tagMind ControlAliens Ch. 07B

Aliens Ch. 07B






























Tyler walked out of the court smiling as he and his two friends were fully acquitted on all charges of sexual assaulting over a dozen women over the last three months. The judge, who had refused to remove himself because he was related to one of the defendants, would not allow the videos of each assault to be entered as evidence.

Tyler and his friends, Seth and Josh abducted women that were jogging or walking alone and transported them to an abandoned farm. They used the barn for their sexual entertainment. In addition to their own gratification, the acts included Sybians with oversized phallics, baseball bats and large bottles. All victims except two, suffered severe internal injuries. When finished, the unconscious women were dumped naked into a local park. The videos that were taken were released on an anonymous web site which was eventually traced to a friend of Tyler.

They were sitting in the barn preparing their plans for the next victim when each was engulfed within a swirling vortex of light. They materialized in the Alien's preparation room, all were unconscious.

The Aliens worked quickly. After removing their clothes they were put into a standing position with their legs spread apart. A violet blanket of light encased their bodies and in seconds all the hair on their below their shoulders were removed.

Each was put into a sitting position with their legs bent at the knees and spread apart. Round 'tubes' of light shot up from the floor under the spread cheeks of their buttocks and entered their rectums. The 'tubes' turned bluish as a bowel cleansing liquid filled their lower intestinal tracts. In about a minute the 'tubes' retracted and yellowish balls rose up and settled onto the their buttocks. They soon changed to a brownish color as the contents of their bowels were evacuated.

While their bowels were being cleansed, a chemical in the solution was enhancing their anal openings, rectal sheaths and prostates. Their semen production would be six times that of a normal male and their sexual rejuvenation would be immediate.

No docility drugs were given to them. The aliens wanted them to be fully aware and alert, just as their victims were.


When the preparations were complete, their unconscious bodies were were moved into a large theater. The Aliens constructed the theater and its 'workings' so humans could relate to it.

The stage was 40' wide x 30' deep. Multiple HD cameras ringed the stage, including the ceiling and floor. Three 60" monitors were lowered from the ceiling and tilted downward facing onto the stage. HD monitors were also lowered in the theater area so the audience could see graphic close-up views of what was happening in stage. The same 'views' would be relayed to the Alien's online viewers.

Tyler was moved to center of the stage, his friends, Seth and Josh were moved to the side of the stage facing Tyler. All were 'floating' in a sitting position with their legs bent and thighs spread apart.

The HD monitors, on stage and in the theater, showed the graphic close-up views of their naked and hairless bodies. Their penises and testicles swayed in the air.

A burst of a colorless vapor flowed down from the ceiling, bringing them out of their unconscious states.

As awareness crept into their minds, they began struggling in a frantic attempt to break loose from their invisible restraints. They saw each other in the ceiling monitors in front of them and their screams and struggles intensified. Finally, exhaustion set in and caused them to slump onto unseen supports. Each felt a warm, tingling sensation that radiated from their enhanced anal lips and rectum.

All looked at each other with a sense of fear and resignation. One moment they were in the barn and the next moment they were in a theater, sitting naked, floating in the air, with hundreds of 'things' that were not human, looking back at them.

Suddenly the monitors started showing scenes of their vicious sexual assault on women. For the thirty minutes, video highlights of all their victims were played for the audience and on-line viewers. All five began to show rising fear as each of them were graphically shown participating in the despicable acts of depravity.

A woman came onto the stage wearing a nurses uniform. She stood at the front of stage in front of Tyler.

The woman said, so all could here,

"My name is Julie. You and your friends are on board an Alien craft that amongst other things, performs a retribution service when the human legal system fails. In a few moments, your audience will be informed of the charges against you and I will translate what is being said over the sound system. Personally, I would prefer to see each of you publicly castrated."

A strange sound was heard and the audience quieted down.

Julie translated,

>> Tyler, you and your friends are charged with sexual acts

>> beyond comprehension.


>> Tyler, as punishment, you will transformed into a female

>> and be handed over to a brothel owner in Indonesia.


>> Seth you will be become a homosexual and Josh, you be

>> transformed into a Shemale. Both of you will be returned

>> to your point of origin.

A smirk filled Tyler's face and said to his friends,

"What a load of shit, there is no way they can do that."

Josh and Seth saw Julie approach Tyler and say,

"You would be surprised with what we are capable of doing. No one is going to miss you, no one is going to look for you.

We have very special Plant that knows how to transform your body into a female. Soon you will experience the ecstatic joys of a female's orgasm. Who knows, you might even find out what its like to be brutally raped. One thing I can ensure you is, that you will radiate sex to every male you come in contact with ... you will be the proverbial 'easy' piece ass."

A stunned and nervous Tyler looked at Julie. The fact that he was here gave a sense of validity to Julie's words and his fears began to rise.

Julie saw the change on his face and smiled. She nodded head toward the the Operations Center.

Suddenly, Tyler felt his body being moved so he was in a slightly reclined position. His nervous eyes looked at the 'audience' in front of him and then he looked up at the HD monitor. He began trembling when he saw his spread nakedness being graphically displayed.


