tagMatureAll The Way To The Top Ch. 01

All The Way To The Top Ch. 01


Kerry broke one of her golden rules … never get dressed up for a night out, at work. If she hadn’t had so much work on her desk, and if Mark hadn’t wanted to leave for the date so early, and if … well, life was full of if’s and but’s. However if she hadn’t broken her own rule, she might never have experienced something that would change her life forever.

When choosing her outfit for the evening, Kerry had gone for the ‘fuck-me’ look in a big way. She had wanted to tease Mark with the promise of what was to come all evening long. To get him so excited that he would be eating out of her hand. Gone was her usual work attire of business suit and low shoes – on went a figure hugging, short dress. And not the usual ‘little black number’ that many women chose, but a deep, rich, burgundy red. The colour was a little risky with her hair colour and skin tone, but one that Kerry had learned to carry well. Her long, light strawberry blonde hair was worn, not in her normal French pleat, but loose. It hung in natural waves to just above her waist allowing for a glimpse of creamy flesh as the backless dress swooped to just above her buttocks.

As the dress exposed all her back, Kerry wore no bra, allowing her full breasts to assume their natural shape. Kerry hoped that she wouldn’t be doing too much walking as the material rubbing against her bare nipples would soon make them erect. Kerry also left her panties off. The dress was so sheer that even the smallest thong would be seen below it. She completed her ensemble with a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals, leaving her legs bare. Adding a touch of blusher to her cheekbones, a hint of lip-gloss to her full lips, and the smallest dab of perfume to various pulse points, Kerry stood back and looked at herself in the mirror. She smiled at her reflection, thinking that not many of her colleagues at Elliott Enterprises would recognise her dressed like this. She didn’t allow many people to even glimpse her wanton side.

Walking carefully out from the ladies to the lift lobby, Kerry hoped and prayed that the lift would remain empty until she reached the underground car park. It really wouldn’t do to let any of the managers see her dressed this way. She thought it pretty safe – who would be mad enough to be working at gone seven on a Friday evening! Eventually, the lift climbed to the eleventh floor, the doors slid silently open and Kerry entered, pressing the button to basement 2. The doors closed and the lift began to move. Glancing at the light above the doors, Kerry gave a small gasp. The lift was climbing upwards. Kerry muttered a string of expletives. The floor above hers housed the canteen and rest areas, the senior managers … and the three partners.

Kerry tried to calm herself by thinking that it could be one of the cleaners. They were supposed to use the service lifts, but occasionally used the plush ones if the building was empty. The lift climbed past the 14th floor. That meant that a partner had over-ridden the controls and had summoned the lift. Just her damned luck. Very, very few of the staff had ever seen a partner – so few that there was a standing joke that they didn’t really exist. All Kerry knew about them was the fact that there were two men and a woman, and that they were related. What one earth did one say to one’s ultimate boss when dressed like a high-class prostitute. Suddenly Kerry wished that she had not worn this particular dress, and above all – had not got changed at work.

The lift stopped and Kerry tried hard to look small and inconspicuous by standing in the corner furthest from the control panel. The doors began to open and Kerry held her breath. Please let it be a cleaner, please … Her luck was out. Standing in the doorway was the younger Mr. Elliott. Kerry found herself unable to move or speak; she just stood there, clutching her bags, staring at the floor. The silence seemed to last forever and finally Kerry could bare it no longer. She raised her head and gave a weak smile. Mr. Elliott reached round the door to the control panel and inserted a small key, locking the doors open. Finally, he spoke, “Good evening Miss Turner. The senior partner wondered if you could spare him a few moments of your time.” When Kerry made no effort to move or speak, he added, “Kindly follow me.”

Kerry gathered her wits and asked timidly if she might use the ladies and change back into more business like attire. Matthew Elliott looked her up and down, almost undressing her with his eyes, and smilingly said that she looked just fine to him and he was sure his father wouldn’t mind either. Bowing to the inevitable, Kerry stepped passed the young partner, thinking that if the worst came to the worst, she would begin looking for a new job first thing Tuesday morning. As she followed Matthew through the doors into the partners’ office suite, Kerry began to rehearse excuses in her head - but soon gave that up, realising that it was a rather futile exercise until she knew just why Mr. Elliott senior wanted to see her.

