tagToys & MasturbationAll in a Day's Work Ch. 02

All in a Day's Work Ch. 02


I dressed carefully that morning, just in case Mr. 12th floor decided to get randy with me again. Matching satin bra and thong, and of course stay up stockings.

As I stood in front of my mirror looking at myself covered in the teal blue satin, I felt really sexy and a little aroused as I ran through what had happened yesterday in my head.

I slipped a few things into my purse, did the usual morning stuff...hair...makeup and headed out the door.

I arrived at the office a little late. Parking downtown was a bitch, as usual. I opened the door and hung my coat, as I sat at my desk...I noticed a small package.

It was addressed to my office number...no name and no return address. I glanced over at the window and there he was...tall dark and handsome, holding a mug in his hand while he stared at his computer screen. He glanced up at the window...and smiled when he saw me lifting his cup in a silent toast.

He pointed to the package on my desk...gesturing me to open it up. I held it up and silently asked him, "From you?"

He nodded. I grinned and mouthed, "Thank you" as I began to peel off the brown paper wrapping.

I opened the small, flat box contained inside and pulled out a matching bra and panty set. I smoothed the soft material between my fingers, they were red satin and when I pulled them from the box...they seemed heavier and had some kind of reinforcements built inside, other than that...they looked very similar to what I had on.

My eyes went back to my friend.

"Put them on." He mouthed at me.

I moved and locked the door on my office, then slipped my thong off and pulled the new one on. They were a little stiff, but other than that fit me like a glove, this was a man that knew about woman's sizes.

I unbuttoned my blouse and shrugged my bra off while he watched, then slipped his back up my arms and closed the front clasp. I put my blouse back on and smoothed my hands over the cups, adjusting my breasts.

The lingerie felt very nice next to my skin, but I was still confused by the stiff pieces that rested over my nipples and my sex.

That only lasted a minute.

He moved over and locked the door on his office then came back to his chair. He turned and faced me pulling something out of his suit pocket.

It was small and red, fit into the palm of his hand and he grinned as he showed it to me. I had no idea what it was and squinted as I tried to make out the odd shape.

He palmed it and looked at me with rapt attention as he fumbled with it for a minute. Then pointed it in my direction.

"Ohmygod!" I cried out as I reached out and grabbed the arms of my chair to steady myself, my eyes huge as a low humming noise was being emitted from my new undies.

They had started to vibrate!

I looked at his face as the vibrations increased, humming against the lips of my sex, right over my clit. I shifted in my seat, god it felt amazing...I tried to adjust the location as my pussy started to throb. I needed more. He just smiled, an almost wicked smile as the vibrations slowed...and then stopped.

I moaned and let my head loll back as the cups of the bra that encased my breasts started to vibrate. It felt like a thousand little fingers pulling and rolling my nipples, squeezing and kneading my breasts.

God this was amazing!

The vibrations increased and focused on the tips of stiff my nipples, they got almost painfully hard. Then my panties started again. My office was filled with my moans and a low humming noise as he played with speeds, moving between my nips and my pussy until I was writhing on my chair, panting...wet and throbbing.

Then it abruptly stopped.

I groaned in disappointment, I had been so close!

I glanced at my friend as a big smile spread over his handsome face when he noticed the little pout on my lips.. He palmed his now hard cock through his pants and slipped the remote into his pocket, he mouthed at me, "Later." Then turned around and went back to his computer screen.

I adjusted myself and sat back up at my computer screen. I was still very aroused as I began my work for the day, pounding away with shaky hands on my keyboard.

A knock on my door brought me out of my work mode, I glanced at the window, my friend was still engrossed in his own work.

My boss came in and started to talk shop. I was discussing the new account with him as I felt a slight vibration in my crotch. My voice wavered a bit as it increased slightly. I was trying to concentrate hard as it got harder, almost like a pulse. My boss asked me more than once as I talked to him what was wrong with me, commenting that I looked flushed.

I glanced at my friend who's hand was in his pocket as he smiled wickedly as he watched out of the corner of his eye.

"Nothing," I replied almost breathlessly, "Must be the heat."

He left and the vibrating immediately stopped.

This went on most of the morning. Anytime someone entered my office, the panties or the bra would start, then when they left, it would stop right away. This kept me in such a state; I was right on the edge all morning.

Thank god they weren't very loud or I would have had a lot of explaining to do.

Lunch came and went. I moaned around bites of my sandwich as my panties and bra were on the whole time I was eating, vibrating slowly, keeping me at that height that he had reached when he first turned them on but not taking me any further.

My clit was throbbing and hard from being constantly stimulated, my nipples aching pleasantly from the sensations. He rubbed his cock through his pants as he watched while he teased me with the remote.

