"Hey Scott, it's Shanna. Good, yeah. Right. Yeah. Uh huh. Listen, you know my roommate Alexandra? Yeah, short hair...right. Well, her and I need to give you a blow job together for this pagan ritual thing we're doing. No, I...no, I'm not joking. Yeah, totally serious, will you do it? I thought so. Just come by our room at 7 tomorrow night. No, you can't bring a camera. Oh, don't forget to save up – no jerking off between now and tomorrow night! Ok, see you then sweetie."

I had to laugh, and Shanna just looked at me as if to say, "What?" and then went to class.

If time crawled by for me waiting for 7 o'clock the next day, I can't imagine what it must have been like for poor Scott. He probably figured we'd stand him up, or play a stupid joke on him or something, but I'm sure the suspense was killing him.

As 7 p.m. drew near, Shanna and I prepared ourselves and the room. We tidied up, then lit our candles and some incense. We set the yoga mat on the floor for us to kneel on. Then we both undressed and put on short silk robes that we got at Victoria's Secret earlier that day. As we sat there waiting, I noticed Shanna drumming her fingers.


"Terribly. My mouth is so dry I don't know if I can suck a dick right now."

"Yeah, me too."

She stood up and walked up to me. "I have an idea," she said with a wry grin.

At that, she grabbed me and pulled me into a fierce kiss. As soon as I stopped being startled, I responded, and we spent about two minutes with our tongues darting into each other's mouths, our lips mashed together, hands slipping into robes to gently tweak nipples. After that, I was completely turned on, nervousness mostly left behind. In another minute, there came a knock at the door.

Shanna opened the door a crack and peeked out. "Hi baby," she said.

I heard Scott stammer out in the hall. "Oh, hi Shanna, hey. Uh. Hey."

"Would you like to come in?"

"Sure, cool. Is your roommate...oh, hi Alexandra."

I was sitting on my bed with my legs crossed. I uncrossed them, then crossed them the other way, doing my best Sharon Stone impression. Could he tell in the candlelight that I was naked under my robe?

"Just Alex is fine, Scott."

I was playing it cool, but a sharp tingle had gone up my spine when he had walked into the room. I recognized him, he was one of the two guys who I saw stumble out of Shanna's bed one morning, a few months back! I fondly recalled his lean, athletic build. Now, I took the opportunity to check him out more thoroughly. He had dark brown hair cut short, looking like he tried to comb it but failed. It was still damp, as though he'd just gotten out of the shower. I loved how his smile reached all the way up to his blue-grey eyes, and let me tell you, once he got a good look at Shanna and I, he was doing a lot of smiling.

I noticed he was wearing a school soccer t-shirt. "You on the team?"

"Team? Oh yeah, I'm a striker."

"Sweet. Shanna, we should go to a game sometime."

I had planned to explain the ritual to Scott in abbreviated terms, figuring he wasn't really interested. I thought he would show up, whip it out, we'd suck him off, and he'd leave. Turns out he was genuinely fascinated by this stuff, so we ended up talking about the whole masculine/feminine energy thing, and then Shanna explained 'Alexandrianism' to him, which led to a whole other conversation. So we sat there for quite some time, talking by candlelight, sprawled out on my dorm bed. It was a cool, a very relaxed, comfortable atmosphere – and I found that I really liked Scott.

Just as I thought to myself, "I am so glad that I'll get to suck his cock tonight," I noticed that Scott's gaze seemed rather fixated on something. I looked where he was – Shanna's robe was half open and had lifted up quite a bit, so her ginger pussy was in plain view. I nudged him. "Good view, huh?"

He quickly averted his gaze. "Damn, busted."

Shanna laughed and threw her robe entirely off. "God, I am sooo ready to suck your dick right now."

Scott seemed to regain some of his nervousness, though he was still smiling. "I guess that was the plan, right?"

I lean toward him, letting my robe slip from my shoulders, and kissed him on the cheek. "You bet. Let's get you undressed."

In no time we were all naked and situated properly for the ritual. Shanna and I knelt beside each other on the yoga mat, with Scott standing before us. His cock was beautiful. Not huge, just wonderfully shaped and very solid. It looked like a cock that could do some serious fucking.

The first step in the ritual was to bring Scott to the height of arousal without touching him. That was easy. We just made out for a few minutes. 20-year-old college guy watching two hot, naked chicks put their tongues in each others' mouths equals instant arousal. Then we did the synchronized breathing, which worked again. All three of us were in tune, not touching each other, yet connected. Scott's cock pulsed gently with his heartbeat. He remained rock hard the whole time. I was totally focused on it, looking at the texture of the skin, how it looked golden in the candlelight, the way the veins bulged slightly, the smooth, round shape of the head, where moisture was gathering at the tip. It looked delicious.

I slipped my hand around the small of Shanna's back, and she reciprocated. We leaned forward, letting Scott's cock brush against our cheeks, our faces on either side of him. We turned to face each other, our lips gliding along his shaft on either side. He groaned. Soon we were running our tongues up and down his length, moistening the silky skin.

