tagNovels and NovellasAll Things Come... Ch. 06

All Things Come... Ch. 06



Christmas had come and gone. We'd been merry, eaten and drunk to excess, faithfully done our lessons, gone out in the days and done simple touristy things. I didn't know Vienna well and Uli had delighted in showing me her city. We'd held hands as we walked, kissed each other goodnight, and I'd gone back to my habit of not wearing clothes unless I was cold or in company, but we hadn't had any further sexual contact. On the other hand we had talked a hell of a lot. Her curiosity about everything was insatiable, and as she realised how unnatural her life had been, it grew even more.

On New Year's Day we were sprawled in the armchairs reading. We had gone out to see the New Year in with the other revellers in the centre of town, only dragging back to the house as the first buses were beginning to run, and though it was six in the evening we'd only just breakfasted. Uli was wearing her camisole set but I hadn't bothered to dress after my shower and was lying sideways in the chair so I could watch her and the fire in comfort. She raised her head from her book and smiled.

'If you'd told me two weeks ago that we'd be sitting here naked and comfortable I'd have laughed in your face.'

'You're not naked, but I know what you mean. You've done a lot of growing up pretty quickly.' She raised her arms and slipped the camisole over her head and then wriggled out of the knickers.

'The silk feels so good that I don't want to take it off, but fair's fair. Luke, how come we're sitting here naked and you're not horny and I'm not feeling nervous or excited or hot?'

'Because we're adults, and adults know there's a time for everything.' She pondered that and I watched her as she thought. Her body glowed in the firelight and the flames sent dancing shadows across her breasts. She rubbed her pubic stripe softly and then sighed.

'It's quite tricky being an adult. Is that why you haven't been pushing me about sex and everything?'

'Do you want to be pushed?' She dropped her eyes.

'Part of me wants you to jump out of the chair and take me, but I know you won't.'

'That's probably why you can think about it pleasurably. If you really thought I'd do that you'd be in a state of advanced nervousness. I've been watching you since Christmas Night, Uli, and you've been thinking and asking and thinking some more. I'm not going to spoil that. That night was memorable and I've been thinking about it too, but trying to repeat it won't work.' She looked at me curiously.

'I thought men wanted sex and sort of went for it.'

'Some men do. There are men who like sex but don't really like women, and they use the women for sex, and there are men who like women and who like having sex with women they like if they're both up for it. There's part of me that wants to jump out of the chair and take you, but that'd be an abuse of trust, so I won't do it.' She nodded.

'I'm glad about that'. She drew her knees up to her chin and I saw the soft folds of her pussy peeping between her thighs. 'You know cook and Trudi are back tomorrow, and Karl and Frau Kurtz the next day, and my mother sometime soon, don't you? All this will be like a dream. What are we going to do?'

'We'll put Luke and Uli back in their box and get on with making sure you pass your exams stupendously well and maybe think about applying for design school. You've been asking enough sensible questions about it. And we'll both think about the last two weeks quite a lot, and when you've passed your exams and you're not my student and we're not stuck in this awful household, we'll go and have a meal somewhere and talk some more. Does that sound OK to you?' She smiled.

'What was that English phrase you taught us? Oh, yes: "sounds like a plan". It's more or less what I expected you to say. It's like you: calm and thoughtful and exciting.' Her face changed. 'I'd like to give you a New Year present. You gave me that beautiful bracelet that I can't wear in public, and all those other things, and I'd like to give you something too.'

'You don't need to thank me for anything and you already gave me lots, Uli, and a new wallet as well: there's no need for anything else.' She uncurled herself from the chair and kneeled at my feet.

'It's partly for you and partly for me and partly another biology lesson. I want to suck your prick and make you come in my mouth. I bought a book on sex and this is my first practical.' She grinned up at me impishly and ran her tongue exaggeratedly round her lips, then raised herself off her heels and leant over me. Taking hold of my cock she extended her tongue and rolled it lovingly over the tip, then lowered her head and began to draw my flaccid length into her mouth. I shifted slightly towards her and felt her warm lips sliding over my helmet. I could sense her nervousness under the assumed confidence and my heart went out to her. She wasn't really ready for this, not yet, but it was a gift and to refuse it would be shattering for her. Besides, when you're offered a blow job, self justification is easy. Temptation is a terrible thing.

