tagMind ControlAll Things to All People Ch. 04

All Things to All People Ch. 04


Street Walker

What has gone on before

When graduate student Cynthia Halverston was poisoned by a compound she was working on, it turned her into a willing vessel for any man's sexual fantasies. Her sense of smell has been magnified while her sense of self has been weakened so much that her mind, in a desperate bid for survival, adopts what men around her secretly desire as it's sense of purpose. Only strong scents such pine cleaner or eucalyptus can keep her from detecting the desires of the men. Before she and her friend, Dave, can start to look for a cure, she is kidnapped by meth dealers and poisoned yet again by the fumes from the meth cooking process. By the time the poisons have interacted, the degradation of her sense of self has stopped, but her memories have been shot, leaving her unable to return to the campus. Killing one of the dealers, she escaped their house and managed to find refuge in a woman's shelter. On the third day in the shelter, an abusive husband caught her nose and she willingly went out to be beaten, saved only by the prompt arrival of the police. Leaving the shelter, she started working as a prostitute, the only way she could find to survive her affliction. With the assistance of Gloria, a seasoned pro, she was able to establish a tentative semi-communication between her rational side and her sex obsessed side. Now she plies the streets, becoming what each man she meets wants in a woman, for a price...


It was four in the afternoon when Cynthia woke up. As she had been doing each morning since leaving the meth house, she searched her memory for anything new. She had written everything she could remember the previous night in a spiral notebook she had purchased at 7-11 last night. A smile creased her face as she recognized a new memory. She was a college student, with a specialty in chemistry and biology. She added the information to the section titled 'past' and that she had remembered it to the section she titled 'present'.

She took stock of her resources. After 7-11, she had $197 to her name. She thought about hiding $100 to cover next week's rent, but wasn't sure it would be safe. She would have to ask Gloria about money matters. She wanted to get some real food into the motel. She knew she could not live indefinitely on 7-11 fast food and microwave chili. Dressing in conservative clothes, she pocketed her cash and cough drops and ventured out.

The nearest store was a mom and pop grocery three blocks from her place. She realized that she had to have some basic living memories, because she was sure that the prices were a bit steep. Traveling far from her room was not high on her list of priorities, so she sucked it up and paid the higher prices. She didn't get a second look as she wandered about, picking up basic foods. Dry cereal, 2% milk, bread, lunchmeat and cheese, microwavable pot pies, and a couple of TV dinners. On a whim, she picked up a first aid kit with ammonia capsules. Add some more cough drops and some pop, and she was set.

$65 and three plastic bags later, she was back on her way towards her room. Once there, she fixed herself a couple of pot pies and had a basic dinner. Then she hit the shower and dressed in one of her come hither outfits, advertising her charms. Recording her intentions in her notebook, this time under the section she called 'plans', she left the motel shortly after 6:30, popping another cough drop.

She was amazed at the difference a simple change of clothes made in how she was perceived. The people who didn't give her a second look before, eyed her with lust as she walked the twelve blocks to Gloria's corner. From a block away, she saw Gloria get into a car with someone and drive off. She walked up and stood at the corner, trying to adopt a provocative pose. A mental nudge came, and she adjusted her stance a little. "It seems sex kitten and I are connecting, at least a little. I hope she remembers to take her cough drops."

The street was busy, many of the cars slowing as they passed the women standing on the corners. It took about 20 minutes, but a car stopped beside her and a man in the passenger seat rolled the window down, another driving looking on.

"Hi there gorgeous. You looking for some company?" he asked.

Cynthia answered with a question of her own, "That depends. Just what kind of company were you planning on being?"

"The financially advantageous kind."

"In that case, I'm really lonely right now. What are you boys interested in tonight?" Cynthia was trying to ad lib the sort of repartee that Gloria used to weed out cops trying to nail her for soliciting.

"How about a little tag team action? You between us, everyone enjoying themselves?"

"Sounds like fun. Are we taking about front and back or end to end?"

"End to end. What kind of effort are we looking at?"

She swallowed the last of the cough drop and inhaled, trying to get a sense of what they really wanted. Sex kitten was knocking at the back of her mind, but she held off enough to recall what her mentor had told her. "For two at once, sounds like $300, up front."

