Allen & Ashlyn: Winter Break-Christmas


(Ashlyn) As I entered the terminal, and saw him, I walked quickly to him but I wanted him to notice how I was dressed for him, my tightest blue jeans that one guy had commented on at school, and a low cut sweater under my winter coat.

It was so good to see him. My pussy almost ached for him as we embraced. I knew I should not have had these feelings for my daddy but I couldn't help it. He was the one man that could make me happy at a drop of a hat. I pushed my breasts into him, hoping he could feel how they had grown to a 36D.

It was a bit chilly and my nipples were pushing on the bra but I know he couldn't feel that through the coat. Daddy leaned down to give me a kiss on the cheek. I quickly turned so his lips could touch mine. God, how that turned me on, as if I weren't already. It felt good to be in his arms and it felt even better to kiss my daddy.

Our embrace lasted a bit longer than usual, I was hoping he was enjoying it as much as I was. As we walked through the terminal, arm in arm, I noticed one man staring at us, probably thinking 'what a trophy'.

As we drove home, I couldn't help but want to reach over and release that big cock of his and begin to lick it and suck it, but I resisted. Instead, I took his hand and played with it as we caught up on what we had been doing for 4 months.

I asked him if he had had any dates and he gave me a look and laughed. He told me there was only room in his life for one girl and that was me, gently squeezing my hand. I on one hand wanted my daddy to be happy, but on the other hand, I was glad he didn't. I would probably be so jealous.

When we got home, I unpacked right away. Looking at my bed, I thought of how tired I was from the trip and thought about lying down but opted to join daddy on the couch. I walked down still clad in my tight jeans and low cut sweater and snuggle by him on the couch.

It was still a bit chilly, so I grabbed the throw blanket and covered us. In no time, I was fast asleep with my head on my daddy's shoulder. It felt so good to be back at home.

(Allen) The following morning Ashlyn announced that she wanted to go do some Christmas shopping and to catch up with some old friends. I tossed her the keys to my second car. Again she looked so sweet and innocent as she walked past me and out the door. I couldn't help but to check out her fine ass and legs as she walked on by.

It was now two days before Christmas Eve. I already had all of Ashlyn's presents wrapped and under the tree, except for one. I bought her a very sexy teddy along with garters and five inch matching heels. I did not wrap this present because I wasn't sure if I really could give something like that to my own daughter. I decided that I would wrap it and keep it hidden in my room just in case. This way it would be ready in case my fantasy really did come true.

I wrapped the package and carefully hid it under my bed. I cleaned up the house and ran a couple of errands. When I returned home Ashlyn was already there and she was wrapping her presents. To my surprise most of them were for me. She carried all the packages and placed them with hers under the tree. I couldn't help but to look at her ass as she bent down to lay the presents down. How I just wanted to walk to her and caress her and take her in my arms and become one with her but I knew I couldn't.

Ashlyn stood up and looked at me and I think she saw me starring at her. Just then the doorbell rang. Ashlyn ran to the door and paid the delivery man for a pizza. "Come on dad lets eat" Ashlyn said as she walked past me and into the kitchen. I followed her like a lost puppy dog and sat down across from her. As we ate we talked about the days events. After we finished eating we decided to get cleaned up and watch television for the rest of the evening.

Ashlyn jumped up and said she was going to take a shower. I cleaned up the mess and waited for my daughter to get out of the shower. As I listened to the shower running I knew that my daughter was just on the other side of this wall and totally naked. I pictured her lathering up her naked body under the running water.

I did something a father should never do to his daughter. Silently I tip toed over to the bathroom door. I was a bit surprised when I found the door cracked open. Thoughts immediately ran through my mind. "Did my daughter leave the door cracked open for me to peek"? I peered into the semi fogged up bathroom and looked into the shower. There she was, behind the semi fogged up clear glass doors. I watched as my daughter lathered up her body. I could see her breasts through the fogged glass. I watched as her hand slowly slid down her stomach and slid down to her pussy. She seemed to rub her pussy for quite a bit and I wondered if she was masturbating.

