tagGroup SexAlexandra the Great Ch. 04

Alexandra the Great Ch. 04


Ok, I know I've said it before, but it applies even moreso this time – read the other stories before you read this one. Especially the previous story, because it leads right into this one. And otherwise you might find yourself wondering why me and my college roommate were relaxing nude on my bed in the middle of the night. Or why she had just asked me if she could watch me masturbate.

So, yeah...Shanna, my hot redheaded roommate and sometime makeout partner wanted to see me get myself off. And this wasn't part of a ritual or anything. We were just intensely turned on.

Still, I wasn't so far gone I didn't want to make a deal. "Ok," I said. "You can watch me on one condition."

Shanna looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"While I'm doing it, you have to tell me the story of the night I saw two guys in your bed with you."

Her eyes widened, and for a moment I thought she'd refuse. Then she flopped down onto the bed next to me and said with an exasperated sigh, "Fine."

We were lying side by side, just a few inches between us, as she started telling her tale of debauchery. I slowly, lazily dragged by fingertips over my skin, tracing lines along my stomach, over my hips, down to my thighs. Just teasing myself.

"Ok, so earlier that night I had a fight with my parents," she began. "They were continually giving me a hard time about going to school so far from home, and I'd finally had it. I yelled at them, told them I wasn't their baby girl anymore, blah blah blah. So I guess I was feeling rebellious or something. My friend Lia came by later and asked if I wanted to go to a party with her at the soccer house, and I decided I was going to go out and really cut loose. So I dressed up a little slutty, a tank top and a fairly short skirt, and when I couldn't find any clean panties to wear I figured fuck it, and just went without."

I had my eyes closed, just listening to her story. By now, I was gently running the palms of my hands over my breasts, letting my nipples drag across, feeling the tingle of cold metal from my nipple ring.

"So we got to the party and it was pretty cool, the soccer guys are a good crew, you know. There was good music and a cool crowd, way better than the typical frat crap. One of the guys offered me a beer, but at first I didn't want to to drink."

This was no surprise to me, because Shanna doesn't really drink at all.

"But he was very sweet and explained that they spent some extra money to get kegs of a local microbrew, not the usual cheap-ass piss water, and that it was pretty good stuff. He was so damn cute, and then I thought about my parents, so I decided to go ahead and have a beer. I chatted with the guy, his name was Tony, and it was good, those beers went down very easy. And I obviously don't have any tolerance, so I was really flying before too long. I eased off and started sipping, because I knew I didn't want to get passed-out memory gap wasted, but I had definitely hit giggly mode. Lack of inhibitions had kicked in. And Tony continued to be very sweet – he even offered me some water or Coke or something if I wanted to lay off the beer. That's when Scott came over to talk to Tony."

Ah, Scott. The same Scott whom Shanna and I had very recently given blow jobs to. I lightly pinched my nipples as she spoke, ever so gently twisting and tugging.

"Scott told Tony he wanted to show him something in his room. I asked if I could see it too, and Scott was like, sure. So we introduced ourselves to each other and we went upstairs to Scott's room. He'd received a package from his parents for his birthday that week, and his gift was a soccer jersey from his favorite European Team. Some name I can't pronounce. Scott and Tony were like little kids, all excited about the jersey, and I think I started to get pouty that they weren't paying attention to the hot redhead in the room. Plus I was drunk. So I said, 'I have something to show you too!' They both looked at me and I very quickly lifted my skirt. Just a flash. But it was probably very clear that I wasn't wearing underwear."

I ran my hands down my body and began to stroke the smooth skin of my inner thighs. I opened my eyes and looked over at Shanna. She was staring up at the ceiling, apparently lost in her memory. Her arms were folded across her chest, making her beautiful breasts push together is a very enticing manner.

"Scott and Tony were kind of stunned. Then Scott was like, 'That was so quick I barely saw anything!' So I lifted my skirt again, but left it up this time. They got a good long look, and having them stare at my pussy got me so completely turned on I couldn't believe it. They were so cute, they got more excited about me than the soccer jersey. They kept telling me how gorgeous I was, and I was just loving it. I turned around and showed them my ass, and they both almost fell on the floor. Then, without thinking, I said, 'You can have it if you can catch it.' I ran out of the room laughing, through the kitchen, out the back door and was two houses down the street when I realized they weren't following."

I cupped my right hand over my pussy, just squeezing, applying some pressure, feeling my clit throb, enjoying the smooth skin, the soft, trimmed hair.

