Alice Manipulated Ch. 07


Beverley holds up the dildo to show Alice and has that animal look in her eyes. After her extended foreplay session the older woman is brimming with lustful passion for the pretty young thing in her pigtails and flat chest. "Now it's time for you to be fucked you little street urchin," she breathes like a woman possessed. This is the dark desire from deep within Beverley, to dominate and conquer her quarry. She holds real love in her heart for Alice but animal instinct makes her want to take her as if she's street prey and should be punished. This is how the older woman achieves her strongest orgasms; in fantasy doing the real thing

Alice reads her mood and knows Beverley just long enough to give her what she wants. "Are you really going to fuck me?" she bleats plaintively. "You only just brought me here to dance for you with nothing on and to let you watch me play with myself for some money and cigarettes and something to eat."

"Yes girl, but you got a shower and some fresh panties didn't you! Don't be ungrateful you little slut. Your sexy body is better than your attitude you prick teasing young tart. You deserve a good spanking for hanging about in places you shouldn't go. How old are you anyway with the smallest tits I've ever seen for someone your age? Don't tell me, I know, you are 18 I suppose like they all say. Well I take your word for it right now because your little pussy is begging to be banged like all your type, cheap and easy."

"You said we could have a hamburger first, I'm still hungry. Can I still have a hamburger?"

"Listen you'll get your hamburger but I've already eaten – munching into your cute sassy pussy, now tell me you like to be fucked by a woman." Alice doesn't answer.

"I can't hear you. Better say it loud and clear so you can get your tucker you little fucker"

Alice looks up at Beverley who is straddled over the smaller body lying flat on her back. She squeaks the words Beverley wants to hear and the older woman smiles triumphantly. "Oh please, please fuck me," she begs as Beverley picks up the ends of her pigtails and tugs on them, "I like to be fucked by a woman."

"Oh you do, do you, you little fucker and how often my little not so innocent street wise smarty pants?" Alice makes out she is a nervous and puts on her best plaintive face. "Once a night if I can. I look out for good looking women like you and dress sexy like tonight and say I need somewhere to sleep for the night knowing if she takes me home I will get sex."

"Ah, so you do like it eh? Just as well you aren't a schoolgirl you little bitch or I'd send you home. Anyway, get on your knees with your head on the sheets and your cute little arse up in the air so I can do it doggy. Just the thing, doggy for a foxy bitch. Too bad if you don't like it from behind."

"Yes, yes it's my favourite as I feel the cock more and I need to be taken rough like, but please don't hurt me."

"Listen you, I won't hurt you but I am going to fuck the living daylights out of you for being a street tart. Right?"

"Yes lady, do it to me"

"Do you let men fuck you too? Come on, I bet your daddy was the first."

"No, it was my uncle but my daddy used to do it when I went out and come home very late. Didn't matter I was 18 I had to be in by 1am or I'd be punished. I told the boyfriends when they got me in their car what would happen to me if they kept me out after 1 o'clock as my old man was real strict. They just laughed and made me stay out late deliberately knowing I'd be punished. I had to strip off for my old man and let him have his way with me. They thought that was real cool."

The dominant one thinks this is manna from heaven. "You kids at 18 think you know it all don't you; instant adults with all the answers to everything. Well you don't, you've got a lot to learn kiddo and I hope your old man enjoyed having you, it will teach you a lesson about discipline and respect."

"My daddy never hurt me but he never believed it was the boys' fault. He waited for me in my bedroom and it always lasted a long time with him, as my stepmother didn't care. I never liked her. She sometimes came in to watch him and say for someone 18 I haven't grown up because I don't listen when I'm told"

This entire well-orchestrated response from Alice is music to Beverley's ears as she pushes the girl's head into the bed sheets and tells her to open her pussy, not her mouth.

Beverley sinks the entire eight inches of the dildo into her seeing how wet her pussy is after such a sensual session of foreplay and role-play. Alice lets out a long Ohhhh! as the thickness of the dildo and the woman's weight behind it bring her back to her senses.

