tagNonHumanAll Is Fair Ch. 05

All Is Fair Ch. 05


"I'm sorry," Brooks said. "I didn't mean to intrude. I wasn't sure if you were asking for help."

Brooks walked into the bathroom. It was large, but did not have many hiding places.

"I'm fine," Helena said.

She moved the bubbles over her body, making sure nothing was visible.

"It sounded like you were talking to someone," Brooks said.

"Just myself," Helena said.

"Alright," Brooks said. "Well I will leave you to it then."

He started walking towards the door. Helena had a sinking feeling if she was left alone Victor, or at least her hallucination of him, would return.

"Wait," she said. "Go stand in the corner, don't face me and close your eyes."

He didn't say anything and instead went to the corner. She positioned herself so she could hoist herself out of the tub and grab the towel quickly. Once she wrapped it around herself and was certain it was secure she called for him.

"I guess I could use a little help," she said.

He smiled and came over to her. Brooks helped her stand up and put the robe over her shoulders. His touch was so delicate, she could feel his warm breath on the back of her neck and felt a chill run down her spine.

"Are you ready?" He asked.

She nodded and he scooped her up. This time she put her arms around his neck. He took her out of the bathroom and walked over to one of the couches, setting her down with ease. He already had a pillow on the table and lightly put her foot on top of it.

"I had them bring up some more food," Brooks said.

He motioned to the table next to her. There was a giant plate of fruit and cheese. Helena grabbed a grape and popped it into her mouth. She watched as Brooks brought out the cast Melanie had given them earlier and started wrapping her ankle.

"Let me know if it is too tight," he said.

"Why are you being so nice to me?"

"Because I love you," he said.

Helena felt her cheeks rush with blood. She looked away.

"You don't even know me," she said. "So those words mean nothing."

"My soul recognizes something in yours," he said. "I have no control over it."

"My soul?"

Brooks nodded. Helena shook her head. With all the things she had done in her life there was no way her soul was worth anything.

"I've done bad things," Helena said. "I'm not a good person."

"I don't care about your past," Brooks said. "But do you want to tell me about it?"

Helena looked him up and down. He seemed so genuine. It had been three years since she had an honest conversation with anyone. She thought about Abe. He was her hero once Rebecca left, but he vanished too. Helena didn't need to worry about him like she had Rebecca, Helena had proof Abe was dead.

"No," she said.

"Okay," Brooks said. "Can I ask you a question anyway?"

Even though she wanted to say no, he had done so much for her, without a real reason. She nodded her head.

"When you ran away tonight," Brooks said. "Are you still trying to end your life?"

"What sort of question is that?"

"I have the photograph you left," Brooks said. "It sounds like a suicide note to me."

"That was private," Helena said.

"But you left it out in a motel room," Brooks said. "One you had no intention of returning too."

"I don't want to kill myself," Helena said. "I just...couldn't live the way I was living anymore."

"How were you living?" Brooks asked.

"Alone, scared," Helena said. "Every night the sun would go down and I knew if I took one step outside I would be dead. Do you have any idea how crippling that feels?"

"You're not alone anymore," Brooks said. "I could take you for a nighttime stroll here. Once your foot gets better at least."

"You don't want to get involved with me," Helena said.

"Have you drummed any questions for me?" Brooks asked. "Has your curiosity gotten the better of you about werewolves?"

"No," Helena said. "Finding out about vampires was... lets just say ignorance is bliss."

Brooks put down her foot. He picked up the antiseptic and started applying it to the scratches on her legs. Helena felt her robe slip and she went to grab it up.

"Don't worry," Brooks said. "I am not going to try anything. You can put it on your more...private areas."

She let her body relax as he began rubbing her legs with the ointment.

"Then why did you run?" Brooks asked. "You said someone named Victor told you it was dangerous here?"

"I was starving," Helena said. "I don't know what I was talking about."

"Who is Victor?" Brooks asked.

Helena picked up another stack of grapes and shrugged. She knew he was desperate to keep her talking, but she didn't feel like volunteering any information about Victor at the moment. Helena didn't want everyone thinking she was going insane.

"You said ignorance is bliss when it comes to supernaturals," Brooks said. "I disagree. Why don't you tell me what you know about vampires."

