tagErotic CouplingsAll in a Day's Work Ch. 03

All in a Day's Work Ch. 03


I boarded the train, the air rising from the space between the tracks and the platform teasing over my naked sex as my skirt rose a little.

I pushed it down, blushing as if everyone around me knew that I had nothing on under the knee length skirt. I looked around the crowded car; I didn't see Mr. 12th floor so I moved toward the back and grabbed the bar above my head as I waited for the train to depart.

The train started with a lurch and I gripped the bar tighter as it rocked down the track. At the first stop, people got on...people got off.

Still no sign of my mystery man.

After about 4 stops, half way to work I kind of gave up. I stared straight ahead as I sighed disappointedly to myself.

Another stop, more people on and more people off. The train was packed. I couldn't help bumping into those around me as it started off again; I turned my head as a tousle of dark hair came into my peripheral vision.

"Keep looking forward."

It was his deep sexy voice that filled my ears. My pussy clenched in anticipation as I looked toward the front of the car.

There were people all around us as I felt a light fluttering against the back of my thigh. His fingertips slipped under the hem of my skirt and were moving in circles against the back of my leg, gradually progressing upward. He shifted, so his body shielded his actions.

I heard him inhale as his nose brushed against the sensitive skin in the crook of my neck. Felt the warm wetness of his tongue tasting my skin for the first time. He caged me in, his hand on the bar above my head and the other doing amazing things to my leg below. Slowly he traced the shell of my ear as his fingers moved higher and higher, until he was brushing lightly against the swollen lips of my sex.

"Delicious." A low whisper in my ear as his fingertips parted the lips of my pussy.

I bit down on my bottom lip to stifle the moan as his fingers slowly traced my wet folds, strategically avoiding my hard nub as his mouth moved over my nape.

The train prepared to stop and he lifted his head. It shuddered and jerked, my body pushed against him, against his hand. I did let out a little noise as the motion pushed his fingers into my sex. I spread my legs a bit, gripping him tight inside my body as the train stopped.

More people got on, more people got off. I was really hoping I was going to be the next one to get off!

My whole body was alert as I looked around the car. No one noticed us, or I didn't see anyone looking our direction. And my pussy was dripping wet!

I felt my juices coating my inner thighs as he just held his hand there, not moving one inch and buried up to the knuckle inside me. I shifted, groaning low at the exquisite pleasure of being filled.

The train jerked, I moaned out loud as his fingers worked a little deeper inside when my body rocked back against his, His strong chest pressed against my back as he leaned in and placed a chaste kiss on my neck. I covered my moan with a cough as the train started again down the track.

He started to move his fingers, pulling out slowly then pushing back in, every 4th or 5th stroke he rubbed me inside. I rolled my hips, my knuckles turning white as I gripped the bar above my head, using it as leverage.

He moved his fingers to my clit and my knees almost buckled as he flicked lightly over my most sensitive flesh. I felt his thumb press against the tight ring of my ass and my breathing came out in a whoosh. No one had ever touched me there before!

"Like that babe?"

His lips tickled my ear as he leaned close to speak to me. I could hear the smile in his voice as he pressed his thumb against me a little harder, his fingertips flicking faster. I spread my legs as far as I could, tilting my hips as I groaned in quiet agreement. His thumb stretched me as he pushed it inside my virgin ass. God it felt so good!

I clenched tight as his fingers trapped my clit between them and pinched it lightly, moving the hood up and down the hard nub. To triple the assault he slid the remaining fingers back into my pussy.

I was simply overwhelmed and over stimulated. Being filled, my clit being stroked...and the taboo of his fingers in my back passage and the combination of being in public was too much for me. I came in waves, my body stiffened as I surrendered to the sensations.

He moved his whole hand, pushing deep inside my tight holes, sliding the hood of my clit up and down. I bit my lips hard, I desperately wanted to cry out, and cry out loud as I rocked against his hand, my juices spilling out onto his fingers as my pussy spasmed and my ass gripped tight on his digits.

"That's it babe, give it to me." He groaned low in my ear, I felt his very hard cock through his dress pants as he pushed it and slowly ground it against my hip\. He started to slow his hand and finally stopped, pulling it unhurriedly from my body as my muscles still pulsed around him.

I glanced around us at the other train riders and none seemed to have noticed what had just went on. The train started to jerk and rock as it prepared to stop at out get off point.

His hand gripped my hip and pulled me back against him, the outline his cock burned against my ass; hard, hot and throbbing as he lifted his fingers to his mouth and inhaled deeply.

"Mmm...so sweet." I turned to look up at him as his tongue flicked out and tasted my wetness from his palm. His gorgeous sea green eyes sparkled as he locked them with mine. "We are going to finish this, but not here."

I nodded, hoping that meant a sick day and a nice long fuck session on his place, or mine, or a hotel, I didn't care as long as I got to touch and feel him up, close and personal.

The train stopped and he ushered me off, his warm hand in the small of my back as he kept close to me, using me to hide his erection from the masses around us. He steered me toward the street. I was hoping he would flag a cab but he was leading me, instead, to the front doors of his office building.