"Do you like this in you little bitch?" she shouts but not too loudly. The answer she gets from Alice is a continuous "Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh, Ohhh." Changing to jerky "Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhh, Uhhh" and "Oh fuck! Oh fuck!" as the older woman thrusts into her machine-like with varying angles to touch all parts of the youthful vagina and send her bonkers. Beverley only once slows her thrusts to lean down to Alice's face and enjoy seeing her mouth wide open moaning loudly. "Enjoying it slut?" she shouts in her ear with the head pressed into the bed sheet.


Beverley revs up again and Alice is panting, head going from one side to the other, mouth open crying out in pleasure, tongue darting about. The long turn- on session by Beverley and towards the end the mind games made her feel more erotic and dirty to be in the state of mind for powerful vaginal orgasms. As they sweep into her brain they feel like a tornado has hit her pussy and raced beyond all the way up the love tunnel and sending tributaries of sexual sensations through every erogenous area of her body. This is what it is like to be fucked good and proper. She releases the sexual tension with short sharp shrieks but Beverley keeps drilling her to take her further over the edge.

Beverley rolls her own tongue around her lips enjoying the spectacle of this young thing totally under her control. She knows Alice is rocked by more than one orgasm just watching her face contortions and her sounds. It is not the longest, but certainly the most arduous fuck for the younger one. After another 20 fast thrusts to the hilt, Beverley too, feels exhausted. She eases up and withdraws the weapon from the gaping vagina stretched wide to take the fat dildo. Both women are panting to get their breath back.

"Oh my God," puffs Alice." I am so fucked." "So am I darling but I had to do all the work while you, you little sweet thing just laid there almost upside down and enjoyed it. Was it good Alice?"

"Oh hell yes. It was sooo goood! I'll never forget it. I think I will miss you and Bruce when you go back this morning." They embrace again for a lengthy tongue kissing "good night" with the clock just going past 3am. For both of them it is a good night.

In the morning Bruce is up and about like a bird of prey. Alice has slept only four hours after her marathon lovemaking with Beverley and both women feel a bit hung over. Beverley convinces Bruce that Alice has been banged silly since they took her to the hotel so he should settle for a blowjob to cap things off.

"Come on Bruce, you ran that cam for two hours of us girls in bed so anything you missed out on shouldn't matter. You must have at least eight hours on record now of our fun with Alice, including the hour-long session she endured tied up and gagged with Knuckles He reluctantly agrees. Alice has been exceptionally receptive to all their fantasy wishes and in fact, exceeded them in performance. She deserves to give her pussy a rest but she wants to give Bruce a parting blowjob as his "kid," his favourite expression for his own daughter Cassie.

"You are one damn good fuck and I have to say even better than my little sweetie Cassie," he says earnestly to the amateur model. "Ok kid, we didn't have time for a final touchdown so I'll have the memories of them on the video and I want to thank you for pretending to be my Cassie while we had sex. It was beyond my expectations the way you did it and don't worry, we'll put in a good word about you to the Companion's Corner Club people." Alice likes the sound of that as she worries she won't earn the lush extra bonus if a client complained in any way. Luckily for her, liking the feel and taste of cum so much, it was never a problem. Bruce has been pent up since midnight and he's ready to leave a big impression on.

Breakfast over, it is almost time to part company with Alice, dressed the way she arrived, wearing her erotically stimulating hot pink curve hugging thin material lycra mini shorts accentuated by sexy fat labia that helps her pussy stand out even more prominently due to her small build and short height.

Bruce holds his temporary sex pet by the shoulders. "Kid, you've been terrific but I want to get an extra final kick out of this. I'm pretending I see you at a bus stop looking so hot in that don't hide anything little shorts and since no one else is about I am drawing you into the doorway of a closed shop for a touch and go job." Alice nods, "Yes sir."

"Come here sweetie, you sure look sexy in that gear. How did you get out of the house wearing that down the street? Bet you caused a few old ladies to faint. You teenagers are such prick teasers. Look at that fat bulge between your legs, almost jumping out of your clothes eh? Here, let me feel if it's real."

"Oh yeah, it's real. Is it ever! Here, lean back against the doorway; no one's looking and spread them a bit more so I can get right under your crack." Alice draws a deep breath as she feels his fingers slide upwards from the bottom of the sheer cameltoe to lean on her clit and wriggle his index finger around it. She takes a second deep breath as the sexiness of what he's saying and how he's doing it lights the fire in her libido. She is pushing forward against his touch, extracting greater pleasure.

