tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll I Ever Wanted Ch. 02

All I Ever Wanted Ch. 02


"Open your coat."

My ex-wife undid the buttons and belt enough for me to see that she was topless underneath. I had ordered her to be nude.

"You will pay for wearing those knickers. Take them off."

She hesitated as she was standing in the street in front of her house. No neighbours would be able to see her from the front as their view was blocked by the 4X4 that I was sitting in. She knew, however that anyone watching from the houses behind her would be in no doubt about what she was doing. She hesitated. She knew she wasn't allowed that luxury. I grabbed her left nipple between my fingers and squeezed -- hard. She gasped in pain/pleasure and, as I released her throbbing bud, she reached down, pulled her knickers quickly to the ground and stepped out of them.

"Leave them there, leave your coat open and get in the car."

As she moved slowly round to the passenger side, hoping the length of her coat would still cover her, I saw her black lace knickers lying in the street. I would swear I noticed a small damp patch on the gusset. She got in and fastened her seat belt, obviously hoping it would protect her by keeping her coat closed over and her nude body protected. You would think she would know better by now.

Ever since she had asked me to bail her out of the financial difficulties her most recent boyfriend had left her with when he walked out, she had been repaying me by allowing me to use her body in any way I chose for one day each week. Now we were on the way to a country house hotel that I had checked in to last night. Luxurious and discreet, it was perfect for my purposes. It wasn't a long drive but I wanted some entertainment on the way.

"Open your coat and let your tits out." The road was quiet but there were still some passing cars on the other side of the road and it soon became obvious by the way they slowed down or swerved in disbelief that it was all too easy to see my ex-wife's large, sagging tits on display. I reached over and flicked open the bottom of her coat and told her to spread her legs. She slid down the seat a little to give herself more room and did as she was told.

"Now start rubbing that clit and get some fingers up your cunt." This was never something that she did while we were married (not that I knew about anyway but, as I later found out, she was doing a lot of things I didn't know about) but she had become something of an expert since she became my sex slave. Her right hand moved down to her bald pussy and started to stroke it. As her outer lips started to open she prised her large clit from its hood and started to touch it gently. The more she got turned on by her own attention the more her juices started to flow from her cunt and I knew there would be a damp patch on the seat when she was finished. As she got closer and closer to cumming, her left hand crept down and she inserted three fingers between her wide open lips. She pumped these fingers in and out with increasing fierceness and rubbed at her clit faster and faster. She writhed on the seat beside me getting closer and closer.The drivers opposite must have thought she was demented but in no time at all she was cumming on those fingers, screaming in orgasm, her body trembling within the confines of her seatbelt.

She pulled her fingers out of her cunt with a plop and pulled herself up in the seat. Leaning over she offered me her fingers to lick but I knew licking her pussy juices from her fingers would distract me too much from my driving and I was looking forward to getting her to the hotel to risk anything getting in the way of that.

"Clean them yourself." She licked each finger individually, up and down, and then wiped them dry on her big breast, just as she had been taught.

A short time later we drove up the long, private drive leading to the hotel. As I had already checked in we made straight for the private lift to the penthouse suite. The lift, as I had discovered last night, opened into the very foyer of the suite and was only used by the penthouse guests. The lift operator was a young student, working his way through his first year at university and had only just turned eighteen. We'd had a good long chat last night and, once I'd established that he was going to be on duty today, a new plan started to grow and I had spent a good part of the early hours developing it in my mind.

Once in the lift, she was still trying to keep her coat closed and her body covered. As the doors slid across to close, I pulled her towards me, facing me, and started to kiss her. Unaccustomed to the personal touch she responded willingly, wrapped her arms around me and kissed me with her old passion. As she did, I noticed the operator taking shy glimpses of us but looking away whenever I caught his eyes.

"Keep your arms around me," I whispered to her, breaking the kiss and beginning my new adventure. I started to pull her coat up (she shivered, knowing she was nude underneath and soon her arse would be on full view) and drew it all the way until it was bunched around her waist.

