tagBDSMAlexia Accumulates Punishment Ch. 02

Alexia Accumulates Punishment Ch. 02


This is a continuation of Alexia Accumulates Punishment. It involves activities with bodily waste. Please do not continue reading if this is not your scene.


My butt hole hurt so much! The butt plug was not only stretching me sideways but inside as well. I had never had something so huge in me before.

And the itching was insane! Sitting with my legs like this meant my pussy was wide open and as itchy as hell! I couldn't scratch with my hands behind my back.

Those weights on my nipples were pulling down my breasts roughly. They were almost reshaping my body! The weight hanging off those tiny clamps provided acute pain to my nipples, to the extent that I wished he'd rather just cut them off. That would be less agony, at least.

I tried moving around, opening and closing my legs, rubbing against the ground to relieve the itch but this chastity belt was just too well insulated for me to get any relief. The movement made the weights move and that caused terrible jolts of pain for me.

I had resorted to sitting still and waiting it out. This was torture-- pure extreme torture. I couldn't leave, I couldn't scream for help and so far nobody had walked past. I had no choice but to endure it.

I had no idea how long it had been. He said two hours but it already felt like an eternity. He'd left and I couldn't hear what he was doing. Maybe he'd gone out? What if he got caught up somewhere and was going to take longer to get home? What if something happened and I'm stuck here until Master R gets worried?

Ah Master R. He wouldn't do this to me. He looks after me. He'd always sit and watch me when he punished me-- making sure I was okay. He'd never leave me alone with new implements. He was always very understanding. He was strict and he pushed my limits, but he knew where to draw the line.

I really feel terrible about disappointing him today. I didn't want to. I knew I had to prove to him that I really wanted this when I got back; that I really wanted to be HIS slut and that his pleasure was my only desire. Maybe this time with Master L is a test for me-- to see to what extent I can follow his instructions.

Eventually, I heard some movement on the other side of the door.

The door opened, pulling my neck slighty, and Master L appeared. He had a towel, a funnel and a two-litre bottle of water in his hand.

"Good to see you're still here dog," he said removing the rope from the door.

"I'm going to untie your hands from behind your back and tie them above your head. Stand up and face the wall."

I did so. He untied my hands. I raised my hands above my head and bent so that he could tie them together-- just the way Master R had taught me to.

"Good dog slut," he said as he finished tying my hands together, "there's a hook just above the door frame. Hook this knot onto that-- back to the door"

I did as I was told.

He came to me and removed the clamps and weights. What a relief! There was still a dull ache but the actual pain was gone from my nipples and breasts.

He unlocked the chastity belt and removed it, taking with it the dildo that caused my cunt pain. He removed the butt plug too! Relief at last!

I was overcome with gratitude! I could not, however, express it with the ball gag in my mouth. I hoped he'd take that out next.

He did no such thing.

"Ok slut, hold still."

He picked up a garden hose and rinsed me off. The pressure made it hurt a little, but I was so glad to get that itching cream off!

When he was satisfied with his cleaning, he dried me off.

Maybe he wasn't so bad after all. Maybe he just wanted to show me my place.

"Rob tells me you had some trouble holding your piss today."

I nodded and focussed my eyes on my feet.

"Ok, kneel."

I knelt before him-- only knees and toes touching the ground, hands still tied above me, chest pushed out and legs spread as Master R had taught me.

He put the chastity belt back on, but only used the dildo.

"Just as insurance cunt. Electricity will keep you in check."

He untied my hands from above my head, moved them so that they were clasped behind me and tied them there.

He came round and fitted the funnel into the opening in my ball gag. He opened the bottle of water and started pouring it in.

I tried to refuse it, but only ended up choking. He didn't let up-- just kept pouring at an even pace. He was filling me up again!

He poured about half the bottle down my throat before he stopped.

"Up cunt. Now!"

I stood up with some difficulty-- my bladder was already starting to fill up and my body was still a bit sore.

"You look a bit fat around the edges cunt-- too fat to be a good slut. I'm going to untie your hands. You're going to run from the door to the river bank and back repeatedly for about 15 minutes. You will do it as fast as you can. If I feel you aren't fast enough, I will punish you. And don't even think about running away. I shocked you earlier on low intensity. High intensity will cause permanent damage."

He untied my wrists and shoved me in the direction of the river. He expected me to run on this uneven ground in my stilettos?

"Too slow! Move!"

I trotted as quickly as I could without losing my balance.

He watched me intently.

The chastity belt started chaffing my skin after a few minutes, but I kept going. My feet ached, but I did not want another shock.

It was difficult to keep going and by the time he called out "Stop!", I was completely out of breath and sore.

