tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAlice's Night Out

Alice's Night Out


This one was written with some help from my friend Alice. It is dedicated to her.

The following story contains strong non-consensual sex. If you are offended by non-consensual fantasy sex you should not read it. All characters are over 18.


Alice's head felt light. The slight spinning and airy giddiness she'd always felt when she'd smoked pot. It was just past ten o'clock and she giggled to herself a little as she was having trouble with the short heels she'd worn that evening. She tottered down her friend Ellen's driveway and glanced back up to the porch where Ellen and another friend, Carol, were waving goodbye. It had been a fun evening. Catching up, laughing, gossiping. Ellen had made an awesome lasagna and they'd had a glass of wine with dinner, then they'd passed around a joint Carol had brought along. More laughs and a movie had rounded it all off.

She stood by her Toyota, fishing through her purse for her keys and taking a few deep breaths to try to clear her mind a little. With the keys jingling from her hand she waved to the girls, got in the car and backed out of the drive. Ellen had wanted her to stay the night after the wine and weed, but Alice had told her it was only one glass and only a few tokes on the joint and that had all been a few hours ago and she felt fine to drive. It was only a short drive anyway. Plus, her fiancé, Matt, hadn't been all that keen for her to be out on a Saturday night without him. She didn't want him having a shit fit.

A little way down the road she shook her head and smiled reprovingly to herself. What was she doing? She hadn't touched weed since college. Memories came back to her. getting stoned with her first lover. It had always made her want his cock inside her, naked on his narrow bed, watching as he knelt beside her, fumbling with his condom.

Alice wound the window down a few inches and shook her head a little more vigorously, clearing the cobwebs, thinking she really shouldn't be driving. So stupid to be doing this. 'God, you're twenty nine years old, girl. You don't need to be...' she'd muttered aloud, biting off the sentence as she drifted through the intersection without stopping, hitting the brakes too late -- right after she'd noticed the red light. Then she noticed the cruiser across the lane. They noticed her too.

'Oh Christ, no..' she frantically whispered to herself. The cruiser had put on all its lights and done a rapid one-eighty. It was now behind her and gave a short blast of the siren. Alice pulled over into a vacant parking lot and put her head against the steering wheel. She felt like she was physically deflating.

He rapped his knuckles on her window and stepped back. She caught the second one in her peripheral vision as he stood alongside her passenger door. 'I'm so sorry. I know I went through the light, officer,' she blurted out as the window slid all the way down.

'License and registration,' he said flatly. Alice searched her purse, feeling like crying as she finally got them out and handed them to him.

'Have you been drinking?'

'No. Not really, just a glass of wine with dinner... that was a few hours ago now and...' she looked up, seeing the wide brimmed hat, realizing he was a state trooper. He stepped back and beckoned with a finger. 'Step out of the car, please.'


'Step out now. I won't ask you again.'

Alice exited the car slowly, feeling shaky from the weed, her eyes welling up. She turned her head a little and the other trooper shined his flashlight dead on into her face.

The first one, the younger of the two said 'I smell alcohol on you and I observe that you appear to be impaired. I'm going to ask that you submit to a field sobriety exam right here. If you refuse, you will automatically face a license revocation. So... do you agree to perform the test?'

'Please don't, I...'

'Yes or no,' the older trooper said sharply, still playing the light beam in her eyes.

Two minutes later she found she couldn't walk the straight line, even after she'd removed her heels. She was also fuzzy touching her nose with her eyes closed. She was sobbing as he indicated she should sit back in her car, saying she was going to be transported to hospital for a blood test based on her failure to complete the sobriety exam. She knew the blood test would show she'd done an illegal drug. She knew people at work who'd been fired for similar offences and one of them had even been management.

Panic was really setting in now. The buzz all but gone at the realization her future was on the line here. She needed her job. And what about Matt? What would he say? What would he do? They were relying on both incomes for the house they were going to buy. And in this economy could she even find another job? Shit. Alice fought to control the rising hysteria. She swallowed a sob.


'Excuse me?'

'Please don't do this, please...'

'You should have thought about this before you got behind the..'

'I'll lose my job, please... please, I'll do anything,' she cut in with desperation rising in her voice.

'You need to stop talking.'


