tagSci-Fi & FantasyAlien Abduction Ch. 01

Alien Abduction Ch. 01


Sarah walked down the dark street alone, her nurse's outfit wrinkled from a long day at the hospital. She was in a horrible mood. After getting gelled at by her boss, she had been forced to take a vacation. She hadn't taken one in the past three years, and after forty-eight hours of no sleep, the hospital staff had gotten 'worried' about their chief nurse. Following that, she'd had a screaming match with her boss and been forced to leave the hospital for three weeks to calm her nerves and relax at home.

As she opened the door to the lobby of her apartment building, Sarah felt eyes on her. She looked around her and shrugged the feeling off when there was nobody in sight. She walked into her apartment and dumped all her belongings on the couch, then went to her kitchen to get a drink. A bottle of whisky and a few glasses of red wine later, Sarah was passed out on her couch. As she slept, she had a very strange dream. There were bright lights, and she felt like she was floating through the air. Suddenly, she was having the best wet dream she'd ever known.

It felt like there were a dozen hands roaming over her body, caressing her in the most intimate places and making her moan in bliss. As soon as she was on the verge of climaxing, she was left in need. The rest of her sleep was fitful and everything was sensitive.

Sarah woke with a start, looking wildly around her. She suddenly realized that she was alone in large white room. It was like one of the rooms on the Star Trek spaceships. White, empty, sterile. The only think in the room was the platform she was on. Sarah tried to move her arms, only to find that she was pinned to the tale by steel cuffs around her wrists, waist and ankles, keeping her completely immobile. Then it occurred to her that she was completely vulnerable. Her legs wet held as far apart as it was comfortable, and her hands were above her head. Also, she was naked. Completely bare. She lifted her head to look down at herself and saw that her c-cup breasts were perky on her chest and her pubic hair, though she had little to start with, was completely gone. The long, blonde hair that covered her head was still there, thank god.

As she absorbed all of this, Sarah started to panic. Where was she? Why was she naked? She started to jerk and fight her bonds, screaming for someone to help her. As she began to lose control, a hole opened up in the wall at her left. Sarah jerked her head in that direction just as a humanoid robot walked into the room.

"Please stop struggling, madame. We still have several more days until our journey is over," it said in a monotone voice.

"Where am I? What do you want? Why am I naked?" she demanded, her voice hoarse from screaming.

"You are aboard starship 6172267. I am autobot model 400. What we want is for you to remain calm and comply to all of our instructions. Your presence is requested on planet Viotran. You have been stripped of your earthly belongings for preparation," the robot said in the same monotone, moving toward her again.

"Stay away from me! What do you mean preparation?" she screamed and began to struggle again. The bonds around her only got tighter.

"Please remain calm," said the robot, ignoring her demand to stay away as it walked forward. "Your preparation will begin immediately." Behind it, another hole opened and a giant, octopus-like creature slid into the room. It had at least twenty tentacles and was at least six feet tall. It's appearance caused Sarah to scream again and struggle even harder.

"I am told by my superiors to tell you that if you continue to scream, we will be forced to gag you," the bot said as the creature got closer. Sarah immediately stopped screaming and her eyes bugged out of her head. The table was tilted upwards and the bot began to work on Sarah's bonds. In a matter of moments the table was removed and a kind of air current kept Sarah upright but held her in place. In a weird way, she was comfortable. She still twisted in her bonds and the octopus creature got closer, whimpering in distress.

"My superiors say that your sounds now are much more pleasing, and ask you to continue them," said the robot, who was now on the other side of the room. Sarah thought the statement was strange, but couldn't concentrate on it when the creature got nearer. She let out a strangled gasp as one of its tentacles ran along the length of her arm. Soon, multiple tentacles were touching her arms and legs, leaving slimy trails along her smooth skin.

"Please, please stop. I-I don't want this," she begged as the tentacles continued their exploration of her body. The robot stepped forward and the tentacles stilled on her arms and legs.

"Quite the contrary, madame, you seem to be very eager," said the robot, who walked forward and dragged it's cold, steel fingers through her sex. They came away dripping with the juices from her dream. Sarah shivered as the tentacles began to work on her again while the robot walked away.

