tagBDSMAlexis' Catfight

Alexis' Catfight


The Party

Alexis was blushing. She and her four friends were partying in Maria's house on Friday night. There was nothing new about that. Maria had been divorced from her second husband a few months ago and now she was more than prepared to be the hostess for their regular party nights. There was only one rule – no men allowed.

Up to this point, everything had been normal; nice food, plenty of wine and five women who knew how to party. But Maria had dragged them through to the huge "entertainment room" as she liked to call it. All it consisted of was a huge TV screen with integral DVD player, some low, comfortable couches and another well stocked bar.

They all went along with Maria's request since she was their friend. In truth, they felt sorry for her; she was smaller than the rest of the group, a little plumper with thick dark hair and generous curves around her breasts and arse. She had to stoop a little to insert the DVD and they all watched as her skirt was pulled tight across her fat arse.

"I thought you might all have a good laugh at this. I found it among my ex's belongings. One of the many things I have found out about him since he left."

There were a few sympathetic noises from the group of friends but the Italian-looking beauty ignored them. She couldn't wait to see if the film would have the same effect on her friends as it had on her. She could feel her pussy becoming moist in anticipation and squeezed her thighs together to try to control her lust.

The other four women giggled a little as the film began and they realised what it was – a catfight! None of them had ever seen anything like it but Maria would have been glad if she had known that hers weren't the only knickers that had a damp spot as the film continued.

They sat transfixed as the action continued on the big screen: hot girls of all shapes and sizes were wrestling for dominance, wearing bikinis or parts of them, with tag team and one-on-one lesbian matches featuring girl-girl sex when the winner tied up, dominated, humiliated and brutally fucked the loser -- any way she wanted!

Alexis couldn't tear her eyes away but was aware the others were just as mesmerised. Caroline, the only true redhead among them, was squirming in the deep cushions of the couch. She was a mother of two, bigger than the others is just about every way, but her most amazing feature was her flaming red hair which never failed to turn mens heads even if she secretly wished it would turn the heads of her friends instead.

She watched in disbelief as one obvious newcomer tried to take on an experienced tag team just because she looked stronger than the two of them. Caroline couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to be standing there, waiting to fight, wearing only a tiny bikini, surrounded by her cheering friends. She knew that her knickers were getting wetter by the minute as she watched the tag team tear their victim's bikini to shreds before taking their "winnings" – each of them attaching a big, hard strap-on and fucking the loser, one in the pussy and one in the arse.

Alexis' knickers were also wet but she didn't know how the film was affecting her other friends. She didn't know, for instance, that Jessica was squirming on the couch because she wasn't wearing any knickers and she was suddenly afraid that her pussy juices were going to leak out onto Maria's couch. She had watched lesbian porn before, they all had and they had all watched it together before becoming very conscious that they were five attractive women all getting turned on by other attractive women having incredibly hot sex.

But this was different; she couldn't believe the brutality of it yet something about the nipple pinching, arse fingering, and pussy slapping was doing things to her own cunt, reigniting feelings that she had forgotten all about. Her husband could never keep up with her insatiable needs but now, she thought, perhaps some of these wrestlers could tame her wild, body.

The final friend was desperate to rub her pussy; she could feel her nipples straining against her bra; she could feel her pussy lips rubbing against her tiny thong and Lara knew that if something didn't happen soon then she was going to have to excuse herself and hide in one of Maria's many toilets so she could bring masturbate at the memory of those gorgeous female bodies rolling around the floor while they punished each other.

Alexis wouldn't have been surprised by her friends reactions if she had known their knickers were as wet as her own. They had always been highly sexual women and now, seeing other nearly-naked women having violent fun, she would have been more surprised if they hadn't reacted. She knew that her breasts were bigger by far than any of the others and she could easily imagine her 40dds coming into action in a wrestling match.