Julie walked closer to Tyler and put her hands on his bent knees and said,

"I think the audience and your two friends would like to see your 'last' male ejaculation. It will be a special one and we have 'something' very unique that will help you have an incredible orgasm."

It took a few seconds for Tyler to understand what the Julie meant and and then he began urinating in fear. He heard strange sounds from the audience and saw them pointing at him. He closed his eyes as his urine slowed to trickles. An attendant came onto the stage and cleaned the floor.

Julie said,

"Feel better? Judging from the size of your penis, I guess it will be around 7" or 8" when it is erect. Let's find out.

Oh, I forgot to mention, this will not be the usual 'beaker' 'magazine' donation, we have a special way of extracting your semen and sperm."

Tyler looked at the monitor and saw a square pedestal rising up from the floor under his body. It stopped about six inches below his spread buttocks. He then saw an attendant walking toward him carrying a large glass bowl with both hands.

Tyler's eyes widened in fear when he saw a thick, slightly brownish mass squirming in the bowl. It was transparent and Tyler could see the jar through the mass. As the attendant got closer, Tyler had a better view of it from the monitor.

Tyler's frantic thoughts filled his mind,


Julie said,

"This creature is the Alien's semen extractor. Trust me, your going to love it"

The jar glistened with a clear thick liquid that oozed from the pulsing surface of the creature's mass. Tyler starred at it with mounting dread. It was about six inches wide at the 'front' with a tapering body that stretched about 12 inches long with the 'end' about 2" thick. It was squishy but oddly solid. On the 'front' of it was a clenching 'mouth' with numerous little finger-like projections that continuously changed in size and shape.


The attendant put the bowl onto the top of the pedestal and left the stage.

The creature sensed the heat from Tyler's body and oriented itself within the bowl so its 'head' was just below Tyler's swaying penis and balls. Its tapered length shifted so the thick 'end' was under the spread cheeks of his buttocks.

The thing moved slowly, with its head searching the air around and above it. It stretched upward closer to his testicles and penis. Tyler looked wide eyed at his image in the monitor and the squirming mass that was under him. He shifted his hips in an effort to stop its advancement.

Julie said,

"Just relax Tyler, all it wants is to do is nurse on your penis so it can feast on your semen. A wonderful perk of this creature is that it will show you how pleasurable your enhanced rectal sheath can make you feel."

Tyler looked around the stage, pleading for help but none came.

He saw the creature's 'head' stretching further up from the bowl and his breathing came in quick nervous pants.

The mass sent out a finger-like probe which 'sniffed' at Tyler's flaccid penis. The probe almost touched it, then retracted. Tyler looked with wide open eyes at the monitor, he knew something was about to happen.

The creature lifted up slightly, the opening in its 'head' was about an inch wide. He couldn't make out what was inside but it wasn't smooth. There were bumps and more finger-like projections that were surrounded in a layer of Cilia fibers.

With a steady deliberate motion, the creature's mouth slipped over the head of his penis. Tyler froze at the initial contact and screamed.


Slowly, a warm, moist smoothness enveloped his thick gland and he waited for the inevitable pain .. which never came. In a few seconds he began to feel soft tugs pulling on penis. He looked at the monitor and saw the creature's 'mouth' pulling his penis downward. When his soft penis fully stretched, the creature's 'throat' rippled its way over his penis. Tyler looked wide-eyed and his fears escalated when he saw and felt his penis disappearing into the creature's open 'mouth'. At the same time, Tyler felt a warm moistness seeping onto his penis and then a wonderful warmth spread across his loins.

The massaging 'throat' began to caress his penis and a reluctant moan escaped his lips as his penis began to tingle and stir.


As his penis grew erect, the creature's throat pressed forward and he felt the 'head' of thick mass press against the inner junction of his thighs just above his heavy testicles.

A warm, moist thickness pressed upward from center of the creature's tapered length and Tyler felt his testicles being encased within a warm, slick, massaging pouch. The sensations from his stirring penis and testicles became too much and a reluctant moan escaped Tyler's mouth.


Suddenly, the thick 'end' of the creature curled upward and slipped between the spread cheeks of his buttocks, pushing them further apart. The pulsing 'end' formed into a 3/4" probe and nestled against his tingling anus with a slow, delicious tracing of the tingling, pink entrance. Tyler gasped and his hips squirmed as his 'womanhood' formed. His excited anal lips closed around the 'head' of the flexing probe, trying to draw it further inward.

"AHH!! AHH!! AHH!!"

Tyler felt a pressure being exerted against his clasping anal lips and his hands fisted as the creature's penile 'end' nestled deeper into his rectal opening. His anus stretched ecstatically as the creature's phallic shaped probe slithered into his enhanced rectal sheath.

Tyler looked at the monitor in shock when he saw the creature's clear, mass encasing his half erect penis and balls, his heart beat faster as the pulsing thickness pushed slowly into his sacred rear entrance and stopped three inches inside his rectum. The creature now began to 'purr' and Tyler gasped as waves of pleasurable sensations rippled across his sex.


