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Allison's Ass


Allison Adams is a very attractive forty year old divorced woman, with long, dark red hair, and a pretty face with green eyes and a fair complexion. She loves having sex, and a special turn-on for her is getting it on at work, where she is being paid for the time she spends receiving carnal pleasure from some of her male coworkers. Of course, the men, at least those she cavorts with, are very much in favor of the idea too, especially because she is such a hotsy.

One day last week, Allison was at the office of the furniture warehouse where she works when she isn't fucking, and was feeling especially horny. She has two teenage daughters who share her apartment, and does not want to set what she thinks would be a bad example, so she never entertains men there or anywhere else, and gets quite needful from time to time. Fortunately for her, and for Jacob Jackson, a tall, young coworker, the office manager was out sick that day, so the mice could play while the cat was away.

Besides being tall, Jake is handsome and athletic and one of Allison's favorite partners for the interludes in the part of the warehouse where old stock is sometimes stored before either donating it or selling it at a big loss. Nobody ever has a legitimate reason for going to the old stock room except to haul away some of the furniture, and that was only done on certain days, so there was no chance of their being interrupted.

"Hi, Jake," she greeted him when he passed by her desk. "Do you want to go with me and check out some of the old stock?"

She smiled up at him when she said that, and the young man smiled back. "Sure. Let's go."

He was fully aware what she meant, and would have known even if Allison hadn't been leaning back in her chair with her large breasts thrusting out in her tight sweater. She got to her feet and the two of them sauntered in the direction of the door leading to the stock room, with Allison carrying her purse, because she had some needed supplies in it. Nobody seeing them, unless they already knew what went on in the old stock room, would have had any way of knowing what they were about to do. As they strolled out of the office, the man and woman were at least four feet apart, and anybody who happened to see them leave would never guess how, in just a few minutes their naked bodies would be plastered tightly together.

Allison has a favorite place for her trysts, a bed with a mattress that is covered by a sheet and sits in a corner of the room. Two dressers with attached mirrors screen the bed from the view of anybody else who might happen to enter while she and a man are using the bed, but so far nobody has intruded on her and her lovers. This includes Jake, who knows about the bed and, once the door to the old stock room was closed they hurried over to that favored place with neither of them speaking. They didn't talk after they had climbed onto the bed either, because their mouths were too busy kissing for them to say anything.

When their lips separated, Allison took hold of the hem of her sweater and raised it, pulling it all the way off and disarranging her hairdo. This was not a problem because, as soon as her bra had joined the sweater on the corner of the bed, she shook her hair back into place, at the same time shaking her breasts, further enticing Jake. He took one of the twin beauties in either hand and started licking one of her nipples.

"Mmmmmm, I love the way you do that," she murmured.

He didn't say anything because, as any man would, he much preferred using his mouth to lick her big, pink nipples rather than talking. Jake felt the first of the nubbins becoming erect and switched his attentions to the other, enjoying this one just as much. For a few minutes, he switched back and forth between Allison's nipples, while she was cooing in pleasure and squirming in front of him. It was fun for both of them, but they knew there was more pleasure to be had farther down on her body.

Allison stood up and unbuttoned her skirt down the side and sat down again so Jake could pull it off her and set it aside. Since they would be going back to work after they finished what they were there to do, he carefully folded it to keep it from getting wrinkled. He took off her shoes too, and she swung around and lay on the bed, with her head on the mattress, smiling at Jake to join her. He took off his shirt and shoes and socks and got back on the bed, kneeling beside her and leaning over to resume licking her nipples.

After a few minutes, Allison said "That's enough there, Jake. Time to go lower."

He has no problem taking directions from her in that way. Jake knows she is far more experienced than he, and she knows what she wants, and he is glad to provide it for her. He started licking his way down Allison's sumptuous body, starting with the channel between her luscious breasts and proceeding down her plump belly. When he reached the waistband of her panties, he stopped, but not for very long. He first licked all along the elastic strip, then stuck his thumbs inside and started to slowly peel her panties down, caressing the flesh he exposed and breathing deeply of the delectable aroma of her pussy. When he had gone far enough, Allison raised her ass from the bed, and he pulled the garment all the way down her legs and off, leaving her naked except for sheer nylon stockings that came to the middle of her thighs.

