tagHumor & SatireAlice With A Twist

Alice With A Twist


Alice sat on the lawn looking into a small mirror and brushing her long, golden locks of silky hair. Her hair fell in soft waves down to her waist. She was thinking about having it cut into a short style when she heard a voice nearby.

"Drat! Damn! Fuck a duck! She'll kill me if I'm late!!" the voice was saying in a very excited tone. Alice jumped up and looked over the hedge to see the speaker. To her astonishment, it belonged to a rather large, white rabbit. Not an ordinary rabbit by any means. This rabbit was wearing a black leather jacket, Alice could see matching gloves sticking out of a side pocket, and the rabbit was looking at a pocket watch as he hurried along. She watched as he jumped, feet first, into a large hole in the ground. "Oh my, he dropped something" Alice cried as she ran to see what it was. It was one of his gloves she picked up. Without thinking first, Alice jumped into the hole, intent on returning the glove to it's owner.

As she fell, Alice tried to hold her dress down. It kept blowing up over her face and if anyone below had been looking up, they would have been treated to a very lovely sight. Alice was slender, but not too, she had long, shapely legs and a heart shaped ass. Her waist was tiny and above it were two very nice breasts. She had white, cotton panties on and a simple white bra, but they did not hide her female charms very well.

Her pubic hairs had been shaped into a heart and being a true blonde, they were nearly invisible through the panties. The bra held her 36C breasts comfortably, but the nipples showed clearly through the material. As she fell, she looked good enough to eat!

Alice was starting to wonder if there was a bottom to the hole when she suddenly landed on her ass. "Ouch! That sucked!" she grumbled and stood up, rubbing where she had landed.

"Oh fuck! I'm in a world of shit!" the voice of the rabbit said from behind her. Alice whirled around just in time to see the rabbit vanish behind a hill. She ran after him, hoping to catch him on the other side. What she found was the path led into a forest, winding through the trees. She was trying to decide if she wanted to go into the dark looking forest or not when her decision was interrupted by a new voice. This one came from above her in the trees.

"Purrrrfect Puuuussssy Purrrrhaaps?" a lazy voice spoke, seeming to come out of the air. Alice turned in a circle, looking for the speaker. Her eyes grew wide when she saw a smile above her on the lowest branch of the tree she was standing next to. It appeared to float there. A big grin without a face behind it.

"Who, or what are you?" Alice asked and moved back a few steps while keeping an eye on the leering grin.

"I smell puuuuuussssy, my favorite treat to eat," the grin said. Alice watched as something began to appear. Now a grinning face looked down at her and licked it's lips. Alice took another step backwards but it was too late. "You can pass when I'm through with you my dear" the voice said and Alice saw a complete creature leaping from the branch. She fell on her backside from the weight of the animal, which looked a bit like a cat. Her dress flew over her head and Alice felt her panties ripped from her body.

Her arms were pinned to her sides as the creature began to lick her slit. Alice tried to wiggle away, but found she was firmly held down as the creature licked and sucked her lovely little snatch. It's tongue was like a cat's and with each long lick across her pussy, she got wetter and wetter. "That's it my sweet, give me your juices!" the cat purred into her wet hole, slurping and obviously enjoying itself.

Alice wiggled and squirmed under the weight of her unwanted pussy eater. She finally gave up (or in!) and let herself relax. This proved to be the best route to follow because it wasn't long before she experienced several orgasms, much to the delight of her furry feline 'friend.' He finally let her go and disappeared, except for his very content smile!

Alice glared at the smile one last time before turning back to the path and hurrying in the direction the rabbit had (hopefully) taken. "I'll never find that fucked up rabbit now!" she fumed to herself. "Stupid cat! Good at licking pussy though." Alice thought and even smiled a little.

Intent on watching the path she was walking on, Alice didn't see the two boys until she had bumped into one of them. "HEY! Watch it girlie!" was screamed at Alice, making her jump back in surprise.

Alice looked at the strange boy standing in the middle of the path. Then blinked when a second, identical boy stepped from behind the first. They were dressed exactly the same, and she wondered if their mother had dressed them. Both were wearing trench coats that went to their knees. The coats were a purple color and they wore knee socks that were striped with big, bold orange and green stripes. Their shoes were ugly clod-hoppers in a shiny black with blue laces. And the outfits were topped off with bennies atop they heads. Yellow and black bennies. They clashed badly and Alice couldn't hold back a giggle.

"What's so freak'n funny beetoch?" ask the one she had bumped into. He had a high pitched voice that grated on Alice's nerves.

