tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAlice Manipulated Ch. 12

Alice Manipulated Ch. 12


In this chapter the horny hypnotherapist Dr D.G. Dalliance meets up with a devil in disguise, a spunky but rather sullied Sally. She's still the talk of her first job workplace,the public library from where she was sacked for her licentious behaviour without a licence. And later, her family trust him to straighten her out. Sally is just too big for her boots, the smart arse with a classy figure but no class at all when it comes to decorum.

And across town tiny Alice, the 4 feet 10 inch 21 year-old part-time model is taking a shower getting ready for tonight's Companion's Corner 'hire a fantasy model' assignment. She's booked to appear before the town's intensely disliked Judge Jurie in a hush hush arrangement that's cost him heaps of money. He likes to keep his own extra curricula and notably nocturnal fetishes secret from the public and he pays well to keep his court room image intact.

The Companion's Corner adult services business though gives him an outlet for his most fiendish fetish and Alice is the archetype of his fantasies. She's just 21, short with a small frame and merely big buds for boobs, a baby-faced good looking gal with a youthful tight figure making her look younger than she is.

Even the judge's first attempt to book her was adjourned for a month because others beat him to it seeking her Hollywood style role playing ability to act out fantasies and leaving clients exhausted but thankful.

Back on song though to kick proceedings off, the deviate Dr Dalliance is studying the background notes on Sally trying to work out why a good looking 5 feet 10 inch tall just turned 18 year-old chick with a sexy 36-20-33 figure and striking tight black curly hair to her shoulders would be so nasty to men. He looks at the picture supplied to him and shakes his head. Even in an earlier family photo she looks hot. You can tell the type just looking at her eyes and her mouth; hot, yes, and the kind of miss even a married man would like to mess with if his missus wasn't making it with him. So pretty, he thinks, and mature enough in the body so why does she act like a brat? He's about to find out.

She's just arrived and he opens the door to a tallish but strikingly attractive brown-eyed young lady whose first gesture is to pop bubble gum at him. She chews on it as he welcomes her. "It's nice to meet you Sally," he says as she cuts him off short. "Can't say the same about you" she says testily and as he ushers her inside he knows the background notes weren't exaggerated about her attitude. "I'm only here to shut them up complaining. You're wasting your time buddy if you think I'll listen to you."

It takes only an instant for him to sum her up; she's not just a smarty pants but likely not to be even wearing any. She's a stand-out prick teaser if ever he met one judging by the way she's dressed and it certainly supports the evidence about her dress sense in the background reports he just read about her. She's wearing a denim micro mini skirt that somehow hangs on her hips but so low it barely covers her pubic bone and he knows instantly it must be shaved or some hair would be showing. 'Provocative dress sense' is mentioned in her behavioural approach and the top she's wearing leaves little to the imagination.

This saucy Sally seems to go out of her way to get her points across whenever she's fronted by someone. She's not wearing a bra under the light grey thin nylon shirt that's tied in a knot below her ample bust line and the points she's communicating is that her breasts are so shapely they speak for her maturity without her saying a word. Even though she was expelled from high school for unseemly conduct before getting a casual job at the local library - it lasted one week - the hypnotherapist can see no respectable business would employ her the way she fronts up. She wears sandals at the end of her long legs with the kind of thighs to make any man sigh and that's just what he does as he watches her sit back in the sumptuous seat he's set aside for female patients he can more easily observe if they're wearing short skirts.

"Armchair seat, eh doc, am I sitting back far enough for you to look up my skirt?" she quips as her way of appreciating the comfortable seat.

"Don't jump to conclusions young lady," he answers, seeing she's wearing a skimpy black lace thong, the micro mini length outfit unable to get past the tops of her thighs and providing a panoramic picture between the shapely legs she deliberately keeps a foot apart.

"Now, let's get down to business Sally, I've been reading reports sent to me by your folks and even as far back as your old school before you were expelled and it's not a good picture of your past I'm afraid. I'm here to help you about your somewhat obnoxious manners and the way you go about flaunting yourself like a girl that hasn't grown up," he says sternly with the need to put more authority into his voice.