Those would be left on, because Jake and Allison like the feel of the material against their skin during sex. She raised her legs and let them rest on his shoulders after he ducked under them and moved over to kneel between her thighs and gaze raptly at her wet pussy. Allison keeps herself fit, which is also a good example for her daughters, and her skin is smooth, especially the insides of her thighs, which is where Jake started licking. He cleaned all her fresh juices from above the elastic of her stockings and started to lick slowly upward on her crotch, finding the nectar there to be even more delicious than what he had licked from her legs.

She had been extremely horny that day, so Allison was squirming on the bed as Jake eased his finger into her pussy and started licking her slowly and thoroughly. She loved the sensation of his tongue on her thighs and crotch, and it felt even better when it was caressing its way up one of her soft outer lips. They were especially smooth and responsive that day. Horny and hoping to enjoy some hot sex in the stock room, Allison had shaved her pussy that morning, and her lips were exceptionally sensitive. She enjoyed sex more while cleanly shaven, and knew men enjoyed eating her pussy more when there was no pubic hair in the way.

Jake was certainly enjoying himself as his mouth slowly meandered up one outer lip. The skin there was soft and smooth, reminding him of a warm satin pillow, but vibrant and alive. With the office manager not at work that day, there was no real hurry, and he took his time, enjoying it more and, he knew, giving more pleasure to Allison too. When he reached her Mount of Venus, he kissed her there and smiled at the way her sexy body was reacting. She was writhing on top of the old bed, and he brought his mouth back to below her pink hole, where he feasted on all the fresh juice that had just been produced.

After licking up all the nectar, his tongue started upward on the other outer lip. This one was every bit as delectable, and he enjoyed it just as much, or even more. By the time he was halfway to her mons, Allison was moaning in bliss, and her body had become more active, twisting and turning under his face. Once again, he kissed her mons and, this time, he raised his head to survey the results his ministrations. He liked what he saw. Allison's head was rolling back and forth; her eyes were closed in bliss and her lips were parted in a grimace of pleasure.

If he had asked the lady, she would have said they were terrific. Her eyes were only partially closed and through them she saw his face, with his mouth and chin smeared with what she knew were her juices. She had let herself go completely, and was deriving enormous pleasure from what Jake was doing to her. Her climax was mounting, like a volcano building up under the surface and, when Jake started sucking her clit, Allison knew she would erupt into a monumental orgasm.

That was still a way off, but Jake's tongue was steadily bringing the glorious event closer. She reveled in the feeling of what that clever organ was doing for her so far, and in the way he had sluiced up all her juices, but he had just started on the seam between an outer and inner lip. Pleasure was swirling through her body from both labia, and she knew she was moaning in joy.

"Keep that up, Jake. You're going to really make me cum big time."

He didn't say anything, nor did she want him too. His mouth felt far too good on her pussy for her to want him to do anything so unnecessary as talking. She looked down on the young man's head between her legs, watching as his forehead and eyes came into view. Ripples of exquisite pleasure shot through her body, especially when his tongue delicately stroked her clit, which she knew was so swollen it had probably pushed its way clear of its protective hood. He must not have wanted her to cum just then, though, because his mouth returned to her dripping pink hole, and Allison felt him licking up all her fresh juices.

She was right; Jake did not want her to cum so quickly, because he preferred a woman to be at the peak of her sexual arousal before bringing her to a climax, with either his tongue or his cock. The lady thrashing on the bed in front of him was close, but not quite ready. After relishing all the freshest of the juices from her pussy, his tongue started caressing between the other pair of inner and outer lips. He treated this one as he had the first, licking slowly upward and covering the same area many times over. When he reached the place where the labia were close together, he tilted his head so he could slide his tongue into seam between them and lick them both simultaneously.