"Do you like her arse?" I asked the operator. He could only stare and nod without saying a word.

"You don't think it's too big or a bit flabby?" as I grabbed both cheeks and squeezed a good handful of arse flesh. He shook his head vigorously; he obviously loved her big, fat arse as much as I did, but maybe he didn't have much experience in seeing real women up close.

"Would you like to see her tits? They're big and flabby too."

Again he just nodded, unable to get his mouth working yet due to this very unexpected but, so far, very pleasurable change to his day. I dropped the tails of her coat and spun her around to face him, catching a glimpse of the apprehension and pleading in her eyes. She held her coat tightly around her body. "Drop your arms."

As she did so, her coat opened a little, enough for him to see that she really was naked underneath. I held her coat closed at her waist but told her expose her tits. She did so, hanging her head in embarrassment but secretly thrilled to be showing her tits to this young stranger. They were no longer the small, perky tits I had first sucked on when she had taken my virginity. Now, after two kids and more than a few years, they had grown considerably and were only now starting to sag. She hated them. I loved them; but then, I loved most things about her body.

"Would you like to touch them?" Again, the dumb nodding and no movement towards us. He seemed to have lost the power of his legs too so I frog-marched her over to him and commanded her to offer her tits to him. She lifted both of her breasts and he managed to lift his hands and barely touch both her nipples. I think they both felt a bolt of electricity shoot through them as he jumped back after one touch and her nipples immediately stiffened at this stranger's fingers. I reached round, pulled her hands away, and held them up to him again.

"Suck her nipples."

Still in a trance he lowered his head and sucked one, then the other. There was no finesse; it was just a long, powerful pull on each of her sensitive, inch-long buttons and she moaned at the attention. He jumped back again when we reached the penthouse and the doors slid open. I reached behind him and flicked the brake switch on. The doors stayed open and the lift was going nowhere.

"I guess all that's left to see is her pussy? Would you like that?" He was obviously regaining his power of speech as he looked down at the only part of her body still covered by her coat and said, "Oh, yes; yes please!"

"Show him your cunt."

I take my hands from her waist and she took the two sides and opened them wide. Again he had lost his ability to speak and just stared at her bald cunt. She used to have a small rug of black, curly hair but I had shaved it off last week and instructed her to keep the whole area soft and smooth. She had obviously learnt her lesson well because when I started to tease him, and her, by reaching round from behind her and running one finger up and down her slit, I could feel how velvety soft her lips were.

"Touch her."

There was no hesitation from him as he reached out his inexperienced hand and rubbed her cunt. There was no finesse either as she jumped from the rough treatment her sensitive lips were receiving. He pulled his hand back and marvelled at the sticky moisture running down his fingers.

"Lick it."

He held up his hand in question; I nodded, and he raised his hand to his mouth, sniffed his fingers then tasted a woman's pussy juices for the first time ever.

"Like it?"

Again the enthusiastic nodding; had he forgotten how to speak altogether.

"Want to taste it at its source?"

He didn't have a clue what I was talking about so I told her to fully remove her coat; it only covered her shoulders now, after all.

"Lie down."

She lay down on the floor of the lift on her back and opened her legs. Maybe she was starting to realise exactly what I wanted from her. I got down between her open legs and started to lap at her cunt. He came round to stand beside us and peered down at what I was doing.

"Get the idea?" He nodded. "Want to try?" He nodded so quickly I thought his head was going to fall off. "Take my place."

He didn't need to be told twice as he replaced me between her legs and started to lick her slit. His lack of experience was obvious, his enthusiasm exemplary as he used his tongue on her cunt like he would never get this chance again. The harder he licked, the wetter she became. Very soon I could hear the familiar moans from her startled mouth and she looked to me for permission. I could see he was starting to worry about the drenching he was getting and the noises she was making so I nodded to her and she instantly reached down and started to rub her clit. He moved to get up but I encouraged him to keep licking and in no time at all he was bringing a woman to orgasm for the very first time. I think it frightened the life out of him. She was writhing on the floor, moaning loudly and, finally, her cunt exploded with lust and she squirted even more than I had ever seen.

