tagFetishAll Aboard? Ch. 02

All Aboard? Ch. 02


(Recap: Sharon and John had just basically told each other that they want to fuck......lets find out what happened!)

I looked at Sharon, staring into her eyes as we moved closer to each other, our hands reaching, our eyes searching, our lust over coming all other emotions. I put my hand on the back of her neck and pulled her to me, our lips met and we kissed. Our tongues probing each other mouths, our hands running all over each other bodies. I feel her hands undoing my shirt, popping the buttons open, she pushes it off my shoulders, and I throw it to the floor. I reach a hand down so I can take my boots off, my socks coming of at the same time. Sharon does the same, kicking her trainers across the room. I slide my hand up over her knee and don't stop till I feel the heat radiating from her pussy.

She moans into my open mouth as I press a finger down onto her clit, rubbing her into a frenzy through her trousers. She bites my lip, kissing it soon after, as I start to undo the buttons on her blouse. I push the soft material out of the way so I can get an eye full of her ample chest. I could make out her hard nipples pushing at the lacy fabric of her black bra. She sighs as I cup her tits, and moans as I run my thumb over her engorged buds. I reach up with my free hand and undo the hooks on her bra, letting it fall down her arms, she shakes it off and it lands with the rest of our clothes.

I kiss her face and neck, sucking on her throat, and rubbing her nipples. Her moans are growing more rapid with every kiss, lick and suck, her hands buried in my hair, not letting my mouth leave her body. I can feel my hard cock pressed against her thigh, and I know she can feel it to. My lips find there way to her tits, and my tongue circles her pinkish brown areole, flicking over her hard nipples, I gently bite down and she gasps aloud from the sensations. My hands are all over her body, touching stroking, squeezing and pinching. My lips find her most intimate parts and play havoc with her nervous system. She moans and gasps, screams and cries, Her hands holding my head in places she wants me.

I kiss her body till I feel the material of her trousers on my lips, I slide to the floor on my knees and look up at her. She looks at me with her mismatched eyes, and they have taken on a dark glaze, I can see the animal lust burning inside her body. I push my fingers into her waistband and pull her trousers down and off in one swift strong movement. She opens her legs allowing me to see the wet patch staining her gusset, I can see her juices have indeed leaked out of her pussy and run to her asshole, as the string of her thong also looks wet. I lower my head and inhale the scent of her cunt, my head spins as I run my tongue all over her wet gusset, sucking her juices up through the sopping material.

Sharon moans as I put pressure on her clit, and gasps as I blow on her hot pussy. I pull her thong off and I glimpse her completely shaven cunt lips, my cock twitches inside my jeans, straining for release. I look at her and hold her thong up, holding it so she can see the dark wet stain on the crotch.

"I think you should taste your own pussy, I want you to lick your own gusset" My voice has deepened with the power I have over her. And judging by the twinkle in her eye, she likes to be domineered.

"Mmm, yes, but first wipe my pussy and ass with it. So it's nice and juicy for me" She's grinning like a cheshire cat.

I rub the crotch of her thong up and down her very wet pussy, soaking as much of her fluid up as I can. I hold the thong up so she can see her juices shining on the black cotton. She smiles and opens her mouth, waiting for me to feed her the wet fabric, so I do, pushing the thong into her mouth and at the same time pushing two fingers deep into her wet pussy.

Her eyes snap open and her back arches as my fingers penetrate her hole, she gasps and almost gags on the thong in her mouth, her eyes boring into mine as I slowly slide my fingers from her pussy and bring them up to my mouth, tasting her juices, licking my fingers clean of her as she watches and sucks her own juices from her thong.

I wink at her and lower my head to her dripping cunt, breathing in her aroma, drinking her shaved lips in with my eyes. I reach my tongue forward and flick it fast and hard over her stiff little clit. She gasps and shudders as if electricity has been passed through her body, leaving her quite breathless. I run my tongue between her lips, drinking her juices as I go.

I position myself better and lift her legs up high, giving myself access to her pussy and ass, both slick with her juices and my saliva. I run my tongue around her puckered ass, pushing the tip off my tongue inside, as I push my fingers into her cunt and rub her clit furiously with my thumb. Sharon has since spat her thong out of her mouth and is now screaming in pleasure, her hands are on the back of my head pushing my face into her pussy, not letting me draw breath as my tongue brings her to orgasm. Her pelvis is thrusting into my mouth as her body rocks uncontrollably with the power of her first orgasm, she pulls and rips at my hair, grabbing hand fulls and gripping as her whole body tenses. I don't stop though, she is a lady who can have multiple orgasms, and I found this out the easy way. I added another finger to her already full cunt, and I pushed my thumb into her slick ass, her screams getting louder and louder the more I sucked and fucked her holes. Her eyes closed tight, every muscle in her body tensed up as orgasm after orgasm crashed against her body, leaving her total fucked when I finally finished.