You're 18 going on 15 by your present manners, it's nothing to be proud of.

She keeps chewing her gum and blows another bubble at him, making it pop suggestively as if to suggest she likes doing things in front of a man that end in a sudden climax. "Sally, do you mind chewing that gum in such a childish manner, it's quite rude when someone's speaking to you and it's the kind of behaviour I'd expect in the school yard and not here at your age," he says more authoritively.

Sally shrugs her shoulders at him nonchalantly. "Not a bad body though for someone my age, eh? See you checkin' me out, just like all the rest."

"I'll ignore that remark thank you. Now what is it with you young lady that makes you display such disrespect for others? It seems you were like it when you went to school and you were kicked out last year and you're just as bad at home, you haven't got a job yet and already I can see you don't care much to be here right now."

"You got it mister, I'm only here 'cause of the harpin' at home. Besides my uncle brought me here last week I could tell you were the kind of do-gooder that I reckon that secretly likes a bit of young skirt; bet I'm not wrong, that's why I'm givin' you a good look right now; bet you like what you see huh?"

If this saucy Sally's not careful she could end up a sordid Sally, sort of. If he can hypnotise her after the chat's over he'll more than straighten her out. "I can see my dear Sally that you have a tongue that needs put in its place and..."

"You into French kissin' too eh?" she cuts in. "That what you want me to show you, how I do it or is it somethin' else that men like?"

"Young lady! I'm here to help you on behalf of the whole nation the way you are heading and I'm certainly not here to take your back chat. Now grow up and act your age for a change and show me you can demonstrate some maturity instead of this juvenile behaviour."

"Sorry mister, are you askin' me to show ya how big my tits are? That's showin' maturity isn't it?"she says cheekily as she jiggles them in each hand knowing he's already got a hard on behind his nice neat white panama casuals. With an eight-inch plus dick it's hard to conceal. "Hey, these boobs are real. Bet you'd love to get your hands on them," she teases.

He ignores her remark and gets out of his chair parked opposite her long legs and draws the curtains, puts on two table lamps so it's a more subdued setting and goes to his small bar in the corner and pours himself a glass of chardonnay. She watches him without speaking.

"How tall did you say you were?" he asks.

"I didn't say. Anyway I'm five feet t-e-n inches," she spells out with emphasis on the ten inches. "See I've got ten inches so how about you?" she throws at him. "You know, like the sports master at my old school, he was a black guy and they're all so well hung and he showed me but I didn't get the chance to see if he knew how to use it. So how big is yours doc?"

"My size is of no concern to you, I'm a professional and I'm taking all this in so I know how to handle your situation."

Sally's not sensual, she's straight up front. "Ha! That's a laugh, I bet I know what you mean by handling me. Just like the friggin' teachers at school, they don't mind touching me up but I get expelled for kissin' another girl."

He looks over the notes before him, puts his right hand on his chin and looks her in the eyes. "Sally according to this report that girl you were kissing as you call it was on her back with her dress up and her legs apart in what adults call cunnilingus. In this report you're quoted as saying you did it because you wanted to hear a girl moaning, when she's aroused you got sprung."

"Okay Mister Do-gooder I'll have you know I wasn't in the middle of the floor doin' it I was behind a row of book shelves and that made it private to me. Besides I made her come so it wasn't all for nuthin,' was it?"

He draws a deep breath sizing up her slutty attitude wondering how he can help her folks straighten her out and help him at the same time. "Sally you are a bit of a handful I can see that, and in more ways than one, let's move on from the school incident. This other report from what your uncle sent me suggests you've been banned from three shopping malls for bending over in that kind of micro mini skirt thing hanging off your hips without anything on underneath and that's only one of many exhibitionist things you did"

She sticks her chin up at him with a sullen expression. "What's on under me skirt or not on is nobody's business. I can't help it if men perv on me when I'm doin' up the laces on me joggers."

"And sitting on the mall bench seat with no pants in that skirt up around the tops of your thighs deliberately positioning yourself opposite two men of the cloth?" he questions with raised eyebrows.