I reached out and grasped his cock at the base, pulled it toward me, and opened my mouth to take it inside. It was incredible how it was as hard as steel, but warm and the skin was so soft. I wrapped my lips around that cock and started to bob and suck, pumping with my hand. Shanna moved down to Scott's balls, which were covered with soft, fine hair. She began to lick and nuzzle them while I sucked and slurped away.

I savored several minutes of having Scott's magnificent cock in my mouth, then decided Shanna needed a taste. I pulled my mouth off, kept pumping with my hand and directed it at Shanna. She came up from his balls, looked over at me, then up at Scott with a playful smile, and took him in. I let go and just watched as Shanna moved her lips up and down about half of Scott's length. She looked so fucking hot, her gorgeous red hair tucked behind her ears, her lightly freckled face working up and down, her blue eyes ablaze with delight, and her moist lips wrapped around a thick, hard cock. She made an occasional low moaning sound while she sucked, and I got bold. I reached down between her legs and ran my fingers down though her pubic hair to lightly touch her pussy. I was only there for a moment, but she was dripping wet, and when I did it, her moan momentarily inreased in volume.

For the next few minutes, we switched off a few times. I gave Scott a good working over with my tongue (and tongue ring!). Then Shanna grabbed Scott's hips and basically made him fuck her mouth. She was just kneeling there, taking about five inches of his meat right into her mouth. Things were starting to speed up, and I knew the ritual would be complete very soon.

"Ok, Scott...don't forget, we need to come all over us so we can share it," I reminded him.

Through gritted teeth, he replied that he knew and was very close.

Shanna backed her mouth off of his cock a few seconds later, but used her right hand to jerk him off rapidly. I leaned close, so our faces were side by side, and she pumped his cock inches from our mouths. We both held them open, our tongues beckoning to Scott, begging for his come.

Man, did he ever deliver. With a loud groan, he came. A thick, white spurt arced out of his cock and splashed across Shanna's lips and cheek. The second spurt was incredible, a huge rope of come that started at her cheek, went across the bridge of her nose, splattered across her eyebrow and then landed in gooey, dripping puddles in her silky red hair. She was laughing as come dripped from her lips into her mouth, and she aimed Scott's still spurting cock at me. A jet of hot jizz shot right into my mouth, and I smiled and groaned in pleasure at the taste, feeling it pooling on my tongue as another spurt hit my lips and nose. Now Scott was slowing, still coming, but not as forcefully. I got underneath the head to catch some more on my tongue, then Shanna pointed it back at her, letting thick strands drop onto her lips and down onto her breasts. And then, finally, Scott was done.

I slid my lips over the tip of Scott's cock and began sucking ever so gently, while with my left hand I gripped him tightly around the base and milked every last drop of that sweet cum out of him. I slurped up a decent amount, which added to the warm cum already in my mouth. I savored the taste for a second – Scott's jizz was even yummier than most guys' – and then swallowed it all. I turned to Shanna, who was still giggling softly with a slightly stunned look on her face. She looked at me and opened her mouth. Creamy white strands connected her lips, and she showed me the milky fluid inside her mouth, the sides of her lips turning up in a grin. Then she closed her mouth and swallowed.

"Oh, wow," she exclaimed. "Hey, that's not bad." She waved her hands vaguely in the air, gesturing toward the thick splatters of cum criss-crossing her face. "So I need to swallow all this for the ritual?"

"Uh huh," I nodded as I used my fingers to spoon cum from my lips and cheeks into my mouth. Shanna began to do the same, though she had a lot more of it on her. "Damn, Scott, you really nailed her."

"That was nothing," Shanna said. "You should have seen me that one night..." She cut herself off abruptly, and changed the topic. "This is definitely yummy." She swallowed again, licked more off her fingers, and said, "I think I got most of it."

I leaned over and slurped a few globs off of her pale breasts, then quickly gave her a deep, hard kiss. She got right into the kiss, and our tongues were soon entangled. The cum in my mouth was spread between us, and when we ended the kiss, our lips were warm, gooey and sticky. We both swallowed once again.

For his part, Scott was panting and catching his breath. Watching us gobble his load had kept him mostly hard, but the three of us declared the ritual a success and collapsed on my bed together. Scott was between Shanna and I as we lay naked and snuggled into blankets, and we spent the next two hours talking about movies, music, classes, philosophy, and, eventually, sex. I noticed Shanna's hand under the blankets moving rhythmically, and I pulled the blanket aside to see her elegant hand with its carefully manicured red nails stroking up and down Scott's cock, which was already rock hard.

I looked at them both and simply said, "Mmmmmmm," before I ducked down and started sucking Scott off. I really gave him my all, a real head-bobbing work of art, while Shanna jacked him off at the same time. Shanna soon joined me and we finished him off in about ten minutes. He shot less cum that time, but not much less, and I aimed him when he spurted so I made sure Shanna got another splattering. We helped each other eat his delicious cum again, then he got dressed and we finally kissed him goodnight.

Shanna and I were alone in my bed then, naked and still feeling some cum on our bodies where we had missed some. She rolled over until her leg was draped across mine, and said, "Two orgasms for Scott, none for us. That just isn't right."

I had to agree. "I've been pretty turned on all night. I was going to masturbate before I went to sleep."

Shanna looked me in the eye. "Is it ok if I watch you?"

Yes, true believers, the night was not over yet. To be continued...

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