"Yah! Beetch!" chimed in his twin. Alice couldn't help herself, she burst out laughing which made both of the boys frown deeply at her.

Snorting and almost choking on her laughter, Alice managed to introduce herself and to give an apology for her mirth. "Well, okay then, if your sorry. I'm Needledee and this is my brother, Needledum." the closest one said in reply. "Pleased..(hehe)..to..(ha)..meet you." Alice managed with effort. She thought their names were as funny as they were funny looking.

"So what's a girl doing alone in the woods?" asked Needledum as he moved closer to Alice. She didn't like his closeness and took a step away from him, only to find Needledee had also moved closer. She noticed both were openly staring at her big tits now and she could see a spark of interest in their big round faces. "I'm looking for a white rabbit that should have come this way," Alice told them, then added, "and I should be on my way before he gets too far ahead."

"She said 'cum!" Needledee said with glee in his voice. "She said 'head!' Needledum added and both clapped their hands and started to dance around Alice, causing her to twirl around in a circle trying to keep an eye on both of them. This made her dress fly up, exposing her bare snatch under it. The brothers stopped dancing and looked at each other for a moment. "She showed us 'hers' let's show her ours!" they exclaimed together.

Standing side by side they began to sing to the amazed Alice;

"Open your eyes, take your pick" "We're going to make you suck our dick!" "Make your choice and make it quick..." "On your knees...your going to suck some dick!"

And with those words, both Needledee and Needledum opened their trench coats. Alice's eyes grew wide and her hand flew over her mouth trying to stop the laughter that swelled up and burst out of her at the sight of the little, bitty, pencil dicks the two had. Despite both of the boys being quite large, their cocks were the size of a thimble and had balls about the size of grapes. Alice laughed until tears ran down her cheeks.

The twins looked from Alice to each other then back at the laughing girl. Alice watched as each reached out and took hold of the others little cock and started to pull. She couldn't believe her eyes when the tiny dicks began to enlarge. Needledee and Needledum grunted and snorted as they pulled their dicks until at last, each had a cock at least 10 inches in length and with a good thickness, making them big and hard at the same time. Alice watched as a glistening drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip of one of the cocks and fell to the path.

Alice turned to run but felt someone grab the back of her dress and she found herself unable to escape. The boys were the one's laughing now! Her arms were roughly pulled over her head and bound by rope, which was then thrown over the branch of a tree. A gag was tied around her mouth to keep her from yelling as her dress was stripped from her lush body. The two boys quickly undressed and laid their cloths in a neat pile nearby. They stood stroking their weapons and admiring Alice's tits and pussy. "Me first! She bumped me first!" Needledee told his brother as he advanced on the helpless girl. He took Alice's legs and placed one over each shoulder and started licking her pussy. It didn't take him long to find her clit and started to suck on it hard.

Alice felt a tongue probing her asshole and tried to wiggle away, but it was useless to struggle. She felt a finger being inserted in her backdoor and winced at the pain it caused her. Suddenly the two stopped and said together..."Sandwich! Sandwich!" More rope appeared and tied to each ankle as Alice was spread open, then tied to a tree on each side of her. One boy was in front of her pushing his meat into her tight little cunt, which was wet from all the licking, while the other moved behind her and pushed his dick into her tight asshole.

Alice would have been loudly screaming if she hadn't been gagged! The monster cocks started pounding in and out of her wet holes with gusto. Her tit's were being squeezed and pulled at the same time. One of them pinched her nipples roughly as he slammed into her tight opening. The pain had eased and Alice was surprised to find having two big cocks in her felt pretty good. Someone must have noticed she was liking it, because the gag was suddenly off and Alice wasn't screaming, she was moaning and begging for more!

With her head tilted back, Alice was saying things like, "Oh yeah...fuck that pussy, give me that big fat cock...pound my ass, fuck it good." And they did. Alice felt the cock in her pussy swell even larger, the hot cum filled her pussy and ran out around the cock cumming in her and down her legs. A moment later she felt the blast of cum deep in her asshole. She saw stars as she had multiple orgasms. The brothers fucked Alice for hours, until she finally passed out. When she awoke, she was alone on the path and dressed once more. She wondered if it had been a dream but knew better when she stood up. Her ass and pussy were sore and made walking difficult for a ways.

Alice felt refreshed after finding a stream and cleaning herself up. She returned to the path and wondered if she had lost the rabbits trail. She still had the glove in her pocket as she stood trying to decide if she should go on or go home.

To be continued...

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