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Alien Abduction


You would think by the year 2008, there wouldn't be any part of the US that would be considered 'back woods'. However, that's not the case. There are still some parts of the Blue Ridge Mountains where it seems like it's still the 1930's. There are areas where families live in remote houses up in the mountains, miles from the nearest neighbor. It is in this area where Penny, the 22 yr old journalism major, decided to work for a small town newspaper.

Although Penny was fresh out of journalism school, with visions of latching onto a 'big' story, she had no allusions that she would find one in a remote small town. She was really good looking with a nicely proportioned body, with tits and ass that would catch the guys eyes now and then, but she felt too pressured trying to compete in a 'big city' environment. She preferred a more 'laid back' kind of living. She was somewhat accustomed to a rural upbringing and figured a small town newspaper would be a good starter job for her resume before working her way into something that had a larger circulation.

She had started on the Georgetown News in late Fall and, for the most part, her story assignments were relegated to the town meeting minutes and things as mundane as the notices about the meeting times for the local bridge club and public notices. Five months later, she was sitting in a booth at the local restaurant having her morning coffee when a girl about her age walked through the door.

The girl was extremely pregnant and looked like she needed to sit down and take a load off her feet. The problem was there wasn't much for seating. The seating area was more about the size of someone's living room, with only a couple of booths and 3 or 4 tables. All the other tables were taken and the other booth was piled high with the previous customer's dishes that had not been cleared. Penny felt sorry for the girl and offered her a seat in her booth. For the girl, it seemed like she had been walking for days, even though her once-a-month coming to town for supplies had started just an hour ago.

Penny asked her name and offered to buy her something to drink. At the offer of free refreshment, the girl's face brightened. She thanked Penny and said her name was Jessie. She said that she was just finishing getting supplies for her and her twin sister Mindy. As she sat sipping on her drink, she went on further to say that the two sisters lived in a cabin, half way up the mountain, about 10 miles from town. Jessie said that normally, Mindy would accompany her on these shopping trips but today she just didn't feel up to it. As Penny sat and listened, Jessie opened up more about life up in the woods. She said that she and her sister had moved into the cabin as a place to get away from big city life for a while. Both of them, being the athletic types, loved the outdoors and weren't afraid to be living in the middle of the woods, so far from the nearest neighbor. She said that her and Mindy would take frequent walks in the woods just to see the flowers and various creatures. Their walks usually were timed for just after dinner and it gave them time to unwind for the day. If it hadn't been for her reporter's job, Penny would have thought about doing the same kind of thing.

As Penny listened, she also starting asking questions. Things like, "Are you going to be ok, living so far from town, with the baby due so soon?" and "Is your husband helping with things?". At this point, Jessie lowered her eyes and told Penny there was no husband, not even a boyfriend to help, just her equally pregnant sister. When pressed for what happened to the guy that got both of them pregnant, Jessie said "There was no guy and you wouldn't believe how we got pregnant if I told you".

By now, Penny felt like she was starting to bond with the girl and had sympathy for her situation. Penny was also puzzled at how Jessie and Mindy could get pregnant without the assistance of a male. Penny chuckled and told Jessie "Girl, there is no way you can get pregnant without a guy getting involved in some way". This was just loud enough that a few of the other people acknowledged that they had heard this last comment. Jessie's eyes flashed and said, "Keep you're your voice down. It's bad enough that my sister and I are pregnant but it's worse trying to explain how we got that way. I'll tell you the story, but not here. Come with me and I'll tell you how it happened".

As Penny thought about it for a few seconds, she was thinking this is something that she wasn't sure she wanted to get involved in but, at the same time, her reporter's sixth sense kicked in and she smelled a story. With that, Penny accepted the invitation. Jessie said, "Fine, come with me then. You can hear it from my sister as well". With that, Penny and Jessie were out the door to their respective cars. Jessie said she was heading back to the cabin and for Penny to follow.