"Why?" Helena asked. "Aren't you an expert? I mean vampires and werewolves sort of go together. I can't believe I didn't figure it out sooner."

"In the spirit of honesty the one attacking you was the first one I've ever seen," Brooks said. "We don't...mesh well together and tend to keep out distances."

"So you don't know anything about them then?"

"I didn't say that," Brooks said. "Let's just say hypothetically, I want to know what you know so that I don't accidentally drop new information you don't know."

Helena smiled and shook her head. She knew he was lying, she could tell. It bothered her a little that she could tell. Helena wasn't good around people and didn't know how to read anyone.

"You don't have to say anything if you don't want to," Brooks said.

He was trying so hard, Helena felt like she had to throw him a bone.

"A lot of the superstitions are true," Helena said. "Sunlight kills them, if they look you in the eyes they have complete control over you, they drink blood, they're immortal, and dangerous. They don't sleep in coffins, but they can't come in unless you invite them. That extends to any area of ownership, but not communal property."

"What do you mean?"

"They can't come into a motel room," Helena said. "But if I chose to walk down to the ice machine, or go for a midnight dip in a swimming pool I would be all theirs."

"What about private property?" Brooks asked.

"The rules are different," Helena said. "If I were a homeowner or renter, as long as I didn't let the public have free access to my lawn, I could stand at the edge of the property and they couldn't touch me."

"Is that how you ended up in the parking lot with that one?" Brooks asked. "Did he control you?"

"No," Helena said. "That doesn't work on me."

"Why not?"

Helena shrugged. She looked away. There was enough she had shared.

"How do you know all of this?" Brooks asked.

"I think that I'm getting tired," Helena said.

She forced out a yawn. Brooks walked over to her. He hoisted her up in the air and carried her to the bed. She pulled the robe tighter around herself.

"Tomorrow we can get you some new clothes," Brooks said. "I only have a few things for you. Unless you want to put back on the pink nightgown..."

"The robe is great," Helena said.

"I am going to give you the room then," Brooks said. "Only if you promise me you won't climb out the window again."

"You're not staying her too?" Helena asked.

Brooks looked surprised.

"I don't want to pressure you," he said.

Helena appreciated his gesture. She bogged down on the pillow. He started walking away from the bed. Then a bit of fear came over her. Victor had done something to her in the tub, and she was only alone for twenty minutes. She didn't want to think about what would happen if she was alone all night.

"Wait," Helena said. "Stay, please."

Brooks looked surprised. He turned around to face her.

"I mean," Helena said. "It is your room after all. On the couch though. That would be appreciated."

"I'm alright with that," Brooks said.

He flipped off the light. Helena heard his footsteps and took some comfort in the fact she wasn't alone, for the first time in a long time.


Brooks barely slept. His wolf wouldn't let him. Every fiber of his being was urging him to go over towards the bed and claim what was his. Several times he almost let his wolf win out, but when he walked over and saw her sleeping face he couldn't bring himself to go through with it.

The sun was up now and he was happy when the knock finally sounded on his door. He jumped up right away. He watched as Helena lazily pushed herself up on her elbow.

"You're a morning person," she said.

"Breakfast is here," he said. "The most important meal of the day."

He knew he sounded like an idiot, but it was better than the truth. That he stayed up most of the night debating on whether or not to take her. When he went to the door a male Omega was about to wheel in the tray of food. Brooks' eyes went red. He grabbed the man by the throat and pushed him out in the hallway.

"Females only from now on," Brooks said.

The Omega looked shocked. Bruce knew he was being irrational. He blinked and forced his wolf back. He dropped his hand from the man's neck.

"I am very sorry for my actions," Brooks said. "It has been a trying night."

"No worries sir," the Omega said. "I remember how it was when I first saw my mate and we had yet to..."

The Omega was trying to think of the right words, but there were none. Every other mated pair in history had to wait an hour at most. Brooks nodded to him and turned to go back into the room.

"What was that about?" Helena asked.

She was sitting up, her legs hanging over the edge of the bed. Brooks' eyes traveled up her slender frame. The robe was open, displaying the top of her thighs pushed together. She looked so inviting. Brooks took a deep breath and forced his wolf down. He needed to remain calm if he wanted to keep the progress he had made last night. At least she was starting to talk to him.