She managed to stay silent as the strange appendages explored her body, getting closer and closer to her privates. As one of the smaller tentacles, possibly only as wide as a pencil, stroked her wet pussy, she was reminded of the fact that she was a virgin. She gasped as one of the suckers latched onto her clit and tortured her with sweet pleasure.

"Please...stop...Im a virgin," she moaned as the tentacle's suckers latched onto her over-sensitive nipples and pulled at them gently.

"Not to worry. It will not hinder your preparation," said the bot. "Now, please relax and comply. I am told this is meant to be pleasurable."

And it was, in a twisted way. She felt amazingly stimulated. Against her own will, her hips began to jerk as she climbed closer to her release. Just as she was beginning to orgasm, the tentacle moved away. She moaned in frustration as her juices dripped down her legs. Sarah opened her eyes and saw the tentacles' ends open up like small mouths. What came out of them were about six three-inch-long tinier tentacles that were dripping with a clear fluid. Sarah's eyes were as wide as saucers as she felt one of the larger tentacles that was about two inches in diameter stroke her now soaked pussy and shivered as she felt the smaller tentacles on the end wriggling against her.

Suddenly she could feel the appendage working it's way inside of her virgin cunt, the smaller tentacles on the end twirling and twisting inside of her. Sarah moaned as she felt herself stretched, and hated how good it felt. She arched her back into the suckers at her nipples that had started sucking even harder and massaging her breasts. She let out a whimper and a small yelp as her cervix was torn and her virginity taken by this beast. Then she felt a wetness at her asshole.

She turned her head to see a thick tentacle wetting her tight hole and begin to push into it slowly. The feeling of fullness was amazing and bordered on pain it was so wonderful.

"More! Please more," she screamed, spreading her legs wider. As soon as the words left her mouth, the tentacle in her pussy immediately stopped it's slow penetration and yanked out of her hot, wet cunt. It was replaced with the largest of the tentacles, that had to be as thick as a baseball bat.

'That couldn't possibly fit,' Sarah thought. She didn't have enough time to struggle before it worked it's way inside of her. This was was harder as well as bigger than the other one, and felt like it was much more muscular. It's tinier tentacles sucked and swirled inside of her and she screamed with delight. Slowly it filled her to until it felt like she would burst. That combined with the tentacle in her ass and the tentacles sucking and massaging her breasts made her cunt start to contract as she exploded in orgasm, writhing in blissful agony. When she came down from her high, the tentacles started to fuck her slowly, in and out of her cunt and her ass.

"Yes, yes, yes," she chanted as she jerked her hips to meet their thrusts. Again Sarah screamed as another one of the many suckers that caressed her body covered her clit then began to suck and grind against it. "Harder!" she screamed. The tentacles picked up the pace and were soon fucking her with amazing speed.

Sarah was caught in an endless stream of orgasms, screaming and moaning continually. The giant tentacle began to swell inside of her and she let out a stream of curse words. By now she was limp in her bonds and could only whimper and shudder as orgasms wracked her body. The appendage was swelling to an impossible size, and Sarah could feel it's orgasm come closer. It felt like she would explode and then the tentacle in her ass began to swell as well. It was too much. The combination of the blissful stimulations on her tits, clot, pussy and ass made her feel like she would die with pleasure.

Almost in slow motion, all the tentacles became impossibly large inside of her and exploded, jetting cum inside of her and coating her in juices and sloshed outside of her in rivers. Her mouth opened wide in a silent scream as her eyes closed and her head fell backwards as she lost herself in the biggest, most amazing orgasm of the night. The pleasure was so intense it was painful, and as her pussy tightened around the tentacles rhythmically, it caused her to orgasm even harder as she felt them pulse.

She lost consciousness from the intensity. As soon as the creature finished it's own climax, it crawled back into it's hole as a door opened. A man walked into the room an released Sarah from her bonds, taking her limp body into his arms. He was huge, at least seven feet tall. His tanned skin was marked with stripes similar to a tiger, and his black hair was cropped short. He was extremely muscular and dangerously handsome. He was Captain Jared Logans.

The captain took the unconscious girl out of the room and the door closed silently behind him.

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