tagErotic Poetryall fucked out

all fucked out


i'm hot between the legs
and i can tell you're ready to eat
you spread my pussy wide open
and drink the juice that i secrete
you slide your tongue way up my cunt
then slip a finger inside me too
you bring me to my first orgasm
and now i'm ready to screw
my legs go over your shoulders
your dick gently enters my hole
simultaneous orgasms
is what i've set as a goal
your tongue's deep down my throat
your cock's deep in my twat
you love fucking me
because my pussy is so hot
my snatch gets wetter
with every powerful thrust
fucking you again
is a definate must
my whole body gets rigid
and yours gets stiff too
and in an instant your sperm
mixex with my girl goo
that nut felt so good
that i damn near did weep
then you collasped on my chest
and we both fell asleep

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