tagNovels and NovellasAll Things Come... Ch. 08

All Things Come... Ch. 08



Winter was fading and it was beginning to feel as if spring might really arrive. I was leaning out of the classroom window one afternoon, breathing warm air for the first time in months, and admiring the pale blue sky when there was a tap on the door and Frau Fischer came in.

'Luke, we need to talk'. Her voice was worried and I wondered what had happened.

'Sure, Angela. What's the problem?'

'Frau Kurtz has handed in her notice. She says that she needs to look after her mother, but the truth of the matter is that she can't bear the changes you've caused. So it's your fault and I need your advice. I know she's a terrible old dragon but she runs the house like clockwork and does all the accounts and organises my diary and... and everything. I can't imagine doing without her'. I looked at her.

'Angela, think for a minute. You can get another housekeeper or you can be clever',

'What do you mean?' Her voice was suspicious.

'You could leave the kitchen to cook, promote Trudi to domestic housekeeper, get a cleaner to come in daily, and hire a nice young somebody part time as your social secretary. You'd probably save money doing it that way. Next question?' She was looking at me in a stunned fashion.

'I don't even know if Trudi can do the arithmetic necessary for keeping accounts'.

'Well, shame on you, Angela. She's twenty seven for God's sake. Ask her and see what she says'. She opened her mouth and then shut it, turned on her heel and marched out. I went back to looking out of the window, feeling cautiously optimistic.

* * * * * * * * * * *

A week later it was settled. Trudi's High School Diploma proved that mathematics and domestic management had been her strongest subjects, and Frau Fischer had agreed to pay half the cost of a short course in bookkeeping for her; cook was overjoyed at the thought of working without constant supervision; Frau Kurtz had stormed off, leaving the monthly bills in deliberate chaos, and I'd hinted to Karl that as he was taking an accounting module at school he might offer to give Trudi a hand at first. When he balked I reminded him that any chance of going to visit Bea, or being permitted to invite her to stay in the Easter holidays was going to be subject to my recommendation. I sat and read and gave my classes and let the house find its new rhythm. Ten days into the new regime an envelope appeared on my dressing table. Inside was a note. 'You seem to have been right again. I don't know how to express my gratitude except with money or sex, so they'll have to do. Money is enclosed, and your invitation will be when you least expect it. A'. Five hundred euros were folded into the envelope. I counted it happily and decided that money and sex were probably the best forms of gratitude to receive.

Two evenings later I received a visit. Classes and supper had come and gone and I was reading in front of the fire, fresh from the shower and wrapped in my old bathrobe. There was a knock on the door and Trudi popped her head round.

'Can we come in? Uli's with me', she said,. I smiled up at them.

'You both look very serious. Is this an official deputation?' Trudi smiled.

'Sort of but not really. We just wanted to say thank you properly and to let you know that we love you, and if there's anything we can do for you you've only got to say'. Uli nodded seriously.

'Not traditional love. We've been talking about you a lot since Christmas and we've decided that you'll probably never love one particular person: you're so wrapped up in your work, and trying to make other people feel better about themselves, and making sure you have the sort of life you want, that commitment isn't on your agenda. But love for you as a person and for what you've done for us, and Karl as well, and even my mother...'

'...and Olga too, and a girl called Inge', put in Trudi. I sat up.

'What about Inge?' I asked. 'I've never known such a small town as this'. Trudi laughed.

'Uli had already told me about the spa and when Frau Fischer asked me to be housekeeper I decided to celebrate by treating myself to a half day session, and Inge was on the desk, and I told her about how my bosses' daughter had been there, and one thing led to another and she told me all about her night with you. She's dumped her boyfriend and had her nipples pierced and she wants to see you again'. Her eyes twinkled as she finished. I heaved myself to my feet and went over to the bookcase. Apart from books it held a bottle of brandy and four small tumblers. I poured us a measure each and handed the girls their glasses, feeling something in the air. It felt like sex and I did nothing to dampen it. Temptation is a terrible thing.