"You were slow slut. Rob doesn't exercise you enough, that's why you're such a fat cunt. You will be punished. Not shocks though, I have something more appropriate planned. Kneel."

I kneeled before him and he filled me with the rest of the water the same way he had before. I was sure I would burst, or at least my bladder would.

"Don't piss cunt. At all."

What? Two litres inside me and don't piss! He was going to kill me! A slow agonising death!


That took much effort-- all the water was weighing me down, my body was sore and I was tired from running, but I obeyed his command, like Master R had taught me good sluts should.

He pulled my arms behind me and held them by the wrists. He used them to steer me toward the door.

I could feel the weight of the water shifting inside me. The chastity belt added even more difficulty as it dug into my expanding abdomen.

As we moved toward the door, a doorbell chimed.

"Quick slut. Move it. On the table, as before. My first set of guests are here."

I went in and got onto the table as instructed, feeling the water weight shift inside me.

Master L walked in a few moments later with his guests-- a big, red-haired lady and a stocky bald man. She carried a huge black suitcase.

"This is Rob's slave," he told them, "she's ours for the day. She's quite disobedient though. He calls her Alexia, but I prefer piss slut. She pisses without permission I hear. I've filled her up to see for myself."

The guests listened to Master L patiently.

The lady came over to me and pulled my left nipple. It wouldn't have hurt if it weren't for my earlier torments. I tried to pull away but her grasp was firm.

"Oh I've also given her a bit of punishment for speaking out of turn," Master L added.

"Hello Alexia," the woman said, letting go of my nipple, "I'm Linda and this is my husband Gunther, but of course that's Mistress L and Master G to you."

"Hi fatty," Master G said.

He and Master L sat down on the couch and Mistress L continued speaking.

"I'm going to take charge of this session with you Alexia. Master L and Master G will watch for now."

She opened her suitcase and pulled out a collar.

She attached the collar around my neck and locked it in place.

"This collar, piss slut, works much like the chastity belt. We can shock you if you are disobedient. Its a bit more powerful than the chastity belt though-- it can kill you; give you a slow and painful death. Nod if you understand."

I nodded. There was no way out of this! I had to obey, not that I could move very fast with all the water inside me.

"I'm going to remove the chastity belt now."

She did so, removing the cunt plug with it. It relieved the pressure on my bladder somewhat, but I still had the imminent need to pee.

"How did you fill her Luke?" she asked Master L.

"I made her drink two litres of water."

"Ah. I had something else I wanted to do but this will work for now. Get me a bucket please."

He did so, while Mistress L passed a camera to Master G.

A camera? Were they going to take pictures? Please no. Not that. Then there'd be eternal proof of my humiliation! What then if I chose to change lifestyles later on? Not that I was considering it... I loved pleasing Master R. Mistress L interrupted my thoughts.

"We will be taking photos Alexia. You can't do anything about it. Gunther will remain seated and video some activities while taking still pictures of others. You won't know of course. The camera is completely silent-- no clicks.

"I'm going to insert an apple into your butt. Its not a very big one, but it will hurt."

She showed me the apple. It was a relatively small apple.

She moved around me and pushed the apple against my sphincter.

"Yes slut, no lube, no loosening, just apple."

With that, she forced it in. She tore past my sphincter with brute force. The apple forced my sphincter wide open-- the first ring opened, then the second--but once it was in, it didn't hurt much. That butt plug from earlier must have stretched me out quite well.

I had to admit that my pussy was slick. Humiliation and Master R's pleasure is what I lived for.

"Good slut. Now I'm going to place this bucket under you. I will then prod and poke your pussy and urethra. You must not piss. I will then massage your bladder from the outside. Again, you must not piss. When I am satisfied, I will allow you to piss and shit out the apple."

She stood behind me. She started by rubbing my swollen pussy lips. She caressed them gently first, then began pulling at them.

Next she went for my clit-- flicking it gently, stroking it, rubbing it. She was making my pussy juice drip.

She pushed two fingers into my cunt and began fucking me with them. Oh fuck! It was so good! Yes please! I could feel the orgasm build up!

She pulled out a hair pin and inserted it into my urethra. She fucked my urethra with that while still moving her two fingers in and out of me.

"You may cum slut."

And cum I did. I orgasmed hard-- my pussy muscles contracted, my ass squeezed around that apple, my body jerked and I moaned loudly into my gag.

I couldn't hold the piss anymore. It came gushing out of me again. I heard it hit the bucket before I realised what was happening. I couldn't stop it-- it just kept coming.

I had disobeyed her. She would punish me. I hadn't meant to, but it happened and punishment would ensue.

"Ah a pisser you are for sure. I don't need to tell you that you have disobeyed me. You will be punished, but not now. Master L will take care of that later. I have other plans for now."