"That's good kid, you've done this before huh? I bet you have." He feels the dampness over the top of the deep crevice and squeezes the bulge around in his fingers until Alice is sure she is squishing below. The wetness increases as he tries to side his hand under her shorts but they are so tight trying to get his hand inside he almost gives up but resorts to dragging them down from where they sit low on her pelvic bone so the top of the buckled shorts comes halfway down her swollen pubic bone.

"Hey sexy pants you keep an eye out for anyone coming so I can feel around a bit and see this for myself. Yeah, that the way, you just keep lookout I can tell you've done stand-up jobs before. He pulls her head to him and they tongue kiss.

"Oh mister you make me feel so hot sliding your hands into my shorts. Slide them down a bit more; I want to feel it really good. I'll keep watch while you do it."

Alice likes to think she's the street-wise sexy pants chick being taken in a public place. Her pants are now down just below her pussy but she can't spread them much because the tight shorts restrict her a bit, but that doesn't stop getting a good look at her bare pussy and sliding his fingers into her then stirring them around. Her head leans back drawing deep breaths. This, in a street doorway, is so sexy for Alice to contemplate but she contemplates very well. It stirs her more as his fingering intensifies around her clitoris. She moans and sways her hips in a circular manner and pushes forward on his clutch of fingers with one free hand over his to hold him to the spot of her delight here knowing she's close to orgasm

"My God kiddo you have a sexy cunt. Bet I'm not the first one to tell you that," the stranger says. Alice makes soft ooooh, ooooh, ooooh sounds is moaning louder than before, feeling the cosy warm feeling of her own lubricating juices that were sticking against the tight lycra now wetting his urgent fingers. The sexual tension rises like a storm brewing, thundering along by the fantasy of where this is supposed to be happening. She is the precocious street urchin and he the walking by stranger. Alice knows her climax is close.

Within a minute it comes with a surge like a wave crashing and running up the beach and Alice is overcome, or cum over, with the sensation of total sweetness. Bruce feels her body stiffen and her long drawn out cry "Uhhhhh! Uhhhhhh! Uhhhhh! It's the sound he needs to hear one last time.

He goes to his knees, his face looking directly at the shiny damp fat pussy with the hot pink turn-on shorts pulled down just below it. "Ah, you're real wet there now you little hottie. Doesn't take much long for you young ones to cum does it? You wearing those pants is just asking for cock anyway so get on your knees and I'll give you a big one to make your day."

Alice kneels in the slave position. There is one last job is to be done and Bruce's erection stands straight out like a flagpole a foot from her face. She looks up at him as if she's asking permission. He nods, as she knows he would, and commences to lick his shaft. His balls are cradled in one hand, warm and cuddly with gentle squeezing that makes him want to shoot strong and direct when the time comes.

Her right hand is gripped around the bottom of his rod leaving another six inches in sight as her tongue glides to the underside top of the glans, the part of his cock she drools over. Her strokes are slow at first to tease him, then increasing to get his pulse racing. Bruce takes a deep breath knowing little Alice gives good head and maybe even just a better than his own daughter although not as sloppy.

Beverley watches, as her hand moves under her skirt.

Bruce feels the silky smooth suction of this young sex magnet's luscious full lips closing around the head of his cock and looks down at the pint sized chick as she swirls her enclosed mouth at changing angles around and around the glans as if she were sucking off the last of his cum. That's coming soon.

Just watching her perform in this universally favoured subservient kneeling position brings back erotic memories of his daughter Cassie. Girls just want to have fun; just ask singer Cindy Lauper, who made a top 10 hit song about it. And for Bruce with Alice's hot mouth working up and down the length of his penis, he's glad girls like having fun and soon as they can to acquire the taste for cum and become experts in technique. If they suck good they fuck good. Fact. Alice is an expert at 21.

Few things please a man more than the joy of watching a good looking young face level with his erection and putting sweet lips around his knob and drawing firmly around it with that beautiful in and out rhythm. Conversely few things please a girl more than having a hard cock at their fingertips with permission to put it in their mouth to taste, suck on and bring to a shuddering orgasm, hot jizz spurting on to their face and preferably as much as possible landing on their outstretched tongue waiting anxiously for it like a welcome mat.