The aromas were there, but rational Cynthia could not access what they meant. Knowing she had no choice but to trust kitten, she backed out and watched the rest from inside her skull. Her demeanor changed as the wanton slut inside surfaced and cooed at the men, just in time to hear the response. "Sounds like a deal. Do you have protection?"

"Oh yes, I have protection. Of course, you can have it bare for an extra $300, it you wish." Sex Kitten could smell the desire for avoiding rubbers on the air. Kitten would not normally make them pay extra for that, but the other Cynthia and Gloria wouldn't be happy and might not let her out to play if she didn't. Inside, Cynthia was a little frustrated, since Gloria had said that she always charged 3 to 5 times extra for bare sex. It wasn't important enough to fret, though, and she wasn't sure she could do anything about it anyway.

"What do you think? Is it worth it?" the passenger asked the driver. Cynthia formed her mouth into a big 'O' and sucked her lips in like she was giving someone head.

The driver nodded his head, "Yeah, I think so." Speaking to Cynthia, he said, "But it had better be worth it. For $600, I expect the fuck of a life time."

"Boys, I will give you a fantasy fuck for that kind of money."

"Hop on in. We have a room we can go to."

Cynthia climbed in the back and sat, her legs spread wide. The men took advantage of her posture and previewed the scenes of coming attractions. Inside, rational thinker projected, "Money up front." Sex kitten pouted, but said, "I hate to be a downer boys, but we do need to get the financial part out of the way first. It's so much sexier if we don't have to worry about it once we get there."

"Sure thing, doll. Here you go." He handed over 6 hundreds that Cynthia promptly put into her purse. The drive was not long, about 15 minutes, and they arrived at one of the less expensive national chains. They escorted her up to the fourth floor, fondling her as they went. Several people stared at the shenanigans with disgust, but no one said anything. Cynthia had to giggle as she realized that the men who acted disgusted were for the most part wanting things even more perverted than her two men. Inside, Cynthia was aware of the danger. Man scent was everywhere and if kitten ventured out of the room unprotected, there was no telling what she would do.

Once inside room 412, the men went to fondling Cynthia with more vigor. Kitten embraced the driver, kissing him full on the lips, allowing his tongue to penetrate her lips. She moaned into him as the other man unzipped her mini-skirt and pulled it down, revealing her thong. The man she was kissing interrupted it just long enough to get the t-shirt over her head and onto the floor, her naked breasts spilling out into the open. As the second pulled her thong down, he soaked his hand in her juices, "Damn, Marty, she's hot to trot. Her panties are soaked."

Cynthia moaned as they fondled her breasts and pussy, "Of course I am. How could I not be with a stud in front of me and a stud in back of me." She slowly pushed them back towards the bed, catching the guy in front at his knees, dropping him down onto the bed. She knelt between his legs, grasping his cock and licking at the head. The already hard penis throbbed at her touch. She squeezed the base hard, interrupting a too soon climax. "Not yet. I haven't had a chance to really play with you. Give me a chance to drive you wild."

"Uhhhg!" he cried, "God damn, suck my cock, suck in all the way down."

"Not yet. You're too excited. Now you just stay like this for a few and Cynthia will show you just what a blow job should do. Now no fair jacking off, you hear?"

She turned away from the moaning man she took the partially erect second cock into her mouth and slowly sucked on it like an all day sucker. She could tell that this one was going to go the distance with style, his cock slowly hardening. He grasped her head, holding her close to his crotch. His cock buried itself into her throat just as a hand from behind her groped her pussy. She jerked at the sudden intrusion of three fingers into her cunt, reaching in and wiggling against her pussy walls. She let her moans stimulate the cock in her mouth, coaxing some precum that she greedily swallowed.

"Dan, pull out for a minute." The cock left her mouth, to her frustrated moans. "Here, suck on this bitch." A hand appeared before her, soaked in her juices. She sucked each finger in, savoring her own juices as they were fed to her. When that hand was done, the other guy brought his hand up from her snatch, feeding her some more. She devoured all they fed her, like a woman dying of thirst being given life giving water, cool and crisp.

"Marty, she's not a whore, she's a slut that gets paid. Look at her. She loves this."

