tagLoving WivesAli the "Big" Old Arab Ch. 2

Ali the "Big" Old Arab Ch. 2

byHorny Lene©

I released my husband from the chair and we followed him into the bedroom, where he again was tied to a chair beside our big bed.

I lay down on the bed and invited Ali to fuck me by spreading my legs.

Ali straddled across my breast and "forced" me to suck his soft cock, it was not soft for long.

Then Ali placed a pillow under my ass, he said: "Now my seed will have a better chance to stay where it belong, in that way there is a better chance for you to get pregnant!"

I felt his cock between my pussy lips, then a hard thrust and it went all the way up my pussy, I screamed loud and moaning; "Oooooooooh Ali ooooooooh!"

Ali fucked me hard and for a long time mumbling dirty words like; "Take this you whore!" and "Look at your horny wife, look how much she enjoys to get a decent cock in her cunt!"

I tried to slow him down a bit by putting my legs around his hips, but that was not what he wanted. He placed my legs on his shoulders, now I was fully open for his "attack" and he fucked me harder and faster while I moaned and screamed.

Oh it was so naughty, and the thought about that he very soon would fill my unprotected belly very soon, made the whole thing even more exiting.

Suddenly a big orgasm hit me, I moaned and screamed; "Ooooh yes Ali fuck me ooooh yes fill my belly with your seed oooooooh yeeeeeeees!"

Ali pulled his cock almost out and filled my pussy with his hot seed, then he pressed his big cock back to the bottom of my pussy. I felt how the big fat cock sealed my pussy and I felt the pressure increasing, it was an extraordinary feeling, I just lay there moaning. Suddenly the pressure was to high and the seed squirted out between the walls of my pussy and the thick cock.

A moment later Ali pulled his cock out and pressed the last drops of seed out over my pussy.

Then he said; "You have to lay there for 10 minutes, so my seed have a better chance to reach your womb!"

I nodded my head and obeyed, Ali sat beside me and caressed my belly and tits.

Then his eyes catches 2 extra pair of handcuffs lying on the table beside the bed, there was also some ropes and straps for the ankles.

Fast and before I realized what happened my hands were chained to the bed head, then he spread my legs and put straps around my ankles and tied my legs to the bed head and well spread.

I was now fully open and completely helpless, Ali could use me just as he pleases.

He sat there playing with my tits and rubbed his cock, it was growing fast again and soon it was ready for action again.

Then he said; "Now you little whore, now you are going to get my cock again!"

He thrusts his big cock up in my pussy, it was a bit easier this time, my pussy has been stretched by his big cock before, and the amount of juices in my pussy helped a bit too.

He fucked me hard with deep thrusts, while moaning; "Danish whore!" - "Horny bitch!" - "Now you are going to get pregnant bitch!" and addressed to my husband he said; "Listen, listen how your wife enjoys that I do the things to her that you can't manage!" - "Listen and hear how she enjoys my big cock!"

He fucked on and I got a couple of minor orgasms while he did that, then he filled my pussy again.

After that he sat down beside me and caressed my thighs, tits and belly.

In that position I was tied in, I could see the stream of seed oozing from my stretched pussy and my pubic hair was soaked in seed.

5-10 minutes later Ali released my legs and said; "You may have a break Lene, I want something to drink!" He asked where the fridge was and left us alone.

A couple of minutes later he came back, without a word he straddled across my chest and "forced" me to suck his cock.

When his cock was hard again, he fucked me again, my arms were still handcuffed to the bed head, but my legs were free.

This time Ali accepted that I slowed him down a bit, but he could not help saying; "Well Lene you want to enjoy my cock a little longer, you like my big cock Lene?"

I panted; "Yes Ali it's so big and feels so good!"

Ali laughed and said; "Is my big cock better than your husbands?"

I don't reply.

Ali pulled his cock out of my pussy and repeated his question; "Is my big cock better than your husbands?"

I panted; "Ooooh Ali fuck me now, fuck me!"

Ali said; "Not before you have answered my question Lene!"

I said in a low voice; "Yes Ali much better!"

Ali said; "I can't hear you Lene, say it out loud!"

My pussy was so hot and horny and I shouted; "Yes Ali your cock is much better, fuck me now!"

Ali smiled scornful at my helpless husband and hammered his cock in my pussy and fucked me again.

When he some time later filled my pussy again, he uncuffed my arms and began to caress my body.

Then he said; "I like your husbands idea about the guestroom in his fantasy, let him loose so he can go up to bed, I want you for my self before we go to sleep.