'What's anything?' the trooper with the flashlight cut in, stepping right up and keeping the light right in her face. She raised a hand slowly and shielded her eyes from the bright beam.

The younger trooper looked her up and down. She was definitely attractive. Small and feminine with short, dark hair and a good tan. She was very cute, with almost elfin features. She'd be a stunner when she smiled, he thought. Under the pretty blouse he guessed she'd be a nice full C cup. Her long grey skirt hugged her shapely hips and her calves looked to be well developed. This girl was no couch potato. She hadn't put her shoes back on and her bare feet were now a little dirty from the parking lot, adding to the helpless look. Desperation radiated from her.

'Yeah, what is "anything"?' he asked.

'I... umm...'

'I'm thinking anything is "anything",' the other one said, edging the flashlight closer until it was only inches from her face. '... So am I right, figuring it like that, Alice?'

She closed her eyes and tried to think. The fogginess of the weed had almost disappeared, replaced by utter embarrassment and the panic at the realization of her now uncertain future. God, she felt so stupid, so fucking stupid. If she had the blood test it would certainly mean the end of her well paying job. Matt would be furious with her. Would he leave her? She opened her eyes and looked at the engagement ring on her finger. Why didn't she just stick with the glass of wine? Why hadn't she just called Matt and said she was going to stay the night at Ellen's? Why...

'Ok, come on, let's transport her to the hospital and...'

'No, no. What do you want me to do?' she asked with downcast eyes and a tremor in her voice.

'How 'bout whatever we fuckin' want, Alice,' the older one with the flashlight chuckled meanly, actually tapping her forehead with the long aluminum Maglite. 'Lock your car and get in the back of the cruiser. If you change your mind all you have to do is say "take me to the hospital for the blood test" and we'll have you there quick. The guy who gave you that diamond on your finger can come down to the station and post your bond.'

Alice was stunned into silence but obeyed the officer's directions. With hands that didn't seem to belong to her she locked her car and forlornly shuffled back to the cruiser. Don't do it! Don't do it! Her mind screamed.

'Aint got all night,' the older one barked, gesturing with his thumb at the open back door of the cruiser. Alice felt numb, empty, drained as she got in and clutched at her purse on her lap. The troopers laughed quietly between themselves and got in, gunned the engine and pulled back onto the road. In a few minutes they were on the outskirts of suburbia and travelling fast.

Nobody who had ever known sweet, pretty Alice would ever have imagined her ending up in the back seat of a police car. Her parents would have been aghast. She fought hard to control her rapid breathing and the swirling storm of horror in her mind. She knew these corrupted bastards were going to use her for sexual favors. Alice had never had sex with a man she hadn't gotten to know well, but these men who she'd never seen before were going to use her body.

While outwardly she was almost petrified, deep inside the little demon that lurked at the pit of her soul was stirring. The deep, dark deviant desire that had been there ever since she'd sexually matured. The forbidden, shameful longing she could never, ever tell anyone about. Not anyone in her family nor her closest, most intimate friends and certainly not Matt. Never Matt. All she had to do was tell the bastards to take her to the hospital and it could end. But could she do it? Could she end it or did she truly want to find out if her fantasies would be best left as fantasies?

After about ten minutes on a dark stretch of two lane road Alice put her fingers through the wire mesh separating back seat from front. In her mind she was saying 'Take me to the hospital. Take me to the hospital, test my blood,' Matt would forgive her. He loved her. It wouldn't matter. But the words wouldn't come out.

The car turned off the black-top onto a twisting dirt tailing, trees all around, the headlights like a tunnel into the blackness of the night. After a few minutes they stopped. Dust drifted in front of the light beams.

'Get out.' The older trooper opened the door and Alice hesitantly got out, her stomach queasy with fear and dread.

'I wanna...' she stammered.

He put his hand on her shoulder and shoved hard. She stumbled into the glare of the headlights.

'Lets see those tits, Alice,' the younger one laughed.

'You heard the man. Get them out.'

'Please, you're police. You're...' she started, choking away a thick sob.

'Lose the fucking blouse,' he said nastily. 'Lose it or I'll strip it off myself. Time for changing your cunt mind ended miles back.'