They all somehow made it to the end of the film and, just as the credits were rolling, they saw an advert about how to stage your own wrestling match. They laughed nervously about how much fun they could have if they organised such an event for themselves but they told themselves that no one was being serious – no one, that is, except Maria who had already taken a note of the number and who, after secretly watching her friends' reactions, thoroughly intended to call the number in the morning.

The Phone Call

Maria steeled herself as she punched the numbers on her phone and very nearly hung up before she finally heard a sexy female voice on the other end of the line. Maria explained that she had seen the film and would like to arrange a match for her and her four friends.

The other woman, Gemma, explained that once she agreed to host such an event then all control would be taken from her hands and given to the organisers. Maria hesitated on hearing this but, she reminded herself, she hadn't been fucked in months and she couldn't get the idea of those huge strap-ons out of her mind. Nervously she agreed and Gemma proceeded to tell her the rules.

The Invitation

The following Friday, the five women were once again gathered at Maria's, ready to party. She made sure they had all had a few drinks before she told them she had a surprise for them. Refusing to tell them any more, she gave them all an address in the most exclusive part of town and told them all to be there at 10.00 o'clock the next morning – and to bring their bikinis. Thinking that Maria must have already snared another wealthy man, they all agreed, looking forward to a day by the pool.

The Rules

Maria met them at the high gates leading to the magnificent house they had all been invited to. When she pressed the buzzer by the side of the iron gates and announced who she was, the gates swung open and they made their way up the long drive. They couldn't help but be impressed by the manicured lawns and obviously expensive flowers and shrubs.

Maria, still trying to pretend she wasn't nervous, and still refusing to tell her friends any more about the day ahead, knocked on the huge white doors and waited. The door opened silently and they were welcomed in by a striking looking blonde woman, dressed in a traditional maid's uniform.

The maid escorted them through the tastefully decorated house. Everywhere they turned, they could see evidence of good taste and lots of money. Eventually, the maid opened two adjoining doors and stepped back. The women entered what was obviously an indoor swimming pool room but the pool itself was covered by a retractable floor covered in turn with wrestling mats and, in the middle of it, stood ten of the most athletic women they had ever seen.

They were all dressed in tiny bikinis so that their large breasts and obviously bald pussies were barely covered. One of them stepped forward and asked for Maria. The short woman felt dwarfed by the other bikini-clad woman and felt her fingers being crushed as they shook hands. Introducing herself as Gemma, the gorgeous long-haired woman addressed the group of friends.

"You are probably all wondering why you are here. Let me explain. Your friend has asked us to provide you with some entertainment. We are a professional Catfighting team and I believe you may have seen us in action already in the film you watched at Maria's. Today, you have been volunteered to play the part of our competitors and I am sure you will all enjoy what is about to happen. I would like you all to follow the maid and she will show you where you may change into your bikinis."

The five friends practically ran out of the room and four of them crowded around Maria, the smallest of the group.

"What on earth did you think you were doing?" they all demanded.

"I thought it would be fun," she almost whimpered. "You all seemed to enjoy the film so I thought we would enjoy doing it for real."

Almost embarrassingly, the others did remember how much they had enjoyed the film, and how wet their knickers had been, except for Jessica, of course, who hadn't been wearing any. They grudgingly admitted this to Maria and their plump friend regained some of her composure.

"Come on; it'll be fun," she encouraged.

The others tried to join in her excitement but Alexis knew what she was thinking about and she was sure, by the looks on their faces, that the others were thinking the same thing too – what happened if they lost? They had seen what had happened in the film and couldn't believe that was going to happen to them. Maria smiled to herself; she alone knew what she had signed them up to and couldn't wait to lose.

They followed the maid to another opulent room and quickly changed. The all liked Maria and didn't want to upset her by letting her know they had major reservations about her choice of entertainment. But they were here now, so they might as well make the most of it.

They were comfortable getting changed in the one room. They had all been swimming many times before and had enjoyed numerous days at the local spa so, undressing in front of each other was nothing new. Very quickly they were all changed into their fashionable bikinis; they weren't as small as the ones the professionals were wearing but these were still five very attractive, very sexy women. They were proud of their bodies and, once more, followed the maid back to the arena with their heads held high.