I got on my feet and I felt Ali's seed running down my thighs, and would clean my self up a bit, but Ali said; "No Lene your husband must see how much seed I have put in your belly."

I uncuffed my husband and released his legs and removed the gag and kissed him goodnight.

He gave me a hug and vent out the door; a moment later I heard the door in the guestroom right over our bedroom.

I felt a little pity for him, but it was his own idea, and he have given his permit to this meeting; the idea about him sleeping in the guestroom was his own idea.

I lay down on the bed beside Ali.

Ali began to caress me and licked my nipples and gave them small love bites, then his tongue vent down my trembling body getting closer to my pussy, he licked my pussy and clitoris until I was at the edge, then he stopped, he did that a couple of times and at last I was nearly desperate.

Then he continued, I screamed and howled when the orgasm at last hit me and shake my body, then I was lying on the bed panting.

Ali placed his cock against my mouth, I opened my mouth and licked his big cock, and soon it was real hard again.

Ali lay down on his back and said; "Now it's your turn Lene, ride my big cock like the whore you are, come on!"

I straddled across Ali's body and placed his cock at the right spot and slowly I impaled my self on his big fat cock, I was riding him with slow movements, massaging his cock with my pussy, he lay flat on his back and enjoyed it with a big smile on his face.

At last he got impatient and grabbed my hips and forced me down over his cock and fucked me faster and faster, then he rolled us around, so I was on my back now, now he fucked me like a mad man, hard deep thrusts, the bed squeaked so I thought that it would collapse under us.

It didn't!

When he filled my pussy with his seed he said; "Don't wash your self until tomorrow Lene, my seed shall have a chance to do the job!"

We lay near each other, I was a bit sore and was happy to get a break.

I closed my eyes, and my last thoughts were at my husband.

Then I fell asleep.

Saturday morning I woke up, my thighs were nearly glued together with dried up seed, my pubic hair has stiff.

I vent to the bathroom to get a quick shower.

When I got back, Ali was awake. I told him that I wanted to make some breakfast for us, but Ali had another idea.

He said; "No, no Lene first you have an injection of my seed, then you may fix the breakfast!"

He started to lick me until I was at the edge, then he pressed his big cock in my pussy and fucked me, only 3-4 thrusts then I came in a big orgasm, I screamed and moaned, while Ali just kept on fucking me, I heard the door open and my husbands voice; "Good morning!"

The only sounds that left me was moaning and panting, but I heard Ali grunt; "God morning!"

My eyes were closed as I lay on the bed on my knees and with my head, shoulders and breasts flat on the bed. I opened my eyes and looked into my husbands, he sat down on the chair and looked at me.

I smiled at him and moaned; "Ooooooh yes Ali fuck me real hard!" - "Fuuuuck meee!" - "Ooooooh yeees ooooooh!"

I heard Ali say; "Listen to that horny wife of yours, hear how she begs me to fuck her!"

He followed up on his words with fucking even harder than before; there was a loud "smack" every time our bodies meet.

Now the orgasm hit me, my body was in convulsions and I screamed loud and moaning; "Oooooooh yeeeeeeees Ali, I coming oooooooh yeeeees!

Ali gave me a couple of hard thrusts and came with a roar; "Nooow Lene I'm comiiiing!"

He hold me tight to keep me on my knees so his cock won't slide out of me.

A little later he pulled his cock out and said; "Now you stay in that position Lene, then my seed can do a better job for you."

8-10 minutes later Ali was satisfied. Then I was allowed to wash a bit up before breakfast.

Some minutes later I joined the others in the kitchen, I sat down beside Ali.

All the time he had one of his hands under the table caressing my thighs and pussy, it was hard to drink the coffee without spilling.

Addressed to my husband Ali said; "It's a lovely wife you have, don't you look forward to fuck her again?"

My husband looked me in the eyes and said; "Sure Ali, I look forward to fuck her again!"

Ali continued; "Then it's a shame that you have to wait until tomorrow, better hope for her not being too sore tomorrow!

When we had finished the breakfast, my husband told me, that he would go down to a nearby stream fishing, I think it was too much for him right now, he would not spoil the fun for me, so he left us alone.

He said; "Have fun!" Ali said as I kissed my husband goodbye; "Don't you worry, I'll take real good care of your wife." Then my husband left us alone.