"Help me lift her up." He was a bit shaky himself when he stood up but she could hardly stand so big had her orgasm been so, between us, we dragged her into the suite proper and dropped her unceremoniously onto the large couch. As I returned to collect her coat from the lift I could see the stain she had left on the carpeted floor and wondered how he was going to explain that one.

"Get yourself cleaned up, then you'd better get back to work. When are you off duty?"

Now he could speak again. "In just over an hour, sir."

"Good. Do you want to continue to play with her?" Back to the nodding. "Good, well come back as soon as you are finished and we'll see what other games we can teach you."


Not much more than an hour later the lift doors slid open and our young student rushed into the suite, still in his uniform. I was sitting in an armchair, naked, my cock being sucked by my ex-wife who knelt between my legs.

"I came as fast as I could," he blurted out, then noticed that both of us were totally nude. This seemed to embarrass him and he tried to pretend that he wasn't looking at us, or more exactly, that he wasn't staring at her huge arse as she had her back to him.

"Would you like her to suck your cock?"

"Oh, yes please," he said with a grin and immediately started to strip off, even before I suggested it. In his uniform and glasses he looked quite geeky but, when he removed both, it became obvious that he had an impressive six-pack and a rampant cock to boast about. At six foot tall he towered over my five foot two ex-wife. The fact that she was on her knees accentuated the difference before them even more dramatically.

I nodded at her to take her mouth from my cock and to move over to our lift operator. She crawled over on her hands and knees and stopped right in front of him. Reaching out with her right hand, she pulled his erect prick down to her mouth. It was long and thin but I knew she would know what to do with it. She began by licking up and down each side then spread the pre-cum already leaking out over the head of his shiny prick. At my next nod she took him fully in her mouth, all the way to the back of her throat, and started bobbing up and down.

I knew that he wouldn't be able to last too long as she did this but I was hoping that if she made him cum in her mouth then he would last a bit longer when he fucked her cunt. Sure enough, within a matter of minutes, I could see he was getting close so I asked him,

"Do you want to cum in her mouth or on her tits?"

"Her mouth, her mouth, her mouth," he screamed as I saw her throat start to swallow and knew that he was pumping his seed into her greedy mouth. Unable to stand very straight, he pulled his softening cock from her lips and collapsed into the other armchair.

"Up on the bed."

She rose slowly from her knees and walked over to the bed where she lay down on her back and opened her legs. I hardly had to give her any instructions these days; over the last few weeks she had learned to anticipate my commands and now obeyed them automatically.

"Normally you would have to make sure the woman's cunt is ready for you so, if she isn't wet already, you might like to try licking her as you did in the lift or even just playing with her clit. It doesn't really matter as long as her cunt is ready for your cock. However, my ex-wife's pussy is always wet but, just to get her ready for you, I'll fuck her first until you get hard again. I won't cum in her as you don't want your first cunt to be full of another man's spunk when you go in. I'll save that for somewhere else."

I climbed on to the bed, positioned myself between her legs as he came over beside us to watch exactly what was going to happen. Like I had said, she didn't need any preparation so I just rammed my whole cock into her cunt in one thrust. As I plunged into her as hard as I wanted, we could both see her big, fat tits wobble and he was torn between watching them and watching my prick fuck her dripping cunt. The view before him was having the desired effect and (oh, the joys of youth) he became hard again in no time.

"Ready?" I asked needlessly.

"Ready," he grinned and, as I pulled out of her pussy, he climbed on to the bed and entered his first cunt with ease and started to fuck her. I moved out of his way and just watched his inexperienced, enthusiastic fucking of my ex-wife; but I still had my own erection to deal with so I straddled her chest, knelt down, grabbed her tits and wrapped them around my cock. As I squeezed her tits around my prick and thrust between them, he continued to pound her cunt and very soon he started to realise he was going to cum in a woman's cunt for the first time.