"But...where?" I stuttered and he silenced me with a quick grab of my ass.

His voice in my ear made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

"Trust me little one....trust me"

He lead me through the busy lobby to the bank of elevators. I smiled as he purposely stood to the side, letting the other people waiting have the first car, leaving us the only ones there waiting for the second car.

The doors opened and we stepped inside. I smiled as I looked around us; mirrors covered the whole space, from floor to roof. The big doors silently slid closed.

He had me off my feet and pinned between him and the wall before the lift even started.

He kissed me hard, almost ate at my mouth like a man starving while his hands moved over my body, pulling and pinching my nipples through my blouse, sliding down over my tummy and lifting the front my skirt and pushing his fingers back into my dripping pussy.

I moved my own hands, up under the coat of his suit, then to the buttons on his shirt. I undid them as quickly as he was undoing mine at that same moment. He undid my bra and his lips were on my puckered nipples, drawing them into his mouth, nipping and licking at the tender flesh.

I fisted my hand in his hair and moaned loud, his hand went back to my swollen pussy and strummed my clit while he teased my breasts.

Before I could register what he was doing, he dropped to his knees, lifted my skirt and had his head between my thighs. I moaned loud as he licked and teased me. My hands went to his head and I ground his lips against my clit as I cried out and came hard, my sweet nectar running out of me and onto his still lapping tongue.

He moaned as he licked me clean then got back to his feet. He gave me a come flavored kiss and I moaned into his mouth, and then turned him without breaking the kiss, pressing his back against the wall as I tugged the zipper down on his slacks.

His cock popped out against the palm of my hand. He was so hard and the tip was wet. I pushed my tongue against his as I rubbed my thumb over the tip, spreading his pre come around the cap.

He groaned as I fell to my knees and gripped his cock at the base. I leaned in close and ran my tongue down the length, circling the tip and moaning low as I tasted his salty sweet flavor. I licked around his cock, until it was shiny with my saliva. Getting to know every ridge, every vein. The elevator dinged at each floor but thank god didn't stop, I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and felt it pulse, and he looked down at me with those amazing eyes as I slowly took him into my mouth.

He groaned, his head lolled back against the wall as his hand moved to my hair.

"Yessss baby.....god yes."

I took as much of his length in my mouth as I could, stopping when I felt the tip of his cock at the back of my throat. He was too big to take all him so I wrapped my hand around the base and started to pump it as I slid my lips up...then back down. Slowly at first, enjoying the little noises he was making, moaning with him as I brushed my teeth along the underside of his cock, feeling his shaft jump a bit between my lips.

I sucked him harder...faster, swirling my tongue around and around. Twisting my wrist as my hand moved over his shaft, squeezing and using all the technique I had in my arsenal to make him feel as good as he had made me feel.

His hands gripped my head, his hips moved as he took over the rhythm, sliding harder and faster between my lips, gagging me a bit as he fucked my mouth. I lifted his heavy balls, rolling and squeezing them as he watched my lips traveling up and down.

"God baby... that feels so good." His voice was almost a whisper, his words more of a groan. "God...Enough, I need to fuck you."

He pulled me up and pushed me back against the wall, lifting one of my legs to open me to him as he pushed forward and hit his target.

I moaned loud as he slid into me to the hilt. His cock felt amazing, stretching me, filling me. I arched my back to take as much as I could, my body quickly adjusting to him as he started to pull out and slam back into my pussy.

I cried out loud as he pounded into me, his fingers dug into my thigh as he pounded my pussy so hard it was like he was trying to fuck me through the wall. The slapping sound of our skin meeting, his grunts and my cries of pleasure filled the small space.

He pulled out and turned me, bending me slightly as he lifted my skirt and ran his hand over the smooth cheeks of my ass. His cock pushed back into me as I held onto the handrail and moved against him. God he was so deep inside me, I could swear he hit the entrance of my womb with each thrust. I cried out as I came hard, squeezing around his cock as it hammered in and out, I coated him with my juice as he pushed me harder, his hands on my hips as he slammed in and out.

He moved and pushed two fingers against the tight ring of my asshole. I screamed out and just like that came again as he slid them inside my tense opening. I bucked under him as he started to move his fingers with the same rhythm as his cock, in and out....harder and deeper. I came again and again...I've never been a multiple girl, but I guess I was now!

My pussy clamped down tight as his grunts got more urgent, more demanding. He pushed deep and hard until he slammed home and pumped me full of his come. I felt his cock spasm and pulse inside me as I gripped him tight, milking every last drop of pleasure I could from him.

He leaned over my back, his lips nuzzling the nape of my neck as his cock slowly softened and slid from my sopping wet pussy. I felt his juices mixed with mine slowly drip down the inside of my thigh as he placed a soft kiss on my throat and moved away. I straightened up and began to slowly button my blouse while he did the same.

He smiled as I readjusted his tie for him and reached up to kiss him lightly on the lips, we parted just as the elevator stopped on his floor.

"I want you to come to my office for lunch today...ok?" He asked me with a little twinkle in his eye.

I nodded my agreement, a satiated perma grin smattered on my face,

"What time?"

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