Her mouth stretched as she slid her down my shaft, and I felt myself growing and filling her mouth. Her forehead creased in concentration as she tried to work out what to do with the extra girth and firmness. I felt her hesitate and pulled back from her slightly.

'Just the head today, sweetheart. Never mind what the book said about deep throating. Mouth over the end, use your tongue on the bottom side, and keep your teeth out of the way, please.' She gave a muffled giggle but her eyes looked relieved. I felt her mouth relax and she began to lave my helmet gently, running her tongue from side to side. I felt the rim of the head sliding across the inside edge of her lips and watched her mouth widen as it pulsed and swelled.

She began to move her head backward and forward, withdrawing almost completely and then gliding back down and closing her lips at the top of the shaft. She dropped one hand to her crotch and started fingering herself. I took her other hand and guided it to my cock, closing the fingers round the base of the shaft, and she grasped me gently and slid her hand up almost to her mouth and then back again. The action pulled my foreskin back completely and my cock jerked as my frenum was exposed to her probing tongue. She began to suck as she rolled me round her mouth and her lips clamped tighter round me. I felt the erotic aura of the moment wash over us and my pulse quickened. This wasn't an experienced woman: this was a young girl working at learning how to give and receive pleasure and I felt privileged to be the focus of her concentration.

Her hand was moving faster along her slit and I could see her knees slipping further apart as she unconsciously synchronised her masturbation to the caresses of her mouth. Her breath was rasping through her flared nostrils and I knew that if her mouth hadn't been full she would have been panting. I began to thrust gently, trying to find a tempo that would bring us to climax simultaneously. Resisting the temptation to prolong the darts of pleasure connecting my balls and my prick I flexed my cock, tightening my anal muscles and lifting myself to the next level. Her hand was a blur now, dancing over her clit, and I did my best to keep pace with her. I watched her, and when I saw her thigh muscles begin to clench I put my hand over hers and moved it faster and harder along my prick. Her mouth opened slightly and her lips lost their firm grip on my helmet as she took in a shuddering breath.

The sight of her lust filled eyes and the heart stopping beauty of her face as she came, her mouth half open and my cock jutting into her slack lips, was too much for me and I spewed my seed into her mouth without warning. She pulled her head back instinctively and the next burst splashed across her cheek and nose, I jetted three more times until her face was a smeared mask of dribbling semen, then slowed our hands and let my cock lie quietly in her mouth. The tremors that had wracked her subsided and she closed her lips on me again, running her tongue over my helmet gently, then relaxed and waited quietly as I softened and shrank within her mouth. I let myself slip out and lifted her off her knees, settling her into my lap and encircling her in my arms. I cradled her head gently, then lifted her face and began to clean it, running my tongue and lips over the splashes and smears of cum. As I worked gently down one cheek I tasted a saltier trickle and looked up to see her eyes overflowing with tears.

'That was terrible for you, wasn't it?'

'No. The worst blow job I ever had was wonderful, and that certainly wasn't the worst.'

'But I got it all wrong,' she wailed. 'I started, and you were much bigger than I thought, and then I got excited and it all went wrong.'

'And the first time you try anything you expect to be perfect? Sweetheart, think straight: you started and you got excited; good sign. If you'd felt revolted that would definitely have been a problem. I was bigger than you thought? So we'll enjoy practicing. It all went wrong? Nonsense. You came, I came, and you got a faceful of cum. Sounds like a win-win situation to me. What about the taste?' She managed a smile and hugged me.

You're so kind. I wish I were older and knew more. You tasted wonderful, and it made me come even harder. That'll have to last me for a bit though, won't it?'

'Thank you for my present, sweetheart. Let's go and shower and get cleaned up. The real world's beginning to creep back.'

* * * * * * * * * * *

Ten days later it was as if Christmas had never happened. Karl had returned, wild with excitement and boasting of his ski exploits, I suspected that Fritz' sister or her friend might have had something to do with his high spirits, but said nothing, and concentrated on bringing him back to regular study habits. He hadn't completed his holiday work and I kept him for an extra hour a day during the first fortnight of the new term while he caught up, threatening him with Frau Kurtz and his mother's displeasure if he didn't pull his socks up. By the end of the week he was back to heel and I relaxed. I went back to calling Uli Ulrika, and she accepted the term time rules with wry good humour. As she became engrossed in learning again our relationship slipped back into that of teacher and pupil and I admired her new maturity silently. In the second week of January Angela knocked on the classroom door.