I knew my answer when I saw Ashlyn throw her head and wet hair back. I couldn't help it but I reached down and pulled my cock out and began to power stroke it. I watched my baby girl's knees buckle slightly and heard a slight gasp come from deep within her. I couldn't believe it that my daughter was cumming and I was watching her do it. Just then I felt that tingling sensation in my balls and couldn't hold back anymore. I held out my hand and began to pump my cream into it, the whole time never taking my eyes off of my daughter as she finished cumming.

Quietly I returned back to the kitchen and washed my hands. Moments later my daughter walked into the kitchen and told me that the bathroom was all mine. I looked at her in that short satin robe with her hair wet. She looked so hot. I walked past her and went to the shower and undressed. I stepped into the hot running water and began to lather up.

(Ashlyn) The next morning I woke up so horny, I just wanted to walk in daddy's room and crawl in the bed with him. I opted to do as I had planned, get up, take a shower and head to the mall with Catherine and Stacy.

We had so much fun shopping for our families Christmas presents. When we were all done, we took our packages out the our cars and then headed back in to 'The Candi Shoppe', a lingerie store. We decided that we would pick out 3 outfits, one for ourselves and one for each other.

As I walked around the store, I noticed a man in the corner of the store staring at me. It made me feel kind of uneasy but I tried to let it escape my mind and concentrate on choosing the various items for my friends and I. We asked the sales associate if it would be possible for us to utilize the bridal dressing room. After hearing what we were up to, she said "Sure, but only if I can look..." she laughed.

We all went in and tried on what we picked for ourselves. I had picked out a cute little nightie that was pink, lace all over it. Catherine said I looked like a little girl. She said "You should wear that and be sucking on a lollie pop". Walking over to me, she held up pig tails on each side of my head. Just holding them, she asked Stacy if I looked like a sweet and innocent little virgin. Stacy laughed and said "yes". Neither one of them were virgins but both knew that I was. Neither picked on me that much, which was good.

Stacy tried on a simple black chemise. Poking her breasts out, Catherine and I could see that Stacy's nipples were hard. Catherine reached over and brushed her hand over one. Stacy just moaned. We all giggled. Then, Catherine tried on her animal print one. It was actually two pieces, a midriff top and a matching thong. Stacy roared at her and then popped Catherine on her bottom. I just knew that anyone in the store could have heard that. Just then, the sales associate came to the door and asked if we were OK, if we needed any help.

Catherine opened the door, as she did, I saw the gentleman looking over. I turned as red as a beet. Catherine invited the sales associate in and closed the door. Catherine put her arms around the big breasted, petite lady and kissed her. The lady didn't fight, she just kissed back. I could not believe what I was seeing.

Catherine broke the kiss and said, "Stacy, Ashlyn, I'd like for you to meet my cousin, Samantha." My jaw almost hit the floor.

Catherine laughed and said, "Ashlyn, are you OK?" I said, "Uh, yeah."

Samantha walked over to Stacy and kissed her cheek and then walked over to me. She wrapped her arms around me and kissed my lips ever so gently. I had never been kissed, even touched by a woman.

Catherine walked over and told me that she and Samantha had been together before and that they had been with Samantha's father too. Hearing this made me just think of my dad and I got so horny. I think the girls could tell, my nipples were beginning to get hard and protrude through the thin silk material.

Catherine began feeling one through the material and Samantha kissed my neck. I noticed Stacy opening the door and the man walking in but my body felt like it was on fire. Samantha reached down and unsnapped the buttons that covered my pussy. Looking up, she smiled at Catherine, saying, "She's already wet."

Catherine covered my lips with hers and pinched both nipples. Then, I felt Samantha's nose at my lips, teasing them.

Looking over to Stacy and the guy, she was on her knees, kissing and licking his hardening cock. He was looking straight at me.

I opened my lips and let Catherine's tongue enter. Samantha kissed my inner thighs and then licked up my slit.

I could not believe what was happening to me. My pussy was dripping, my body was like fireworks. Catherine lowered her mouth to my nipples and covered one. Sucking it into her mouth, teasing it with her teeth. Samantha was wreaking havoc on my pussy, licking it, sucking my clit, and her tongue entered my virgin hole.

Catherine looked down and pulled Samantha's hair, pulling her away from my lips. I was on the brink of cumming on her face.

The man was beside me, then picking me up in his arms and he laid me on the floor of the dressing room.