Ali certainly would take good care of me; he dragged me into the living room and fucked me on the dining table. I had my legs on his shoulders, so my pussy was exposed to him, he fucked me hard and at last he filled my pussy again, while my pussy milked his big cock in convulsions, when I had another orgasm.

After that we sat talking for a while, he talked about his home country, his wife and the Swedish girls he had fucked.

His cock began to harden again, I kneeled in front of him and sucked and licked his cock until it was hard and big again.

Ali pushed me down on the table face down; he spread my legs and fucked me hard from behind.

I was screaming and moaning, it was so great, I got another orgasm before we both came simultaneously, I could feel how his cock become thicker every time a shot of seed was pouring out of him.

I lay on the table some time after Ali had pulled his cock out, I was panting for quite some time.

Again we talked for some time, then we had lunch, while we eat Ali could not hold his fingers to him self, all the time he kept fingering my pussy.

Then back to the living room, Ali pushed me down on my back on our couch, placed my left leg on the back of the couch, my right leg on the coffee table.

Then he entered my pussy and fucked me again, he fucked me like mad, I moaned and whimpered, I was obsessed by his big cock and moaned time after time; "Fuck me Ali, fuck me now!"

Suddenly his muscles became hard, he plunged his cock to the bottom of my pussy and groaned loudly; "Oooooh yes, here it comes oooh!"

I could feel his seed fill my pussy in thick squirts filling me to the limit and some more, then I came too, I grabbed his hips with my legs and pressed him deep into my pussy.

We lay in that way while his cock slowly shrinks inside me.

That is a feeling I like nearly as much as feeling a cock grow in my mouth.

After that we talked for some time again.

Then Ali pulled me into the bedroom, he lay down on his back with his big cock right before my eyes.

He said; "Now Lene it's your time to do all the work, lick my cock and ride it.

I kneeled beside him and licked, sucked and rubbed his cock soon it was hard again.

Slowly I straddled him and placed his big cock the right place, slowly I impaled my self on his big thick pole, ooh the feeling when it pressed against my womb and pressed it longer up in my belly.

Ali grabbed my tits and kneaded them.

Slowly I moved on the big cock, it was great to set the pace, as long as it would last.

Suddenly it was too much for Ali, he grabbed my hips and pressed me harder down over his cock every time it hits the bottom.

I moaned and whimpered and feel flat on his chest as the orgasm hit me, I felt the convulsions in Ali's cock, then the seed came pouring from his cock, it ran down his cock and over his balls and makes a puddle on the sheet.

Ali pushed me down on my back, he caressed my body, and it was just great and shortly after my husband came back.

He had caught a fine trout for our supper.

While I cooked the supper, Ali and my husband played cards for nickels, it was not the price, if my husband won all the nickels from Ali, he would have me for the rest of the day and night too.

Then it would be Ali who must use the guestroom for the night, and Ali should be allowed to fuck me Sunday before leaving.

My poor husband lost and Ali won.

I was not the least bit sorry for that, my husband I have every day, but Ali's big cock I only have as a loan.

After dinner Ali fetched a video in his car, of cause it was a video where a big coloured guy fucked a white girl, there was it all, blowjob, fucking in pussy and ass, and as the last a cumshot in her white face.

It was not much I saw of the video, I had to kneel between Ali's legs and suck and lick his cock, and keep him on the edge as long as the movie lasted.

When the video was finished Ali was really horny, pushed me down on all four and fucked me in my pussy from behind.

I could not keep up with him, only 3-4 thrusts before he filled my pussy with his seed.

He compensated for that, by placing me in the chair, my legs over the armrests and he licked my pussy until I came, it was great. I pressed Ali's face against my soaking pussy as I came shouting; "Oooooooh Ali greeeeeaaaat ooooooooooh!"

After that we talked for some time and Ali said laughing; "Well Lene do you think you are pregnant by now?"

I smiled and said; "No Ali certainly not, not yet Ali!"

Ali smiled and said; "Then we must do something about that, follow me to the bedroom!"

He turned his face in the direction of my husband and said; "If you want to watch, you have to be tied up and gagged!"

My husband nodded his head and followed us.

I tied him to the chair close to the bed, so close he could not only watch the show, he also could sense the scents of our lovemaking.

Ali chained my arms to the bed head and blindfolded me.

I could feel his hands all over my trembling body, he kneaded my tits, and pinched my nipples then his hands slides down my belly and down my thighs, he pressed my thighs aside, my pussy was totally open for an attack.

I felt the big head slide between my pussy lips and moaned; "Ooooh no Ali don't tease me, take me like the whore I am!"

