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All For You


Today, my Master has ordered me to edge myself for ten minutes straight if I can use the toy - and twenty minutes straight if I have to use my hand, since it's less intense than the toy. During that whole time I'm to think about what she's already told me she's going to do to me on Friday during our date - tie me down over a stack of cushions, fuck me in the ass, and force me to cum without permission, using either the toy or - god help me - her wand.

Oh, god. What have I got myself into?

Of course I will do as she orders. I always do, to the best of my ability. But I will probably have to do it in the bathroom, where my partner won't be a witness to it. Not because I want to hide it from him, but because what my Master orders me to do is between me and her. I will have to sit there on the toilet for twenty minutes by my stopwatch, keeping myself on the edge but not cumming.

Oh, god.

I'm hard and horny just thinking about doing it. What am I doing? Is this really my life? Am I really an owned slave in the way I always longed to be?

I'm writing this while sitting in my office and wondering what else she might do to me. A plug? A dildo? Maybe a cock gag or clamps in painful places. Maybe... oh god, she wouldn't make me wear a plug outside of the safety of my home, would she?

Of course she would. That's who she is.

My ass is clenching and my cock is jumping, just thinking of it. I'm sitting here with my legs open so that I don't close them tightly and stimulate myself more. I keep imagining it already - being tied down, ass up, cock exposed because of course she'll have tied my legs as far apart as they can be spread, a pillow or two under my head but my chest exposed and available for clamps or whatever else she wants to do to me... and then the beginning of the scene.

I can feel her fingers stroking down my cock, pulling lightly on my balls, and then up into my ass crack. Pressing at my asshole, coaxing it to relax, while I force myself to relax the rest of me, blindfolded, gagged with a cock gag that forces me to suck like a good cocksucker should, pressing my tongue down to the side.

I moan into the gag as her fingers return with lube spread on them, and jump as the cold lube trickles down my crack to fill my puckered asshole. She draws a plug down my back, and I try desperately to gauge its length and thickness, but I can't.

Then she places its tip into my hole and begins to press. Oh, god. Oh god! Oh god!! It is relentless - she is relentless - she's pressing it deeper and deeper into me and still it's getting bigger and bigger. Oh, god, couldn't she have fucked me first, to stretch me? Is this her intent, to make me feel just how huge this plug is?

I scream into the gag, but I do not spread my hands in our "safe signal." This is hard and it's scary and I feel so violated, but I asked for this, I fantasized this. I want this. I feel her hand caressing my flank as she pushes, pushes, pushes... my ass spreading wider and wider as I remember to bear down on the plug to open myself further.

Suddenly, I feel it slide quickly, just a short distance, and then my stretched asshole clamps around the relatively narrow neck. The base, a wide rectangle, is rotated until it rests between my cheeks, keeping them parted. I begin to sob with relief that now it's in - the worst is over until it comes out later, whenever "later" is.

She chuckles low in her throat and leans in to whisper in my ear, "There's my good slut. My Laddie-buck."

Conditioned to the word, I buck my hips, and the plug shifts deliciously, painfully, torturously in my ass. I moan again, and she slaps my ass, making me jerk again.

"You will not cum, slut. Do you understand?"

I moan into the gag, nodding my head against the steel collar constraining my neck. Of course I will not cum. My orgasms belong to her when we are in scene. I know that.

She draws a heavy paddle down my lower back, resting it on my ass, over the base of the plug. "You have been good, but you need to be punished for your rebellious thoughts when I ordered you to edge yourself on Wednesday. You must remember that my needs are always your focus, not your needs. My needs, laddie, not yours. You will remember it by the time we are done here, because you will be marked with the stripes of my punishment."

I moan again, knowing it to be true. I should not have focused on my body's raging need to cum - and I have not cum since Monday night - but on her need to control me and know that I am hers. That is the point - her need, not mine. And instead of focusing on that, my own mental babble during that interminable twenty minutes was "god I need to cum I need to cum please let me cum, it hurts, I need it, I'm so horny," instead of what it should have been, "thank you, Master, for allowing me to edge myself; thank you, Master, for allowing me to touch myself at all; thank you, Master, for allowing me this sublime and needed torture for your pleasure." I steel myself to the coming beating and do my best to remember over and over that my response to every stroke must be "Thank you Master," not "ow, that hurts!"

