Alone Ch. 02


Alone 2: The Date-

This is a story about a young woman who's past catches up with her to threaten her current career and social standing. She is blackmailed, harassed, and turned into a mere sexual love slave. But finds herself loving it in time.



Lorraine was a bundle of nerves as she sat waiting for the clock to move her to action. She had been occupied with this event all day and it was beginning to wear on her nerves.

She sat wondering what it would be like in that dingy movie room alone. She sipped her wine and proposed being brave about the whole affair but had no faith in her ability to do so.

It really wasn't that horrendous after all; he had left her satisfied if not somewhat sore below. She shivered slightly here with the memory of it and took another drink of her Chablis Blanc.

One thing for sure he had certainly had a profound influence on her lifestyle of late. Sitting here smelling like a bordello Queen, drinking wine like water and the only thing she could think about was fucking the rapist bastard, yes, profound influence indeed.

She had chose a lose fitting black wrap around print dress cut low down the front. She accessorized it with gold dangling hoops for her earrings, and a black and gold choker she picked up when she purchased the perfume. She had a black and red pair of high heels left over from last year that went nicely with the ensemble.

She really didn't know why she made the effort; he probably wouldn't see any of it anyway. She filled her glass and took a long pull of the sweet, warm wine, to fortify her courage. She wore nothing under the dress as he had requested and her nipples were even now straining the fabric around them.

It was time; she threw her cape around her shoulders and headed out for her meeting. She got there in good time and parked close to the entrance and again upon entering found the traffic light.

She paid the fee at the desk and the young woman gave her the key to the door. Lorraine headed for the arcade hallway and found the door easily. Inserting the key she entered and stood without moving to allow her eyes to adjust to the lack of light in her new environment.

She had expected the place to smell like stale sex but it didn't. After her eyes adjusted she found that the place was deserted so she took a seat and waited.

There were two girls on the screen, one with a strap-on she was using on a cute blonde bent over in front of her. There were moans and curses and the whole affair looked rather silly to Lorraine.

She felt a cloth being placed around her eyes and it startled her, she hadn't even noticed his arrival. Once the blindfold was secure she felt his hands rest at her shoulders momentarily, their warmth reassuring.

He moved around quickly and stood directly beside her, his first act was to seek her lips. With the first kiss time froze and the world fell silent for Lorraine. There was nothing but the scent and warmth of this man, who, with a single kiss could bring her heart to joy unspeakable.

She felt his hand at her knees and she surrendered everything to him, he owned her now and she knew it, even if he didn't yet. His tongue slipped into her mouth as his hand began it torturous journey up her leg. She was already beginning to seep down there but didn't care; he made her breathless.

Lorraine broke his kiss and turned his face far enough to allow her teeth to tease his lobe. She licked it lightly first and then bit him then moved on quickly to the side of his neck. Like some hungry vampire she began to suck and bite alternately, as his hand continued its insidious, evil course toward paradise.

When he found her at last he quickened her body and her breath with the black art of his caress then slowly inserted two fingers into her body. She raised her hand to his crotch and finding his erection there squeezed and stoked it lightly. She felt a slight tremor pass through his frame as the deep moan of his appreciation washed over her flesh. The hot mass of his cock bucked wildly beneath her caress encouraging her hand to further boldness.

His lips were more potent then her wine and his kiss more deadly than a sharp knife. He went down on his knees and raised the hem of her dress slightly and inhaled the heady scent between her legs. He began to kiss her knee and she could feel the tip of his tongue lay down a trail of seductive warmth as he moved his mouth upward.

She was thankful the place had wide seats in it as he twisted her body toward him. He continued his way up her leg as her fingers stroked his hair. She was anticipating his arrival with some impatience now, "God he knew how to stir a woman's hunger."

He had her dress up around her waist now and the expensive perfume he had insisted on warmed her nose in the most pleasant way. She braced herself for the impact of his touch remembering how he had affected her last night. She wondered as she waited if anyone else had entered the room yet and might be watching.

Then it happened, the thrill, the warmth, and the avalanche of feelings inside her as his mouth became in that instant the most important part of her existence. She arched in her seat without meaning to and spread her legs as wide as possible for him on reflex.

