tagTransgender & CrossdressersAll Dressed Up and Ready To Go

All Dressed Up and Ready To Go


T'was the night before Christmas and... a very naughty mouse was stirring and she did not want a quiet house. When I go t home she left me a package to open. So I opened it to find this very thin, light black fabric which is see through. It is a dress of some sort. Wait here's a picture...... Oh my GOD!

The dress slips over my head and is held up by a single strap around my neck attached to a loop on each side at the shoulder. The loops hold the fabric open for the entire front of the dress. The fabric drapes down in abundance and curves just under the belly button. (Obviously creating a "play with me" area.) Half the models ample breasts are sensually visible from the side. The dress tightens a little snug around the upper thighs.

Oh what's this; I open the box within a box to find..... Breasts! What on earth.....you must be in one of your deliciously naughty moods. Oh wait.... ah yes the "fuck me" heels. What ensemble could possibly be complete without them?


Well that note is very specific.

It takes about 45 minutes until you surprise me by slipping out of the closet and up behind your new fully dressed slut.

You coo in my ear as your hand caresses my belly admiring my busty chest in the mirror. My baby likes them BIG that's for sure. "I'll be the man tonight and not waste any time you whisper......... have I got something for you baby," you say as you feel me up in my slinky dress.

We both know what is coming. The look of greed and lust in your eyes shortens my breath and actually scares me a little. You handle me in a way that takes all the personality out of what is about to happen. Ignoring me and concentrating on your little creation makes me feel like a piece of meat for your pleasure. You know I like it but it is also a bit scary. Now your hand slides into my panties and palms my already hard cock. You whisper obscenities in my ear.

I can feel you getting more and more anxious as your body grinds against me from behind. Your hand now fondles my breasts inside my little dress as you have been leading me to the kitchen. I know why too. Ahhh that big counter at just the right height has been magically transformed into a little cushion of blankets and a pillow. You walk me into it as the hard surface touches my thighs. You bend me over as you force my legs apart. The heels hike my ass in the air as I plop onto the counter. I turn my head to the side as you hold it down with one hand. Your other hand pulls my panties aside and a lubed finger is roughly shoved into me so hard I flinch and moan.

I tried not to flinch and moan because I know it turns you on and makes you more aggressive but it is useless. Your finger stays shoved inside me up to the knuckle as you grind it in a circle pulling up on my ass at the same time. It hurts in a nasty way, and you are determined to get as much out of me verbally from 1 finger shove as you can before you move on. As I calm down a bit you pull all the way out and whisper "that was nice". You stand towering over me and shove it in me again watching my reaction holding my face down. The initial reaction from a hard shove excites you incredibly and you do it over and over observing and delighting in my reaction. Then you start your finger fucking, loosening me with two then three, my whimpering is music to your ears.

I know you will slow down soon and tease me some more, I just have to hold on a little longer................................THRUST! Your whole strap on cock rips me open as the balls bang my ass. I scream in shock over and over as you mount me grabbing my hips with your free hand while you start furiously fucking me using the whole length of your 10" weapon. You can see my face is attempting to cry and whimper but the screams seem to have priority at the moment so I can't. You revel in the sensory overload going through my body. "There's plenty of time to cry later, for now just scream baby," you say sternly.

Your hands rake my body going from my cock to my exposed breasts. Your thrusts never let up as you grind into me. All the weight lifting and sit ups you have done for your thighs and lower body have made you amazingly powerful and given you a paralyzing hard thrust.

You delight in the power you wield with your cock. After a few thrusts you are ready for what is to come. That's why you chose the counter and this position... I instinctively struggle wildly to escape but you keep me pinned and pound me furiously hard and fast. This is the critical moment. If you can keep me down you can pound till I am too weak to resist and subdue me. If I can squirm out from under you and get away your fuck is over.

You grab at my wrists as I try to get up, you knee at my thighs as I try to close my legs to stand. It is a surprisingly fierce struggle all the while you bang hard into me. We are huffing and puffing amongst the screams and moans but you feel it.... ah right there....... I weaken and....


You lean over my back as you ride me feeling a huge sense of pride and accomplishment at your conquest. Now you move up on me a little more and enjoy long smooth thrusts.

Tears well up in my eyes, as we both grunt for different reasons. You don't let up for a good 30 minutes (Damn those aerobic classes). You have really worked your body in ways that give you a distinct advantage when you want to dominate someone with your strap on.

"Keep this outfit Baby, it makes me Horny," you whisper, "This will begin your collection".


As usual I love to hear your responses. For you ladies, what outfit would you put me in next and what scenario would you "take me" in? A sexy pic or detailed description is a must. Maybe I'll write a 2nd installment just for you.

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