The first stroke lands harder than I am prepared for. I remind myself that this is a punishment, and clench my hands tightly, determined not to safeword for anything less than a panic attack. The blows rain down on my exposed ass, connecting with the base of the plug every time, and fucking me on it. Oh god, thank you, Master.

My cock twitches and throbs, as hard as I've ever felt it, and the tips of my nipples sting in anticipation of what she might do to them if she thinks of it. I remember the scene she started to tell me about once, with the bit between my teeth and me on my hands and knees and all those threads tied to all those clamps and to the bit... and then I suck harder on the cock to remind myself that she could still do that, and to be grateful that this is just a beating. Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master.

She hits me harder, the whack of the paddle so loud that it rings in the room. I'm sobbing into the gag and my tears are wetting the padded inside of the blindfold, but I still hold on to the important thought: Thank you, Master. Thank you, Master...

She stops and her hand suddenly probes between my legs, stroking my incredibly hard cock. I gasp in spite of myself, sucking in air through my nostrils, tensing up as her fingers manipulate its hard, reddened head. "That's my good slave. My good slut. Don't you dare cum, laddie."

"Mmmoh, Mm-mrrr," I mumble around the cock in my mouth. She understands my words - "No, Master," - and continues to stimulate me, my hips jerking uncontrollably as she does. Just at the moment when I'm sure I'll be forced to break my promise - unthinkable! - she removes her hand and allows me to simply buck against the ropes, the plug shifting in my ass, my cock waving in the air at nothing. I realize what I'm doing and hold myself suddenly still, forcing myself to relax, to bring my cock down to something less than agonizingly close, and breathe slowly through my nose to try to get something like self-control back.

She doesn't allow me the time to do that. Suddenly, the crop snaps across my thighs, and I scream into the gag. God, I hate the crop! But... Thank you, Master, for allowing me this pain. At least she hasn't gone for the already-bruised buttocks... no, stop that thought now, slave. Think about Master. Thank you, Master, for this pain, no matter where you inflict it. All for you, Master. All for you.

I'm sobbing uncontrollably by the time she finishes, and my legs are striped like fine corduroy, ridged and welted from sweet spot to knees. I pant through my nostrils as she caresses my bruised ass and welted legs, trying so hard to make her proud of me.

She leans down into my ear again. "Good boy. Good Laddie-buck."

My hips jerk automatically at the phrase, and I cry out into the gag, as my cock jumps back to hardness with the shifting of the plug in my ass. Even as I force myself to remember to thank her in my mind, my legs try to close to just... get... a little... more... stimulation....

Then I freeze again, and sternly remind myself that that is NOT what she ordered. I must be a good boy even if I feel like it's going to make me crazy, because she owns my orgasms, not me. Not now, not ever again. They are hers for my life when I am with her.

Her hands probe me again, fingering just the tip of my cock, and I moan in ecstasy and agony. She knows how to read me well enough by now to bring me to the edge again and then let me hang there in mid-air, hips held still by force of will. But I do not cum.

She lets me hang there for a few minutes, her hands gentling me like a good horsewoman with a fine steed, before she disappears again. I am floating alone in the world, unable to see, unable to move, spread-eagled and helpless, desperately in need of cumming... and I do not mind it because it is all for her, as it should be. I float in the void, smelling wet leather and sex, and try to relax and accept whatever is coming next.

Her hands on the plug, some indeterminate time later shock me. What is she doing? Shouldn't this be inside me for the whole scene? I moan again as she pulls it from my ass, my ring stretching and on fire as she finally gets the large part of the plug past my sphincter and then out. She leaves the room for a moment and I hear water running. I worry that she's going to put an enema in me - something I have a soft limit about - but she comes back with something far more diabolical. Of course, I don't quite realize what it is at first, but then the fresh lube on my opened ass tells me I'm not going to remain unplugged for long.