When Jessie said the cabin was in a really remote area, she wasn't kidding. After a couple miles of blacktop, the road turned to gravel, which eventually turned to more like a beaten path through the trees. Eventually they both arrived at the cabin just before dinner. It wasn't much to look at but was not run down. Once out of the car, Jessie motioned for Penny to come inside. As Penny came through the door, she smelled home cooking smells wafting from the kitchen. Despite being almost 9 months pregnant, Mindy had made a nice dinner and was pleased to see that Jessie had brought home someone to talk to. Jessie asked that Penny stay for dinner and that she would tell Penny everything afterward. The dinner conversation stayed light but gave no hint to Penny as to any details, other than to let Mindy know that she was going to explain the sister's situation.

With dinner over, Jessie asked Penny and Mindy to take a walk and they would tell the story along the way. Mindy looked a little apprehensive but agreed to help tell the story. Following a vague path, Jessie and Mindy said that it all started 9 months ago, on an evening such as this. They had gone for one of their usual walks and come across a small meadow with a couple of fallen trees along the edge where they could sit on to rest and relax. It was only a minute later that all three came upon this same meadow. Jessie motioned for them to take a seat on the fallen tree as she continued.

"It was in this very meadow, on an evening like this", explained Jessie, "that we were sitting here, enjoying nature, when we heard a low humming sound. It was an artificial humming noise. We could not determine where it was coming from and were about to get up and go back to the cabin when we realized that we could not move. It was like we were completely paralyzed. We could see and hear everything but could not move. Suddenly, there was a bright light from above that lit up the whole meadow. As we sat there, the light got brighter and appeared to be emanating from something that was descending from the sky. Soon there was a strange looking ship on the meadow in front of us." At this point, Penny looked over at Mindy is disbelief and was met with a look of fear and trembling.

Jessie continued. "As we looked at the ship, we could see a door of some kind open and four humanoid like, but featureless figures come out and approach us. They lifted us up, one on each arm, and walked us into the ship. Once inside, they lead us to a room where they laid us on separate tables like a doctor's examination table. Still unable to move or speak, we watched as more of the beings approached and started removing our clothes. First they unbuttoned our tops and removed them. Then they unzipped and removed our skirts. We were now in just bra and thong panties. They too were removed with equal speed and efficiency. All the clothes were neatly folded and laid on a small cart." Mindy was now visibly shaking with a look of fear on her face. Still Jessie continued.

"One of the aliens held a silver device, about the size of a toaster, above our heads and proceeded to hold it above our bodies, moving it slowly from head to toe. It appeared to be taking readings of some kind. Once this was done, three of the aliens started to probe different parts of our body. They especially interested in our breasts and pussies. One alien bent down to take a closer look at my breasts, feeling the texture and firmness of each. It began to play with my nipple until it became hard from the stimulation. While all this was going on, another alien was probing my pussy, working soft digits up and down my slit and across my clit. My pussy automatically started to get wet from the stimulation. Even though my mind was saying no, my body was saying don't stop." "At one point, I looked over at Mindy and saw that she was receiving the same treatment.

"They kept this up for a long time and I found that my hips were starting to move to meet the invading digits. Finally, I saw one of them nod to another and the second went to a small cart and brought back a probe of some kind that seemed to resemble a large dildo. The dildo was inserted into my pussy as far as it would go. It left me feeling really full. As soon as it was into me, the alien turned a control and the dildo started buzzing. I found myself being revolted at being violated by this thing but at the same time, wanting more of it. Its purpose was clear, it was to bring me to an earth shattering orgasm. In the times when I had my eyes open, I could tell they were making notes about my reactions to the dildo and the stimulation of my nipples."

As Penny listened and made notes, she could tell that both girls were quite agitated, but Jessie continued on.

