tagGroup SexAlly Ch. 05

Ally Ch. 05


On Friday night, Ally was excited. Lance was taking her to a party. What she didn't know was that she was the entertainment. Ally took a long bath and shaved her lower body with extra care. When she was done, she was hairless below the waist, a picture of smooth tan skin. She spent money on her hair, and a pedicure and manicure.

She chose a black micro-mini skirt, and a white tank top. Except for sandals and jewelry, that was it! She would have to be careful when she sat down. Maybe not too careful she thought wickedly!

Lance picked her up and was very impressed. She really looked perfect. Tan legs that looked long and lean, great tits clearly visible through her thin white cotton tank top. As she slid in the car, he caught a glimpse of her bare cunt before she adjusted her skirt. Lance leaned over and kissed her hard, one hand kneading her left tit. She moaned in his mouth and then pushed him away. "My parents can see us, besides we'll never get there at this rate!" Lance remembered the bet and relented.

Greg's place was his parents' palatial house. There were several cars out front. When they entered, Greg guided them to the movie theater. On the way, he got them beer. Greg couldn't take his eyes off of Ally. She was hot, and hopefully theirs tonight!

Once they were in the theater it was, too dark for her to realize that she was the only female in the house. Lance led Ally to the back of the theater. Greg followed but Lance waved him off. Not yet.

As soon as she sat down Austin turned around from the row in front and handed her a bong. She hadn't adjusted her skirt and inevitably provided Austin with a crotch shot. Austin stared in disbelief. This was going to be a great night! Ally had never smoked pot but wanted to fit in so she took a big hit, then handed it to Lance. As Lance hit the bong, Ally finally noticed the movie. She was shocked to see a stacked young blonde with a tramp stamp and both nipples pierced as well as her clit blowing a huge cock while a second guy lay underneath her lapping at her pussy. What kind of a party was this? Drugs, porn? She turned to Lance and whispered, "I think we should leave."

Lance handed the bong back to Austin and got to work. He pulled Ally close and whispered "Forget the movie" and kissed her. She relaxed a bit. The pot and beer helped as did her horniness.

Lance broke the kiss and took a drink. Ally did the same and saw that the girl in the movie was sitting on the first guy backwards with that huge cock in her ass! The guy had one tit crushed in his grip and his other hand was four fingers deep in her pussy! She looked at the camera with a stunned expression.

Ally knew how she felt. There was something so amazing about being taken, dominated like that. She felt dampness between her legs and her nipples were jutting out like beacons. Lance glanced over at Ally and it was obvious that she was getting into the movie.

Time to keep up the pressure. Lance pulled her to him. She leaned back against him and kept watching the movie. Now another man had joined guy number one and the girl was sucking one cock while the first guy fucked her ass. That was hot! She was so entranced with this scene that she barely noticed Lance sliding his hand under her shirt to grope her. She turned to protest but he cut her off with his tongue.

Unnoticed by Ally many eyes were on them as Lance mauled her. They waited impatiently for their chance to get a piece of her. Until then they split their attention between the screen and the back of the theater.

Lance released her from the embrace so he could finish his beer and let the movie get her worked up. Ally caught her breath and adjusted her shirt. She drank her beer and watched the video. She saw her first double penetration. The first had her on his chest riding his big dick while the other guy was hammering her ass! That can't be real she thought. The powerlessness of the blonde made her shiver. The girl's tits were squeezed against his chest as he sloppily kissed her. What was she feeling at that moment?

While she was distracted by the movie, Lance had pushed her tank up over her tits and her skirt up to give him access and the guys a show. He caressed her tits and teased her slit driving her crazy. She suddenly realized that they were in public and pulled her top down and tried to cover her cunt. Lance merely pulled them back up as soon as she let go.

While they drank and watched Lance roamed over her body, expertly working her nipples and clit with the roughness that made her weak. Ally began stroking the bulge in Lance's jeans. Lance pushed her down to her knees in front of him. She took the hint and freed his dick did as she should. Lance motioned Greg over to them. Greg got to be first since it was his house. Greg looked at the girl on her knees, bare feet, bare legs to the ass, and her top up over her tits. Heaven. Greg moved behind her and flipped her skirt all the way up showing her wet pussy to the room. Ally was concentrating on giving head and didn't notice. Greg began rubbing her legs, kissing her thighs and ass. Ally's eyes flew open when she realized someone was behind her. She was going to be the girl in the video.

Greg was now under her lapping at her pussy just like the guy in the movie. He also had three fingers into her to prepare the way. She was grinding on him and losing her concentration on Lance. Lance compensated by grabbing her hair and face fucking her. He didn't need her attention, just her warm wet hole!