"After a second they both came stumbling out, looking for me. When they spotted me, they took off running after me. Ok, they're soccer players. I was a drunk. It took them about 5 seconds to catch me. I was laughing as they got to me – Scott grabbed me and picked me up, cradled in his arms, so I threw my arms around him and gave him a kiss. Then I leaned the other way and gave Tony a kiss. I don't think any of us had had time at that point to really consider what we might do, but I said, 'Ok, Ok, put me down so we can go back to my dorm.' We started walking, holding hands, me playfully slapping their hands away as they tried to grab my ass. Somewhere along the way, it finally dawned on me. 'Oh my god, I'm going back to my room to get double-teamed by two hot soccer players.'"

I slowly eased one finger down my slit, feeling how hot and wet I was. With my finger slippery from my juices, I moved it up to gently stroke my clit. I was watching Shanna the whole time. She had her right breast cupped in her hand.

"So we got back to the room and shut the door, and I just got down on my knees and unbuttoned their jeans and pulled them down. They took their shirts off, and suddenly there I was, kneeling with two naked guys standing in front of me and a thick hard cock in each hand. I remember thinking, 'If only my parents could see their sweet, innocent daughter now.' Then I just went with it, I started stroking those cocks, running my hands along the length, touching their balls. They were kind of talking dirty to me, but in a sweet way, telling me how hot this was, that they couldn't believe they were doing this, that it felt amazing when I stroked them. They looked so beautiful, those big dicks, I leaned forward and rubbed them on my face, one on each side. I was worshipping their cocks, like I was totally in love with cock."

My finger circled my clit, moving faster, my hips rising with the growing pleasure. Shanna was tweaking her nipples and finally broke out of her daze. Looking over at me, she got up on one elbow to watch me better.

"Then it got really hot. I started sucking them, back and forth, one to the other. A few wet strokes of my mouth on one cock, then I'd switch and suck the other. I kept them nice and slippery with my saliva, so the cock that wasn't in my mouth was always getting a great handjob. At one point I held them close together, just an inch apart, and flicked my tongue over the tips of both cocks at once. They were groaning and moaning above me, and I started sucking hard and fast. I pulled back for a second and just jacked them off, a cock in each hand. I let go just long enough to pull off my tanktop, then resumed jerking them. You know at the time I didn't want to taste cum, so I told them, 'Guys, just don't come in my mouth.' They were like, ok, where should we come? I was still drunk, and without thinking I just said, 'Wherever, on my face or on my tits or something.'"

I spread my legs wide open at this point, putting my right leg on top of Shanna's naked hip. She made an "Mmmm" sound and ran her hand along my leg, leaving it there as she resumed the story. I was working two fingers over my clit, spreading my juices around and rubbing it a lot harder.

"I leaned forward and switch sucked them a few more times, but then they started making those noises, and I knew they were going to explode. I pulled back and kept going with the double handjob. I wasn't really aiming them, just jacking them near my face without thinking, and Scott went off first. Man, you thought he shot a big load earlier tonight? He fucking drenched me that first time. All these huge blasts of thick cum, and he just kept spurting and spurting. Later he told me they'd been on a team trip so he hadn't jerked off in over a week. I got all of it. Across my forehead, my cheeks, in my hair...a lot in my hair, actually. I could feel some hanging off my ear, dripping down my earring. Some dripped down my neck and onto my tits. And while Scott was still coming, Tony blew his load. I swear there were spurts of cum criss-crossing in the air and hitting my face. He nailed me right in ther lips, and I was smiling and laughing the whole time, so I ended up with a bunch in my mouth. I think Tony felt bad - he grabbed his cock to aim down at my tits, so he finished jerking himself off that way. He must have been on the same trip as Scott, because his load was pretty amazing, too. I looked down and I could see big streaks of cum on my chest."

I reached my left hand down to slip two fingers up into my pussy, pumping myself while my right hand worked my clit furiously. Shanna's hand on my thigh felt like fire and ice.

"The crazy thing was, I mean I'm sitting there completely splattered with cum, I just sucked off two guys at once, and I felt so hot. I mean, partly I felt really slutty, you know? And I liked that. I was very conscious that it was a rebellion against how my parents wanted me to be a good girl. I also thought, slut or not, how many girls can say they've done this? And at the same time I felt totally powerful. I had made this happen. These two boys were mine, so totally mine that I made them cum on me at the same time. I loved it. And I'll tell you a little secret – I licked the cum off my lips and swallowed some. I don't know whose it was. A little cum from each of them, probably. Anyway, they were standing there dumbstruck, and I grabbed a towel and finally cleaned off most of the jizz. When I was presentable again, they were pulling on their boxers. I was like, 'I don't fucking think so. Get those hard dicks out here for me, you have some business to attend to.' I was still wearing the skirt and my platform sandals, and I just turned around and leaned across my desk with the skirt around my waist. Tony was hard again right away, and he slid into me and started fucking me from behind."

