tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll Business Ch. 01

All Business Ch. 01

byL.Fortune West©

Everybody wanted her. She was pretty much perfect, but she was the boss. She was gorgeous; she was everything you're going to want, you know the type. She was strong though, mentally. She was formidable. If she wanted to say something to you she was going to say it, it didn't matter if it was going to hurt you, she was going to say it. So yeah, everyone wanted her but there was fear there as well. She was intimidating; she had this 'ice queen' thing on the go.

Faith was slim but busty. Those two things don't go together often. She had good legs, and I like legs, it's something I look for. She was really pretty, very much so. You looked at her for the first time and you had no idea how hard she was going to be. I don't want to give you the wrong impression, Faith really nice most of the time, especially to people as far down the chain as me, but once you'd seen her rip into someone you always had it in your mind that she could do that to you if you gave her reason. Faith wore glasses. Not all the time though. I like glasses, some people don't.

Melissa was older. She was probably mid to late forties but I probably wanted her just as much as I wanted Faith. Melissa scared me more, I know that. Faith was some sort of executive honcho of the whole region, which for her age was really impressive. Melissa was under Faith in the chain. Melissa used to be quite sycophantic towards Faith, sometimes to the point where it could be a bit embarrassing. She was hard too, though, and scary. She looked good. What do they call them, MILFs? She's that sort of age but not even vaguely maternal. Age had put some weight on her but not much. She was blond, like Faith (did I say Faith was blonde?). She had this sort of confidence about her, I imagined her being dirty, you know? Behind closed doors I imagined her having something to say (I normally had my dick in my hands when I imagined stuff like that). I really did want her, come to think of it. I always just wanted to grab her.

Faith was based in our office, Melissa wasn't but she was there a lot of the time. I was doing permitted work. That's when you do a certain amount of hours of work a week and they still let you claim benefits. It worked out I was getting ninety quid extra a week on top of the money I get from the man because my head doesn't work properly. I was basically just a gopher, stood by the photocopier all day, making coffee for the people who actually did stuff.

It was the time when we were being inspected. A regulatory body had a look at all the companies in the sector we were in, your operations, your books, your results, everything. They checked everything out exhaustively and they gave you a rating. How good your rating was decided if you kept getting contracts from the government, and it decided how much you could keep being paid for the contracts you already had. It was make or break really, if you came out of it bad, the company could go down. Faith was responsible for making the rating good. Everybody, everybody had to pull out the stops to make the rating good. Everyone from top to bottom, even me, was mobilized. It was like some sort of war effort.

They booked a whole suite of rooms at this plush hotel when the verdict was going to be announced. There was like a big conference room for the actual announcement and then a big room for a buffet and party and whatever. I couldn't be bothered with it but I couldn't figure out a way to get out of going. We were all seated in front of this little stage and Faith announced we'd done well. Things were going to be good. There was a big speech where she was thanking every one. She looked good. She was having her moment of triumph, she was all powerful, you know? I was certainly impressed. Melissa was on the stage with her. There was a manager from another office called Carla that everyone fancied as well, and she looked really nice.

The buffet wasn't that impressive, there were shrimps though, I liked them. I had a joint but I was worried about smoking it in case I got caught. I couldn't go and have it outside. I was looking for rooms I could go into. I went into one, I don't know if it was one of the rooms we'd booked for the day. It had a smoke alarm so I wasn't going to bother, but then I had a brainwave. Because it was December it was dark out. I thought if I pulled the curtains, sat on the window ledge, opened the window a fraction and blew the smoke out, I'd be alright, happy days. When I think on it, a lot of the money I was making from that job was going on ganja. I probably wasn't even that much better off. Faith, Melissa and a guy called Ron come into the room before I can light it. I shift over and look out from a little gap In between the two curtains. They don't know I'm there, and I'm happy with that.

Nobody said anything. I'm still struck by the fact that none of them said a word to each other the whole time. Ron is a black guy. He's popular, easy going, funny. He works in the ______ office. He's a fun guy. He's similar age to me; we speak on the phone now and again. Faith takes her clothes off, quickly, efficiently. It isn't seductive or anything, it isn't a striptease; it's all business, which is characteristic, I'd say. Her legs are incredible. Her breasts are too. It's an impressive sight. There's a wooden desk in the room, otherwise it's bare. She pushes the desk against the wall; Ron goes over and helps her. She bends over the desk; first of all she's resting on her elbows. Her legs are pretty much straight, slightly bent perhaps. She waits like that.

Don takes his trousers off, keeps everything else on. His dick is big. I don't like it when stereotypes turn out to be true. Melissa doesn't take anything off; she's pulling on Ron's dick. Nothing is being said! It looked to me like Ron was pretty much ready to go as soon as he got out of his trousers but Melissa must have seen more potential. You can see in Melissa's eyes she's aroused. She's pulling rhythmically on it. She's making this noise, like, 'mmmmm,' really quiet, in a low voice, like a hum. I'm turned on as well. Melissa lets go of him and he walks over towards Faith. He caresses Faith. She does this thing, she wriggles her rear end. It's really erotic the way she does it.

Melissa comes over and gives Ron something. It's lube; it's like one of those sachets of sauce you get in cafes or whatever. Ron gives the sachet to Faith. Faith is still bent over the desk. She opens this sachet thing, puts the grease or the oil or whatever it was on the fingers of her right hand and reaches round and starts greasing up her, what word do I want to use... her rectum. I'm at the right angle to see this stuff. She does that for a few seconds. Ron is tugging himself, looking down at her doing that. Melissa moves over and fondles Faith's left breast, only briefly. Faith doesn't seem to even notice. I notice.

Eventually Faith feels like she's ready. She stops rubbing this stuff into herself and reaches back for Ron's dick, pulls him towards her. As he goes to mount her she puts both hands on the desk in front of her, palms down. He works his way in, it takes him a few seconds but he gets in there. She's in pain. She holding her breath in and making this hissing sound as he gets into her. Melissa is stood a few feet off, she's watching this, she's still dressed, she's not rubbing herself or doing anything, she's just watching.

He starts fucking her. Faith's in pain. She doesn't want it to stop though. The noises she's making are incredibly arousing. She doesn't want anyone to hear her so she's keeping as quiet as possible but that thing's big and it's in a place where it's not supposed to be. She's moaning and sometimes almost crying out as he goes in and out of her. She's having to stifle the sounds. She's looking straight ahead, at the wall, and he's putting more into it, getting more forceful. She's feeling it. The noises she's making are different now, she's almost grunting from the pain, In between making these pinched little crying sounds. He's fucking her hard. She's taking it.

Eventually it changes. I don't know how Ron's even lasted this long, but it changes. I can see that Faith's eyes are closed now, the grunting's louder. Before he was fucking her, she wasn't moving much. He had her round the waist and he's fucking her harder and harder, but there's a point where she starts bucking her body back against him. She's fucking him back, she's fighting back. He must be absolutely as far in as he can go by now and it seems to be even more intense.

She starts coming slightly before he does. Both her hands are still in front of her on the desk. He comes as well. They both suppress the noise. He gets out of her slowly. She stays bent over the desk for a bit, getting her breath, collecting herself. She turns round, stands, gives Ron a very, very brief peck on the lips, then goes over to get her clothes. Melissa has picked her clothes up off of the floor for her, hands them to her. Everybody gets dressed, everybody leaves. I've got the whole thing on my phone.

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