I feel cold steel entering my ass, a round shape and then a long, smooth cylinder. It's far narrower than the plug or even the dildo she usually uses on me. Then I feel the cool length of the rest of the anal hook lying between my ass cheeks, and on my tailbone. She takes my head by the hair and pulls it up until I'm facing straight forward, and pulls out the cock gag. I work my jaw for just a moment, and then I feel a wooden rod placed between my teeth. Oh, god. Oh no! I know what's coming now.

Sure enough, the ties on either end of the rod are pulled back, back, until my mouth is forced open by the wooden bit, and then I feel her fiddling with them. When I try to lower my head a little bit, she slaps me, hard, on my already-bruised ass, and commands me to stop at once. I do, freezing in place, feeling her tie the slim cords to the end of the anal hook and pull on them until my head is held upright and there is a steady pressure in my ass. I know her plan. Every time she hits or stimulates me, if I move my head, I will fuck myself for her with the hook. Oh, god... oh god! I'm already drooling as the bit pulls at the sides of my mouth, and I wonder how I must look to her, tied as I am, helpless and penetrated and welted and bruised.

She leans down to my ear once more. "Time to be edged, slut. If you cum, I will punish you severely." And then a vibrator I've never felt before is pressed to the head of my cock, and I scream as it stimulates me to a point where I cannot control it. I know she likes to force me to cum without permission, but oh god, she's said that I better not cum, but I want it, but she said no, but it hurts, and I want it, and it hurts, and -

No, wait -

Thank you, Master, for torturing me for your pleasure. Thank you, Master, for using me for your enjoyment. Oh god, thank you, Master, but please, please, it shreds me when you don't give me permission or command, oh god, for your pleasure, thank you Master...

I cannot help jerking my head, like a maddened horse, and the stimulation of the anal hook riding up and down inside my ass just causes me to buck my hips, which further stimulates my cock against the horrible vibrating toy. I moan against the bit, feeling every pulse of the vibrator as a separate hard stimulation, and grasp the ropes extending from my wrist cuffs to force myself to endure it. I will NOT cum, I tell myself, and I will NOT safe-signal. I will NOT. I will NOT... oh god, thank you Master, thank you, Master...

The agonizing ecstasy never seems to slow. She knows just how to back off and keep me riding the edge without climax. Every time I think I'm going over, the vibration disappears, leaving my twitching cock hanging in empty space. I try to hold myself still but find myself fucking my own ass with the jerking of my head, and just as the agony/ecstasy recedes to a nearly manageable place, the vibration begins again. I don't know how many times she does this to me but each time is worse/better than the last. I hold on to that thought, "Thank you, Master," for dear life as she teases, tortures, edges me over and over and over again.

Then, suddenly, it stops and the vibrator is taken away. "Laddie-buck," comes her voice, and my instinctive reaction, moving the hook in my ass. I cry out as it does. "Laddie," she amends her next address. "We are almost done. You have taken your punishment well. Now you may earn a reward." As she speaks, I feel her locking new cuffs around my welted thighs, with a bar between them to keep me spread, and a similar, longer bar between my ankles. She releases the carabiners holding my ankle cuffs to the ropes, and then releases my wrists, locking them together in front of me. She pushes the blindfold up on my head, and I blink even in the dim light as my tear-reddened eyes adjust. "Come to the chair, Laddie. Crawl to me. You may yet earn a reward." She moves away and I hear her sit in the large armchair across the room from the bed. I turn myself awkwardly on the bed, very aware of the hook in my ass and the bit in my mouth, and ease myself down onto the floor, first my hands, then one knee, then the other. I hitch myself across the room to her. The floor has never seemed so wide.

She has placed her knees on either arm of the chair, spreading herself. Her muslin skirt falls to either side of her, and her breasts draw me close, their dusky nipples hard and ready. She is holding two clover clamps in her hands, and there are two more on the table beside her. I freeze for a moment, seeing them, and then, resigned to my fate, I hitch myself so that I am kneeling between her spread legs, gazing down at the glory of her cunt.