'Thank you for bothering to say it: there's no need really. Uli was almost right when she said I'm busy making sure I get the life I want. I hate being with unhappy people, so it's a form of selfishness really'. I raised my glass. 'Here's to you both, my sweet ones, and I hope everything goes on getting better for you'. I drained the tumbler and set it down. The girls sipped more decorously, and I looked at them fondly. They had my measure and they didn't mind. In fact they seemed to want it that way. I felt like a cat with a basketful of canaries, smug and spoilt for choice. Trudi went over to the door and pushed it shut, then locked it, and simultaneously Uli went through to the classroom and locked that door too. They came back and stood in front of me again, and Trudi began undoing her blouse.

'We've worked out that you're not going to actually fuck Uli until she isn't your student anymore, because you're quite serious about your work in a weird sort of way. We don't really understand that, but if it's your private rule, then that's what it is. But to finish our thank you we're going to lay you on your bed and I'm going to ride your cock while Uli sits on your face and watches'. Her skirt joined her blouse on the floor and she reached behind her to undo her bra. Uli had stripped off her sweater and was pushing her jeans down her legs. My prick stirred under the robe and I let out a mock-reluctant groan.

'Nothing but work, work, work. Still, at least it's girls on top. Can I just lie still and pretend to enjoy myself?' By now they were naked, their arms round each others' shoulders, laughing at me quietly. The contrast of the black hair and the blonde, the slim bodies complementing each other, their individual but perfect breasts, Trudi's heavy, with dark nipples, Uli's smaller and softer, tipped with rose, the little tufts of fur decorating their mounds, the totality of their focus on me, brought a lump to my throat. I let the robe slip from my shoulders as I stood up and walked over to them, putting my arms round them and drawing all three of us into a close embrace.

'I'm lucky and privileged to know you both', I said quietly', and I owe you thanks for understanding what I am'. We were still for a moment, then Trudi's warm hand snaked between our bodies and grasped my cock. She looked down at it.

'Come on, you, and bring Luke with you'. Uli giggled and ran her hand over my ass and we stumbled over to the bed, still holding each other. I lay back contentedly as they knelt over my cock, stroking it gently with their soft hands. I could begin to smell the unmistakeable scent of their excitement. Trudi lowered her head and ran her mouth over the head, holding it away from my body as it throbbed and twitched.

'I don't really see how it'll all go in', said Uli seriously. 'You'll have to make sure you do that slowly so I don't miss anything. I always imagine it hurting, and the biggest thing I've ever put into myself is my old hairbrush handle. When you first did it, was it painful?' Trudi raised her mouth from me and Uli leaned forward to let her lips take their turn.

'My first one wasn't like this. He was called Otto and he was long but thin, so it was quite easy. But if you really want this fat thing to be your first then you'll need to practice on something so you get used to stretching a little. He's not the biggest I've seen, nor the thickest, but when you put the two together he's quite impressive. I told you Olga can only just take him, didn't I?' Uli nodded and I yelped as her teeth grazed my helmet. She pulled her mouth off me quickly.

'Sorry, Luke', she said, 'but it's just that I was getting interested. I'll watch now and ask questions afterwards'. She wriggled backwards and swung one long leg over my chest, crouching on her elbows and knees, her sweet soft ass pushing into my face. Through her legs I saw Trudi's mouth moving onto my cock again and my hips began to thrust as her tongue laved the underside. She squeezed the base of the shaft hard, and her voice was muffled,

'Whoa, tiger, this is an exhibition bout as well as a thank you'. Her mouth slipped over me again and I reached up to Uli's buttocks and pulled them gently apart and down; her little rosette winked at me and I saw the broken curve of her pussy lips running forward to the mystery that lay at her core. I nestled her sphincter onto my tongue and began to lap it gently, not penetrating her, but circling her tight little pucker fastidiously. My cock was as hard as steel, and I sensed Trudi's smile of satisfaction as she lifted her lips from me.

'What I like is the way it curves up and back to his belly. Olga says it makes him easier to throat, but I think the way he can stroke you forwards and backwards inside is the real advantage'. She sounded like someone demonstrating Tupperware.

The bed shifted as she slipped her leg over me and I felt the straining tip of my prick just touch her pussy lips. Uli's buttocks had begun to sway gently as she pushed her asshole back onto my tongue, searching for the soft invasion that she wanted. Her thighs were almost over my ears when I heard Trudi's voice again.