She was overcome by the warm sensation of his mouth and desperately needed to vent vocally, but she didn't. He was devouring her and she loved it. She felt the fingers of one hand move toward her ass and she pulled at his locks with some urgency.

He left off eating her suddenly and captured her lips again as he maneuvered his own body between her legs for entry. Lorraine felt the hard, hot mass of his organ sliding up the side of her leg as he moved; and her body was quickened with an unbearable ache for the thing.

He continued ravishing her lips as the helmet of his hard cock nudged the swollen lips of her cunt. He placed his hands at her hips and drew her toward him with great force as his cock filled her to capacity.

There was sharp intake of breath by Lorraine as he invaded her sanctuary and claimed her in a most forceful way. She clung to him as she sought to mediate meaningful communication of the pleasure she felt with his lips. He slammed hard against her pelvis as he drove into her and each thrust was heaven for Lorraine.

Her mind could hardly reason with the deep intense pleasure he caused inside her. "Faster she thought" deeper, set me free from this ravenous hunger. He squeezed both her breasts hard as he gave a mighty shove into her body with the full length of his cock and made her scream.

That was Lorraine's first orgasm in the viewing room; she found the heft of his balls and gently massaged them. Then she placed her long sharp nails against the underside of his cock so that when he drove in she could lightly scrape the underside with those deadly talons of hers.

There was increased energy to his thrust now, almost barbaric and untamed in its manner. Without warning he lifted her from her seat and placed her on the floor in front of him. He placed his hand on the back of her head and forced it down to within mere inches of the floor.

He raised the hem of her dress up over her ass and around her waist. It was a narrow fit between the rows of seats but he made do. With her face to the floor and her ass straight up and exposed in the air she felt his stinging report at the cheek of her ass.

Before Lorraine could offer her protest at such treatment he plunged the heady girth of his cock into her passage and filled her to the hilt. The outline of his hand was an imprint of fire on her tender ass cheek and she didn't know what to think of it.

He used her roughly there on the floor and the spanking continued in intermittent fashion. It was a strange mix of pleasure and pain she had never experienced before. But it produced something wonderful inside her body something that wasn't completely unpleasant.

How could there be intense sexual joy in this kind of treatment; she really didn't know the answer to that question, but she loved it. Her rapist let loose with a short salvo to her ass again and Lorraine came again, her cries of passion muffled against the cold floor.

She could hardly stand the sensation of her cunt convulsing around the Iron hard thrust of his savage shaft. She whimpered before him as the tremors of her orgasm receded into a warming glow in her body.

Her entire body was rocking from the ferocious fucking he was giving her, it was more intense than anything she'd experienced with him thus far. At last she felt his cock lurching inside her body and knew he was expanding for his climax.

He slapped her ass hard again and grabbed a handful of her hair pulling her head back toward him as he hammered her pussy. Lorraine was on another wave to oblivion she was as insane with it now as he was; as she sought another orgasm.

"Fuck it baby like only you know how to," she screamed at him! She didn't care what he had said about speaking to him. Didn't care that she was exposed on the dirty floor of a porn shop with her bare ass in the air.

All she cared about was one more orgasm as she bucked back against the insane thrusting of her mystery rapist and his long thick cock. He blasted his scalding cum into her passage as he pulled back even harder on her hair. She was sharply inclined in front of him as he kept driving that monster into her insatiable cunt.

She felt her own convulsions once more milking the seed from his body as she screamed again and trembled beneath his savage assault. Fluids were running freely down the inside of her legs dampening the tops of her thigh highs. Her breasts were hard and sore; her nipples near bursting as he finished using her and emptied the last of his cum into her body.

Lorraine collapsed in front of him her mind unable to comprehend what had taken place in her body and mind. What power did he have that could turn her into a cock hungry submissive this way?

He had pulled out of her and was now stroking the cheeks of her ass. His touch was tender almost apologetic in nature and she was grateful for the gesture. He placed his hands under her upper body and hoisted her up to her knees.

Then moving her hair away from the side of her neck he kissed her there. It was a lingering affair as his hand caressed the cheek of her face and then his finger outlined the shape of her lips.

She couldn't understand his actions but her heart told her she didn't need to. "God she thought, am I developing feelings for a man whose face I don't even know?"