"I take breakfast seriously," he said. "Do you want me to carry you over to the table?"

"This is largest room I have ever seen in my entire life," Helena said. "I didn't even notice you had a dining table."

"It can only fit four," Brooks said.

"Do you eat here every morning?"

"No," Brooks said. "Normally I eat in my office or I head down and eat with the rest of the pack."

"I don't want to steal you away from your duties," Helena said. "Maybe we can go down and eat with your pack?"


Brooks knew he responded with too much force. The idea of another man near her was hard enough, let alone a room filled with them.

"Sorry," she said. "It was just a suggestion."

"I didn't mean anything," Brooks said.

He went over and scooped her up. She fit perfectly in his arms. He kept her cradled close, her scent was driving him mad. He had to hold her up higher so she wouldn't feel the throbbing erection growing in his pants. Once he set her down he had to fight the urge to run and take an ice cold shower before taking his seat.

"I was so worried about before and I forgot all about food," Brooks said. "I should have had some waiting for you when you woke up."

"It's okay," Helena said. "If it weren't for you I might have not woken up at all."

Brooks smiled. It was a compliment, the first she had given him. His wolf was screaming at him. This was a sign of acceptance. Take her. He pushed it back down.

"What do you want to do today?" Brooks asked.

"Do you have to work?" Helena asked. "I don't want to be a bother."

"You could never be a bother," Brooks said.

As bad as he wanted her physically he did get some satisfaction mentally by just being in her presence. He knew if there were too much distance between them he would go crazy.

"Do you want to see your sister?" Brooks asked.

"No," Helena responded.

He was shocked. He assumed that would be the first place she would want to go. Another knock came at the door. Brooks wasn't expecting anyone. He was relieved when his mother walked into the room.

"Hello," she said. "I thought I would check up on you two. How is everything?"

"Fine thank you," Helena said.

Brooks was pleased she seemed to be taking to his mother. That would make their life a little easier.

"Your father is in the hall," she said. "Should he join us?"

Brooks knew his eyes were turning red again. His mother nodded and Brooks was sure she mentioned it to his father over their mental link.

"Actually," she said. "I have ulterior motives for coming. I thought I could do some shopping with Helena this morning, maybe you can spend some time with your father then? We could trade off at lunch time."

"Or the four of us could eat lunch together?" Helena suggested.

"We can figure that out later," she said.

"Helena has to go see Melanie," Brooks said.

"I arranged for Melanie to come meet us here," his mother said. "A little more privacy for us girls."

"How is your ankle feeling?" Brooks asked.

"I think it will be fine," Helena said.

Brooks was torn, he didn't want to leave her, but was in desperate need for a run. If she was with his mother than at least he wouldn't have to worry about other males coming to her when he was gone.

"Do you mind then if I go see my father?"

"Not at all," Helena said.

Brooks took another bite of his toast before excusing himself from the table. He stopped in the bathroom and changed clothes as fast as he could before leaving the room. He heard the two women laughing and thought at least he was making progress.


"Your ankle has heeled remarkably well," Melanie said.

Truthfully it wasn't bothering Helena at all anymore. When Melanie took off the wrapping the bruising had gone down a significant amount. Helena noticed the scratches on her body were fading fast too. All of them accept the markings on her neck. They seemed to be getting deeper in color.

"I've got strong genes," Helena said.

The last thing she wanted to do was draw suspicions. She made sure her hair was covering the wound on her neck.

"I don't even think it needs a cast anymore," Melanie said.

"It must have looked worse last night then it really was," Helena said. "I mean, it was late and Brooks can be a little over cautious."

The doctor scratched her head.

"You must be right," she said. "Don't put too much pressure on it, I wouldn't go for a run or anything."

"Thank you," Helena said.

Melanie gathered her belongings and left the room.

"Well that went well," Daphne said. "Brooks will be pleased."

Helena gave a nervous head nod.

"I know the last thing anyone wants is a nervous mother-in-law, but how are things going between you two?"

"We're not married," Helena said. "And I still don't understand how you're his mother. You look about five years older then him."

"We age differently," Daphne said. "Especially Alphas."