'Look, can you see? It's a good job that my lips down there are short. If I put the tip just there and push down, my pussy feels him stroking me all round the edge and the muscles start squeezing, trying to pull him in'. I felt her hand raise me to the mouth of her vagina and the hungry rim of her vault clutched at the head of my cock. Uli drew in her breath. Her asshole had slackened and I slipped my tongue into her, revelling in the familiar earthiness. She flexed herself over me for a moment, then raised her hips and settled down again, forcing my mouth down her crack and rubbing the entrance of her pussy over my lips. Trudi let her weight begin to force me into her, the flaring head of my prick sliding past her protective ring, and I heard Uli's indrawn breath as she watched. I eased my tongue into her soaking hole in a miniature imitation of Trudi's action and her body shuddered.

'God, Trudi, I can see you stretching as it goes in. It looks so beautiful, but he's splitting you open. Why doesn't it hurt you? Tell me what it feels like...., oooh'. Her voice broke off as I flicked my tongue forward, finding the head of her clit. I felt the thighs hugging my head tremble and then Trudi's voice, beginning to sound breathless.

'It feels fucking wonderful. He's hard and thick and long and I'm sinking onto him but he's warm and velvety inside me. He's stretching me but all I can feel is him filling me...' Her voice trailed away and she began to pant as her hips found the ancient eternal rhythm of desire. She was holding her body further back than usual, exhibiting herself to Uli's gaze, pulling my cock away from my body and rubbing the head along her G spot. Uli leaned forward, raising her body from my face, and I could see her peering at the point where Trudi's and my bodies were joined.

'Your clit's sticking right out', she said after a while, 'and it looks as if it's waiting to be touched'. Her head snaked forward and Trudi gasped as her soft tongue curled its way round her hungry nub of flesh. Her hips bucked over my shaft and I felt myself clench and thrust involuntarily. I reached forward and cupped Uli's soft breasts, hauling her gently back onto my mouth, and began to dance over her taut little clit with my tongue again, rolling her teats and tugging at them with my fingertips. She gasped and threw her head back. Trudi's hand had found its way to her own clit and her breath rasped as she rocked herself on my cock. She leaned forward and she offered her breasts to Uli's mouth.

'Bite them, please, hard, bite them, make them hurt'. Her free hand grasped Uli's hair and pulled her mouth to her bouncing breasts, guiding it towards one distended nipple. Our dance of three partners began: her thighs squeezed my torso and her pussy rippled over my shaft as she tried to force herself further down me, her hand trapped between our bodies as she twisted her clit between her fingers. Time slowed and became a sweet wave of sensation as bolts of energy stabbed through me and gathered in my groin. The girls' movements grew harder and faster and at last I felt my balls roil and churn, and the warm rush of fluid pumping to the base of my shaft. I pinched Uli's tits hard as and pursed my lips over her throbbing button, sucking hard and flickering my tongue over the head. She moaned and I felt her cunt lips try to grasp the tip of my nose. A rush of sweet liquid dribbled over my face and her teeth must have clamped on Trudi's teat, for I heard a soft scream and the darker girl's body thrust itself fiercely onto mine as I jetted into her. Her fingers brushed my cock as she frigged herself to a second climax. Uli had pushed herself back onto my tongue, and their bodies slumped against each other as our triple orgasm held us in a timeless moment.

When we were still I pushed gently at Uli's buttocks. She gave a little mew of protest and lifted herself a fraction. I spoke round her clinging wet folds. 'Uli, love, you'll have to get off me. I'm used to breathing every five minutes or so'. She straightened up and heaved her body back, looking down at me anxiously.

'Luke, I'm sorry, are you alright?'

'I'm fucking wonderful but I need air. Your lips were trying to suffocate me for a moment there'. She slid off me, leaving a trail of musky syrup over my cheek, and Trudi leaned forward onto my chest. My softening tool twitched inside her and her vaginal muscles gave me a last tired squeeze. I pulled her a little way up my chest, feeling myself slip out of her and suckled gently at her breasts; there was a full set of toothmarks round one areola and I winced in sympathy.

'Kneel over me, sweetheart, and I'll clean you up a little. She shuffled forward and I lapped her sodden cunt gently, drawing my seed out of her. I felt Uli's lips caressing my flaccid prick, her tongue laving it, her lips gathering the dribbles of cum that had forced their way out between Trudi's and my bodies. She crawled back up the bed and our mouths met in a three way cum filled kiss. Then she pushed Trudi off me and lay down, and both girls curled themselves into the crooks of my arms. I held them close and hoped my nose wouldn't start itching. I think I slept for a few minutes, then I roused them and led them to the bathroom. We showered, soaping each others' bodies gently, and as we rinsed under the warm spray, Trudi reached up and stroked my face.