Alice squinted into the glare, biting down on her lower lip as she started to work the buttons on her blouse. Her hands trembled, her fingers refusing to work properly. She sniveled as she did it. Matt had bought her that blouse on that nice trip to the shore. It had silver buttons shaped like dainty little palms. She looked up at the two troopers as they leaned against the hood of the car, eyes feral, wolfine. She was in a very bad place. Alice worked the buttons down, revealing cleavage and the middle of the white lacy bra she wore underneath. She felt chilled in the warm evening air as she pulled the opened blouse free of the long grey skirt.


She jumped. More nervous than she'd ever been. With a barely audible whimper she slipped it back off her shoulders and wiggled it free of her wrists. She stood there, not knowing where to put it.

'That too,' the younger one intoned, playing the beam of his flashlight over her white lacy bra. The flashlight was even brighter than the headlights. Almost a physical touch. Reducing her to a pair of tits in a bra. Alice absently set the blouse on the dirt road beside her feet and hesitantly reached behind herself to undo the hooks of the bra, the weight of her breasts pulling down as the support was lessened. She slid the straps off her shoulders, clutching the cups over herself.

'Let's fucking see 'em. We don't have all night, Alice.'

She looked from one to the other, praying for some glimmer of mercy. There was none. Just pure feral lust.

Alice lowered the bra, feeling their malevolent hunger as they took in her nakedness. Before she had committed to Matt she had loved exposing her beautiful breasts to a new lover. Always after several dates, she'd never been slutty. She enjoyed the look on a guy's face as he took them in for the first time, like he was getting a much anticipated gift. This was different. This was wrong. Everything was wrong. She was only ever sexual with guys she had gotten to know and like and respect. She hated these men. These men who were supposed to "serve and protect". But who would protect her from them? No-one and nothing.

'Come here,' the older one beckoned with his index finger.

'Come on, Alice baby,' the younger one smirked. She hated how they used her name.

She slowly edged forward, shaking badly as she came within reach. 'Please,' she heard herself whisper pathetically.

The older trooper grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her savagely. She was almost concussed and struggled to stay on her feet. She was more frightened than she'd ever been and as he shook her a scream began to escape from her mouth. The younger one reached for her tits and grappled with them as she was shaken around. She was shoved hard backwards and let go, her tits slipping from the trooper's grip as she fell heavily onto her ass.

'Don't worry about being loud, girl. We got lots of privacy out here. No houses for a long, long way off. All these trees muffle the sound real good too,' the older one said. Alice was sitting dumbly on her ass with her legs splayed out. He stepped between them and shoved her skirt upwards until it was almost at her crotch. He was squeezing his cock through his uniform pants.

'Come on baby girl, show "daddy" how you suck his cock,' he said lewdly. 'Get her on her fuckin' knees,' he said to his partner.

The younger one grabbed Alice's short black hair and wrenched her to her knees. She squealed with the pain in her scalp. He groped her tits roughly for a couple of seconds and then grabbed her wrist and twisted it up behind her back. She screamed until the older one shoved his engorged cock into her open mouth, effectively gagging her.

He thrust a few times and pulled it out. Saliva dripped from Alice's chin and she fought for breath, gasping.


'Please shit, you little fuckin' whore,' he barked and forced his cock back into her mouth. He grabbed her hair behind her ears and the other guy let go. Her arms were free and she pushed against his hips but he was so much stronger and began to brutally fuck her mouth, grunting as he thrust over and over. Alice gagged as his cock head shoved against the back of her throat. He thrust faster and deeper, building up to a crescendo, occasionally loosing his grip on her hair with one hand to grope a jiggling tit. Alice's nose was buried in his coarse pubic hair as he fucked her face. She desperately tried to inhale.

'Suck it, suck it, you dirty little cunt, suck...'

His words dissolved into grunts and groans, even louder than his partner's laughter. She felt him stiffen up against her and his cock head swelled at the back of her mouth. The first spurt of semen made her retch even as he pulled out and let the rest squirt across her nose and cheeks and chin while he held her hair with one hand and stroked his cock obscenely, aiming where he wanted his jism to land. The last couple sprayed onto her bared tits before the spurts were reduced to drips.

'Fuck,' he wheezed, shoving her back to the ground. 'I wanted to last longer than that.'

Both men circled Alice as she spat and coughed and spluttered, wiping her cheeks and chin with the back of her hand. One more. One more, her mind reasoned, trying to quell the horror and revulsion she felt.