As he walked her through he reception area, Matthew gestured to Kerry that she should leave her bags on one of the leather armchairs. She would have liked to keep hold of her small clutch bag, but didn’t like to argue the point. All too soon Kerry found herself being shown into a plush room. Matthew pointed to a seat this side of a large desk and then left, closing the door firmly behind him. Kerry perched nervously on the edge of the chair, her eyes darting around the room. It wasn’t a very large room considering that it was the office of the senior partner, but the furnishings were top quality. The desk was highly polished solid wood. Kerry thought it looked like oak, but grinned at herself, as she was probably wrong. All she knew was that it was solid and expensive looking. Mr. Elliott’s chair was a typical office chair in that it had castors and swivelled – but there the similarity to her own chair a few floor below, ended. This one was covered in soft leather that gleamed in the soft lighting of the room. It was high-backed and looked beautifully comfortable. Even the ‘guest’ chair on which she perched was different. Although it was a hard chair, a little like one found in many dining rooms, it was well padded and looked antique.

Kerry stole a quick look at some of the pictures on the wall. She guessed that they must be either photographs or paintings of the many buildings owned by the Elliotts. They were one of the largest social landlords in the country, housing over half a million families. She should know; she had laboured in the rent section for almost a year now. Kerry began to get edgy. Where was Mr. Elliott senior? Just as her mind began to wander, thinking of what she could be doing right now, she heard a muffled oath and saw the partner’s chair move. Curiously, Kerry got up and walked round the desk, the thick carpeting masking all sounds of her movement. What she saw make Kerry smile. There was the senior partner on his hands and knees with one arm deep in his bottom drawer, trying to reach something.

He must have sensed her standing there because his body suddenly stiffened and he turned his head. All he could see were sandaled feet until he tilted his head and followed the legs up to the dress and then finally to Kerry’s face. He immediately got to his feet and held out his hand in greeting, apologising that he had not been ready to greet her. Kerry grinned as she shook his hand and took the opportunity to get a good look at him.

He must be in his late 50’s or early 60’s to have a son older than she was, but he only looked about 40. He was tall and lean, with wide shoulders and a muscle tone that spoke of hours working out. He must take good care of himself, thought Kerry, and then laughed at herself as she realised he had the money to do so. Kerry looked at his face and almost melted. His mouth was wide, made for smiling; his teeth white and even; his full set of whiskers neatly trimmed sitting well on his tanned face. However, what held Kerry’s attention and made her heart skip a beat were his eyes. They were such a pale shade of brown that they appeared almost amber, like those of a large predatory cat.

Kerry’s mouth had gone very dry and she ran her tongue over her lips as she let her hand drop from his. Mr. Elliott grinned like a schoolboy trying to charm the birds from the trees as he waved a hand towards the open drawer. He explained that an important disc had fallen down the back of the drawer and he was trying to retrieve it before his daughter asked for it back. He would get a ticking off for having it loose in his drawer if he told her. Did Kerry mind if he continued to attempt to retrieve it as they spoke? Kerry automatically shook her head. Even if she had minded, she was hardly likely to say so.

The partner immediately dropped to his knees again and started fishing for the disk. At the same time he began to question Kerry about her work, her line manager, whether she was happy and if she had thought about other job opportunities. Kerry answered each question carefully, wondering if this were some kind of test. At the moment, her line manager was a right bastard, delighting in criticising her at every turn, giving her the worst, most boring jobs, and taking any credit that came along for work well done. She didn’t voice this, of course, as it wouldn’t do to run down a manager, but some of her frustration must have sounded in her voice because Mr. Elliott paused in his scrabbling and got to his feet again.

“Hmmm, sounds as if you might be ready for a change in position then. The partners have had their eye on you for a month or so now – and this evening made up our minds. We need an administrative assistant to run the office; the partners office, that is. Would you be interested in something like that?”

