Allen & Ashlyn: New Years Eve


As I hung the dress in my closet when we got home, I had decided that the only thing I would be wearing under it would be a black thong and hoped I would turn my daddy on more than before - how could he resist? I smiled and walked downstairs for dinner.

(Allen) As the days following Christmas passed by I thought things were beginning to get back to normal between Ashlyn and I. She began acting as though nothing ever happened on Christmas Eve. Ashlyn went about her business and I went about mine. I must confess though that I still replayed the events of Christmas Eve over and over in my mind.

New Years Eve was finally upon us. As I took my shower in the morning I wondered what the Henderson's party would be like that evening. I heard Ashlyn pounding on the bathroom door as I showered. "Daddy can I pee while you are in the shower"? "Sure baby, just don't flush" I replied.

As I heard Ashlyn come into the bathroom I heard the toilet seat hit the bowel and then I heard her piss hitting the water below. What ever it was about that caused my cock to rise faster then it ever had before. I couldn't believe how hard I had become without even touching myself. I guess the thought of my daughter's naked pussy about three feet away was enough to cause a stirring in my loins. Suddenly she was done pissing and she smacked the fogged up shower door with her hand as she said "I'm done daddy."

After I showered I went down stairs and Ashlyn was in her sweats eating breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised to see a bowel of cereal waiting for me. We ate breakfast together. There was just something about my daughter that turned me on especially in the mornings before she gets all cleaned up. As I sat across from her I had to contain myself or at least try to.

I couldn't wait to go to the party and the hours seemed to go by ever so slowly. I was finding odd projects to work on to try to pass the time. Ashlyn seemed to lay around watching television all day. The more I watched the clock the slower the day seemed to go by.

Finally I told Ashlyn that it was time to get ready for the party. I told her that since it took her longer to get ready that she should hit the shower first so she had time to do her hair. She looked at me with those sexy eyes as a daughter should not look at her father with and then rolled off of the couch. As she walked out of the den I couldn't help but to look at her sexy ass as it wiggled. It was as if her ass was calling my name. I had to be strong, I had to resist. I had to be her father.

(Ashlyn) As time grew closer to the Henderson's party, I got more and more excited. I knew daddy had to love my dress and my shoes and I hoped that he would be so proud to escort me to the party. Catherine and I had gone shopping the day before the party in order to pick out the best pair of thongs and a few other accessories.

My thong was completely see through, made of tulle and a little elastic.

Each night, I went to bed thinking of daddy and how I wanted to retreat to his room instead of mine but he had dropped the subject, so I figured I better not bring it up until the time was right.

The morning before the party, I began my plan. As daddy showered, I knocked on the door and he allowed me to come in to take a pee. I was hoping that this would make him think of me as I sat there naked on the latrine.

All I wanted to do today was relax and be mellow because I felt I would need my energy for later. Daddy on the other hand was keeping busy with this, that, and the other.

Finally, the time had come to prepare for the big evening. As I showered, I looked down at my pussy and decided it needed to be shaved again. I lathered my lips with shaving gel. The motions of my fingers touching my clit, excited me. I didn't have to go in between my lips to touch my clit, it stuck out a lil. I took the razor and began sliding it up one side.

Daddy opened the door and said, "Honey, the light in the kitchen blew and well, the bulbs are in that closet, OK if I come in?"

I said, "Sure daddy," and then turned to face the door, my nipples almost touching them and my pussy very close. I kept shaving, hoping he'd peek and notice. I knew he had noticed when I heard a small moan from him. I pressed my hard nipples against the door and kept shaving. God, I hope I was turning him on.

(Allen) As I walked into the bathroom to get the bulb I couldn't help but to notice that Ashlyn had the shower glass all fogged up. I reached into the closet to retrieve the bulb and when I turned around I was treated to the most erotic sight ever. There was my daughter leaning up against the foggy shower glass. Her breasts were pressed against the glass and her aerola's and nipples were visible plain as day.

I couldn't help but to stare fore a moment and it was that moment when I realized what Ashlyn was doing. She was shaving her pussy hair. I could make out her torso moving and I could picture her strokes with her razor.

I went back down stairs and replaced the bulb but I couldn't get my mind off of my naked daughter's body as she shaved her bush. I managed to keep from getting a full erection as I waited for Ashlyn to finish her shower. Finally she yelled down to me that the shower was all mine. I waited for a few moments before walking up the stairs towards my room.