"How old are you?" Helena asked. "If you don't mind me asking."

"I don't mind at all," Daphne said. "One hundred and ninety four."

Helena almost fell over. She started giggling and brought her hand to her mouth.

"Hard to believe isn't it?" Daphne asked. "I was eighteen when I met Brooks' father. I was a human then, like yourself."

"Were all of you human at some point?" Helena asked.

"No," Daphne said. "It is actually fairly rare that Weres mate with a human. Your sister is the only other former human in our pack."

The mention of Rebecca soured Helena's stomach. She wanted to want to see her sister, but there was no desire. It was like she was passive to the idea. If Rebecca walked into the room right now Helena wouldn't kick her out. She just didn't care. It sent a shiver down her spine.

"I didn't mean to upset you dear," Daphne said. "I originally planned on spending the morning shopping. We have to get you some clothes."

"Are we leaving the compound then?" Helena asked. "I'm sorry, I don't even know if that is the right word."

"We use the term lodge mainly," Daphne said. "But we own all the surrounding woods too. For at least five miles in every direction, ten miles to the north and twenty to the south."

"This place is huge," Helena said.

"We want to keep everyone here protected," Daphne said.

She leaned over and gave Helena's had a reassuring squeeze. Helena pulled her hand in when Daphne moved away.

"I'm not used to people," Helena said.

She knew how strange that sounded, but Daphne didn't seem to judge her.

"I thought it might be best if we stayed here," Daphne said. "Online shopping is much more fun anyway. There is much more of a selection than the nearest mall, which is a three hour drive anyway."

"It never really occurred to me," Helena said. "But I have no clue where we are. What state is this?"

"Let me call someone to bring that computer," Daphne said. "I have a projector too. We can put all the pictures on the wall, then make our choices. I'll put in an order for champagne and orange juice too. Brooks mentioned you just turned twenty-one? We can celebrate a little."

Helena noticed Daphne dodged her question, but she smiled anyway. A little pang in her heart reminded her no matter what Brooks said she was still a prisoner here, and at this rate her sentence seemed indefinite.


Brooks and his father ran to the edge of their property then circled the whole perimeter. Brooks knew his father was ready to stop, but he could have kept running for at least another hour. They were back to the lodge though, and Brooks had to get back to Helena soon. The two men shifted back and picked up their clothes.

"I think I needed that," Brooks said.

His father panted and nodded at him. The two dressed in silence.

"Now that the run is over," his father said. "Are you ready to talk?"

"About what?" Brooks asked.

"The situation," Hugh said.

"She's not rejecting me," Brooks said. "Sometimes I can see her struggling with it. Almost like I can tell a part of her is yearning for me just as bad as I want her. It flashes in her eyes and then it's gone a second later."

"This is unknown territory," Hugh said.

"It has to have something to do with that vampire," Brooks said. "Or at least the bite."

"Have you thought about just giving her your mark?" Hugh asked. "That might counteract whatever is going on."

"I have," Brooks said. "But it's too risky. What if it doesn't do anything but make her hate me? Would you have been able to mark mom against her will?"

Hugh smiled and shook his head.

"It's not in our nature to hurt our mates," Hugh said. "I would never have forced anything on her."

"I feel like I am getting dangerously close to crossing that line sometimes," Brooks said.

"I wouldn't worry. You cannot hurt your mate. Your wolf won't let you if it ever came down to it. I do have some good news though. I was able to track down a specialist from another pack," Hugh said. "He should be here tonight, but he will have to examine her."

The thought of another man touching Helena sent Brooks' core aflame. He didn't know how to respond.

"She was talking to someone last night," Brooks said. "She said she was just talking to herself, but I think she was lying."


"I don't know," Brooks said. "A vampire wouldn't be able to come on our grounds would he? I mean it's private property. He shouldn't be able to come near the lodge."

"I know as much about vampires as you do," Hugh said. "You probably know more. I've never seen one."

"Helena suggested the four of us have lunch together," Brooks said. "But I don't think it's a good idea. It's not that I don't trust you..."

"You don't have to explain yourself," Hugh interrupted. "I'm letting your mother know right now that you're on your way back. She will come up some excuse and leave before you arrive."

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