Alien v Predator: Insemination Ch. 04


"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, holy shit," Alicia was panting and moaning like a bitch in heat as she felt herself about to have another huge orgasm. She reached a finger down right near where a xenomorph cock was sliding in and out of her squishy, sloppy pussy and she stroked her clit.

"Oh it is...mmmm yes!" she cried out loudly as she came, shouting loud enough to alert the entire hive to her orgasm, if they hadn't heard it already. Pussy juices soaked the front xenomorph's plundering cock while the fleshy walls of her pussy and ass began a firm, almost vice-like milking and suckling motion along the two xenomorph cocks as she came.

The two xenomorphs, feeling this, kicked their thrusting into high gear as they drove themselves toward their own release. They pounded their thick, midnight black cocks into and out of her pussy and ass in perfect sync with each other as the sound of slurping and sucking utterly filled the room. The smell of musky, carnal sex between the human female and alien males permeated throughout the room and increased in volume as they pistoned in and out of her delightfully tight holes.

The two xenomorphs thrust into her body one last time, burying their cocks as deeply as they could as they exploded within her, allowing their triumphant shrieks to fill the cavern. Alicia moaned along with them and felt another smaller orgasm flow through her body as she was pressed tightly against both xenomorphs while they filled her body with a healthy filling of hot cum in both holes.

Her pussy and uterus, already containing a plentiful amount of xenomorph cum, overflowed to the max as the other xenomorph now added his own spurts and frothy ropes to the mix, painting the walls of her pussy and filling her up to the point that it began to squirt out the sides of her pussy. Meanwhile the Praetorian xenomorph hissed and nibbled gently on Alicia's shoulder while he filled her bowels with strands of hot cum, coating the walls of her anus in hot warmth as a testament to her third and final hole now having been taken by the males of the xenomorph hive.

Somewhere amid the final thrusting of cocks into her two holes and the feeling of frothy xenomorph seed filling up her body, she felt herself drifting off. With a dreamy, satisfied smile across her face, she felt as the two cocks were pulled loose from her quivering holes as cum flowed freely from both orifices and the two holes shrank back to a semblance of their former tightness after a few moments. She had then felt all four of the xenomorphs taking her exhausted body limb by limb as they began to carry her naked, sweaty form through the caverns as she stared idly up at the ceiling.

Though her mind was currently a jumbled mess and she was utterly tired from what she'd just endured, she grinned wickedly as she realized that her original plan had ultimately worked and they were now carrying her deeper into the xenomorph hive like she'd wanted them to.

Just before she lost consciousness in blissful sleep while she was carried off into the caverns, she grinned, saying, "Hold on, Private Taylor...the cavalry's on its way."

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