I glanced at him as he smiled and mouthed, "Its time." I practically jumped up and ran to the door to lock it as he moved his chair to face the window. I did the same and then he pointed at the phone.

I dialed with shaky hands as the vibrations started off light, I watched him reach for the receiver and he smiled at me when he spoke,

"Having fun beautiful?" his voice had a little laughter in it; he knew damn well that I wasn't having that much fun anymore.

"Please...I need to come." It was ground out through clenched teeth as he upped the vibes.

He smiled again, "I think I might just let you...but not quite yet."

He slid the zipper down on his pants and freed his large and very hard cock. He sat back remote in one hand and cock in the other.

"Don't think you've been alone all morning babe...this has been in my pants since I first showed you what that little outfit could do." As he spoke he stroked himself, his low moan filled my ears.

"Please!" I practically begged as the vibrations got a little stronger.

"Take your blouse off." His voice was a breathy.

I complied, quickly stripping off my top.

"Now the bra."

As I reached for the clasp, he hit what must have been the high setting on the vibe for the bra and my nipples got harder than I think they have ever before.

I stilled for a minute and then pulled it down my arms, biting my bottom lip to stifle a moan.

"Pinch them...hard!" the last word was a command as I obediently took my nipples between my fingers and pinched them.

The pain/pleasure rocketed through my body, I moaned loudly into the phone as the sensations were sent straight to my sex. This made my muscles clench and un-clench, my juices ran out of my pussy at a steady rate. I so close to coming I was about to scream.

"Now the panties." The last word came out as a moan as his hand started to move faster and faster up and down his shaft.

I stood and hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties. Starting to slowly pull them over my hips, when he spoke again.

"Wait!...Turn around."

I smiled as I put my back to him and bent over low, sliding the undies down my legs.

"Oh god baby." He moaned into the phone, "You've got a great ass."

I kicked the sopping undies aside and turned and sat back in my chair, looking at him expectantly for the next direction.

"Spread your legs wide, let me see how wet you are."

I did as he asked, the cool air hitting my heated sex made me moan.

"Touch yourself for me, taste yourself."

I did as he asked, no more no less. I slipped my fingers through the sensitive and very wet lips of my sex...then brought them to my lips. Sucking the wetness from them one by one.

I was very turned on but I wanted a little payback.

I reached for my purse and pulled out the large purple dildo that I had slipped in there this morning. I brought it to my lips as I leaned back in my chair and locked eyes with him.

"Oh baby." He moaned loudly into the phone as I wrapped my lips around the end of the fake cock and took as much as I could into my mouth. His strokes quickened on his cock as he watched most of it disappear between my lips.

"Mmmm yesss baby, suck it...god I want that mouth around my cock." His moans filled my head, he sounded so sexy, almost breathless.

He stroked harder and harder, his eyes watching me as I slide the dildo out of my mouth and ran it over one hard nipple, then trailed it down my stomach.

I rubbed the length over the lips of my sex, moaning as I bumped my engorged clit a few times. I watched his face as I slowly pushed it inside my pussy. I smiled a little smile as he stood and moved closer to the window, putting one hand up to support himself as the other moved faster up and down his cock.

"Oh fuck...yes...fill yourself...fuck yourself with it...show me."

His voice was getting louder as he watched, his hand just a blur as he stroked himself, his hips moved against his fist.

I moaned as I pushed it all the way inside me, taking almost all of it.

I spoke to him as I pushed and pulled it out of my sex, "Oh god that feels so good, I'm so wet baby...so hot...I wish this was you...your big hard cock sliding in and out....oh fuck baby....harder...I want you. To. Fuck. Me. Nice and hard."

I punctuated the last few words by slamming the dildo into my pussy. I moved my other hand down and rubbed my clit, my hips bucked up against my hand, pushing the dildo even deeper as I moaned loud into the phone and came hard.

My body shook and writhed, my muscles clamped down hard on the dildo as I threw my head back and cried out over and over, filling the room with my moans and small screams. His own cries of release echoed in my ears as he came in a rush with me.

I slide the dildo slowly from my body, bringing to my lips and running my tongue down it, tasting myself.

I smiled at him as he watched with rapt attention, his breathing started to slow down.

"Damn baby, you are one hot little number."

He balanced the phone under his chin as he reached for some Kleenex and first wiped his cock and then the window. I put the phone down and redressed, though I didn't put the vibrating set back on, those I slipped into my purse.

He looked at me like he was deep in though and then grinned an evil little grin.

"Tomorrow, I want you to take the train to work, and don't wear any panties."

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