She came around and pressed her face into mine.

She stood back and asked, "Have you had an enema before slut?"

I shook my head.

"Okay, I want you shit that apple out into your hand."

I put my hand near my asshole and pushed with my anal muscles.

It hurt twice as much coming out than it did going in, but I did it.

"Bring it to your nose and smell it. Does it smell like shit?"

I did. The smell was putrid. It made me want to gag.

I nodded.

"Good. Put in the bucket."

It landed with a splash.

"I'm going to give you an enema Alexia. I have a pre-packed kit."

She came behind me and inserted the nozzle, again with no lubrication.

She started the flow and I felt the cold water flow into me.

"Since you haven't had one before we'll stop there. Its just a litre. Sit on the edge of the table. Face Master G."

I did so, feeling the water move inside me again.

"You will now suck Master G off, then Master L. You will make them cum and swallow all their precious seed."

She removed the ball gag. Master G stood up, unzipped and shoved his crotch into my face.

I put my hand around his shaft and put his cock into my mouth. I sucked at it until it was hard. I took his cock out of my mouth and flicked my tongue over the head.

I used a hand to hold his cock while I licked around the shaft in a circular motion. I made my tongue flat and licked the underside.

I licked along his shaft in a longitudinal manner now, while lightly stroking his balls with my hand. I gently flicked my tongue over the head, before taking it all into my mouth again.

I moved my mouth up and down the length of his cock, leaving my tongue free to slop around his cock.

Master G rewarded me with a hot spurt of cum, spraying it against the back of my throat. His cock shot out more of his precious seed as I held still.

I sucked and swallowed until he began getting soft in my mouth.

He pulled away.

"Thank him you rude piss slut," Mistress L commanded.

"Thank you Master G."

He nodded in acknowledgement.

Master L stood up, unzipped and came forward. I started off doing exactly as I did with Master G but he soon began fucking my face.

When he has finished off and I've swallowed his seed, I thanked him too.

"Good, you are learning slut," Mistress L commended.

She replaced the ball gag. Master L is back in his seat and Master G has picked up the camera again.

"Leave the bucket on the table," Mistress L begins, "and squat over it. You may shit now."

I did as I was told and the watery shit flows out of me, accompanied by the most disgusting noises. I could feel the blood rise to my cheeks-- I was totally humiliated.

Master R always let me go to the bathroom alone. Now I had to go in front of three people in a bucket on a table! And there would be photos!

It would be unwise to disobey though.

When I had finished, I looked up at Mistress L.

"Finished slut?"

I nodded.

She put the bucket on the floor.

"Lie on the table on your back slut. Knees bent. Legs spread."

I followed her instructions, revelling in the afterglow of that enema. It was a strange feeling, but the humiliation of having to expel it in front of people had turned me on. I could feel my pussy becoming wetter.

She wiped me off with a wetwipe before returning to her bag.

She waved an English cucumber in my face. It was an average sized one, with smooth green skin.

"This goes in your cunt slut."

She moved around and began inserting it. With a solid shove, she buried it deep inside my pussy. It stretched my pussy muscles to capacity and I could feel it hit my cervix.

"Ok stand and bring the bucket outside."

As I walked, the cucumber moved with me. I had to walk with my legs slightly spread to compensate for its stretching me.

We went back outside to where I'd been before. Master L and Master G followed.

Mistress L tied my wrists behind my back and attached them to the door handle with a rope.

"Kneel, legs spread." I did so.

She poured the bucket of shit and piss over me, carefully avoiding the collar.

She unzipped her pants and removed my ball gag.

"Remain kneeling and lick me slut."

She pulled her pants and panties down to her knees and pushed her crotch into my face.

I licked her slit. She was wet-- her juices had a sweet taste. I licked from her asshole to the top of her pussy.

"Do my clit slut."

I flicked my tongue over her clit repeatedly. I stopped to circle it, stuck my tongue deep into her cunt and then resumed flicking my tongue over her clit. "Oh yes slut! Keep going!"

She liked it.

I kept going. She came quickly.

"Aaaah FUCK!" she said while forcing my head against her cunt.

She let go when she was done. I moved back. She zipped up her pants and replaced the ball gag.

"Ah good slut. Sit. Yes, just like that-- in your mess. You will remain there until Master L is ready for you. Goodbye slut.

"Come Gunther, let's go. Thanks Luke. Today was good."

With that, Mistress L and Master G left through the house.

Master L came closer to me and said, "I'm going to watch the game on tv slut. When its done, I'll come get you. I might punish you then, I might not. And I still have that second set of visitors coming by."

He left me outside again, sitting in my own waste, waiting with no idea what the next few hours entailed for me.


To be continued

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