tagNovels and NovellasAlexandros: Ch. 24

Alexandros: Ch. 24



The horde ran hard toward the city of Sebennytos with each creature's mind set on the destruction of the city. So focused on their goal the horde never saw the ambush or the tell-tale signs of one.

The ground the horde crossed transitioned from light colored sands to a darker tone. When it was half way across the darken patch, archers with flaming arrows stepped up to the city's wall and let loose a torrent of fiery arrows. The horde, already committed to their attack, was suddenly engulfed in waves of flames.

The soldiers in the city cheered as the horde caught in the flames roared out in agony.

"This may go our way after all, sir," Adjo commented.

"Don't be so sure until the battle is over," Commander Olam berated. "It's okay to foresee an outcome for a battle. But once it is all you see it become a hindrance and it will eventually lead you to ruin."

"Yes sir," Adjo answered evenly.

"Now, let us see if they fall for the next trap," Olam said with a smile.

Since they had time to prepare before the demon horde showed up, Commander Olam sent out his men to set up little traps in hopes to delay the horde. So far it was working.


Malanatohiel was furious at the onslaught happening to the creatures he lead. He paced back and forth in outrage as each wave fell into trap after trap. Vectivus had plenty of minions at his disposal but Malanatohiel only had the few to take the city.

No matter.

He would send in wave after wave until the humans ran out of traps. Then the city would fall as he would personally take it himself if need be. He held up a hand then dropped it to point at the city. Without words the next wave of creatures rushed forward.

The city will fall.



The city was under full attack by the demons and Commander Suoi and his men were barely holding the horde at bay. Suoi knew at the rate the battle was going there would be no way they could continue to hold off the horde. There were simply too many. But if that was to be the case then they would die here fighting instead of running.

Thabit stayed at his side the entire battle as they watched each other's back and he was almost tempted to have him order a retreat of the city's populace.


"Continue to hold!" he commanded. "There numbers will soon run out!"

The sounds of men's cheers were heard over the sounds of clanging metal and carnage, but just barely. Many of them were beginning to lose heart and were just fighting to stay alive.

"This is not going to last Commander," Thabit said informing Suoi of what he already knew.

"I'm aware of that," he said with discuss. "Find their commander and we can end this. Cut the head off and the body will fall."



All of our traps are depleted," Adjo said looking grim. "And their numbers are still high.

"The city is clear?"

"Yes sir."

"Then I see no reason to sit here and defend it. We shall make sure the citizens have time for escape." He didn't take his gaze off field outside the city's walls, but his eyes seemed to be off someplace else entirely. "Open the doors. We shall face them head on."


"Give the order," he said firmly.

"Very well sir."

"And Adjo?"


"Stick close to me. I will need your assistance when we face their commander."

"Yes sir."



Suoi and Thabit swept through the battle field that had taken over the city. They stepped over countless bodies of fallen comrades and foes but their search only led them to more beasts. With the two of them each encounter proved easy. Each beast that attack was quickly felled. The battle, however, was beginning to take its toll on both men. So once they found a moment of reprieve they stopped to rest.

"Could it be their leader isn't on the field?" Thabit asked skeptically.

"He is here and we will find him," Suoi said assuredly.

Or he will find you. Malanatohiel stood towering over Suoi, his hand dripping with blood. Suoi glanced to the ground to see the back of Thabit's head gaped open and his brains strewn across the ground beneath him.

Suoi looked up angrily. Gripping his sword with both hands he moved to attack. The attack was cut short as the demon slashed out and across Suoi's throat. Suoi dropped his weapon and his hands went straight for the wound.

Falling to his knees he looked up. Blood poured through his fingers and down the front of his armor as he struggled to fill his lungs with air. Malanatohiel just looked on with delight at the struggling human. When Suoi's body finally gave out, it dropped to the ground silently.

Foolish human. I, Malanatohiel am no match for the likes of you.



The two men had no trouble finding Malanatohiel and managed to avoid drawing attention to them as they moved in the demon's direction.

"I will distract him while you circle around and strike from behind," Olam said pointing to an alley running through several buildings. "Slip through there."

Adjo nodded. "Good luck," he said, and then he was gone.

Olam watched until Adjo disappeared from sight before turning back to the battle. It was time to make a scene.

He gripped his sword tightly and began his charge with a loud cry. Running at full speed he tore through the ranks of creatures swinging wildly but accurately dismembering and slicing open the creatures dropping body parts and insides to the ground.

Olam was almost within attacking range when he caught Adjo out of the corner of his eye. He smiled slightly just as Malanatohiel held up his hand causing an invisible force to slam into Olam's body sending him reeling back.

Malanatohiel saw the glance realizing that a danger loomed behind him. He turned to face his would be attacker but wasn't fast enough. Adjo came with a downward strike cutting deep across the demon's chest. The majority of the impact was lost due to Malanatohiel's evasion.

Black blood spilt forth, splattering on the ground. Malanatohiel moved back a couple steps grabbing his chest. For the demon the wound wasn't fatal. It would take more to bring him down.

The demon's anger flashed across his face. He started for Adjo, but a sharp, stabbing pain in his back stopped him cold. Malanatohiel turned ripping Olam's sword from his grasp. With a back fist across his face, Olam spun into the air and back.

Adjo taking the opportunity to strike did so. He was so certain he take the demon down that he put all his might into the attack, but Malanatohiel was well aware of the man's attack. Effortlessly Malanatohiel turned grabbing the weaker man by the throat and smiled hold up his free hand and waving a finger back and forth. Shock spread across Adjo's face as the color drained away.

Shame on you little human. How you insignificant humans have kept us from ruling over you all these centuries is beyond me. It's too bad you will get the chance to live and serve us when we take over your miserable world.

Adjo was too frightened to respond. Malanatohiel smiled and took joy in the man's weakness. Suddenly Adjo's eyes went wide as he saw Olam coming up with a spear and he was swung around.

The next thing he felt was a piercing through his body. He looked down at his chest to see the tip of the spear sticking out and his blood pouring down his armor. The last thing he saw before closing his eyes was the demon smiling.

Olam yelled out at the loss of Adjo's life. He immediately let go of the spear at being taken by surprise and by taking the man's life. Malanatohiel simply released his grip on the young soldier, letting his body fall to the ground like a sack of potatoes.

Your futile efforts only result in death. Why fight it only to prolong the inevitable?

Olam stole his gaze from the soldier and cast a look of hatred upon the demon. Without a weapon or any other means of an offensive weapon, Olam charged. He didn't expect to have walked away from this battle alive, but he would have it end on his own terms.

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