Marty scooted farther back on the bed, calling to her, "Come and get it little slut. Daddy has a treat for you."

Cynthia climbed up onto the bed, her hips at the edge as she took his cock back into her mouth. The other pulled up behind her and thrust his dick into her sloppy pussy. As his rock hard member pounded into her over and over again, she languished special care on the cock in her mouth. She could tell that this guy really wanted to last a long time, so she took things slow and light, barely stimulating him. When his hands came up to hold her head in place, she reached up and held them back. They didn't fight and flopped down at his sides.

She could feel his cock start to throb and she pulled off of him and squeezed again. "Oh God, what are you doing?"

"It's not time yet. How will I feel both of you cum in me together if you shoot right now." The throbs in his cock stopped and she took him back in and began the process again. The man in her cunt was not having the same problem. He pounded into her repeatedly, not getting any closer to climax. Sensing his need, Cynthia backed her hips back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust, adding a little twist to heighten his pleasure.

The two men's groans were growing in urgency and Cynthia was beginning to get lost in the pleasing. Their cries of pleasure were turning her on in and of themselves. Her body was flushed with excitement, her nipples, erect as their cocks, were dragging across the sheets, the friction sending her even higher. Every time she pulled up to thrust her hips back, her clit slammed against the edge of the bed.

Still, the only thing Sex Kitten could concentrate on was their needs. Her mind enslaved to the desires of her johns, she focused on them, driving them higher and higher, wilder and wilder, her own arousal merely a side effect of the pleasure she was giving. As the cries from behind her reached a growling crescendo, she released her hold on the base of the cock in her mouth, letting him have free reign on his reactions.

The dick in her pussy slammed in once more and released, hot sperm pouring into her. That set her orgasm off and she moaned uncontrollably around the cock in her mouth. This drove him over the edge and he too started cumming. His first jet went into her mouth, but her own orgasm caused her to pull up and the rest splattered against her face and her hair. All three were locked in their own personal orgasmic throes for several seconds, before they crested and began to come back down.

Cynthia collapsed to her knees, breathing deeply, wiping the cum off of her face and licking it off of her fingers. She had the sense that she needed to do something now, but could not remember what. Savoring the taste, she started thinking about the other men she had passed, all in need of their secret desires being fulfilled. The smell of the cum on her face was too strong and rational Cynthia could not make contact clear enough to get the message through.

The man she had blown looked down at her and said, "It you want to get the taste out of your mouth, there's mouthwash in the bathroom."

Then it hit her, cough drop. She was supposed to take a cough drop. "Gloria would be so mad if I forgot." She thought to herself. Crawling over to her purse, she pulled on out and sucked on it. As the eucalyptus filled her sinuses, kitten sank back inside and Cynthia was back. She gathered her clothes and purse and retreated to the bathroom.

Remembering Gloria's advice, she douched herself and washed her face and hair out. As she was putting her clothes back on, one of the men called through the door, "Doll, you were great. We have to go. The room's paid for the night if you want to stay."

As she heard the outer door slam, she muttered to herself, "Fuckers! Just how am I supposed to get back to my corner? God I hope there's a cab downstairs." Fixing her makeup, she exited the room and went down stairs, popping another cough drop.

As she reached the first floor, she was interrupted on her trip to the front door by an official looking gentleman. "Hold up there a minute, young lady. This is not some dive where you can ply your trade and get away with it. We don't want your kind here."

Still angry at being stranded, Cynthia retorted, "Then perhaps you should not rent rooms to people who are only looking to hire me."

He stuck his hand in her chest and leaned in to whisper, "Listen up bitch! This will go one of two ways. You can wait for the cops and your night will end right here and now, or you can come with me and I can explain just how we do things here. Which will it be?"

Cynthia sighed. She could not very well get picked up by the cops with no idea who she was. She wondered if this was a common occurrence. "Well if you just wanted a piece of the action, why didn't you say so. Lead on."

The man led her to the manager's office (now there's a big surprise) and sat down in the chair behind the desk. The blinds were pulled, granting a measure of privacy. "Sit on me and get me off." He ordered.