I took my clothes off and threw on my robe. I looked out into the hallway and Ashlyn's door was sealed tight so I walked into the shower. I set the temperature of the water and stepped in. The water felt wonderful as I began to lather up. As I finished I looked down at my semi erect cock and ran my fingers through my own pubic hair. Suddenly my cock began to stiffen. My hands trembled as I reached for my daughter's can of shaving gel. I pushed the button and put some in the palm of my hand. Using my other hand I lathered up my cock and balls.

I reached for my daughter's razor and knew I had to settle my hands down. Carefully I began shaving my pubic hair above my cock. I trimmed it down to just a small V. Next I began to carefully shave my balls. The last thing I wanted to do was to cut myself, so I was very careful. After about fifteen minutes I rinsed off. Looking down I saw my stiff cock along with a pair of smooth balls. I dried off and stepped back into my robe hard cock and all. I dried my hair and walked back to my room.

Again I examined my shaving job in my room. I don't know why I just did what I did but it was done. I pulled on my boxers and began to put on my tux. I finished dressing and went down stairs to wait for my daughter.

(Ashlyn) As daddy showered, I sat at my vanity, wearing my baby blue silk robe. I set the curlers in my half dried hair and then applied my make up. Picking up my make up sponge, I put a little foundation on it and stroked it over my forehead, adding color to my face. As I continued applying the foundation, I began singing to the radio. I had opted for a Frank Sinatra CD to listen to.

I applied my black eyeliner and then took my silver eye shadow, making sure the entire lids of my eyes were covered. I then brushed shimmering gray on the bottom half of the lids and darker on the ends. As I applied my tea berry blush, I noticed the water still running in the shower. Daddy never took this long showering. I wondered what in the world he was doing in there, really wondering if he was jerking his big cock in there. I was tempted to look, but chose not to because then, I may would have wanted to join him. I giggled to my self as Frank sang 'New York, NY'.

I finally finished my make up by applying my micro fine powder and black mascara. Then, I applied warm sugar vanilla scented lotion to my smooth legs. Taking my robe and letting it fall to the floor, I rubbed it all over my body. As I stroked it over my nipples, they became erect instantly. I had no idea how I was gonna make it through the night. Running my hands down to apply the lotion to the smooth lips of my pussy. My complete body was now silky smooth. I stood up and walked over to my closet which had mirrored doors and slid them open. Taking the dress from the hanger, I slid it over my head and closed the door so I could look. I absolutely loved this dress, how it made me look a little older and a lot more sophisticated. I stood back and began taking the hot rods out of my hair, curls cascaded over my shoulders, then taking a clip, I pulled it back, leaving 2 simple curls on each side of my face.

I slid the black thong over my feet, taking a second glance at the burgundy polish on my toes to make sure it hadn't chipped. They were perfect. I slid the thong up over my calf's, my knees, my thighs, until they covered my lips. I finished getting ready by sliding my simple pearl earrings in my ears, clasping my string of pearls around my neck and my pearl necklace.

As I stood there, in front of my vanity, I smiled. Reaching down for the anklet and toe ring that were sitting there, I put them on and then took my shoes from the box, sliding them over my feet.

Two more steps and I would be done. I applied my raspberry lip liner and lipstick and spayed my perfume on the nape of my neck, a little dab on my wrists and a quick squirt in my hair. I took one more glimpse in the mirror to make sure that I was complete and then I headed downstairs to meet my daddy. Sparks of excitement ran through my body as I called down to him, "Are you ready daddy?" Laughing, he said, "Yes sweetheart."

I felt so sexy as I descended the stairs and knew that he would be so proud. One heel in front of the other, I walked seductively down the stairs and as soon as he saw me, I loved the smile on his face.

Walking to him, I smiled, putting my hands to his tie to straighten it. "You know, you look really nice daddy, but you sure can't pick up a chic with a crooked tie!'" I giggled. Then looked up at him and smiled.

(Allen) As I heard Ashlyn's door open upstairs I walked to the base of the stairs. I looked in anticipation for my lovely daughter to appear. Suddenly there she was. She looked so lovely and sexy as she began to slowly descend down the stairs towards me. I lost my breath when I saw her sexy feet encased in what looked like five inch open toe heels. The burgundy nail polish on her toes sparkled along with her sexy toe ring and anklet.