"For awhile they just took turns on me. They got into a rhythm where one of them would just fuck me all out, hard and fast, until he got too tired, and then the other one would step in. So for like 15 minutes they just fucked my brains out. My pussy was getting pounded nonstop. I came twice, really hard. I felt like such a porn star, bent over in my platforms like that. At one point Tony was pumping me, and Scott came around to the other side of the desk to put his cock in my face. I grabbed him and started sucking, and they took me at both ends like that, changing places a few times. Alex, I was so on fire. My pussy was just soaking and aching, and I was having these chain reaction orgasms. I remember gasping and crying out around whichever cock was in my mouth while I was getting stuffed with cock from behind. Finally, I had to beg for mercy. It was sensory overload. We took a little break and I convinced them to spend the night in bed with me."

By now, Shanna had reached down to stroke her pussy while I worked away at mine. I was pretty far gone, and when she talked about getting spit-roasted like that, I pictured her. Gorgeous, tall, fair skin, freckles, red hair, stylish and beautiful with a cock slamming her pussy and one in her mouth. By body tensed and Shanna knew I was close.

"Yeah, come for me Alex. You know I love watching you come. Let me see you..."

I shook and quivered and yelled, my fingers a blur on my clit, but I looked right into Shanna's eyes, kept on masturbating, and told her, "Keep going. Tell me more."

She reached the hand on my thigh up to pinch and stroke my nipples and smiled. "Ok, Alex. I want you to get off again for me."

"We were lying in bed together, sort of cuddling, really. Cheesy as that sounds. Of course, I was stroking their cocks too. And I had four hands exploring me, cupping my breasts, stroking my pussy. That part was very nice. I was ready for more, and I had Scott nice and hard, so rolled over on to him and slid my pussy down on his cock. While I rode him, I stroked Tony's dick. He eventually stood and gave me his cock to suck on, so I was taking it in my mouth and pussy again. We got going pretty hot and heavy, and Tony knelt down and moved behind me. I was like, 'Uh, sorry guys, you can't fuck my ass.' Tony goes, 'I wasn't going to – I saw this in a porno, Scott if it freaks you out, let me know.'"

She stopped for a moment. "I can't believe I'm teling you this. Fuck,. I can't believe I did this! Tony rubbed his dick up along the length of Scott's and actually slid into my pussy alongside Scott. I was certainly wet enough, and they'd really opened me up that night, so it was actually not too difficult. I just yelled. I couldn't believe it. I leaned down on Scott's chest and felt Tony's weight behind me. And I could really feel their two thick cocks stuffed into my pussy. I actually said that, I sort of gasped, 'Are there two dicks inside my pussy right now?' Scott goes, yeah, I think there are, and we started laughing for a few seconds. But then they got down to business and started pumping me, their two cocks sliding back and forth, totally filling my pussy. I'm not going to lie to you, Alex. I fucking loved it. It was the sluttiest, most depraved thing I could imagine doing, and I loved it. I started talking dirty, telling them, 'Stuff those cocks into my little pussy. Fuck me like a little slut.' It surprised them at first, but then they got into it too. Eventually they got too close to coming, so I made them pull out and jerk off onto my tits. I squeezed them together to make a nice target, and they shot some good loads again. So once again I had cum from two guys splattered across my breasts."

I was getting ready to come again myself. I couldn't believe Shanna had her pussy double-penetrated. I was supposed to be the crazy slutty one, and I'd never done that. I was jealous, but intensely turned on at the thought of Shanna doing that. She'd been getting closer to me as she talked, and now she was basically whispering her story in my ear, because she had started nuzzling and licking my neck while I fingered myself. Her hand on my tits was driving me wild.

"I fucked them again, before you came home," she said. "In the middle of the night, I woke up horny, wanting more. I stroked them and got them hard, but I don't think they were even awake. I made them sit side by side on the edge of the bed, and I just used their cocks. I got on one, rode it for a while, then switched over and pumped my pussy up and down on the other one. Back and forth – I kept trying to feel the differences between the two cocks. I ended up making them both come inside my pussy."

I could feel her lips against my skin as she told me the final part. As my second orgasm created and broke over me, I had a moment of stunning clarity. In the midst of coming, I turned and told Shanna one thing:

"Do you have any idea..." I gasped.

"How badly I want..." I moaned and shook.

"To fuck you?" as I cried out in release.

Shanna held me and kissed me deeply as I came down, and then she started laughing.

"What the hell's so funny?" I asked.

She just grinned in her Shanna way and said, "Of course you're going to fuck me. Don't think I haven't noticed that I'm the only one who hasn't had an orgasm tonight."

To be continued...

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