"The dildo had been working my pussy for quite some time and I could feel myself approaching the biggest orgasm of my life, and then it hit like a freight train. The muscles of my pussy clenched down hard on the dildo, squeezing it so hard I thought I was break it in half. With this sudden hard squeeze, it was like it had burst and shot out stream of liquid. I felt my insides coated in this liquid like a fire hose. I remember seeing Mindy's body shudder in what I surmised as what was happening to me."

"I must have passed out from the intensity. When I awoke, both of us were sitting on the fallen tree in the meadow, fully dressed, and no space ship in sight. We looked at each other and wondered if we had hallucinated the whole thing. That was 9 months ago and we have not been back here since."

Penny was speechless. She had just sat through an hour's worth of what seemed like an incredulous tall tale and had trouble believing a word of it. It seemed like quite a lot of work to go through to explain being pregnant. Penny thought there must have been some wild party at which the girls had gone, got drunk, fucked, and coincidentally pregnant.

The girls could see the disbelief in Penny's eyes. They had seen it the eyes of so many others they had told it to that they finally stopped telling it. They told Penny they decided to stay away from other people as possible for the next 9 months and just let things play out.

Penny decided to chalk it up to a hoax, go back to her car, and go back to town. As she tried to get up, she found she could not move. Her brain was telling her arms and legs to move but they would not obey. As Penny contemplated her predicament, she noticed that Jessie and Mindy were similarly immobilized. And then she heard it, a low humming noise. It was soon followed by strong light from above. Soon after, Penny was aware of an alien craft in the meadow in front of her. A door opened and a number of aliens came over to lead all three girls into the craft. As Penny watched, the two sisters were lead to a room that a combination hospital delivery room and an examination room. The aliens first removed the sister's clothes, then placed them in the birthing chairs. Penny was next stripped of her clothes and placed on the examination table.

From where Penny was at, she could see the sisters and what was happening to them. There were a number of creatures moving back and forth between both Jessie and Mindy. Both were injected with something. Soon after the injection, Penny could see that both sisters were in hard labor. The aliens were helping the sisters push by providing external pressure on the sister's stomachs. Shortly after, Penny could see a shape coming out of each of the girl's pussies. The more the aliens pushed on the sister's stomachs, the more the babies cam out, and the more Penny realized that these were not human babies. With one last hard push, the alien babies were pushed out and caught one of the alien adults. The babies were then placed in what appeared to be an incubator and whisked out of the room.

While focusing on the sisters, Penny had not noticed that her breasts and pussy were being stimulated. She soon realized she was becoming worked up into a sexual frenzy. She looked down toward her pussy and saw a large dildo being inserted into her pussy. She had never had a cock this large in her before and she felt really filled. It was then that the buzzing in her pussy started in. She started moaning uncontrollably, breathing becoming more and more ragged. The resistance in her mind was fading and her body's instincts taking over. She was headed for a massive orgasm and she knew it was only a matter of time. The extent of how massive it was unexpected. Had she not been restrained, she would have jerked so wildly that she probably have pulled several muscles. As it was, the hard squeeze on the dildo buzzing away inside her, was rewarded with the feeling of a warm liquid being shot into her, generously coating her insides. Her body continued to spasm for 5 to 10 minutes more until she passed out.

Penny awoke, sitting on the fallen tree trunk, with the other two girls beside her. She was fully dressed and it was as if the whole thing was too incredulous to believe that it had ever happened. She was about to dismiss the whole thing as some kind of hallucination when she noticed that neither Jessie or Mindy looked pregnant. It dawned on her that this must have been some big practical joke and that the girls had never been pregnant to begin with. Their pregnancies had been faked all along and Penny had been the butt of a big practical joke. The girls themselves stayed in character but seemed like they were in disbelief as to what had transpired. They knew there was no way to explain it and didn't say anything.

As Penny walked back to her car, her muscles felt tense, as if she had done a really strenuous workout. As she drove away, she noticed her panties were wet with a white sticky liquid and wondered if she would be seeing the meadow again in 9 months.

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