Alexandra's New Practice


"Turnover, darling and relax. I've got a place where this big hard prick can relax, too," she whispered as she pushed him onto his back and crawled astraddle of him. "Let me slide it into my pussy and make it feel so good." He gasped as she guided his erect penis up into her warm juicy cunt.

"Now you're ready to be fucked, David. Close you eyes and let me pleasure you," she continued as she slowly rode her quim up and down over his prick. "It's wonderful to be fucked, isn't it David, not doing anything, getting the sex you need without effort. It's so restful, you are drifting off." She was riding him faster, now, bringing him closer and closer to orgasm. "You can't stay awake any longer, David. I'm fucking you to sleep... fucking you.. to sleep... fucking you..." She felt him explode in her, coming and coming. As the last drops oozed into her warm pussy, a soft cloud descended over him and he knew nothing more.

---0 ---

David didn't fully wake up until 4:00 or 5:00. Maybe it was the lingering effects of the drug she had given him, but he felt happy in a very peaceful way. As Alexandra had predicted, he didn't want to leave. In an hour or so, he still didn't want to leave, but for a different reason; he was roaringly horny and eager for Alexandra to get home. How he wanted to fuck that woman! At last he heard her key in the lock. He opened the door and practically yanked her inside.

"Oh Alexandra!" he said and kissed her passionately. "I'm so glad you're home at last."

"What a nice welcome for a tired working girl!" she giggled and snuggled against him, feeling even sexier than she had expected. "Got anything else for me besides a warm welcome?" she said groping between his legs. "I was hoping you'd have something long and hard for me after a long hard day?" she returned his kisses eagerly.

"My, my, you're enthusiastic tonight!" he remarked with a grin. "Why so keen? Didn't you seduce any patients today?"

"David, how sweet!" she said and kissed him again, "I think you're jealous. What kind of perverted practitioner do you think I am, anyway? I don't seduce every man that come in my office, only the hunkiest ones ... like you," she added as her hand slipped inside the robe she had left him to wear.

"You mean a big cock."

"Yes, a big cock belonging to a man who will put it where and when I tell him to please me. Do you think you are up for that?"

"Just tell me what you want."

"Oh, you're a big boy; you figure it out," she teased. "What do women usually want?"

"A romantic evening," he replied, surprising her. "Come see what I have planned. This way, Madam." Taking a very surprise Alexandra by the hand, he led her to her study where two cold tall drinks were waiting.

"I think you have some mischief on your mind," said Alexandra laughing."

"Probably the same that's on yours or will be. Drink up and you'll find out." he said, handing her a glass.

"Why the liquor, darling? Are you trying to get me drunk?" asked Alexandra laughing as the cold but burning liquid flowed down her esophagus.

"Maybe. Most women enjoy getting laid more when they're a little high. It removes the guilt. They can tell themselves they just 'lost control.'"

"True, but I'm not like 'most women.' I don't 'get laid' and I don't loose control. I fuck only when I decide to."

"Maybe a little liquor in you will change that," said David as he pulled Alexandra into a tight embrace and began working her tits.

"David, stop that, do you think that you can ... Uuuh!" Alexandra moaned as a jolt of pleasure hit her.

"Can what? Can get you in the sack by playing with your titties? That's exactly what I think. You came home in the mood for sex, didn't you? The liquor hit you hard, ruining your perfect self control. And I can feel you boobies getting hard. You really do like to have them felt up, don't you Alexandra?"

"No! ... Yes!." the confused woman gasped.

"You're loosing it, Baby! You want sex bad don't you? Well, you're going to get it, but on my terms this time. I'm going to take you to bed and fuck *your* brains out like you did me last night."

"Stop it you bastard! .... Ooh" the aroused woman moaned.

"Stop what? Stop feeling of your titties? All right, would you rather I felt of this?" he replied and thrust his hand into her panties. Alexandra screamed with delight.

"Just as I thought, you randy slut! I haven't even touched you down here and you've already wet your panties. Oh, you big women are all so messy! Let me..."

"Ouch!" David cried out and turned to see Vicki looking at him smugly withdrawing a hypodermic from his arm.

"When you wake up, darling, you and I are going to have a little talk about how to behave with a lady ...." were the last words David heard before he slumped unconscious."

"Oh, Vicki," the panting doctor gasped. "I'm so glad to see you. Another few minutes ..."

"You'd have been on your back with your legs wrapped around his torso bellowing grateful obscenities as he filled your cunt with his sperm, you horny girl." Vicki laughed.

"Yes, I guess I would have been," Alexandra smiled, accepting the embrace of the younger woman. "I was completely out of control. It all happened so fast ..."