"Well if they were that religious or churchy they shouldn't have been sittin' there for so long checkin' me out before one of them goes and reports me to the mall manager. I get kicked out and they lapped it up for must be 15 minutes first. Typical men. Bet they wanked off over seeing me though."

Dr Dalliance can see she's gone out of her way to be a prick teaser and seems to enjoy showing off her young nubile body, especially to older men or against men in some kind of authority to challenge their morals. The report list of incidents table 25 individual situations it states these are only the ones her parents were told about.

"Look Sally the list of things here about your behaviour is so long I could be here all day discussing them and asking you why but this one here is rather unusual and I'd like you to explain why you did it," he says as feel his balls aching unable to avoid her provocative appearance in the armchair opposite him.

"What's up doc? Dr Elmer Fudd? Found somethin' really hot that I did somewhere that turns you on?"

"As a matter of fact yes, but being a male I suppose I could say that about just about everything in this report, but two incidents here where you've been put off public transport for unseemly behaviour. This one for example, getting on a heavily crowded bus in that ridiculously short micro mini skirt and hanging on to the passenger overhead grip handle making your skirt even go shorter and facing a senior citizen long enough to entice him to tough you in a certain place thinking because the bus was so packed no one would eventually notice?"

"Yeah, that one, well he looked liked he'd never had any fun in life for a real long time that's why I gave him a cheap thrill. Probably put another ten years on his life the way he looked up at me lookin' real happy as if to say I've made his day. Yeah, we both got kicked off the bus when someone told the driver so for gettin' the old geezer into so much trouble I let him sit next to me in the bus shelter on the side of the main road there to show him my tits and let him finish what he started on the bus. It's fun with a complete stranger that doesn't expect it to come their way.

Cars were going past and no one even noticed, it was hilarious havin' an old prick like him havin' sex with me basically on the main road and no one noticed. Doin' things in public is a double dare and more exciting."

"You're just lucky young lady that a patrol car didn't come along or he'd be in big trouble all because of you," he lectures.

Sally shrugs her shoulders. "So what if it was bit extravagant, nothin' happened, I had some fun turnin' someone on and he sure enjoyed a rare opportunity. He said he couldn't thank me enough for makin' his life worth livin' again. He looked pretty miserable until then and I wondered how many poor other old buggers were out there like him miserable 'cause they can't get any sex."

"Sally you can't go around trying to fix up older men just because you think they're missing out. How do you know they don't get it somewhere else so you've got to stop this sluttish behaviour? Now this other episode going to the store and getting that man sacked because of your licentious behaviour in the change cubicle could have been avoided if you had not asked him specifically to go behind the closed door with you while you tried on three separate negligees for his opinion what looked best on you.

"It says here the man, who got sacked thanks to you, was asked to stay with you while you took everything off so you were naked and then tried on different items to get his male opinion because you were buying something to please your father and since he had a daughter he'd know what was the one to buy. And it says further he admits he got carried away at the sight and size of your bare breasts and equally bare pubes that you encouraged him to feel them and kneel down in front of you and I need not say what he was doing to you while you were leaning back in the corner.

"Sally this is incredible stuff, that poor man you didn't give him any chance, a man doesn't need that sort of come on from a young woman of your age. What on earth got into you?"

"His fingers and his tongue," she laughs.

While the very thought of her actions excites him and she knows that by the giveaway bulge in his white casuals, he tries to get reason out of her but she argues back trying to justify her wayward ways.

"I only said in the store does he have a daughter my age and he said as a matter of fact he did so I said when I asked him to come into the change room I wanted his opinion as a father as to what kind of sleepwear would turn my daddy on most. So when he came in I asked him not to go out because someone else will get him to serve them and I'd just be sittin' there waitin' like. That's when he got real turned on realisin' I wasn't kidding about taking all me gear off while he watched me tryin' things on. I get a real kick out of turnin' a man on and this was really good 'cause it lasted half an hour.

"You should have seen his eyes when I took my clothes off and stood there askin' would a figure like mine make a man want me. I can't remember what he said but he just put his hands around my tits squeezing them and ended up making my nipples get big. Then he got down below sayin' he wants to compare me with his daughter so I asked him when he was so turned if he ever does this to his little lovely at home and he admitted it. See Mister Do-gooder it's not just sexy birds like me wantin' it there's lots of fathers gettin' it and you can't blame me for that."

