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Alliterative Enhancements

byCal Y. Pygia©

Alliteration--the repetition of the sounds at the beginnings of words or in stressed syllables--is an easy, but effective, way to enhance the quality of one's writing. Its use may go unnoticed, consciously, at times, by those who are more interested in the narrative sweep of a story than in the niceties of its rhetoric, but, on a subconscious level, it's likely to be observed--and appreciated.

A good place to include alliterative enhancements is in the use of adjectives to describe nouns that relate to sexual organs and or adverbs that relate to sexual acts. (Yes, I am aware that some literary pundits decry the use of adjectives and adverbs. However, I maintain that their use is acceptable, even desirable, as long as it's not overdone, for a judicious use of such modifiers can enhance a description, and, should one study the work of any successful, or even great, writer, he or she will see for him- or herself that, the advice of the literary pundits notwithstanding, such an author, in fact, does employ his or her fair share of adjectives and adverbs.)

The use of alliteration can also suggest characterization and narrative themes. For example, "beautiful breasts" may not suggest much beyond loveliness, but "tempting tits" could imply that a nubile young woman is a tease who displays her bosom to entice lovers, perhaps for purposes other than, or in addition to, romance. A temptress emerges from the simple alliterative description of this character's breasts as "tempting tits," as does, perhaps, a story line that involves, as either its protagonist or its antagonist, a seductive siren.

To facilitate the occasional use of alliteration, it might be helpful to create a list of some especially likely alliterative phrases, keeping this list handy when one is writing (and revising) his or her story. To get you started, here's a beginning list. Mostly, it applies to objects, rather than to actions, but a more complete list would also include modifiers that relate to such behaviors as cunnilingus, fellatio, masturbation, and anal or vaginal intercourse. Feel free to use this list, to add to it, to subtract from it, and even to spindle, fold, or mutilate it, as necessary or desirable.


Bare breasts
Beautiful breasts
Big breasts
Bouncing breasts
Bouncy breasts
Buoyant breasts

(Some of the same adjectives can be applied, of course, to "balls," "boobs," "bosom," or "buttocks.")


Tanned tits
Teasing tits
Tempting tits
Tiny tits
Titillating tits


Cleft of her cunt
Cozy cunt


Packed pussy
Patted her pussy
Penetrated pussy
Perfume of her pussy
Perfumed pussy
Petted her pussy
Piece of pussy
Pierced pussy
Pink pussy
Plowed pussy
Plugged pussy
Plunged into her pussy
Poor pussy
Pummeled pussy
Punished pussy


Valued her vagina
Vault of her vagina
Veldt above her vagina
Velvet-soft vagina
View of her vagina
Volume of her vagina


Lapped her labia
Licked her labia
Lips of her labia
Little labia
Load on her labia
Lovely labia
Lubricated labia


Patted his (or her) pubes
Petted (or her) pubes
Perfumed pubes
Pretty pubes


Chocolate cock
Colossal cock
Curved cock


Dark dick
Dense dick
Dick deep
Domed dick
Dreaded dick
Dreamy dick
Drooling dick
Drooped dick
Droopy dick


Padded penis
Palmed his penis
Pampered penis
Pampered his penis
Patted his penis
Petted his penis
Pink penis
Placed his penis
Plump penis
Plunged his penis
Plunging penis
Pulled his penis
Pumped his penis
Pushed his penis
Put his penis

(The same adjectives can be applied to "prick.")


Slick shaft
Shiny shaft
Slim shaft
Slippery shaft
Smooth shaft
Standing shaft
Stiff shaft
Stiff-standing shaft
Swollen shaft

(Some of these adjectives can be applied to "semen" or "sperm," and a few might be applied to "scrotum.")


Big balls
Blue balls
Brimming balls

(Some of the adjectives for "breasts" can also be applied to "balls.")


See the adjectives listed under "Shaft." In addition, these other adjectives may be used for alliterative effect:

Salty semen (or sperm)
Savory semen (or sperm)
Slimy semen (or sperm)
Spurting semen (or sperm)
Squirming sperm
Squirting semen (or sperm)
Syrupy semen (or sperm)


Access to his (or her) anus
Admitted into his (or her) anus
Anointed his 9or her) anus
Aperture of his (or her) anus
Assaulted his (or her) anus
Attacked his (or her) anus
Availed himself (or herself) of his (or her) anus
Avenue of his (or her) anus


Raped rectum
Rammed rectum
Ravished rectum
Reamed rectum
Roomy rectum
Roomier rectum

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