"I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming," he screamed. This was enough to set my own spunk rising and I started to cover her tits, neck and face with my own cum. I don't know which of us was the trigger for her but her body started to shake just at that point too. Her moans joined his and all three of us experienced the joy of cumming together for the first time.

I climbed off her and lay back against the headboard. "Join me up here." He pulled out of her cunt and lay on the other pile of pillows. She was ordered to lie between us with her mouth at cock level and to clean us up. She got into position and sucked one prick then the other as we both lay back and enjoyed her warm mouth around our overworked cocks.

"There's one hole left for us to fuck. Would you like to take a shot at her arsehole?"

"Seriously? You mean I can shove my cock up her bum and shoot my spunk into her back there?"

"Sure," I said magnanimously, "But there's one thing you have to do first."

"Anything," he agreed. "That sounds great."

"Well, first of all, she has to get her arsehole wet; you've tasted her cunt so now you have to taste her arse." I thought this would put him off but he rushed round behind her and started to lap at her upturned arsehole as if it was the sweetest ice-cream.

She just looked up at me with those big, dark, pleading eyes. The one thing she could never get used to was anything to do with anal and now here she was with a stranger pushing his tongue up her arse, getting it ready for something much bigger.She wasn't pleading for release this time; she was pleading for something harder; she was pleading for his cock up her arse.

"That should do her. Come and sit at the top of the bed again." Again she was puzzled because I had always fucked her arse from behind.

"Now, slut, lower your arsehole on to his ever-ready cock and fuck him." She lined her hole up with his cock and started to lower herself on to him, very slowly, very gently.

"No, I want you to face his feet so that he can get the best view of his cock sliding in and out of a woman's arsehole." I don't really think he was bothered which way she faced; this day was already one he would never forget; but she, on the other hand knew better than to disobey any instructions and swivelled round so that she was facing the foot of the bed. Again, just as slowly, just as gently, she started to lower herself on to his cock and gasped as the head breached her and disappeared up her bum. She didn't seem to be lowering herself any further so, after a whispered instruction from me, he reached up to her shoulders and pushed her whole body down so that his cock slowly made its way into her tight arsehole in one thrust.

Now she was screaming and it didn't stop when he bucked his hips and fucked her darkest hole. I knew we couldn't allow that to happen so I got on top of her, kissed her and started to rub my erect dick up and down her cunt.

"Now for your big surprise." I think I saw the lust in her eyes as she realised I was going to fuck her cunt and she was going to have her first double penetration. So I stuck my hard cock up her cunt and thrust in and out a few times. It was obvious she was starting to enjoy having both her holes filled as we both got into a rhythm and started to move back and forth inside her. She was now too far gone to put up a struggle and lay like a rag doll between our two thrusting bodies and our two thrusting cocks, moaning in unexpected pleasure. I knew we had both cum a couple of times already but neither of us were going to last very long in this situation so we started to really fuck her as she bounced along between us. He was first to cum and she felt his cum flooding into her dirtiest hole. His moans were enough for me and I shot my load deep into her cunt and collapsed on top of them both. She was sandwiched between our two spent bodies and out two spent cocks but had not cum herself; so when my prick slid out of her arse and I rolled off her, she climbed off his shrinking dick, walked over to the mini bar and grabbed two bottles of champagne.

I looked on in disbelief as my slut of an ex-wife lined up one bottle with her arsehole, slid down onto it, then lay on her back on the floor. The other bottle went instantly up her cunt and she fucked herself with both of them. Obviously lubricated by our spunk in both her holes, they met no resistance. In and out, in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder she fucked herself. The bottles went deeper and deeper into her body until she could take no more. Her orgasm ripped through her cunt, her arse, her whole body. Her hands finally stopped and, as I got dressed, I looked down on my ex-wife with the two bottles still in her cunt and arse.

"See you next week."

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