'I think she's ready to get fucked,' growled the younger one as he gripped her by the hair again and pulled her to her feet.

Fucked? The reality broke on Alice. No. Not that. 'Please no. Don't. Not that. I'll suck you. Please... please, I'm engaged,' she pleaded as she was dragged towards the car. She dug her heels in and tried to fight his grip.

'Cut the shit,' he grunted, cuffing her across the top of the head.

'Noooooooo!' Alice screamed as he pushed her over the hood and held her down with a hand on the back of her neck. His other hand began to search under her long skirt. Alice kicked and struggled and wriggled as much as she could bent over the warm hood of the car. He was roughly rubbing her cunt over her panties. The older one approached, tucking his cock back into his pants, grinning evilly at the struggling young woman.

Now her long grey skirt was bunched up over her hips. Her pert little ass cheeks exposed to her tormentors. Her panties had ridden up into her ass crack in her struggles. The younger trooper holding her down now hooked a finger into the crotch and pulled up savagely. Alice screamed as the panties wedged into her cunt cleft. The men laughed at her discomfort. The younger one grabbed the waistband of the panties and now wrenched them this way and that. Not even trying to remove them by pulling them down her trembling legs. He wanted to pull them off the hard way.

The panties were now dug into her lower belly and the flesh on her hips as she was almost suspended in the air by them. A few more savage tugs and the material gave way with a short, loud riiiip! Alice collapsed back onto the hood. Now she was naked but for her skirt bunched up around her hips. 'Hey, hold the bitch for a minute will ya?' said the younger one.

The older one was laughing and he took his place behind Alice, holding her down over the hood of the car while the other one took off his pants and put them on the front seat of the car. The man who had fucked her mouth now felt around at her cunt, laughing dirtily. 'Well well. Looks like "daddy" got you nice and wet fucking your face eh? What a fuckin' whore you are Alice.'

She was mortified her body had responded to the rough stimulation. Alice wished the ground would open and swallow her up. Her inner demon had no such thoughts.

'She's ready for you, man. I think the little bitch really wants it.'

'Noooooo!' Alice screamed and thrashed again as the younger one took his place behind her. The older one now had her by the wrists and stretched her arms out in front of her over the hood of the car. She could feel the erect cock of the younger one being pressed into her ass cheeks as he positioned himself. Readying to take her.

Alice's head thrashed from side to side and she resisted with every ounce of strength, fully aware her efforts were futile. With just a little more wriggling and positioning he was there. Her mind was racing and not one cohesive thought would stay even for a second. Then he was inside her. Easily entering her moistened cunt. One savage thrust and he was buried to the hilt. His cock had invaded her body. Alice screamed from the very core of her being and wailed into the night as he began to thrust in and out. Impaling her with his cock. Fucking her. Raping her.

How many times had she masturbated to this very scenario? Laying on her bed, rubbing her pussy to images in her mind of men holding her down and roughly forcing themselves on her while she endured their verbal abuse and crude laughter. Completely helpless and with no control whatsoever. Now it was really happening. She fought against the older one's grip on her wrists and the younger one fucked her as hard as he could, smashing his hips into her pert little buttocks and slamming her hips into the car. They talked over the top of her while she struggled and cried out.

'How's that cunt?'

'Nice 'n' tight, man. Nice 'n' tight. Great little ass too. Cushions the pushin' the younger one grunted, grinding his hips against Alice's ass and thrusting all the way forwards.

'Do her hard. Really give it to her... yeah, like that. Smash that cunt. Hey, let's flip her over. Can't really see her tits like this.'

'Yeah,' he pulled his cock out of Alice and they manhandled her onto her back while she struggled and fought all the while, her cries and pleas ineffectual.

'Yeah that's better. Fuck they're nice tits. Get her man! Stick it to her! Fuck her hard. Get those titties moving.'

The older one had Alice's wrists above her head again and held her easily despite her struggles. The younger one was forcing her knees apart with his hands and his cock moved closer to the entrance of her ravaged cunt hole. Now he was so close she couldn't close her legs and he used one hand to guide the head of his prick to her hole. One hard ram and he was inside her again. Her cries began anew and her tits began to wobble and shake.

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