Thinking, "There's no way he's getting Kitten's expertise. God only knows what he really wants." Cynthia kept her cough drop in place and dropped her skirt and thong. Taking a condom, she stretched it over his cock and sat her pussy over it. Using her legs, she went up and down on it, pumping him mechanically until he came in the rubber five minutes later.

Pulling her clothes back on, she smiled at him and lied, "I'm glad we were able to do business together. You have a nice day." She left, neglecting to close the office door, exposing him to his staff behind the counter.

One young man rushed to open the door for her and whispered, "If you take the service elevator, you can exit on the side and avoid Mr. Caruthers."

Looking at his mane tag, she thanked him, "That's very sweet of you Jim. I'll remember that." Leaning into him, she planted a long slow kiss on his lips, letting him take his time pulling away. "I'm working 37th and axel. If you want, come by and I'll give you a break. We don't get many sweet ones."

"I got a girl, we're getting married soon."

"Then I won't look for you. Don't mess it up, stay faithful to her."

Thanking her lucky stars, she managed to get a cab that was just dropping someone off at the motel. $20 later, she was at the corner, Gloria waiting for her.

"Hey girl. How's tricks?" she joked, her laugh sounding loud in the dark.

"I pulled a double, bare. This is your half." She answered, handing over three hundred.

"Okay, girl, how does a bare double only rate $600?"

"Kitten would only charge them double normal, not triple or more. I think she likes it bare and doesn't want to scare them away from it. Plus I had to give one away. He hotel manager was going to call the cops."

"Short bald fucker, cums in five minutes or less?"

"Yep, that's him."

"Cost of doing business, I'm afraid."

"I didn't let Kitten near him. Used a rubber and jacked him off with my pussy."

"Good girl. You know, word gets around that you're giving cheap bare backs, you'll not have any problem getting johns. Your problem'll be too many. Now, $300 is a good night, you cold call it quits and be ahead now. What do you think?"

"Are there nights where nothing happens?"

"Girl, they are the pits. Cold, sore feet and no money. Too many of them in a row and you be sleepin in a box in some alley."

"In that case, I'll stay out a bit. Plus I've got some questions, if you don't mind."

"That's part of what you be payin me half for. Ask up."

"How do you keep your money safe? I didn't think leaving it in my room was such a hot idea."

"You ain't heard of no banks girl? Just how bad is your memory?"

"I know about banks, but you need ID to get an account. I can't even remember my last name, let alone have ID."

"In that case, we need to take you to see Murphy. He's an artist of sorts. By the time he's done, you'll have no problem getting a bank account. In fact, we're up tonight, let's go see him now. You good with that?"

"Yeah. Carrying this much cash all the time is scary"

"You said it girl!"

They walked to a bus stop and rode the bus for about three miles, getting off in front of a photo studio. This pat of town was different and they drew stares, not very nice stares. During the ride, Cynthia had the feeling that she should be bothered about something but could not place what. It seemed strange to her that she should have been worried about the police more than having a fuck extorted out of her. She wanted to ask Gloria, hesitating only because it had the feel of a 'stupid question.'

Inside, the shop looked clean and nice. The receptionist, dressed almost as slutty as the two hookers, looked up. "Welcome to Dutch's Photography. If you can see it, we can picture it. How can we help you?"

"We need one of Dutch's specialty shoots. And we're kind of in a rush."

"Just a minute, I'll get him."

While she was gone, Gloria whispered, "This will cost you some. And Dutch, he don' take no trade, if you get my drift. And don' try to haggle. He knows we be over a barrel and won't budge, except maybe up."

The receptionist returned, followed by a young lady in a robe and a elderly man with thinning hair. He was talking to the girl, "Now come back Friday at the same time, and we'll finish the shoot. You think you'll be up for it?"

"Yeah," she answered, "you just caught me by surprise. I won't let you down."

"Good! Good! If you can do all five scenes, there'll be a bonus." Getting closer he noticed who was here, "Gloria, you old whore, how you doing?"

"Dutch, you dirty old man! You still shootin for the pornos?"

"It pays the bills. What are you doing here, and who is your lovely partner?"

"Dutch, this is Cynthia. Last name unknown. She's been forced to enter the world's oldest profession and needs a portfolio, if you will. You know, the kind with 1 by 2's."

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