"Kneel up, Laddie." I do, and she affixes two of the clamps to my nipples and two more to my balls, tying them together with thin cords that I had not seen before. She tugs on them and I moan - oh god, the pain! She smiles, satisfied, and takes the bit from my teeth, jostling the hook in my ass. "Don't move, now," she warns, as she removes the ties from the bit and re-ties them to the collar around my neck, tighter now, pulling the hook into me again. She then loops the other cords around her hand and holds them, so that there is always tension on my balls and my nipples. I moan, but now that my mouth is free, it is obvious what she wants me to do.

I lower my mouth to her open slit and drag my tongue from its base to its top, reveling in the taste of her juices. I find her clit and begin to stimulate it with my tongue in the way she has trained me - spelling out a particular word over and over and over with the tip of my tongue, balancing on my bound hands and knees before her, every motion of my head fucking me in the ass with that hook, and her hands jerking on the cords connected to my clamps. I do my best to focus only on her, as my mouth works on her cunt, trying to make her cum and cover my face with her juices.

She clamps her legs around my head, wrapping her free hand in my hair and forcing me down even harder than I was already moving, tightening the cords in her hand so that I nearly scream into her cunt. At the vibration from my voice, she suddenly cums so hard that I am knocked off-balance, held upright on my knees only by her suddenly clenched legs on either side of my head. I gasp for breath but continue to work my tongue against her slit, for all I'm worth, fucking her hole with it and moaning into her slit. My nose brushes against her clit as I work my way up and down her cunt, trying to lick up every drop of her juices, and just from that touch, she cums again.

Her voice reaches a crescendo and the pain from the clamps is nearly intolerable, when she suddenly lets go of the cords and my hair and slumps in the seat, her cunt visibly twitching. I lap up every drop of her juices, making sure to clean her with my tongue, and then simply kneel between her relaxing legs, waiting for her to give me further orders.

After a time, she does. My face is smeared with her juices and I am still horny as fuck, but it is all for her, and now I know it. Thank you, Master, for allowing me to give you this pleasure. Thank you for honoring me with the juice of your hot, wet slit. It is all for her.

She sits up, removing her legs from my back, and smooths her skirt down. You would never know she is naked under it. She rises from the chair in one smooth motion. "Place your head on the chair, slave." I inch forward and do so. "Your arms, too. Rest your head on your arms." I do, feeling the hook shift in my ass. She reaches under me and gathers the cords. "And now, your reward, slut. You will cum on my command."

A bolt of elation shoots through me at her words. I feel her pull on the cords from behind, and at the same time the pain begins to build, the vibrator is back on my cock, pressed hard and unrelentingly to the tip. I begin to buck uncontrollably, feeling the hook in my ass and the clamps pulling my nipples and balls, but the feeling of agony/ecstasy from the vibrator is more intense than either of those sensations. I cry out against my arm as I hear the blessed command: "Cum for me, fucktoy! Cum for me, you slut!" and my hips begin to jerk again, this time in a rhythm of their own, as my cock trembles and jerks and my body floods with the sweet golden sensation of finally, finally cumming.

It feels so good, so good, and then it turns painful - the agony I must pay for the ecstasy she grants me. Oh god, I knew this was going to happen, but I didn't want to think about it. I didn't want to think about the payment I have to make for every orgasm. My cock, now completely overstimulated, jerks against the vibrator and I scream again and again into my arms. She chuckles low in her throat, and I know that despite the pain, I have pleased her greatly. All for you, Master. ALL for you. Thank you for the pain.

She finally turns off the vibrator after making sure I've paid for my orgasm with several minutes of overstimulation post-orgasm, and I am limp and pliable when she turns me to face her. I drop my face to her boots and kiss them with abandon, not caring how degrading it is - welcoming it, for it is all for her. She pats my head. "That's my good laddie-buck."

My hips buck again - oh, thank you, Master! - and I kneel before her, knowing that this is my place. I am hers. All for her. Always.

Thank you, Master. All for you.

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