I sit next to her on the sofa, and she still has her eyes closed, her chest rising and falling faster than ever, I lean over and kiss her mouth, pushing my tongue in so she can taste herself. She moans and moves her body closer to mine, her hand finding the bulge in my jeans, and rubbing roughly, as we moan and gasp into each others mouths.

Her lips move to my neck, my ears, every inch of bare flesh is touched by her lips, as her hands undo my belt and fly. I raise my ass and she pushes my jeans and boxers of, I kick them from round my ankles and they land with the growing pile of garments on the floor.

Sharon looks at my cock and smiles at me hungrily, she runs her fingers over my smooth balls, teasing my hard cock ad causing it to twitch uncontrollably. I gasp as she wraps her hand around my shaft, and slowly rolls my foreskin down my length, her lips start kissing where they left off, following a line from my naval to my crotch. She kisses around the base of my cock, her tongue flicking out and teasing my sack. I can feel my cock swelling every time her lips touch it, every time her tongue licks the pre-cum from my drooling tip.

"you taste so good John....mmmm" Sharon looks me in the eye as her tongue wraps around my shaft, and my bell-end in enveloped by her lips. I gasp as I feel her mouth going to work on me. She makes slurping noises as she sucks, it really does feel as though she's trying her hardest to actually swallow my cock whole. I can feel my swollen helmet pushing against the back of her throat, and I can feel her gag reflex against it. She is moaning as she sucks my cock, and she has two fingers buried deep in her sopping cunt. I pick her soaking wet thong up of the cushion next to me and bring it to my nose, inhaling her scent, her inner aroma, I lick the wet fabric of the gusset tasting her pussy and mouth at the same time while Sharon sucks and licks my cock. Bringing me ever closer to the point of no return.

Her sucking noises are driving me crazy, and the taste of her remains on my lips. It is like a drug, a high I can't come down from, nor do I want to. I grip her hair and pull her head from my cock.

"I need to fuck you.....NOW!!!" I almost snarl at her, flicks of spit hang on her lips and I can't help myself. I stand up, pick her up of the floor and throw her onto the sofa on her back. She giggles at my roughness, but when I bring my hand down hard onto her exposed ass cheek, she groans and glares at me with that lustful gaze. I smile as I pick her thong up one more time.

"I'm going to gag you with your own cum soaked thong" I whisper as I push her thong into her pussy, leaving only a tiny bit of material outside her body. She gasps as I pull it out of her fast and hard, then I stuff it straight into her mouth, I hook her legs over my shoulders and I pin her arms above her head, with one hand. I take my solid cock in hand and rub it all over her wet puffy cunt lips, slapping my bell-end down onto her clit until she is screaming for me to fuck her through her gag. I rest my cock against her hole and in one slow hard movement I slide my whole length inside her pussy. I gasp at the tightness, and she gasps as my balls rest on her ass.

I slowly build up speed, thrusting my cock deep inside her wet fuck hole, her back is arched and her breathing is fast and thick. She's moaning and crying into her wet gag, her fingers clawing at the backs of my hands. Her eyes never leave mine, and they are dark with lust and desire. I can feel her muscle grip my cock hard as another orgasm rips her body asunder, her head thrown back and her eyes closed tight, I feel her nails sinking into the flesh on the back of my hand, I feel blood trickle down my arm from the wound, but the pain only spurs me on. I fuck her harder and faster, my balls slamming into her ass every time I drive my cock home. I reach and pull her panties from her mouth, and she screams in please as I do.

"Oh John, fuck me I'm cumin again". Her body tenses again and her muscles tighten on my shaft, I can feel te cum rising in my cock.

"I'm gonna cum on your dripping wet cunt Sharon. Then I'm going to clean the whole mess up with your Panties" I grin as her eyes light up. "Then your going to clean your panties with your tongue"

"oh god yes" She screams at me as yet another orgasm hits her head on. I grunt and warn her I'm gonna cum, then I pull my slick cock from her pussy and shoot thick strings of cum all over her glistening cunt. I have never cum so much in all my life, and Sharon reaches down and runs her fingers between her cunt lips, making her fingers slick with or combined juices. I wipe up the mess with her already soaking thong, she smiles as she likes and sucks our mess of the material. When her pussy is clean she slides to her knees in front of me and sucks my cock clean of our juices. I can feel my cock hardening as I look down and watch her sucking and licking my bell-end. She stops, though, smiling she stands up and our lips meet, we kiss for what seems like an age, my now re hard cock pressing into her belly, as our hands stroke each others backs, as we kiss passionately.

"I think this could be the start of something very twisted" I whisper in her ear, confident now that she feels it to.

"I can't wait to show you just how dirty I am John, twisted doesn't even begin to describe it, love" She winks at me, and we kiss one more time.

(Ok guys, and girls, there you have the second part of our shipwrecked saga. I hope you all enjoyed it, by the good reactions I have had from part one I'm guessing this will go down a treat. If you have any comments or suggestions for me, then please don't hesitate to drop me a line. Part three will be here shortly, I promise. Oh, and please remember to vote if you enjoyed my story, and please check out my poems. You might just like them.)

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