Stacy and Samantha spread my legs as Catherine got in between, licking it, taking up where her cousin had left off. The guy, straddled my chest and dangled his cock in my face. I opened my mouth and took him in. He began fucking my face as Catherine licked the juices from my lips.

Stacy and Samantha were no longer involved with me but with each other. They formed a 69 beside me. They were moaning so loud, I knew the patrons of the store could hear.

The man reached over and slapped Samantha on the ass hard and she screamed. Then, he pinched my nipples hard and Catherine sucked on my clit. I could feel my body tensing. The man sensed this and whispered, "Cum baby... cum all over that slut's face."

Just then, I let go. Cumming all over Cath's face. My body convulsing. As soon as I came, the guy told Catherine to get in front of him and put her ass in his face and she did.

He took his cock from my mouth and mounted her, placing his cock at the opening to her ass. He slid the head in and she moaned. He looked back to me and said, "Ashlyn, come here you pretty baby and watch as I take her ass." I slide over to them and as soon as I did, he rammed it in her, making her yell.

The other two women were cumming on each other's faces and soon they joined in watching, Samantha, reaching under Catherine, playing with her clit.

Soon, she was cumming and the floor under her was wet from her own juices and we could see the man tense, grunt and he came in her ass. After they settled, I found out that he was Samantha's brother, Catherine's cousin.

Sitting there thinking of my own daddy and how I wanted him to make me a woman. I began to get aroused again but I didn't let on.

Samantha put her clothes back on and left the dressing room, leaving us to do the same. She returned with bags, packing each with our 3 outfits. She had closed the store before joining us.

We all knew we had to get home and I was surprised when I had beat dad home. I wrapped his presents and ordered a pizza. He walked in as I was putting the last piece of tape on his last present.

We ate and then I went to take a shower. I left the door open, just in case daddy wanted to take a peek. As I was in the shower, I couldn't help but to think about what had happened at The Candi Shoppe and what Samantha had told me and how I wished my daddy would have given me his cock.

I began to feel turned on again and I began to touch myself. Soon, I was rubbing my pussy fast, thinking of daddy sliding his cock into me, making me a true woman and loving me. I came fast as I thought about him cumming in me.

I finished taking a shower and wrapped only in a short, white satin robe, I walked back down stairs and daddy went up right away. I don't even think he noticed I was only wearing a robe. I wanted to untie it and let it fall open, but was reluctant to do so.

As I heard the water running over his body, I sneaked upstairs and noticed he too had left the door ajar. God, how I wanted to join him.

(Allen) After I took my shower I dressed down, very casual by wearing only my sweat pants and a sweatshirt. I walked to the living room to join my daughter to watch television. I sat on the opposite end of the couch from her knowing that if I was too close to her that I would become aroused again. As I sat there watching television I couldn't help but to check her out. "My god" I thought as I scanned every inch of my daughter. She sat there wearing a sexy nightie that only came down to mid thigh. Her legs looked so smooth and sexy. I couldn't take my eyes off of the curves of her calf's and the way that they led to her sexy ankles and feet.

Almost nineteen, my daughter was now totally developed. Her breasts pushed her nightie up high. There was a hint of nipple pushing the dainty satin material outward. God how I wanted to lean over and take a breast in my hand and her nipple in my mouth. But she was my daughter. I kept telling myself that these thoughts were all wrong. I kept telling myself that God would punish me if I ever acted on my horny urges. But she was so voluptuous and sexy. Finally a commercial came on. Ashlyn looked over towards me and smiled. "Want a foot rub sweetie" I asked? I couldn't believe I just said what I said and before I could find a way to get out of what I said, my daughter had both of her feet on my lap.

My palms were now a bit sweaty and warm as I slowly reached down and took my daughter's left foot in my hands. I began to lightly rub the bottom of her soft sexy foot. I ran my fingers firmly around her ankle as I admired her sexy painted toes. I began to kneed her flesh more firmly pressing my fingers into the soul of her foot with greater pressure. I placed my hand on her heel and squeezed her heel firmly until she looked at me and smiled letting me know that she enjoyed what I was doing.

She looked back at the television and I concentrated on her foot. I began to lightly caress and stroke each toe. God how I wanted to raise her sexy foot to my face and kiss it. To take her toes one at a time into my mouth and suck on them. Suddenly I realized that I was harboring a full fledged hard on in my sweat pants and Ashlyn's other foot was on the tip of it. "My god" I thought to myself. "Does she feel that" I wondered?