Ally felt both used and excited. Some dude she barely knew was licking her cunt and didn't even ask her permission. What kind of a slut did they take her for? She came quickly. As soon as he felt her shudder with orgasm, Greg knelt behind her. Pushing her legs open wider he rubbed his cock against her cunt to get it lubed up. He pushed in to the hilt in one stroke. She made a muffled sound at the sudden penetration but did nothing. Was he wearing a condom? His 5" cock was average and didn't cause any discomfort. She was expecting to get fucked but shivered at the degradation. Two cocks at once! She felt so full, so taken.

Lance came in her mouth and kept pumping until she swallowed it all. Then she dutifully cleaned him up. He motioned Dre to take his place. He got up and Dre sat down. Ally looked up at him apprehensively. He was stroking the biggest, blackest cock she had ever seen. Before Ally could object, Dre guided her to his cock. His 12" cock was quite a challenge. She did fine since Lance had loosened her up. Dre was in charge anyway. She concentrated on breathing while she adjusted to the throat fucking.

Greg came quickly and Chad moved behind her. Chad had a bit more at 7" but still normal for her. He wasted no time filling her and used her tits as handles for the ride. She was slippery with juices and cum and he wanted more. Taking some cunt sludge on his fingers, he smeared it on her bunghole. The ass play didn't go unnoticed but she had her mouthful. She wasn't in a position to object. She tried to pull up to complain but Dre was not having it. Dre held her in place and gave Chad the thumbs up to do as he pleased. Chad soon had two fingers in her ass all the way and was stretching her open in preparation for his cock. Ally was soon as ready as she would ever get. Stopping to admire her gaping ass and the sight of her sloppy pussy, Chad entered her with a cry of "Take it!" Her grunt of pain was audible in spite of Dre's cock.

Chad started slowly but was balls deep in three strokes. Ally was being treated less gently as the night wore on. Both men unloaded after slamming her from both ends for about 10 minutes.

Lance announced that Ally needed a break and she slumped forward with her head on the empty chair. She didn't bother to cover herself. She really was a sight, red erect nipples, and two gaping holes leaking seed.

Lance asked Greg to get the camcorder and meet him in the bedroom. Ally was going to star in her first gangbang video. Lance pulled Ally to her feet and removed her tank top and miniskirt. Ally complained, "I'm tired, please take me home." Lance said, "This will perk you up"; handing her a beer. She realized that her night of debauchery wasn't over yet. She chugged the beer as Lance led her to the bedroom.

Once there, Lance lay back on the bed and pulled Ally on top of him. She mounted him wearily and commenced grinding. Lance was pulling and twisting her nipples, which got her moving with some enthusiasm. Soon she threw her head back in ecstasy. Lance saw her coming and drew her to his chest to give someone else access to her rear entry.

Greg was running the camcorder but wanted to be first in the double penetration part of the evening. He handed the camera to Chad and moved into position. She didn't notice him until he spat on her raw sphincter. She turned and cried "not there, not both of you at the same time!" Lance pinched both nipples hard and pulled her down with them. She groaned and had to follow his hands. Her groan turned into a shriek when Greg pushed into her ass. She screamed, "Oh fuck," as Greg and Lance began battering her in earnest. She was overwhelmed. Her eyes looked glazed as she tried to get used to this new position. Since they had cum earlier both men lasted 20 minutes or more. Lance came and pushed the sweaty pair off him. Greg pulled out of her ass as she collapsed on the bed. Greg moved up to the top of the bed and shoved his cock into her mouth. There was no fight left in this girl. The camera caught this precious moment for all to see. She accepted the cock without comment and he quickly filled her mouth with cum.

Chad passed the camcorder back to Greg and drug Ally to a chair. He sat down and turned her away from him. Then he guided her down with his cock entering her very sore asshole. Ally was displeased. Things got worse. Dre approached and grabbed her legs under the knees. His enormous dark hands made her legs look tiny. He aimed his dick at her sloppy white pussy. "Please don't" she begged. Dre didn't speak but pushed into the worn out ho. The going was rough for Ally. She thrashed and complained, "You're splitting me in half!" Dre just said, "Slut like you could take twice this," forcing himself farther in for emphasis. Dre and Chad began alternating thrusts. Dre began tweaking her clit to help her relax and get him in all the way. In 5 minutes, both men were in all the way. Ally could barely breathe. She had never taken 12" in her pussy and now she had that plus 7" up the ass. After some time she adjusted and all the stimulation began to work on her. Then she saw the camcorder as Greg moved in for a close-up of the dicks sawing in and out of their whore. "Please, not on camera, not this!" She panicked. If her dad saw her impaled on two dicks (the black one in particular) he would disown her. She was dead meat. Greg said, "Smile for the camera," and the guys stepped up the assault. Lance said "make the slut cum for the camera" Dre rubbed her clit furiously while Chad pinched and slapped her raw titties. Ally soon screamed as she came for the camera and the world.

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