I watched breathlessly as one foot after another walked down the stairs. I saw the black gown she was wearing was slit high on both sides of her sexy legs. As she walked ever so slowly towards me I was able to see her smooth sexy legs all the way to her hips. "My god" I thought to myself as I stared in shock at my sexy daughter. As I looked up into her eyes as she stood in front of me I was mesmerized by her beauty. Her hair was so cute as only two curls hung down in front of her ears. Her make up was magnificent. Ashlyn reached out and straitened my tie and told me that I looked really nice. I coughed to clear my throat and held out my arm to escort my lovely young daughter to our New Years Eve party.

Ashlyn hooked her lovely arm around mine and as I took my first step towards the front door I realized that I had an erection. Carefully I began to walk with my daughter out to the car. I opened her door and let her sit down before closing her door. I walked around and opened my door and sat next to her. I put the car in reverse and backed out of the driveway.

I drove down the road and when I looked over, Ashlyn crossed her legs. Her slit in her gown exposed all of her leg as her one leg was now completely visible. Her leg began to pump up and down lightly and her foot looked totally edible. Ashlyn casually covered her leg back up as if she was teasing me. As we finally pulled up to the Henderson's I had a serious hard on in my pants.

I parked the car and again opened my daughter's door. Reaching down I held out my arm for her and escorted her up the walk to the party.

(Ashlyn) The drive to the party was short but not too short that I couldn't tease my dad a little by exposing my entire leg to him. I knew he was looking.

He parked and came to the other side of the car to help me out. As we walked into the party, I felt so sophisticated and sexy. I had the attention of two of daddy's friends almost instantly. They came up to us and welcomed us. One was Mr. Henderson and the other was Mr. McLauglin, who had lost his wife the previous year from cancer.

After hugging both of them, daddy continued to talk to them and I excused myself to the rest room. On the way, I was stopped by Mrs. Henderson. She had to tell me how elegant I looked and I had to tell her that she did as well. I didn't have to lie. She was 31, about 5'6" 115 lb., blonde long, curly hair, and pretty blue eyes. She said she'd join me to the rest room as we talked. Walking in behind her, I could tell she worked out on a regular basis because her dress was backless and I could see the muscles that she worked. She was wearing a black sequin gown that was pretty short. She hopped up on the vanity as I just stood there. "Ashlyn, gonna go?" she asked. "Yes ma'am." I reached between the slits and slid my thong down and covered the toilet. She lit a cigarette and began talking. "You do look lovely tonight. I just don't know how your daddy keeps his hands off of you." I was in shock. I coughed and said, excuse me." She laughed a little and said, "Ashlyn, look at you and he hasn't dated since your mother left." He is either blind or he has nerves of steel. I finished and wiped. Standing and pulling my thong back up, she jumped from the vanity and walked over to use it as well. But she got really close. Her hand reaching for mine as I finished pulling the thong over my bare lips. Touching me, she smiled, "And you even shave. If he only knew." I was still in shock but when she touched me, I moaned a little.

She leaned into me and kissed my cheek that had turned a little red from her words and actions. "I didn't mean to embarrass you sweet Ashlyn, it's just that you are so beautiful." I smiled, "Thank you Mrs.. Henderson." She laughed and said, "Honey, please call me Catherine."


After she used the rest room, we washed our hands and walked back out the party, to the bar. Catherine requested another martini for herself and a glass of champagne for me. "Come Ashlyn, I will introduce you to a few people." Following her, I was sure to keep a smile on my face. Glancing back to daddy, I noticed him talking to a few men and he glanced back, winking at me.

Catherine walked over to a group of five men who were talking about their stocks and bonds and said, "Excuse me fellows, hate to interrupt your talk about money, but I'd like you all to meet, Ashlyn, Allen Grasner's daughter."