Kerry’s head was reeling. Had their eye on her? She was surprised they knew she even existed! And this was a chance to get away from that prick of a manager. If she had known this was to be a job interview, she would have at least prepared a few intelligent questions. She jumped in with both feet, without thinking what the job might involve and just blurted out, “When do I start?” Mr. Elliott threw back his head and roared with laughter. Kerry grinned a little sheepishly and added, “Well, maybe I could think up a question or two in a minute. Let me see if I can get that disc for you, and perhaps you could tell me about working hours and salary and …”

With her mind spinning at top speed, Kerry quite forgot the dress she was almost wearing and dropped to her knees by the open drawer. Mr. Elliott stood back a little and began telling her that her salary would be entirely dependant on hours worked, and duties performed. She would start on a basic of £15,000 but could expect to make at least double or triple this with bonuses. All the time he had been speaking, Kerry had been trying to retrieve the disc. Each time she almost had it, it dropped away again. As Kerry strained to reach still further into the desk, her dress rode up, exposing her bare bottom. Kerry vaguely heard Mr. Elliott sit in his chair as she asked what times she would be expected, and listened with half an ear that for her basic salary, her hours would be nine ‘til five, but there would be times when she would need to work outside these hours and she would be paid for these.

Kerry raised herself on her knees to give her reach an extra inch or two and exposed even more of herself. As she had been daydreaming for some hours of the potential fun she would have that night, she was fairly aroused and Mr. Elliott was treated to a view of her swollen lips peeking between her thighs. It would have taken a blind man, or a saint, not to notice the slight sheen of moisture coating Kerry’s pussy; and Mr. Elliott was neither. He reacted in the way any healthy man would, and was soon sporting a raging hard-on. Before he could ease the bulge in his trousers, Kerry gave a small cry of triumph and began to back out of the drawer, the disc held firmly between her fingers.

As she moved she began to turn and ask what duties she might be asked to perform. By the time she completed her question, Kerry was facing the chair and came face to face with the bulge. She looked up at Mr. Elliott and raised an eyebrow slightly. “They would be,” Mr. Elliott began in a voice thickened by lust, “anything you would be prepared to do to give satisfaction.”

Kerry thought fast. Was the partner suggesting what she thought he was? There was only one way to find out – and Kerry knew she could loose the job before it was even hers. She leaned forward slightly, allowing Mr. Elliott the opportunity to see down the front of her dress, and reached out a hand towards the bulge. “Allow me to ease that a little,” she said as she unzipped his fly, “else those trousers will get all out of shape.” As she began to unbutton his boxers she looked up at his face. He stared back at her, licked his lips and gave a slight nod. As the final button was undone, his penis was free to stand to attention. Kerry didn’t break eye contact as she began to stroke his cock.

God, it felt huge. Quite thick and at least nine inches long. How she would love to have this rammed into her, and felt her cunt begin to get wet at the thought. Finally, tearing her eyes from his face, Kerry dipped her head to take the tip of his cock into her mouth. As she closed her lips around the shaft and ran her tongue over the tip, Mr. Elliott gave a sigh of contentment. As Kerry worked her magic on him, Mr. Elliott began to explain that her duties would never be the same two days running. Some days would be dull and mundane, other she would be asked to accompany him on business meetings. Occasionally, she might be asked to flirt a little with certain clients.

The way he said the last sentence made Kerry pause in her mouthing and she raised her head. “And sometimes I would need to be especially nice and attentive?” she asked in a slightly husky voice. He nodded slowly, raised his eyebrows and said, “I get the impression that it wouldn’t be a problem for you.” Kerry grinned, took his hands and placed them firmly on her breasts. “No. No problem. It’s quite a good way of staying in shape!”

As if this was the signal he was waiting for, Mr. Elliott stood up, pulling Kerry up with him. Holding her firmly around the waist, he lifted her easily off her feet and took a step towards the desk. Kerry found herself being perched on the edge of the desk with Mr. Elliott standing before her – his penis stiff and glistening with precum. He ran a beautifully manicured hand up her thigh and she automatically allowed her thighs to part. Boy, was she ready for this. The thought of being fucked by a man old enough to be her father was turning her on more than she cared to think about – but the fact was, she was now like a bitch on heat, and just didn’t care. She wanted cock, any cock, and she wanted it soon.