Ali continued playing with his cock in my entrance, I became more and more desperate I only wished he would thrust his big cock in me to the hilt and "rape" me, fuck me with no mercy.

Ali continued teasing me, it felt like forever, and I begged him to fuck me.

Then at last, one hard thrust, right to the hilt, I screamed loud and moaning; "Oooooh yeeees Ali fuuuuck meeeee ooooooh!"

Ali did just that, he fucked me real hard, and after all the teasing it didn't last long before the orgasm hit me hard.

I screamed loudly and crushed him with my legs.

When my orgasm was over he fucked on, I could hear his breathing become heavy and know the end was near, I was pretty close at a new orgasm and I came just a second after Ali had filled my belly with seed again.

A little later he pulled his cock out again, I could feel our mixed juices pouring from my stretched pussy.

I heard Ali say to my husband; "Look at all the seed pouring from your wife's cunt, that is not the only seed I have delivered in her belly, there are a lot of it in her womb right now, there it will swell now and become a big healthy Muslim boy, you bet on that.

He continued; "What do you think about that?"

A real stupid question, my husband was gagged and could not answer.

Ali lay beside me and caressed my trembling body, he was so tender and it was just great.

Some time later he straddled me and "forced" me to lick and suck his cock ready again.

He used the time to talk to my husband; "Look how your wife sucks my cock, she just love something big doesn't she!" - "I certainly would not let another man fuck my wife!"

Then he was ready again, he fucked me again in front of my husband. It was so naughty, the thought of my helpless husband sitting there knowing that Ali was trying to impregnate me was so wild, I sure would do my part to make the show worth watching.

When Ali entered my pussy I screamed; "Oooh Ali fuck me again, fuck me with your lovely big fat cock, at last a cock I can feel!"

Ali said with a laugh; "Of course you can feel MY cock Lene, cant you feel your husbands?"

I moaned; "Oooh Ali oooh, fuck me hard real hard ooooh!"

Ali groaned; "Can't you feel your husbands dick Lene?"

I moaned knowing that it would excite them both even when I know it wasn't true; "Nooo Ali, that little dick he is carrying around, can't satisfy me as much as one of his fingers ooooh!"

Ali groaned; "Then I will give you the feeling you long for!"

He then fucked me even harder, he would like to show what big stud he was, just as I planned, and my husband, he was a bit submissive, mostly on the mental plan, so I knew he would love it, I knew that from former affairs.

When Ali at last hammered his cock in my pussy and poured his seed deep into my belly, I came in a big orgasm, so big I passed out for some time, how long I don't know.

When I gained conscience my husband was gone. Ali followed my eyes and said; "He has gone to bed Lene, and now I'll fuck you one more time before we go to sleep.

I looked at Ali and said; "First I'll give my husband a goodnight kiss, I come back in a moment!"

I was about to clean my thighs from seed when Ali told me not to, he said; "That will show your husband the amount of seed I'm pouring into your belly, now hurry up I'm waiting!"

I hurried to the guestroom and kissed my husband goodnight, he said; "You don't mean what you said about my dick darling?"

I smiled and said; "Of course not, I knew it would excite Ali and you!"

He gave me a big hug and his hand was between my legs, when he looked at his hand it was full of pussyjuice and seed.

When I left the guestroom he said; "I look forward until tomorrow darling!"

I looked at him and said; "So do I!"

When I came back in our bedroom, Ali lay on his back and rubbed his hard cock.

He said; "I was just about to go and get you Lene!"

I looked at his cock and said; "How on earth could I desert such a big fine cock!"

Ali fucked me again hard and for a long time, he doesn't talk as much as before, but my husband wasn't there to mock, that was properly the reason.

Me I lay on my back whining and screaming, it sure was good we don't live in an apartment building, but have about 300 yards to the nearest neighbour.

At last Ali filled me with his sperm and said; "Don't wash it of until tomorrow morning Lene, you have to lye on this pillow and sleep, then I'm sure the seed will do its job.

I raised my ass and Ali placed a pillow under it, so my pussy was lifted.

He kissed me and went to sleep.

I was awake for a long time, I was thinking about the whole business, was it wrong what we have done, but if it was it sure was to late now to regret it, and now time would show which result it would give. After quite some time I fell asleep.

Sunday morning I woke up, Ali was cleaning my thighs and pussy with a wet washcloth to remove the dried up seed and pussyjuice, then he licked me.

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