The contrast between the labia was truly delightful, with the outer lip being slick and covered with her delicious juices while the inner one was swollen and spongy with her lust. Jake continued taking his time and holding tightly to Allison's thighs, because her whole body was tossing and bucking, while her pussy fucked strongly up into his face.

When he reached the end of that inner lip, he raised his head from what he was doing to gaze on the lovely pussy he had been eating. Her clit had pushed itself completely clear of its protective hood, and her thigh muscles had turned slightly outward, fully presenting her pussy to him. She was at the peak of her arousal, and it was time for Allison's first orgasm of their session in the room full of old furniture.

Before bringing that about, Jake lowered his face slightly and devoured all the fresh nectar that had just been produced. After he had relished every drop, he raised his mouth slightly and engulfed the swollen clit that was waiting for him. While his lips formed a seal, he sucked on the precious morsel and his agile tongue caressed the engorged sides and top.

"Yes! Yes! Oh, god, yes; like that," Allison urged him to continue, while her body began moving even more strenuously under his face.

Jake needed no urging; he kept his arms wrapped around her legs, and he kept his mouth securely clamped over her adorable clit as his tongue fondled the little cutie until, with a loud cry of intense joy, Allison started cumming. Her thighs squeezed his head while her arms flailed the mattress, and her legs swung from side to side, carrying the young man a very willing and happy prisoner. For as long as she was in the throes of cumming, Allison bounced up and down, ramming her pussy against the happy mouth that was pressed so snugly against her.

At her climax, she let out a cry of ecstasy; her back arched and all her muscles spasmed as she jammed her pussy against the mouth that had brought about that splendid event. Her legs released their grip on Jake but remained draped over his shoulders, and he backed off slightly, before moving his face forward to feast on the great wealth of nectar she had just produced. He licked it from her thighs and from her crotch and pussy lips, even sucking the delicious treat from the sweet pink hole that had produced it.

With his repast finished, he backed away, letting her legs fall to the mattress. One of Allison's stockings had slid down below her knee, but the other was still in place. She lay sprawled on the bed, happy but not yet content. Her orgasm had been tremendous, but she needed more, and they both knew what would be happening after she caught her breath. While waiting for that to happen, Jake removed his pants and underwear and looked at the relaxed picture of pleasure that was his partner's face, until she opened her eyes and grinned lewdly at him.

That was great, Jake, like it always is. You know what I want next, and I hope your cock can do as much for me as your mouth."

She picked up her purse from the corner of the mattress where she had left it, opened it and handed him some paper towels and a small, clear plastic bottle of oily liquid. Her preparation would be done by him, so she rolled onto her belly, but looked back over her shoulder to watch what was happening. Jake unscrewed the cap from the bottle and, when he brought it close to her, she reached back and spread her ass cheeks. He reached between them to pry open her rosebud with his fingers, pressed the neck of the bottle against the tiny hole being created and squeezed in a big dollop.

Allison murmured happily when she felt the Aqualube, for that was what the bottle contained, gush into her ass and the adjacent channel. Her sounds were even happier when Jake inserted a middle finger into her and spread the lube evenly all around the inside. As good as everything felt already, she knew her delight with the preparation was minor compared to the tremendous pleasure she would be receiving once the fucking began. She was leery of using artificial methods of birth control, because they were not 100% sure, but there was no chance of pregnancy from anal sex, and she had always reveled in being fucked in her rear pleasure hole just as much as in her pussy.

With her ass ready, Jake coated his stiff cock with more of the Aqualube and reached in again to spread the edges of her cute, pink rosebud. His other hand guided his cock, and he leaned forward between her legs until he felt the head against the adorable puckered hole it would be penetrating. After moving the tip up and down to spread the lubricant better, he centered it and thrust firmly but gently forward, sighing happily when he felt the head wedge between the soft edges of Allison's ass.