I slowly lowered her foot to my lap and took her other foot into my warm hands. Ashlyn shifted her position enough for me to raise her foot up to a comfortable position to massage it. In doing so her nightie rode up her slightly parted thighs a little higher. Almost gulping, I saw my daughter's buried treasure right before my face. I'm not sure if she knew I could see her panties and I wasn't about to tell her to cover up either. I began to massage and caress her foot, the whole time not taking my eyes off of her panty covered pussy.

While massaging her foot I occasionally would caress her calf muscle up to her knee. God she was so soft as I continued to rub her foot. Again I noticed that her other foot on my lap now had slid onto my raging hard cock. Occasionally her foot would twitch or move and her toes would brush the side of my cock through my sweats. Finally I stopped rubbing her foot and laid it on my lap with the other foot. Looking back to my daughter's panty covered pussy one last time I noticed now that there was a very large wet spot between her legs.

Finally I was able to concentrate on the show which cause my hard on to return to its normal state. The show ended and Ashlyn looked over at me. There was something about her at this moment in time that was different. She looked differently than she did just a few minutes ago. She had this sort of seductive look, a look like she was turned on and wanted to get fucked. Thinking to myself that it was my imagination we began to talk about tomorrow's events. Tomorrow was Christmas Eve and we made our plans to catch an early dinner and to go to Midnight Mass. After Mass we would come home and open our gifts that we bought for each other.

Spinning around on the couch, Ashlyn pushed the remote button for the television off and leaned up and kissed me on the cheek. Her soft tender lips were right against the corner of my mouth. Her lips lingered there for a second and then she thanked me for the super foot rub. She got up off the couch and in doing so her nightie flipped up and I had a perfect view of her panty covered ass for a second. Looking over her shoulder, my daughter said "good night daddy" as she walked down the hall to her bedroom.

I got off of the couch and went to my room. I undressed and when I pulled my underwear down I noticed the large wet spot of pre cum. I laid on my bed and closed my eyes forgetting that my door was still part way open. Thoughts of caressing my daughter's feet filled my mind again. I imagined raising her toes to my mouth and taking them in and sucking gently on them. My cock had risen to flag pole status again and my hand was rapidly pumping it up and down. I imagined that my hand that was pumping myself was actually Ashley's other foot. I imagined her pulling her foot and toes from my mouth. I imagined her lowering her other foot to my cock. I imagined looking down and watching her feet working together in unison as she gave me a wonderful foot job. Just then I felt my body tingle and tense. I grunted my daughter's name as quietly as possible as I began to shoot rope after rope of cum high into the air. Cum landed on my face, chest and abdomen.

I reached for several tissues as I cleaned myself up. I turned out my night light and rolled over making myself comfortable. Finally I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

(Ashlyn) While daddy had been in the shower, I decided to slip out of my robe and into a nightie, a skimpy one, hoping it would turn him on. Then, I comptemplated on wearing panties our not, but chose to do so. Grabbing a pair of pink silk panties, I slid them over my feet and up my legs to cover my shaved pussy and ass.

After doing so, I walked by the bathroom where daddy was still showering and peeked in. He, like I, had left the door ajar. I saw him standing in the shower, washing his hair. I could almost see his cock. How I wanted to walk in, open the door, and take it, suck it, and surrender my virginity to it.

I opted to go down and turn on the television. I laid down on the couch, noticing how short my nightie was, I smiled to myself, although it was conservative to the 3 that Samantha had given me at the store.

Daddy came down wearing sweat pants and a sweat shirt. I didn't think he was wearing any briefs under those pants. He sat down and we began watching TV. Then, he asked me if I wanted a foot rub. I loved foot rubs, so I plopped my feet right on his lap, right by that cock that I wanted so bad.

As daddy rubbed one foot, I slid my foot to his cock and every once in awhile, I would move my foot and moan a little from the massage. I could imagine him taking my foot to his mouth and kissing the bottom and licking and sucking my toes. I tried to concentrate on what was on the television but I couldn't. I was so turned on, I wanted that raging hard on in his pants. I could feel myself getting wet and as daddy took my other foot, I knew he could see the wet spot on my panties.

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