"You were too horny. David must have sensed it and took advantage. I shouldn't have let you come home wanting sex that bad. He had figured out your resistance dissolves when somebody gets at these big boobies." Vicki said, starting to fondle one of Alexandra's naked tits.

"You're right," Alexandra sighed, giving in to the pleasure of Vicki's fingers.

"I'm glad I was here to help. I think you need more help than you realize. These titties your weakness, Alexandra, because they are so sensitive. You get so aroused." Alexandra tried weakly to protest but Vicki stopped her with a kiss and more vigorous fondling of Alexandra's rapidly re-hardening breasts.

"Don't fight me, honey. You're so turned on. David did half a job on you, poor baby. You need release. ... Oh, my! He was so right about your panties being wet," she continued as she slipped a hand into Alexandra's weeping pussy. "Let me take them off. You were so close, but he didn't get you off, did he?"

"No, no" Alexandra whimpered.

"But you need it! That man just got you hot. You need to orgasm, Alexandra. Just relax and let me make you come."

"Oh, Vicki ..." Alexandra moaned in protest or gratitude or both as she surrendered to the young woman's skillful hand that was slowly stroking her now rigid clit. Her cries grew louder as Vicki expertly fingered her. Then she came! A mind-blowing orgasm that left her breathless and spent.

"Let me put you to bed, honey," Vicki was speaking to her in a strange sing-song voice. "That orgasm took a lot out of you. You are exhausted, Alexandra. You need to sleep. Close your eyes."

Something seemed wrong to Alexandra. It felt like Vicki pouring thoughts into her brain. Too late through the erotic fog she realized what was happening. Vicki was hypnotizing her. She tried to resist, but she could not. The orgasm left her weak; the pleasure had drained her strength. Vicki's words were smothering her.

"No, Vicki, stop" she pleaded, but Vicki continued.

"You've had a good come and you are going to sleep now, Alexandra. In a few hours you will wake up feeling fresh and rested, but you're going to be horny again," she heard just before she slid into the trance. "You're going to need a man bad, Alexandra, but obey me and I'll see that you get all the cock you need. You'll do that for me, won't you Alexi. You'll obey me because you want to ... come!"

A final spasm shock Alexandra and the doctor closed her eyes and drifted away.

Smiling down at the entranced woman, Vicki turned and punched in the numbers on her cell phone. "John, darling, she's under.


"Yes, the stud performed according to the suggestions I planted yesterday.


"No problem. He found the Aethenol I placed in his clothes and dosed her good. She was flying!"


"About another half hour to finish up.


"I've missed you, too. ... I'll be home soon."

---o ---

Epilogue 1

A year later Victoria looked out over the city from the elegant quarters to which she had moved Alexandra's new practice. Victoria had turned it into a real money spinner and she was *very* good a managing the money it spun. Victoria set fees commensurate with the expensive new venue. Men paid very well to let Alexandra treat of their sexual dysfunctions. Fortunately the same therapy worked for 99.9% of men even if some of them had to come back time after time.

Alexandra was totally happy, no longer having to worry about money, or managing her time, or anything. Mistress Victoria did all those things for her. Victoria had even given Alexandra her very own room in the basement of the big house Mistress Victoria shared with John. Alexandra loved her Mistress, who always found Alexandra lots of men, usually several a day. And the men always fucked her! Alexandra enjoyed her work and Mistress Victoria told her she was very good at it, a natural practitioner, she said.

The End

And for those who like happier endings:

Epilogue 2

Five years later: Victoria looked out over the city from the suite of offices into which Alexandra's new practice had grown. Victoria had found several young women right out of medical school to help Alexandra expand her practice. The basement of Vicki's and John's big house had plenty of room for them, too. Vicki had every reason to feel content.

Things were a little quiet right now, she thought, smiling as she heard Alexandra -- or was it one of the others? -- screaming in ecstasy as she attended to a patient. My how these women did love their work! But soon things would be getting busier Vicki, grinned. She had spoken with John about it last night.

As usual, John was a little reluctant, pleading that he already had his hands full. But he would come around, he always did. Vicki admitted John was busy, but Alexandra's twins, Jeremy and June, were almost ready for pre-school. Vicki had felt a little embarrassed about letting herself get pregnant with Andrea just when she had let John knock Alexandra up with Carl, but accidents do happen. Anyway, both were at the adorable rug rat stage by now, so John was through with the heavy diapering.

No, it was definitely time for Alexandra to become a mother again. The cash flow from men who wanted therapy from a woman on all fours with a huge pregnant belly and pendant breasts was just unbelievable. And by the time Alexandra's baby arrived, the little bun Vicki had recently let John put in HER oven would be on a more relaxed feeding schedule. No, John could handle it. He was good at taking care of babies, almost as good as at making them.

The End.

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