His partner expressed her joy too, as she felt a bolt of pleasure throb through her body from the penetration. Half a minute later, another followed as Jake thrust forward and almost two inches of his hard shaft burrowed into her ass. He was in no hurry, and knew anticipation would add to the pleasure he and his friend derived from the fucking, so he waited between strokes of his shaft into her, until his entire cock was where they wanted it, sending strong waves of joy through her whole being. Jake was deriving tremendous pleasure too; her ass was tight and her internal muscles were massaging his cock as well as any pussy ever had.

They lay like that for almost a minute, with his cock buried all the way inside her ass, while she squirmed in bliss under him. Every movement she made increased his pleasure and hers, and the best part of their interlude was yet to come. Using the paper towels from her purse, Jake wiped all the excess lube from his hands and affectionately held onto Allison's shoulders.

"Are you ready for this?" he asked.

"Ready and willing. I really need your big cock in me over and over, so give it to me good, but take your time. Old Huggins isn't here today, so we've got all the time we want."

"Old Huggins" was the absent office manager, despised by Jake and Allison for his fussbudget ways, and they were glad he was not there to interrupt their fun. Slowly, he drew his cock back until just the head was inside the ring of muscles at the opening to Allison's ass. Jake paused there for a few seconds, before plunging his cock all the way back in until he could feel his pubic hair brushing against the soft insides of her cheeks. She moaned from the exquisite pleasure, and his sounds echoed hers.

They fucked like that for long time, with slow deep strokes while Allison's body writhed in bliss on the bed. The Aqualube was working perfectly; there was no friction, just a tight squeezing and releasing of her muscles on Jake's cock and repeated cramming of her ass. It was wonderful, and just what she needed, but she also knew there was a better way, and one that would give her a more powerful orgasm when that glorious moment arrived.

"Let me get up on my knees, Jake," she said.

The young man knew what that meant, and was happy to oblige. He drove his cock all the way into her and, when she started to push against the mattress to raise her upper body, he leaned back slowly and pulled on her hips. When they were ready to resume sharing the intense pleasure they were both feeling, she was on her knees, her back bowed to present her ass as a better target and her face pressed against her forearms. He was kneeling behind her, his cock still fully imbedded, and his hands on Allison's hips to guide her, especially when she started cumming, which he knew would be happening soon.

"Are you ready?" he asked her.

"Yeah, really give it to me now. Good and hard and deep."

Jake started really giving it to her, just the way she wanted. Over and over, he pulled his cock back, paused, and drove it into her ass again. Every time she felt the hard, thick cylinder surging into her, joy radiating from its path, Allison pushed back from her elbows and forearms to meet him, until her soft cheeks were pressed against his thighs and his cock was completely imbedded in her. The blissful moans she uttered were her loudest and most heartfelt yet.

Jake's happy sounds were just as loud and just as sincere. Allison's ass was one of the nicest places his cock had ever been, and her pussy was one of the best places his mouth had ever been. Even the skin of her hips felt good under his hands, soft and smooth and warm and vibrant, and the texture of the one stocking still in place provided a delightful texture against his leg. They were fucking slowly, making the tremendous pleasure last, but he could feel his climax mounting, building like an avalanche before it thunderously cascades down a slope. He knew Allison was getting close to cumming too, from her moans, which had begun ending in whimpers and from the way her body was swaying from side to side as he plunged his cock in and out of her ass.

He was right about Allison being almost ready to climax. She felt her second orgasm of the day building ever since the first penetration of her ass, and it felt to her like a second volcano on the verge of its eruption. As wonderful as Jake's cock felt cramming her ass, she could not cum from that alone. This was not a problem; she knew what to do about it, and she knew the time had arrived.

"I'm ready to cum, Jake. Play with my clit."

Using the hand that had not been used to spread the Aqualube or pry open her ass, he reached around Allison's hip and located her pussy. It was so wet to be almost soggy from the nectar that had been gushing, and he sluiced some of it up with his hand and brought the delicious treat back to mouth. He did this three times, while continuing to plow his cock into her ass, until he had gotten most of her juices, and located her clit. As he expected, the succulent little morsel had pushed its way clear of its protective hood, and he gently pinched the little darling between two folds of her inner lips and started stroking in the same tempo as the thrusts of his cock into her ass.

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