It started as light caresses on the head of his stirring penis and slowly turned into a delicious suckling action. In a futile effort he tried to blank out the increasing sensations that were flooding his penis. His breathing quickened as penis grew harder within the creature's rippling 'throat'. The harder it grew, the more the creature had to suck and suckle on.

Tyler's arousal soared and he gasped as his manhood soared to full erection.


Inside the creature's warm, moist 'throat', his erection was being caressed, massaged and suckled. Hundreds of the little fingers and bumps began a delicious, stimulating tap dance up and down the length of his straining hardness. The sensations were incredible and unlike anything he could have ever imagine. The feelings that were radiating from erection were becoming more intense and more urgent. His enhanced rectal sheath began clenching around the partially imbedded probe that was exploring his rear passage.

"OH!! GOD!! OH!! GOD!!

Through dazed eyes he saw his engorged member being manipulated within the clear mass and his swelling anal lips were clasping around the creature's thick, squirming probe, trying to draw it deeper into his rectum.

A long, ecstatic moan escaped his open mouth,


He shut his eyes and savored the new feelings that were spreading across his body. Suddenly, Tyler's eyes flew wide open, his hips bucked into the air, and a loud gasp escaped his lips. The creature's had made contact with his prostate. An incredible spasm rippled throughout his body and his hips thrust his engorged erection into the mass's clenching 'throat'.


Tyler began moaning and panting as his prostate and erection began throbbing in sync with each other. His preseminal fluids spurted out of his thick, excited gland into the creature's feasting 'mouth'.


The creature's phallic-like probe deliberately and teasingly, spaced its delicious swirling pressures on Tyler's prostate. Every time it restarted, Tyler's body was racked with a series of internal ecstatic spasms much like those that a woman would feel.



His body shook and thrashed in joy as the orgasmic freight trains rumbled throughout his rectal sheath, onto his erection and into his disbelieving mind. His enhanced bullet-like nipples felt as though they were going to explode. In a few seconds, the clear sheath that encased his engorged erection, began to swell with his spewing preseminal fluids.

All saw what the creature eagerly feasting on Tyler's fluids and the rapid, almost frantic clasping of Tyler's anal lips. His audience knew that this was just the beginning.

Tyler moaned loudly as the creature manipulated his enflamed sex.


The creature's probe lengthened to 7" x 2" with deep ridges along its flexing surface. It started slow, ecstatic thrusts and Tyler squealed in joy as his clenching rectal sheath and excited erection filled his mind with sensations that he had never felt before.


Tyler made one last determined effort not to give the creature what it wanted. He flooded his mind with thoughts of cold showers, running naked in the dead of winter, anything that would subdue his need to orgasm.

His dazed mind heard Julie's voice,

"Relax Tyler and enjoy your lover. It wants your semen and won't let up until it gets it."

Tyler in a gasping voice replied,

"Noooooo .. I won't do it .. I won't give it what it wants!"

His fears were pushed to the background when the creature renewed its intense deep throating of his enraged manhood. Its internals were focusing more and more of its attention to Tyler's highly sensitive gland. Its long, thick, flexing probe began an ecstatic rhythm into and out of Tyler's seething passage.

Full in to part way in, fast to slow, always flexing always twisting.

The swirling tip would stall over his agitated prostate causing ecstatic explosions to ripple throughout his body.

His moans and pants were increasing as the creature's 'mouth' and phallic coaxed more and more of his preseminal fluids out of the gapping opening at the head of erection. He felt the warm, spewing liquid as it was being swirled over his highly excited gland.

"UHH!! UHH!! UHH!! NO! NO! ..."


Tyler's mind finally surrendered his body to his creature Lover. His hips slowly pushed upward, offering more of his engorged manhood to the 'thing' that was giving him so much pleasure, trying, somehow, to get even more sensations of joy from it.

But the creature controlled his sexual nervous system. Tyler's straining erection was trapped inside the sucking creature and he was now a slave to whatever this 'thing' wanted to do with him. The endless waves of pleasure that swirled around and over his throbbing member were building higher and higher. The phallic intensified its ecstatic massaging on his hyper-excited prostate.

Tyler knew he was going to ejaculate and there was nothing that he could do to stop it.

Then something new happened. As his precum gushed out of his penis, a dozen tiny tendrils suddenly attached themselves to the opening of his urethra, lapping up the clear liquid. The suckling small tubes burrowed into the opening as though looking for the source of his spewing nectar.

Tyler thought,

'Jesus, I am inside the creature and now it is going inside of me.'

The sensations were incredible and he felt the pressures of his ejaculation building at the base of his engorged erection.

The creature's phallic's again moved off of prostate and began to move. Tyler gasped when felt the long probe begin to expand and ecstatically flex and undulate as it stroked into and out of his excited rectal passage. As it moved, it ground onto his enflamed prostate and Tyler squealed in joy. His preseminal fluids gushed and spurted from the head of his enraged erection. It felt like a dozen mouths and lips were deep sucking inside and outside, along the entire length of straining hardness.


The creature had him and held him at his orgasmic edge.

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