'Over the top again. Sorry'. I squeezed her ass gently.

'Not to worry, sweetheart, but you'd better spend a little time talking to Uli about rough and why you like it'. I reached out and touched the angry toothmarks that circled her nipple and she flinched. Uli gasped.

'God, was that me?' she wailed. 'It must have been when Luke started sucking my clit. Trudi, I'm sorry, it looks so painful...' Trudi smiled.

'At the time it was what I wanted. Luke's right. There's a twisted part of me that likes it a bit too hard. It used to be there the whole time but he's shown me how to keep it under control. Olga's helped too. We'll talk about it'. The intensity of the previous hour had affected all of us. They dressed tiredly and kissed me goodnight like two sleepy children, and I heard their footsteps receding slowly down the corridor.

* * * * * * * * * * * Frau Fischer's new social secretary turned out to be a willowy young man called Klaus. He was polite and charming, with a streak of cynicism, and I knew the minute I met him that he was gayer than springtime. We eyed each other warily for a day or two as he explored the household, and then decided that we didn't threaten each other in the least and could afford to relax. He was on the premises three mornings a week, immaculately dressed and smelling gently of cologne, and I fell into the habit of taking coffee with him and Trudi in the kitchen.

Trudi herself was turning into a professional before my eyes. The household ran as smoothly as it ever had under the iron hand of Frau Kurtz, and she had slipped into her new role and assumed authority without feeling the need to be authoritarian. She was entranced by Klaus, and set about satisfying her curiosity from day one.

'Are you really gay?' she'd asked him out of the blue. 'I mean, I know you are, because Luke told me, but to me it's not obvious. I think you're a slim hunk, if that's possible'. Klaus smiled.

'I'm so gay that I couldn't even find my way back into the closet. The only problem will be jealousy'. Trudi looked confused.


'We're fishing in the same pool. You don't have to worry though. I'm having a lovely time at the moment with a Greek diplomat who thinks I'm wonderful'. Trudi smothered a smile.

'Are you good at advising people about clothes and make up and stuff, and maybe a massage when they're feeling tense?' Klaus beamed.

'That's me. Whenever you say'. I leaned back and smiled to myself. Angela had chosen better than she knew. I resolved to have a word with Karl to make sure that he was up to speed on Klaus.

* * * * * * * * * * * Spring strengthened and blossom began to appear on the trees in the garden of the house. Angela's social whirl continued, but now she was escorted by Klaus, and her life became more regular. Trudi and cook cooperated happily, and I accelerated the pace of Ulrika's and Karl's classes as the date of their exams approached. They were both focused on getting good results. Ulrika had applied and been accepted for a design college in Munich, and Karl was anxious to take a year off, follow the ski circuit, and maybe break into it. I concentrated on helping them to attain their goals and didn't notice very much else. On the last day of the month Klaus knocked on my door.

'An invitation for you, Luke. You're to present yourself in Room 317 of the Hotel Imperial at nine this evening, and a refusal will not be tolerated'. I'm required to convey your acceptance immediately. Dress casual, bring your penknife'. He looked at me quizzically. 'I didn't know you were servicing our employer as well as her daughter and housekeeper and God knows who else. Do they all know about each other?' I wondered what to say and decided that the truth would do.

'I'm surprised she trusts you so much so quickly. You must have hidden depths. Gentle body rubs and pretend pillow talk, maybe? Has she suggested you meet her husband?' He shrugged, and I went on. 'She probably knows about Trudi and I've told her that I won't fuck Ulrika while she's my student. I don't think either of them knows about her and it's probably better it stays that way. Angela doesn't care as long as her life is fun filled and trouble free and the girls don't need the extra distractions. They know about a couple of other women but they don't seem to mind'.

'That's what I thought. Trudi's told me a bit about you. You've got a useful talent there. If you ever fancy the other side of the road tell me first'. I smiled at him.

'Probably not. I wavered a bit when I was much younger but I could never get too interested. Women engage me and guys don't. But thanks for the offer'. He sighed.

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