Once they saw the wrestlers again, however, some of their courage deserted them. These ten women were all perfect examples of how toned bodies could also be incredibly sexy and the five friends suddenly felt very intimidated. Once more, Gemma was the one to speak first.

"Before I tell you the rules, let me explain how we will decide who you will be fighting. In the bowl in front of you are five numbers, each one relating to the number of the disc we have tied to our wrists. You will each take a ticket from the bowl and, once we know who we will all be facing, each of us will take a ticket from the second bowl, also numbered one to five, and that will determine the order of the fights."

The five women were starting to feel more and more nervous as the point of no return was faced. The maid passed in front of them and each withdrew a ticket from the bowl she held. Unfolding their tickets slowly, the women looked across the room at their challengers and each of them shuddered at the thought of being wrestled by these frightening amazons.

Once everyone knew their opponent, and the professionals had chosen their tickets to produce the order in which the fights would take place, Gemma once more addressed the room.

"Now I will explain to you the rules of our competition. Each fight will begin with the competitors facing each other on their knees. The areas of conflict will be your tits, your pussies and your arses. Other than that there are no rules. Does everyone understand? Good. Then let battle commence."

The Fights

Maria had drawn the first match, just as she had planned the day before with Gemma. She was never really comfortable in front of the other girls when she was wearing her bikini. They were all taller and thinner than her but she planned to put her extra pounds to good use in her bout. When she looked at her opponents, however, she knew she was hopelessly mismatched. They were like twins, both blonde, and their extra pounds were solid muscle.

As instructed, the fight began with one of the twins facing Maria, both of them on their knees. The two women locked hands as soon as Ashley, the referee and the only woman in the room not wearing a bikini, blew her whistle to start the challenge. Maria was heavier than her opponent, Jane, and tried to push her over.

What Maria didn't see, however, was Jane's partner, Angela, crawl round behind her while she was facing the other way. Concentrating so hard on not letting Jane push her over, Maria was taken by surprise when Angela reached round from behind and tore her bra off. Her large tits popped out for all to see and all the professionals laughed at her being caught so easily.

As Jane still had her fingers locked between Maria's the poor woman could do nothing but shriek when Angela started to slap her breasts. She had never been treated so violently and her tears began to flow as she realised she had no one to blame but herself. This was all her idea and now they were all going to pay a heavy price.

Forcing her backwards, while Angela pulled on her shoulders, Jane knew they had Maria exactly where they wanted her. Letting Angela take over grasping Maria's trembling hands, she knelt over the frightened woman's and grabbed her bountiful tits, one in each hand. Squeezing hard, she watched as Maria's face contorted in pain and wondered if this plump, little woman could take all that she had coming to her.

That wasn't her concern, however; she had a job to do and was being well paid for it. Releasing her captive's tits, she crawled across Maria's face and the poor woman knew the wrestler's cunt was only inches away from her mouth. Leaning forward, Jane once more took over the responsibility of holding Maria's arms in place as Angela rushed round on her hands and knees to get between Maria's frantically kicking legs.

Slapping their prisoner on each of her heavy thighs soon stopped the kicking and Angela smiled an evil grin as she grabbed Maria's bikini bottom and roughly pulled it down her chubby legs. The poor woman fought hard to hold back her sobs, realising that her friends and the other wrestlers could now see her puffy lips and her dripping slit.

"You belong to us now, bitch," whispered Jane into her ear as Angela opened her legs and moved menacingly between them. She could feel her opponent begin to play roughly with her pussy and, just as she was prepared to submit once again, Jane straddled her head and sat down on Maria's mouth. Pulling her own bikini bottom to the side, she presented her sweaty cunt to Maria's reluctant mouth.

"You don't get to submit until you've tasted my juices," she sneered but Maria shook her head from side to side, refusing to taste another woman's pussy for the first time ever. At least, she refused until she felt Angela force her clit out of its hood and clamp down with her teeth on it. As if that wasn't bad enough, the defeated woman could feel Angela sticking two fingers hard up her pussy and fucking her with them.