'Luke, it's good to see you. Did you have a good Christmas?' She stepped lightly across the room and gave me a neutral kiss, then sat down.

'Fine thanks, Angela. How was Estonia?' She shuddered.

'The things I do for capitalism. Herr Fischer's consortium will begin some boringly huge engineering project in May, the EU will guarantee payment, and the Minister for Development wants to divorce his ugly wife and marry me.'

'A good time was had by all, then?' She snorted delicately.

'If you say so. I've just come from talking with Ulrika. What on earth have you done to her? I found myself getting interested in what she was saying, for Heaven's sake.'

'Get used to it. Did she talk about training for a career in the fashion business?'

'She hardly stopped, and she was wearing new clothes too. Rather nice ones, in fact. Did she choose them herself?'

'Angela, I sent her out with most of the Christmas bonus that your husband gave me and she came back with a wardrobe that works. If you go and look carefully at what she bought, you'll be amazed. For God's sake don't let Frau Kurtz start threatening to confiscate them or anything. If you leave her alone to grow up she'll be fine, but if you press her too hard right now you'll have problems like you've never seen before, and I'll walk out. I won't watch my work being destroyed. And no, I didn't fuck her.' She looked at me appraisingly.

'Are you telling me what to do?'

'I'm suggesting that till I came here you had a pair of disasters on your hands and now you're half way to having two independent young adults who won't resent you and your husband for being shitty parents, and who'll go off and build lives for themselves without interrupting your social whirl. Isn't that what you hired me for?' She looked a little ashamed.

'Not quite as brutally as that, but yes, I suppose so. Why did you bother to tell me you didn't fuck her? I'm sure you want to.'

'So that you know, and because she trusts me, and because underneath it all, so do you. I'm a guy who prefers to earn his money.'

'You're a very unusual person, Luke.'

'I hope so.' She didn't speak again and after a minute rose to her feet, kissed me rather less neutrally, and left. I sighed and went to bed.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Two days later I was in the kitchen drinking coffee with cook and Trudi. Cook had decided that I was the son she never had and was opening her heart to me.

'This house is happier than it's ever been, Luke. Ulrika's a changed girl and even Karl is politer. Frau Fischer's different too. I can't put my finger on it, but it's happened since you came. When Trudi and I heard that another tutor was arriving we laughed, but we were wrong. Have some more cake.' I shook my head and Trudi winked at me.

'Don't make him fat, cook, or he'll get soft and lazy.' She was out of uniform, ready to go out for the evening, and I looked at her hungrily. It wasn't cake I wanted. Her smooth dark hair shone, and her slim body, lithe and supple, was generating animal energy. She was wearing a woollen sweater and skirt, her breasts straining the weave, and I remembered the soft weight of them in my hands as her tongue and mouth milked me. We'd hardly talked since she came back after Christmas, but today there was an unspoken hint of promise about her. She was full of pent up excitement, swinging her shapely legs, and without warning jumped up and grabbed her coat.

'Things to do, places to be. I'll see you tomorrow, cook. Bye, Luke.' She was gone, and cook looked at me knowingly.

'New boyfriend, I expect. She's been excited and jittery ever since we came back.' I tried not to pout, and went back to my room. The classroom door was ajar and Ulrika and Karl were waiting for me. I waved hello and went to the bathroom to get rid of some of cook's coffee. When I lifted the seat I saw a note taped to the underside. "Unfinished wishes. Bistro, 9.00pm. T, xxx." My heart lifted and I went back to the classroom with a spring in my step. I felt as if I was crackling with energy as we dived into the prepared material. The kids picked up on it and we sailed. They were stupendous, and at the end of the three hours I punched the air.

'You guys are going to piss through those exams. Have you got any more homework tonight?' They both nodded and made faces but didn't really look put out. 'Go and do it now while you're still buzzing, and tell Frau Ugly that I'm eating out tonight. I've scarcely been out of the house for two weeks.' Ulrika looked at me oddly, but they cleared their books and went off and I made a dive for the shower.

