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Alien Seduction


Being a hot August night, I was miserable. I could not sleep no matter what I did. So getting out of bed I slipped a pair of shorts and my halter top on. Grabbing the car keys I slipped behind the wheel of my car and backed out of the driveway.

Deciding to go through the country I started driving North on Highway 2. Once I got out of the city limits I turned the radio on and started looking around. Spotting a bright light in the sky I watched as it slowed down till it looked like it was hovering over a large pasture area.

Pulling the car over to a side road I got out and started walking to some brush to investigate. This aircraft was magnificent. The design was strange, it was triangular with 3 blinking lights at each tip. I had to get a closer view. About that time a bright light came from its interior and started moving across the ground. I froze but yet tried to move to where it would not catch sight of me.

Next thing I was aware of was I was inside the aircraft. I knew this had to be some crazy dream, cause I don't believe in aliens and these people in front of me didn't look like they were human. From what I could see there were 6 of these creatures surrounding the table they had me on. I could not move at all. They did not have me tied down but it was as if my brain could not get my muscles to move.

None of them talked, they just looked at each other and then they started removing what little clothes I had on. To say I freaked at that moment was not even close to describing what went through my head. About that time, the one that seemed like he was in charge, put his hand on my forehead.

It was like I could sense what was going to happen. As if he was telepathically telling me that I was not to be harmed, they just wanted to see how women from Earth climax. A screen came down and it started showing these porn clips on it. The one in charge commented that they picked up signals from our satellite, and they had to check it out to see what it looked like in real life.

They spread my legs further apart, and one of them pulled out a long thick rod. To describe it, I'd have to say it was a good 12 inches long, including the handle. It had ribs on it, some thicker than the others, it was a shiny silver color, and to top all that off it started vibrating. They all got into a position they could watch me from.

At the moment they stuck the object in my cunt, I started squirming. I could not, for the life of me, close my legs. They slid it in further and to say my body started responding was an understatement. At that moment the speed of it increased and it felt like it changed shape inside my cunt, forming itself to where it hit my G-spot. Fighting myself to keep composure was futile at that moment.

The screen still showed porn clips and these aliens were now taking the vibrator and pumping it in and out of my cunt. I felt my body building up towards my first climax. Finally I lost it completely. Cum shot out of my cunt and I was moaning begging for them not to stop.

After I regained my breath, I spotted a second object. This one was much thinner. What in the world were they going to do with that one. It started buzzing and they placed it at my ass. Screaming I said please no, I was a virgin there. Again the one in charge telepathically told me to stay calm. Tears started to come out of my eyes. I was really scared.

Slowly the object slid into my ass, begging them to stop, I told them it was hurting me. Somehow, it felt like it shot something out of it. Whatever was in it lubed my asshole up and the pain eased off instantly. Once they seen I was getting accustomed to the feel, they sped it up and had it pumping in and out of me.

Trying to see what was going on, I seen the alien between my legs stick his tongue out. Now to describe what his tongue looked like, I'd have to say it looked almost like a humans except in the middle it was forked like a snakes, but wider. He then started licking my clit.

At first he wasn't making me feel anything, but as he went along with the screen images he started hitting the right areas. I felt trashy at that moment. My body would not stay under my control. Then his mouth clamped on my clit and the suction he had between the darting of his tongue again sent me into spasms.

After I came down from the second climax, They removed the object from my ass. Next thing I noticed was that my head was lowering back a little. The alien at my head had his dick there at my face. There again to describe this it is very difficult. A man's shaft is thick and he has balls. This alien on the other hand, his didn't look so big, and it was I'd roughly guess 7 inches.

I noticed it did have a knot in the center. Forcing his dick into my mouth, the alien continued to face fuck me while the rest worked on other parts of my body. I felt fingers touching my clit and mouths on my tits, along with another alien licking around the hole to my pussy and ass.

About that time, I noticed the dick in my mouth getting hard. The knot seemed to expand at that time also. The alien continued to face fuck me till he shot his load down my throat. Choking on the amount that came from him, I had to gasp for air. Cum dripped from my mouth and I was exhausted.

While I was recouping they worked around me putting objects up, and making notes on their equipment. I was thinking to myself that this ordeal must be finally over when they turned back towards me.

Looking at them I noticed all of them had their dicks out. Somehow knowing what was coming next I relented from trying to fight it off. The first alien stuck his shaft into my pussy. They were like dogs in heat, all wanting to get a taste of it. As one fucked me in the pussy, the others watched in awe. As they got close to cumming the knot always expanded. As soon as one was done another took his place fucking me all over again.

This went on for what seemed like forever. All 6 of them took turns fucking my cunt and ass, while depositing their sperm deep within my womb. When they were all finished they all joined in to clean me up. When they had me dressed, the one in charge pulled out a object that looked like something a jeweler uses to pierce someones ear. Pulling back my earlobe he positioned it and shot something under my skin.

Perplexed I asked him why he did that? Receiving my answer I was told it was like a tracking device. They used it to monitor me and it would also let them know if their seed they planted was harvested, and if it was successful, they'd come and take me where they'd use me for reproduction.

When they released me, it was like I had lost a week. My family and friends had been looking for me, but what could I tell them? Surely not the truth.. They'd lock me away for sure then.

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