Dr Dalliance feels justified in holding on to a raging horn as he reads the completion of the report. "Well you should have stopped while the going was good Sally because another staff member reported something going on when the man was in there for a long while and while you were moaning and enjoying his tongue your sounds were noticed outside. I just hope that man got a job somewhere else if he's got a family to support."

"Not my problem," she shrugs off.

"Sally, this conversation, the way you are speaking and your apparent obsession with things sexual is part of your problem," he bounces back trying to hide his delight she's a slutty 18 year-old's easy to tempt but he must at least earn his fee. "There is more to life than sex, haven't you ever considered what you'd like to do to earn a living."

"Yeah, already thought about that. Never was much good at school and I didn't last long at the local library. They told me to get dressed properly and I refused sayin' the men there liked me stretchin' up to put books back on the higher shelves in my micro mini. I said I'm good for their business.

I know guys like looking at me body so if I can get on to someone who can help me set up me own webcam on the internet I can just lie back and let the dick heads pay to see me play with myself. Some of the girls at senior high were talkin' about how easy it is to make money when they get out of school so it's not just me."

How enterprising for her age he thinks, noting her speech style is slack so he turns on her like a scolding father. "Sally for someone your age that's a disgusting way to start earning a living. That's for women in their 20s or 30s and you're not out of your teens just yet."

"So what?" she protests. "Men like to perv on younger bodies, I can see you haven't stopped gawking up my skirt."

"I am not gawking, I am simply studying your body language. It's part of what I have to do in this job."

"Yeah I know your type, Mr Nice Guy makin' out you're not perving and it's all in the name of science or research or somethin' so you get away with it.

"I'm ignoring that Sally, you are not here to judge me but to let me help you sort out your attitude. Don't you think you should try to establish yourself with a decent job and not think about making money on the internet?"

"Doing what?" she retorts. "Besides I don't need a diploma on the internet, just a pretty face, nice tits and a sexy pussy and I sure got all that. Look I've got 36-20-33 inch measurements Mr Hypnotist, it's not exactly kindergarten! If you saw me on the net would I turn you on, I'm pretty enough?"

"Okay I'll admit your breasts are beautiful inside that flimsy little shirt you've got on and yes you'd be a big hit on the net but isn't it a poor reflection of your approach to social conduct?

She leans back laughing. "Oh my gawd, Mr Moraliser himself. Bet you whack off checking the chicks out on the internet so don't preach to me. All men are the same, see an inch want a foot, give them a bite and they want a feast.

"Mister doc are you going to feel me all over like other doctors?"

"Look I'm not going to discuss what other doctors do I'm trying to have a sensible discussion if I'm going to help you," he says. He heads back to his bar and it occurs to him if he offers her a glass of wine she may accept it and not be as obnoxious, and with luck he can find the real root cause of her attitude problem.

"Sally would you care for a glass of chardonnay, it might help you relax a little," he asks.

"Huh, never thought you'd ask."

"Actually I shouldn't be encouraging you to drink but I think this is an occasion where for medicinal purposes it will help you come down to earth a bit and be more rational," he admits while he pours it into a tall fluted glass and hands it to her. He'll never forget how such a ploy worked magnificently on the neighbour's 18 year-old cheer girl Sheena just a week ago when she ended up taking everything coming to her.(Chapter 9 and 10)

Sally sips her wine several times in quick succession and asks him to top it up. He obliges as she tries to ask him something but calls him Dr Doolittle.

"it's doctor Dalliance not Doolittle thank you. Now what were you going to ask?"

"I was goin' to ask if you heard that girls can start developin' before the age of eight, you know, their breasts and that."

"Yes as a matter of a fact, I do and in these more pressured times we find kids reaching puberty much younger than 20 or 30 years ago." Her question makes him come to his senses about her unusual behaviour. "Now I'm going to ask you a question in a minute for a good reason because I think the answer will be linked to your recent sluttish behaviour. Do you want me to continue?"

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