She tried to surrender again but her mouth was muffled by Jane's crotch and all she could do was lie there, trapped, naked and aroused. She could smell Jane's pussy and she was sure Angela would be able to smell hers. More concerning however was the fact that Angela was know fucking her with four fingers and Maria knew she couldn't take any more.

With one almighty effort Maria screamed and thrashed her body so violently she nearly threw Jane off – nearly, but not quite. When the professional wrestler once more offered her pussy, Maria was only too willing to run her tongue along the cruel woman's wet slit. Angela and Jane stood up, gave each other a high-five, and walked over to join the rest of their team.

Maria lay on the mat, her naked body exhausted and covered in sweat, thinking, if that was them taking it easy because she had paid them, what would they do to her friends. Just as she was about to get up, she saw Jane walking back towards her and she fell back to the floor, pleading for mercy.

"Forgot to tell you, fat arse, when this is over I'm going to have you. And you won't believe the size of my strap on."

Round Two

As Maria crawled back to her friends, feeling sore in places she had never imagined, her friends rushed to help her to her feet. As they escorted her back to their end of the room, however, none of them were rushing to be next on the mats. They had all watched in horror at what had happened to their friend, (even if some of them secretly told themselves she had no one to blame but herself), and no one wanted the same kind of treatment.

Jessica knew, however, that it was her turn. She had drawn number 2 and was actually quietly confident that she could handle herself better than her fatter friend. She was taller and fitter and her two opponents looked too small to do her any real damage. Once more the contestants faced each other on the mats and knelt down. Even on her knees Jessica could look down on her opponents and she smiled to herself, confidently.

Big mistake! As soon as Ashley blew the whistle to begin the bout, the two wrestlers launched themselves at their unsuspecting foe. Even on their knees, they were more than a match for the tall housewife and they soon had her on her back, floundering. Her bikini lasted no longer than Maria's and soon she was naked and at the mercy of these two intimidating women.

Just as with Maria, the two wrestlers took control of either end of Jessica's long, beautiful body and began their double act. She was commanded to hold her own tits and offer them to her jailer. Tina laughed as the woman below her offered up her breasts as she was told and began to slap them, lightly at first, then harder. Her friends watched as Jessica's tits wobbled and bounced with each blow. Tina loved slapping the breasts of any woman she had first defeated and she interrupted her slaps only to twists Jessica's rock hard nipples

"Slap her tits! Slap her tits!" cheered Tina's team mates and she was delighted to do just that. Jessica's breasts were getting more and more red with every slap while Tina continued to laugh as she watched them bobble beneath her hands.

But that wasn't all the poor woman had to worry about. She now became aware of Helen between her legs and began to worry what was going to happen between her legs. Swinging herself over the prostrate woman, Helen knelt with her back to Tina, straddling Jessica's waist, her wide open pussy exposed to the ministrations of the wrestler.

Helen reached down and took Jessica's pussy lips tightly between her thumb and index finger, pulling hard and stretching those lips way beyond the woman's experience. This continued until the woman surprised her friends by involuntarily raising her hips as if asking for more. Just as it began to look like Jessica was actually enjoying the roughest treatment she had ever endured, it stopped.

With a sharp slap to her dripping pussy, Helen brought Jessica back to reality. It had only been three fingertips but to Jessica it felt like a heavyweight's fist. Her mouth screamed but her body trembled in anticipation. It seemed to take forever but, when the second blow fell, Jessicaa thought she had gone to hell – and realised it might be heaven.

The slow, steady rhythmic spanking continued for several minutes and Jessica squirmed in pain and pleasure beneath each blow. Helen could feel the woman's breathing become more and more rapid until she was sure Jessica was going to cum. That's when she stopped.

The two wrestlers climbed off her and looked down witheringly at her. She looked back at them in disbelief and frustration. She was desperate to cum but she couldn't bring herself to beg them and they saw the confusion and regret in her face.

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