They all smiled and held out their hands at the same time. Catherine laughed and said, "Easy boys, one at a time." I shook each of their hands and told them it was nice to meet them. Then Catherine told me who they were. The first was Charles, an older investment banker. Next was Stephen, a state congressman, really cute. Don was a retired Army general, Kyle was head of the Chamber of Commerce and the last one I was really intrigued with. His name was Cole and he was the new Chief of Police of our home town. He was one of the few African Americans at the party. His eyes were so beautiful, almost gray. Catherine could tell I was happy to meet him. She smiled and said, "Cole, I think you should know that Ashlyn is interested in law enforcement." He smiled and said, "Really?" I smiled and said, "Yes sir. I am double majoring in school right now. Forensic Science and Psychology." He said, "You must be a real smart cookie." Catherine brushed my arm and excused us.

I was kinda mad at her for doing that, I mean, couldn't she see I was trying to network there. As we moved away from them, she whispered, "I know what you were doing and it's good. Let him think about you for a while and then, go back." I looked at her and said, "What are you talking about, Catherine?" She said, "It was obvious you were attracted to each other, just slow down." I smiled and said, "Yes, he was attractive, but I was trying to network." She laughed and said, "Oh damn, I am sorry. I have never been one for that, I guess because Bryan does it. Listen, I am going to begin the dancing. Cole will ask you to dance. Dance with him, network there."

As people began to dance, sure enough, Cole came up to me and smiled, "Excuse me, Ashlyn, right?" I smiled, "Yes sir, Ashlyn." He laughed and said, "Are you gonna call me sir all night or can you call me Cole and dance with me?" I glanced over at daddy and he was into his discussion. Looking back to Cole, I said, "I'd love to." He led me to the dance floor and held me close as our bodies began to sway together.

"So, you like school?" I told him that I did but hated it was so far away. He agreed and said, "I bet you have a few boyfriends to keep you entertained." I said, "Actually, no sir, I don't. I am really trying hard to stay focused. Double majoring is not too easy." He smiled and agreed, "I am sure it isn't. Why did you go so far?" I explained the scholarship was to that school and he made me an offer. "What if I can get you a scholarship to the state university here? Actually, it isn't a scholarship though. It is a work/education program." I asked him to explain a little more. "You see Ashlyn, we are funded by city, state, and federal funds. I can apply for grants when I see fit. Say for instance, I see the need for hiring another officer, buying a new car, or just need to replace some equipment, if it isn't in our budget or if it exceeds the budget, I apply and usually get the funding I need. Here's my idea. You work for the department for 20 hours a week, go to school for 15-20 and you get an education and work experience at the same time." I looked at him in awe and said, "That sounds wonderful Cole, but why would you do that for me?" He smiled and said, "I see potential here."

"I explained to him that I would have to talk to my father and he said he understood that. The music turned into a slow song and he pulled me closer.

Scoping the room, I didn't see daddy at all. I leaned into Cole and placed my head on his shoulder. He whispered into my ear, "You smell very nice, Ashlyn." I whispered back, "Thank you Cole, so do you."

The music finally stopped and he released his hold on me. I smiled, thanked him and told him that I would talk to daddy, but I knew I would have to go to the other school the next semester because it was paid for. He then thanked me for the dance and told me that whenever I was ready, he would apply.

I finally found daddy, walking over to him, smiling. I began to tell him that I met the Chief and that I needed to talk to him about an offer. He began to ask me what offer when Bryan announced it was time for dinner. We all moved into the formal dining room that looked like it could seat 75 - 100 people.

I sat between daddy and Catherine and ate a delicious dinner of salad, chicken, beans, and potatoes. I excused myself between the entree and dessert to use the rest room, the 4 glasses of champagne were getting to me. While in the rest room, I slid off my thong and kept them off. Returning to the table, I conspicuously slid my hand to daddy's, placing my thong between his fingers. He looked at me wide eyed and all I could do was smile. He knew all his little girl was wearing was the dress that covered her body and the shoes on her feet.

(Allen) Once we were in the mansion Ashlyn and I immediately became separated. I saw Mrs.. Henderson talking to Ashlyn as I began talking to Mr. Henderson and a few other banker investors. The whole time I talked with the guys I couldn't take my eyes off of my sexy daughter. I watched as Mrs. Henderson introduced her to various people at the party.

I tried to make my way to my daughter as I excused myself from the guys. As I walked towards her I was stopped by several other friends. It seemed like I was never going to spend any time with my daughter. I began talking to my insurance agent when I glanced over at Ashlyn again. She was talking to a group of five men with Mrs. Henderson. The waitress walked by and I picked up a glass of champagne and downed it quickly.

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