Alice knows this, but it took her own doctor to educate her when her guardian uncle refused to give in to her hints to experiment with him many times before she landed her first job as a receptionist. Luckily for her, the dedicated doctor had good bedside manners. So now Bruce is beneficiary of Alice's lust for hard cock ever since the kind-hearted doctor demonstrated to her that big cocks can, and do, fit into tight little pussies like hers. Ever since, Alice remains besotted with the macho penis.

Bruce tingles inside from the feel of her wet warm sexy lips sliding up and down and around the thick girth of his manhood knowing at the end of the playtime she will bring him to the point of lost control and it will be all over – her face. Groaning, he loves the feel of her mouth sucking on his balls, one after the other and back again, her right hand never leaving his cock, moving the foreskin up and down in increasingly swift movements. She needs to almost chew away at his scrotum, as it's tight as a drum from anticipation.

Alice looks up at his flushed face as she flattens her tongue against the underside of the shaft and holds it upright and tongue and tip meet. Bruce feels the surge of desire increase higher now as she flicks the point of her tongue about the head, lapping across the top and looking closely at that place where she know the cum will spurt from soon. Around the side and underneath the head her tongue doesn't stay in one place long. The tip of her outstretched organ dances around, across, over and under his glans, savouring the smooth manly flesh she only once dreamed of finding more about once she started school where girls talk to each other.

Bruce looks anxiously down at her. "I'm close kid, I'm close. Get ready. Get ready. Quick!" She sees the engorged head of his penis is set to blow and quickly tilts her chin up and rests the end of his penis so the head is resting on her welcome mat tongue. "Arrrrgh," he shouts as the first and longest burst sails past her mouth, nose and forehead and lands with a thick splat in her freshly shampooed hair.

"Arrrgh," he shouts again and holds his penis down a bit to stop ejaculating away from her mouth, where she wants it. Alice gets her reward as she feels and tastes it on her tongue, then more and another lot inside her cheeks and slipping down the side of her tongue. He rests his cock just inside her bottom lip and jerks off three further but weaker spasms. Alice swallows most of the sperm that's laid a white mantle over her tongue and explores around her mouth for the rest of it hidden to the side of her tongue, under it and just behind her bottom teeth.

Loving taste and protein value of cum Alice always likes to swallow but likes to save some to smear over her face and of course, just enough to squeeze back on to the top of the penis to massage around the head with her mouth, one of man's most serene moments in sex. Bruce's throws back his head slightly, shouting, 'Oh my God, kid, that's beautiful. Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah."

While this is happening Beverley is interrupted by a knock on the door. It is Bernard and Lani arriving to pick up Alice They've arrived just in time to see their youngest model cleaning up Bruce's lofty dick. They stand and watch but she doesn't even notice, as the job's not finished.

Bruce feels shivers run up and down his spine as her tongue flickers across that very spot where the sperm spurted out. Alice loves to get up close and personal with the one-eyed python and delights sending her man into raptures like this. All that remains now is to lick the entire length of his shaft where some cum has dribbled so in the last minute of her work she covers every part of his cock and balls like a dog licking its dinner plate dry. Finally, his proud monument of rock hard manhood is reduced to a flaccid seven inches on the dangle.

In her element, she drains him dry of the last drop. The doctor told her with his first demonstration that she must not abandon the cock just because the man ejaculates. Cleaning it up and sucking the head of the penis, he explained to her as a novice in sex, is psychologically rewarding and the perfect way to complete a job well done, as man should likewise not abandon his woman once she orgasms. Alice, having first trained on the doctor's working tool, is very good at cleaning up cum, spending as much time as she needs on Bruce's weapon to ensure it is perfectly clean and dry again.

She looks up at Bruce, her face shiny damp from receded bits of cum that jettisoned on her cheeks when his first ejaculate flew over her face to land in her hair where it will stay unnoticed until her evening shower

"Kid, that's just great. Can't believe this has been so good with you, we'll have to come back for more one day," says a very relieved man.

Bravo, bravo," claps Bernard. "I see our lovely young lady is being very friendly this morning. Was she a good girl like this last night?"

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