Mr. Elliott began to stroke her inner thigh and Kerry let a small moan escape her throat. She leaned back onto her elbows and spread her legs as wide as she could. Both his hands were being used now, sweeping up and down her thighs, but never quite touching where she longed to be touched. After what seemed a lifetime, he began to caress her outer labia. Kerry quivered with desire and then gave a deep sigh as a finger wound its way into her eager hole. Mr. Elliott moved the finger in and out a few times and then let it rest. Kerry began to wriggle, trying to get some movement going again. That bought a smile to the older man’s face and he whispered, “Patience.”

As Kerry relaxed once more, the fingers of his free hand finding her clit rewarded her. He knew just how to play the button, constantly working at it until Kerry was clenching and unclenching her internal muscles. Just as she was about to orgasm, he stopped and began the finger fuck again. He slipped in a second finger and began to move them in a series of patterns. First he would cross and uncross them; then move them apart – making a scissoring movement; then place them together and move them back and forth. This was by far the greatest finger fuck Kerry had ever received.

Just as her dam was about to burst, he stopped and took both hands away. He took hold of her ankles and lifted them onto his shoulders. Dragging his chair over, he sat down and placed his head between her legs. His tongue began a slow and careful exploration of her pussy. Before long, his hands slid under her and began to knead her bum. Kerry lay fully back on the desk and began to almost purr, so totally lost in her own world where nothing mattered apart from the area between her legs and the waves of intense pleasure that were washing through her body.

Mr. Elliott lifted her buttocks from the table and pulled her towards his mouth. Kerry’s knees were now on his shoulders – her entire bottom half suspended in mid air. His hands began to join in the fun again, spreading her lips as wide as they would go allowing him even more access to her clit. Kerry was very close to losing it now and her body began to buck. Her breathing was ragged and animal like sounds were issuing from her gaping mouth.

His fingers came back into play. Two fingers were thrust deep inside her as his tongue began a quick flick, flick on her engorged clit. His teeth joined in and gave the occasional soft nibble. Kerry thought she would go mad if she didn’t orgasm soon. She could feel the blood pumping around her body and thought her lungs would burst. As the tension mounted still more, Mr. Elliott twisted his hand round so that it was now palm upwards, and his fingers began to curl and uncurl – moving over her G spot and making Kerry buck even more. A scream began to build as the stimulation gathered pace, and Kerry let go as the first wave of orgasm began.

All her previous boyfriends had stopped at this point and Kerry was used to being allowed to climax and then come slowly back to reality. This time was different. It was as if her orgasm had triggered a hidden switch in her potential employer, and the senior partner increased the tempo. His mouth never left her, but he also bought his beard into play, rubbing the coarse hair over her tender clit in between small nips and flicks with his tongue. All the time his fingers played around and over her G spot. A second orgasm followed quickly on the heels of the first and Kerry began to thrash about.

Her body was now so far off the table that Kerry was resting solely on her shoulders. As a third orgasm began to build, a string of words began to spew from Kerry’s mouth, “Ohhfuckinghell; ohyesssss; christbuggergoodgod; sweetjeeeezzz,” The old man didn’t let up until, after taking her her clit between his teeth and sucking hard on the little nub, Kerry really lost control. The third, and for now, final orgasm was too much for her and as the wave crashed about her, she twisted her body and screamed a hissing “Nooooooo”.

Mr. Elliott removed his head from her now dripping slit and gently slid his fingers out. As he did so, he grazed Kerry’s inner thigh with his nails and her body bucked again in aftershock. Firmly lowering her legs from his shoulders, he swung her sideways until Kerry was laying on the desk, her body still shaking with the tremors as she climbed off the cloud.

“Once you think you have regained control of your body, I think we ought to go out to the reception area.”

Kerry heard the words but her brain made no sense of them. Slowly sitting, and then standing, Kerry looked over to where Mr. Elliott sat with a slightly amused look on his face. “Reception area?” questioned Kerry as she tried to smooth down her dress with shaking hands.

“Yes, Miss Turner. The reception area. Although I am the senior partner, and I will get the final say, the other partners will want to interview you.”

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