At nine sharp, freshly shaved, thoroughly washed, and with all my senses sharpened and humming, I strolled into the bistro and waved to Gustav. He waved back and jerked his thumb at a booth on the side wall. I looked and saw two heads showing over the back. They were close together and my curiosity turned up a notch. I ambled over and slid onto the empty bench, and my smile of greeting widened and became a big shit eating grin.

'Olga, Jesus, what a surprise. Trudi, I thought you looked a bit wired this afternoon. Is this a plot or an accident?' I leaned over the table and kissed them both soundly, and felt a soft tongue slip into my mouth each time. I sat down again and looked at them properly. They were both wearing big smiles and identical looks of suppressed excitement. Trudi took Olga's hand and then mine and held them together for a moment, wrapping hers round them and squeezing.

'A plot of course, dummy. I called Olga and she was able to get away for a couple of days and we decided that she deserves to celebrate and I deserve some more wishes. We're going to have not too much to eat and just enough to drink and then we're going to Olga's cousin's flat. She's away skiing. And when we get there we'll relax and see what comes up.' They looked at each other and giggled and my heart began to pound.

'I'd better have oysters for starters then, hadn't I?'

At ten thirty we piled out of the restaurant. Gustav gave me a thumbs up as we left and I put an arm round each of their shoulders.

'Taxi?' Olga shook her head.

'No need. It's only five hundred metres.' We walked slowly through the crisp night, the girls sandwiching me between them. Olga slowed as we approached a new block of flats and started fumbling in her bag. She found the keys and opened the door.

The apartment was small and luxurious. The heat was on and a wave of warm air hit us as we entered. The girls stripped off their coats and Olga made for the kitchen. Trudi shot through to the bedroom and I was left standing in the lounge feeling happily out of my depth. The combination of Trudi's assertive sexuality and Olga's gentle but equally determined enthusiasm was going to be more fun than I deserved, and possibly more than I could handle. Only one way to find out, I thought, and shrugged off my coat.

They arrived back in the lounge simultaneously. As Trudi reappeared my heart skipped a beat; she'd stripped to her underwear and when I managed to tear my eyes away and turn my head I saw that Olga had done the same. She was carrying a tray with a bottle of champagne and three glasses on it. She put the tray on the coffee table and nodded at Trudi. They both launched themselves at me and dragged me to the sofa. I felt hands scrabbling at my clothes and surrendered cheerfully. When I was down to my boxers they plumped down on either side of me and leaned towards me, giving me a soft kiss on each cheek. Trudi poured champagne and I regained my breath.

They'd gone to a lot of trouble. They were wearing identical sets of lingerie in a soft cream stretch fabric. Trudi's darker skin glowed and her breasts pushed against the bra. Her nipples were taut, and thrust boldly forward. I could see the faint line of her trimmed bush at the crotch of the panties, and she licked her lips as she watched my eyes travel over her. She looked like a portrait of earthy lust. Olga's lighter colouring and chestnut hair seemed ethereal by comparison. The dark circles of her wide areolas were visible through the material of the bra and her long thin teats looked as if they were straining to break free. My cock twitched in anticipation and I raised my glass to each of them in turn.

'To two of the sexiest women in Vienna: here's to long nights and short rests.' Trudi nodded enthusiastically and drained her glass, and after a moment Olga smiled shyly and did the same. I emptied my own glass and we put them down. The girls looked at each other again and stood up simultaneously. They took a hand each and led me ceremoniously to the bedroom, ushering me in: Trudi eagerly, Olga with repressed excitement. The bed was enormous, filling almost the whole of the small room, and candles had been placed on every available surface. There must have been eight or ten of them and their warm light bathed our bodies. I dived onto the bed and rolled over.

'Come on then, you hussies. Do your worst.' They leapt after me and landed hard, one on each side, laughing and wriggling along the length of my body. A soft wave of overheated girl seemed to be breaking over me and I cupped each hand round a soft and rounded buttock and squeezed them gently, pulling them towards me. Two hands reached out and settled on my crotch and my cock twisted like a hungry animal, stabbing at the fabric of my boxers. I could smell their distinct aromas. Olga's as I remembered, spicy and strong, and Trudi's, lighter and sharper, almost herbal.

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