He stood behind her and assisted her to her feet then slowly turned her body to face him. She felt warm fingers under her chin as he lifted her face slightly. He kissed her then and with the first touch of his lips her heart went radiant inside.

They stood necking as if they were lovers and she couldn't keep herself from responding to him. It was insane she knew, but she had traveled this road once before in her life and knew the signs, she was falling for her tormentor.

He led her to the entrance of the small viewing room and then paused. It was Lorraine this time that sought his lips and finding them gave him her message of endearment. She was hungry for the warmth of those lips of his and hoped that she might convey her confusion and bewilderment to him.

She was still shaking as she placed her arms about his neck and pressed her body into his. He read the sign well and breaking her kiss placed one of his own on the lobe of her ear, another on her neck, and the last one at the tip of her nose.

"Wait a moment until I'm gone before you leave, please Lorraine," he whispered low.

Her heart smiled inside and rushed with joy at the sound of his voice. It was not one she recognized but it was a rich baritone of maturity and it filled her with warmth.

He reached down and squeezed the cheek of her ass lightly and kissed her one last time before going out the door.

She stood there in awe of what had taken place tonight and her reaction to it; if she hadn't been the one that went through it she would never have believed it.

Taken by a force she couldn't, and now wouldn't resist, seduced into behavior that could only be described as whorish, and loving it all. And last of all falling in love with her rapist, she smiled as she thought; it is indeed a strange world after all.

Lorraine removed the blindfold and smiled as she sensed his warm fluids still seeping down her leg. She was now contemplating what this madman's next request might be and knew as she smiled, she would be there.

She left the small shop without a word or glance at anyone and headed back to the small Iowa flat she called home. She parked the ancient old Chevy and made her way inside. She poured herself a glass of wine and headed for the shower.

She was pleased with herself and didn't really understand why, nor could she understand her eager readiness to smile lately. With the wine now warming her heart and soul she disrobed and stepped into the shower.

Later after she had finished she again checked her e-mail and as she suspected there was a message from her Master.



Did I over read your reaction tonight or are there genuine feelings of tenderness for me. I know your wondering who I am ... let me say I'm not a stranger, you know me.

You're a witch Mistress, with an avarice for sex only formed in the very fires of hell itself. Your needs are equal to my own, as are your abilities. Its rare to find great passion and equal tenderness mingled in the same spirit, but you are what you are.

There was a reason I chose you and that revelation is coming soon. I will be coming to your place at 8 pm tomorrow night, wear the blindfold and please don't ignore my Opium. I will use you Lorraine, you will tremble, sweat, and scream; by sunrise you will know that you can never do without me again.

By the way, even though this is an anonymous e-mail you do have the ability to answer this station if you care to. I can't begin to tell you how deeply you pleased me tonight. How much I would enjoy spending the rest of this night with you and how much I already want you again.

Always: Your Slave


It's a crazy thing about human nature, but sometimes it only takes the right words to inspire true joy. And that's just what his message had done. Lorraine was thrilled with the overall tone of his message and happy to know at last he meant her no real harm.



No sir, your assessment of the situation was keenly accurate and you have only yourself to blame I might add. You have unwisely opened something inside of me that I can neither control, nor completely understand.

All I know is this, that once having it, I would be heart broken to be without it again. I have no abilities of my own sir beside those that your creative spirit breathes into my being when I'm with you. Here, I become what your desire alone calls forth.

I confess I cannot wait for the mystery to end and meet the man that has introduced me to feelings and thoughts all wonderful, new, and exciting.

Such talk of the human spirit goes beyond me sir, for I am nothing but the moon that radiates the warm and loving rays of the sun that shines upon it.

You have used me to fatigue sir, so, I beg my leave now to seek my rest and repair myself.

Your Obedient Charge Always Lorraine


She finished her wine and the warmth of it seduced her into a heady state of drowsiness. She wrapped her robe snuggly around her body and headed off to bed.

She lay there beneath the top sheet and smiled again as she thought of her lover. She knew instinctively that she would never be bored around him; he would be an endless source of unexpected antics and excitement.

She delivered her mind and body into the reassuring and trustful arms of slumber and dreamed the dreams that all lovers of the world share.

End part two.

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